The Odd Number Rule

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[UK]Stitch - 6 hours ago
When is a Resonance Frequency video coming out? 👀
Poly Dull
Poly Dull - 6 hours ago
Reece Qwerty
Reece Qwerty - 6 hours ago
But the 2n could have become 3n and even again but 1+1 does not equal 2 , 1 unit is never equal to another unit, time is the measure of matter moving through a compression of gravity , but the our perception of reality affects our reality, Math is how scientists explain the universe but not actually understanding the universe. Human beings perpetually complicate everything
Tragic - 6 hours ago
*Legend says Every strand of his beard holds the key to eternal enlightenment*
Abdullah Sleem
Abdullah Sleem - 6 hours ago
Where have you been... Long time since i watched something for you
Ken - 6 hours ago
How can a centipede have 345 legs?
Wug - 6 hours ago
“Airbud died at nine”
*Shapes nine candles to look like WWl*
Coincidence? I think not!
coc master3
coc master3 - 6 hours ago
Its a bit too big cut it and go back to your og self
Christopher Henriksen
Christopher Henriksen - 7 hours ago
Thank you for the video. See you in 5 more months.
A J - 7 hours ago
You scared me!
MATO KOKS - 8 hours ago
My brain hurts
Joe van loon
Joe van loon - 8 hours ago
The actor who played air bud, buddy the dog, passed away in 1998 at the age of *9*. Now take a look at this, let’s talk about why glen will never be my real dad
Xavier Alaric
Xavier Alaric - 8 hours ago
how is he still this smart during quarentine?
Nokka Mies
Nokka Mies - 8 hours ago
Hi, how are you accelerating today?
st3lio123 - 8 hours ago
this nigga spittin
Omkar - 8 hours ago
What if all the glass on the earth break at once.(suggestion)(well i want to know).
Ethan Hudelson
Ethan Hudelson - 8 hours ago
This is just... calculus. Like actually. Very well explained.
Ethan Hudelson
Ethan Hudelson - 8 hours ago
Man is literally making Riemann sums
nvrrms - 8 hours ago
how are u doing this to me
Justin Panoutsos
Justin Panoutsos - 9 hours ago
Wow that went full circle.
Rohit Gupta
Rohit Gupta - 9 hours ago
I like this video.. Appreciate your work and love from India. ❤️
Exentybyte - 9 hours ago
Hi its VKetchup
Blake Dallmann
Blake Dallmann - 9 hours ago
Michael teaching low key calc now huh
Rift Reaper
Rift Reaper - 9 hours ago
Only the avatar, master of all the 4 elements ( ) could save them, but when the world needed him the most, he vanished.
JULIANTHEBOSS27 - 9 hours ago
“the dog who played airbud died in 1998 at the age of 9. . . Let’s talk about World War 1” vsauce 2020
Andrew Ortiz
Andrew Ortiz - 9 hours ago
he’s being odd because the video is all about the concept of odd.
20kyu01 - 10 hours ago
Let me introduce you to our lord and savior BINOD
Devvrat Singh
Devvrat Singh - 10 hours ago
All My Life I Loved Even Number cause It's Easy To Calculate.. But Odd Number Are The Future😐
SaltShaker Gamer
SaltShaker Gamer - 10 hours ago
Micheal reminds me of my 7th grade science teacher
Joinnn - 10 hours ago
More plz
Runelaron - 10 hours ago
Ninja sneak attack math lesson.
Topher TV
Topher TV - 10 hours ago
I like that you made a video about odd numbers and made it in such an odd way
Kyle Dammann
Kyle Dammann - 10 hours ago
Shukrant Patil
Shukrant Patil - 10 hours ago
goldencheeze - 10 hours ago
Hey Vsauce, Snake here. But why are we still here?
Just to suffer?
looks like she couldn’t handle the neutron style
confirmed: Odd1sOut is god and additionally started WW1
Timothy Kern
Timothy Kern - 10 hours ago
I'd think odd is 2n-1, so as not to lose 1.
Toasty Boi
Toasty Boi - 11 hours ago
Goes from:
What is the meaning of life?
Can a dog play basketball?
WWI and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
Odd numbers.
Odd numbers speaking to us as the universe.
Odd numbers and gravity work together.
This is the first five minutes.
This man is insane
Zooozoo - 11 hours ago
One day VSauce gonna be like, "But, what if we take this palominojaminadonkuli, and merge it, with the yugomaniapoliozanamanagon?
olafurhh03 - 11 hours ago
Welcome back, missed you.
FwelStars - 11 hours ago
"Spooky Coincidence" I came to this video right after that video. yeah ok..
hawk1223 - 11 hours ago
His statement about the object falling being 1, 3, 5, 7 times as far, is very easy to explain. The formula for an object falling is Distance traveled (D) = Acceleration of gravity (a) * Time squared (t^2). If you subtract two consecutive whole number time values (lets you 2 and 3 seconds with an acceleration of gravity being left as (a) since it disappears anyway), you will get D(2)= 4a and D(3) = 9a. If you want to compare them by asking how much more, you could subtract them. Change in Distance (cD) = 9a - 4a. Using the associative property, you would get cD = a(9-4), or 5a. when comparing to D(1), which is 1a, you would divide and get 5a/1a, or 5.
Interesting thing about the difference of the squares of numbers with a difference of 1, the difference of their squares is equal to absolute value of the sum of the two numbers.
If you have ANY number, (a), and then a second number, (a+1), then when you square them, you get
a^2 + 2a + 1 So if you subtract these two results, the a^2 in both equations will cancel out and you will be left with 2a+1, which is also |a + a + 1| which, coincidentally, will always be an odd number if you are using whole numbers, because if you add an odd and even number, it will ALWAYS be odd.
SAM - 11 hours ago
I spent my whole life not knowing that both July AND August have 31 days... 🤯
u can arrange 666 so it becomes a circle in a triangle
Ephraim Mekwan
Ephraim Mekwan - 11 hours ago
😑 is this video real????
SmarterEveryDay - 11 hours ago
Classic VSauce intro
Sword of Apollo
Sword of Apollo - 9 hours ago
I think we're probably past "classic" at this point and in the realm of self-parody. 🙂
lol no
lol no - 10 hours ago
how do you have no likes
Slim Jimmer
Slim Jimmer - 12 hours ago
I know Franz Ferdinand, made a lot of jokes about him, I wonder what was going through his head when he died...

Probably a bullet
jubjub21 gaming
jubjub21 gaming - 12 hours ago
And when the world needed him most...

He returned
Keith - 12 hours ago
This is just organized schizophrenia and I love it
Nathan Springer
Nathan Springer - 12 hours ago
Hes a looney
Tucker Wilkinson
Tucker Wilkinson - 12 hours ago
If they say you never know, do you ever really know if you'll ever know?
Keith - 12 hours ago
Protect this man at all costs.
Burger King Nationalism
Burger King Nationalism - 12 hours ago
Ed Rose
Ed Rose - 12 hours ago
All this hugging and leaving.. Michael who hurt you, what happened?
NJCUSTOMCLOSETS - 12 hours ago
Michael don't leave us again.
Salt - 12 hours ago
Im 2n+1
Parker McClure
Parker McClure - 13 hours ago
well that's 2n+1 lol
theintricatesoul - 13 hours ago
16 minutes in and I saw where this was going and my mind was blown
Michael Lang
Michael Lang - 13 hours ago
This man out here teaching calc better then any professor
John Paul Simon
John Paul Simon - 13 hours ago
I DUNNO WHAT JUST HAPPENED. i feel brain fudged.
gentlejake605 - 13 hours ago
Your getting lazy Michael! lol jkjk love the vids keep it up stay safe :)
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