Can They Keep Quiet? (CHALLENGE)

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Sir Winston Pickles
Sir Winston Pickles - 7 months ago
Honoured to announce the spinning of The Wheel of Mythicality. Thanks Rhett, Link and all at GMM.
Broteen Gaming
Broteen Gaming - 15 hours ago
Your welcome
A Dubash
A Dubash - 4 days ago
Awesome job!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Darkithna mgedrf
Darkithna mgedrf - 6 days ago
ULTRA it’s literally pinned so no he isn’t
Galaxy cmx
Galaxy cmx - 9 days ago
trix of the genie in a bottle
Kimball Niemisto
Kimball Niemisto - 6 days ago
Yo. The 3rd round. Dude is wearing those Michigan Jordans. Those are like 5k
Alexia Simões
Alexia Simões - 7 days ago
Hearing Link saying “I’m the peanut butter man” after watching their fanfic episode 😂😂
Random Guy
Random Guy - 15 days ago
He look like he’s having fun 11:34
Lexi D
Lexi D - 26 days ago
That intro hit a little too close to home guys. 😂
Lee - Month ago
Weirdest episode ever
Agatha Tara Indira
Agatha Tara Indira - Month ago
I see Link wearing a John Mayer merch there
Samuel Jacobson
Samuel Jacobson - Month ago
Were they listening to Whitechapel?
Peter Christensen
Peter Christensen - Month ago
Well so Link was without a doubt in my mind listening to "Forgiveness is Weakness" by Whitechapel
Mikki Schlauder
Mikki Schlauder - Month ago
9:07 Ah, they're listening to Whitechapel I see.
The EVERYTHING guy - Month ago
Why is there a window For each of them.
Evan Maines
Evan Maines - Month ago
Ten Feet Tall was the best side show they made. I miss those dudes
Decipher - Month ago
am i the only person who noticed in the third round that dudes wearing Michigan 12’s?? wtf
Tasha Rob
Tasha Rob - Month ago
I love how he hugs him through the window like there isn’t space around it 😂
Mello Dimensions
Mello Dimensions - 2 months ago
I can't believe I'm worth 450 dollars
Scotty - KoDomino
Scotty - KoDomino - 2 months ago
Link always second guessing himself to another loss.
Random_gaming - 2 months ago
You said diven
shavrano the caluvunite
shavrano the caluvunite - 2 months ago
Good mythical morning, but im watching it at 23:50
Hen Dol
Hen Dol - 2 months ago
They were listening to Whitechapel on the headphones 😂
Krystle Cremer
Krystle Cremer - 2 months ago
Link: people are they really there
Me: ground zero you there?
Dude Meme
Dude Meme - 2 months ago
Look at link groovin to the music 8:24
Dude Meme
Dude Meme - 2 months ago
And again at 10:58
fat351 - 2 months ago
Link is the COOL one 😘
J Vega
J Vega - 2 months ago
They should do this game again. It's been a while.
Tray Marshall
Tray Marshall - 2 months ago
9:56 buddy got da kicks on, I see you
the redneck trainer
the redneck trainer - 2 months ago
Love the fact that whitechapel was playing through the headphones 🤣🤣
Benjamin Goodlich
Benjamin Goodlich - 2 months ago
I forget how big Rhett is until there is a normal person
ThePoPo Potato
ThePoPo Potato - 2 months ago
Sorry i didn’t comment on this video :/
Thomas Gaming
Thomas Gaming - 2 months ago
this how many times link will fake laugh in this show
Thomas Gaming
Thomas Gaming - 2 months ago
Links like,U dont work here when hes right there
Laurie Owen
Laurie Owen - 3 months ago
That wheel video was pretty awesome!! Sir Pickles was great!😁
Eian Henry
Eian Henry - 3 months ago
Im still confused why they don't have there own tv show
That one bitch
That one bitch - 3 months ago
Did they play whitechapel in the head phones?? Forgiveness is weakness???
Carter Reyes
Carter Reyes - 3 months ago
Carter Reyes
Carter Reyes - 3 months ago
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez - 3 months ago
Link sounded very uninterested in the intro
Giovanni Ross
Giovanni Ross - 3 months ago
i cant look at peanut butter the same after the fanfic episode
pepperX - 3 months ago
9:26 classic gmm lmao
Haruki Shirota
Haruki Shirota - 3 months ago
Versip - 3 months ago
Rhett was straight vibing 4:13
Emily Savochka
Emily Savochka - 3 months ago
Kid Card Wiz
Kid Card Wiz - 3 months ago
10:58 Look at Link LOL
JoeMama - 3 months ago
Leah Nicely
Leah Nicely - 3 months ago
Just answering the question
Leah Nicely
Leah Nicely - 3 months ago
Dazzling Jewels
Dazzling Jewels - 3 months ago
I used to play this game all the time with my ex boyfriend.
Kier&Aid Gaming
Kier&Aid Gaming - 3 months ago
Was it just me or did you smell the pepper
Adam Abdelhamid
Adam Abdelhamid - 3 months ago
"Is anybody there?"
BackMasking33 - 4 months ago
They’re listening to Whitechapel - Forgiveness is weakness! AHAHA read the lyrics to that song
Kaitlin - 4 months ago
I forgot he didn't work there anymore 😭😭😭
AZLJ CLUB - 4 months ago
11:27 just keep watching Rhett
Candice Perry
Candice Perry - 4 months ago
I would watch good mythical morning I like will it pizza
christiaan Coetser
christiaan Coetser - 4 months ago
i think this should be on Netflix or something
AnonymousMusic 2625
AnonymousMusic 2625 - 4 months ago
I wish I was subscribed since the first video. I love this channel.
Michael Bradshaw
Michael Bradshaw - 4 months ago
This is sort of reminds me of the show silent library...
Trevor Burns
Trevor Burns - 4 months ago
Maybe it's just me but isn't those lyrics from Whitechapel? Lol
Lucifer Morning star
Lucifer Morning star - 4 months ago
They have monitors in front of them ...they can see inside the box .
David Penn
David Penn - 4 months ago
Joseph Ragon
Joseph Ragon - 4 months ago
I wonder why he gone
christian edwards
christian edwards - 4 months ago
@9:08 he was listening to Whitechapel 😂😂
Yahm Hararry
Yahm Hararry - 4 months ago
“Screaming Shekels”
Andy The Crusher
Andy The Crusher - 4 months ago
At 11:48 It looks like the rhett is having a seizure
Cpt. Locke
Cpt. Locke - 4 months ago
Yes Whitechapel \m/
Scarlet - 4 months ago
Remember when Link’s hair goes down?
My Name Is Keaton
My Name Is Keaton - 4 months ago
9:20 they are listening to whitechapel😭😭😭
Sideways Soviet
Sideways Soviet - 4 months ago
Love that hes wearing a john mayer shirt
Mashed Inc.
Mashed Inc. - 4 months ago
No one:
Subtitles on GMM's intro:
(groovy electronic music)
Raylee Love
Raylee Love - 4 months ago
when link started describing the lyrics to the song i immediately thought “ICP??”
Ashton O
Ashton O - 5 months ago
The fact that they said "if they're a they" made me so happy... idk if the meant it to be in a gender-inclusive way or not, but YAY! I'm nonbinary and not a lot of people bring up "they"
89kyleeb - 5 months ago
Lol they're listening to Whitechapel
Moses Makaveli
Moses Makaveli - 5 months ago
They’re listening to
Forgiveness is weak by WhiteChapel lmao
JJ’s 32 Steps To Enlightenment
Was fun to play along
Couch Time
Couch Time - 5 months ago
I swear this is a foot fetish channel
Naser M
Naser M - 5 months ago
REX MODE - 5 months ago
The title saying can you keep quiet
Him with a blind fold...
Niño Yuson
Niño Yuson - 5 months ago
comment eggs
Viola Fontellio
Viola Fontellio - 5 months ago
12:54 awe link is too cute he wanted a hug
John deneau
John deneau - 5 months ago
They should go back to unscripted.
DovahPreist :gaming Channel and more
Kinda like the game (Marco Polo)
Maseater - 5 months ago
knowing Link was listening to Whitechapel at 9:09 somehow made me really happy
Brandi M
Brandi M - 5 months ago
I love this game!! Mooore!!
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