Can They Keep Quiet? (CHALLENGE)

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Sir Pickles Presents
Sir Pickles Presents - 14 days ago
Honoured to announce the spinning of The Wheel of Mythicality. Thanks Rhett, Link and all at GMM.
Kevin Rowe
Kevin Rowe - Day ago
Pickles Pitty Party!
Nathan Spencer
Nathan Spencer - 11 days ago
At last. Someone who appreciates Charlie Chaplin too.
MargaritaMolly - 13 days ago
It was so cool!
Esoteric Emissary
Esoteric Emissary - 14 days ago
What good is it? Most of the time the episode just ends.
CthulhuKid - 14 days ago
ULTRA look at his videos
TheMangledTriangle - 3 hours ago
Will it coffee?
Katelynn Aikey
Katelynn Aikey - 14 hours ago
"gather your friends and your family so they can watch me spit and piss on your grave" my boyfriend recognized the song its Whitechapel "Forgiveness is Weakness"😂😂😂
Princess Luna
Princess Luna - 14 hours ago
I'm not happy that you two are getting old.😢😭😢😭
Sunny Es
Sunny Es - Day ago
Didn’t even stun him
Jahs Mango
Jahs Mango - Day ago
you should do a whole episode but you’re both invisible, idk how you could do it but it’d be cool
alex beasley
alex beasley - Day ago
Link is the cool guy squad
SH1T KID - 2 days ago
Its nice they seemed to genuinely be happy to see him
Rhett like a puppy
Link in disbelief
Kaden Campbell
Kaden Campbell - 2 days ago
i love how they can take the dumbest games and make them seem funny/interesting
Radio Station
Radio Station - 2 days ago
Schrödinger’s people
ixel Styles
ixel Styles - 3 days ago
I can’t wait for another one of these!!! Lol
sophie - 3 days ago
7:13 LMAO that was so bad hahaha
Mia Semak
Mia Semak - 3 days ago
Wait someone is there
Mia Semak
Mia Semak - 3 days ago
I’m all set for this I have my McDonald’s
But they weren’t listening didn’t give me my honey mustard a straw neither ketchup there like all most def UnU
Abner Ulloa
Abner Ulloa - 4 days ago
Why doesn't he work there anymore?? Haven't watched them in a while
Azure S
Azure S - 4 days ago
Who comes up with this stuff lol
Joseph Bulaong
Joseph Bulaong - 5 days ago
damn by boy got the Jordan 12
Clay Carmine
Clay Carmine - 5 days ago
Now we'll never get any more 10 Feet Tall
robin hahn
robin hahn - 5 days ago
"gather your friends and family so i can spit and pee on your grave"
- link 10/8/19
Kana Beats
Kana Beats - 5 days ago
idk how i feel about sir pickles...
hlurpseed - 5 days ago
Link has a John Mayer shirt on! Lol he must be a fan!
Megan - 5 days ago
God, Link is %100 a sado masochist 😆
JuicyGalaxy - 6 days ago
As much as I like link he really needs to learn to shut up as he's always helping the competition haha
•Sammy •
•Sammy • - 6 days ago
David's funny.
Logan Simon
Logan Simon - 6 days ago
The Maple Leaf Rag made Scott Joplin the king of Ragtime.
Logan Simon
Logan Simon - 3 days ago
rugxulo Yeah, he really did. He’s one of my favorite composers. 😁
rugxulo - 4 days ago
He wrote a ton of cool songs.
nayeli olivares
nayeli olivares - 7 days ago
Link: useless saying"I love you"
Rhett : 0:57 that got dark really quick
Rasta Lion
Rasta Lion - 7 days ago
Count to 3, count down from 3, eh, what's the difference.
Eswar Shankar
Eswar Shankar - 8 days ago
I wonder how fun it would be to write one of these segments 😂
John Secret Spirit
John Secret Spirit - 8 days ago
Link = Taylor Swift boys love torture,Don't say I didn't say I didn't warned you
Cello Potter
Cello Potter - 8 days ago
*"Groovy Electronic Music"*

-YouTube captions, 2019
Tasty Dactyl
Tasty Dactyl - 8 days ago
alright i need to know who picked whitechapel for them to listen to lol
UltraGayInHD - 7 days ago
they have good taste
Hope On
Hope On - 8 days ago
Link:gather your family and I’ll spit and on your grave
Willem Brocksmith
Willem Brocksmith - 9 days ago
I wonder how many paddles they have saying random stuff
Somberin Gaming
Somberin Gaming - 9 days ago
They changed the title of the video
logan j
logan j - 10 days ago
You have a show on my birthday!!! Good luck guys!
Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor - 10 days ago
Can we take a second to appreciate David's facial expressions?
TheLastDude Again
TheLastDude Again - 10 days ago
Who was here when the title said “Is anybody there?”
James White
James White - 7 days ago
lol I was starting to think I imagined it
Tina 4life
Tina 4life - 10 days ago
This deserves a lot more like
Veeks Kny
Veeks Kny - 10 days ago
I think it's time for you guys to get some new writers
Lavender Dan LD
Lavender Dan LD - 10 days ago
I love how nothing has changed just came back to this channel and this makes me happy
Frank Marino
Frank Marino - 10 days ago
What about dameil
Paradox Fox
Paradox Fox - 11 days ago
Why did they change "Is Anybody there?" to "Can they Keep Quiet?" instead of leaving it as the beginning of the video?
The omelet
The omelet - 11 days ago
Link loses so much I just root for him in everything now and he always disappoints.
Team2Litty - 11 days ago
They should let Marines use this game for torture training. "Stun em again"~ Linc 2019
mini kumo
mini kumo - 11 days ago
life is fun and good
mckenna britz
mckenna britz - 11 days ago
i got surgery yestarday and you guys made me forget about it and were making me laugh the whole time i was watching you two thank you so much for distracting me during this painful time.
garbogargantua X
garbogargantua X - 11 days ago
Wait what i didnt know he didnt work there any more 😔
Danica Fredricks
Danica Fredricks - 12 days ago
This is one of the weirdest things I have ever watched on YouTube
Lazy Fox Plays
Lazy Fox Plays - 12 days ago
Man, this game needed like 4 more rounds.
Brooks Malonzo
Brooks Malonzo - 12 days ago
May I ask why they changed the title of this video?
mEeP - 12 days ago
Am I crazy or did they change the title of this video...
Jessi Bennett
Jessi Bennett - 12 days ago
The fact that Link is wearing a John Mayer shirt literally made my day.
Lil Frosty
Lil Frosty - 12 days ago
Only OGs know the og title of the video
Haneefa Little
Haneefa Little - 12 days ago
Rhett dancing had me weak 😂😂
Doug Fenrich
Doug Fenrich - 12 days ago
corey piatt
corey piatt - 12 days ago
Remember when this video was titled " Is Anybody There? (GAME) "
Ground Food
Ground Food - 12 days ago
Links style is bomb
Oomboggle - 12 days ago
anyone else feel the awkwardness in the air lol
Cosmic Ninja
Cosmic Ninja - 12 days ago
This was great!
Jaci Velasquez
Jaci Velasquez - 12 days ago
this was one of my favorite games yall have ever played!!!!
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