President Trump & Coronavirus Task Force Deliver Briefing on COVID-19 | TIME

neogeoriffic - 8 hours ago
What an asshole! Trump is an ignorant, lying, narcissistic, sick sonofabitch who's absolutely unfit for office! #dumptrump2020
Watogo - Day ago
Time magazine has totally turned fake. Their article in my iPad newspaper falsely framed Trumps handling of this virus and according to them he hasn’t done anything successful as President. The magazine seems to root for the President to roll snake eyes.
Journey Autumn
Journey Autumn - 8 days ago
Life comes before liberty and pursuit of happiness.
Alex - 8 days ago
5100yes - 8 days ago
Yah you’re really showing social distancing!! Good job
Alex - 8 days ago
Last updated: March 29, 2020, 11:18 GMT
 United States
Coronavirus Cases:
VibranSea - 9 days ago
I just shared what it’s currently like living in Maui during Corona Virus. Check it out and let me know what you think 💚 I hope this finds everyone safe and supported ✨
Luigi Gamer
Luigi Gamer - 10 days ago
Do you remember the hundreds of coffins that came to the USA ?? They already knew what was coming ?? In addition there is a lot of misinformation, the antibacterial gel does not kill viruses, hygiene is our duty, but that gel is useless, they manipulate us
Bill W
Bill W - 11 days ago
what differences would happen if trump was black? i'm glad America is leading the planet in their united nations efforts this not racistly
Rey Mañosa
Rey Mañosa - 11 days ago
The giant is awakeing again like in world war two
I'm Out
I'm Out - 11 days ago
Feb 28, 2020
At a South Carolina campaign rally
President Donald Trump
states the coronavirus is a Democratic Party "Hoax".
Fred Smith
Fred Smith - 11 days ago
So Mr. President who's fault is it that we don't have toilet paper, hand sanitizer or food because there seems to be a shortage everywhere in the USA. So if almost everything is made in China and bought from China, who is to blame for the shortage? If I'm not blaming China for shortages than should blame you, the person in control of the country and its stockpiles of goods.. Why these corporations allowed to allow these shortages of basic needs.. My family is/or was the working poor, we don't have the ability to stock up on supplies incase sh*t. When most decisions are to either pay rent& electric or feed our family, it makes living paycheck to paycheck hard and then this bullsh*t happens which makes everything inconceivable, which double the odds against us.. If i or my family get sick your f*cking right I'm going to spread this to all forms of agencies, I'll cough in an envelop... Sh*t coughing on cash seems like a good idea, I'll lick my bank card everything i hand it/use it. that'll straighten out this bullsh*t greed issue.. The only reasonyou shut down state agencies and federal agencies is because oh no a state or federal employee will get sick. Guess what you decided to work for public office so step up and take your sickness like a man, you step up to take the paycheck it provides to you.. Non sense.. These are my opinion and my opinion alone.. Thank you to the government for helping farther the fact that i might starve to death before i get sick to death, and for increasing the odds I'll die at home if i become sick than being treated at a hospital because my sh*tty insurance might not cover anything i need.. A bigger than life scam on everyone in the world by the global elite and is allowed by governments so they can continue to get financial credit based on the biggest resource in the world humanbeings... Killing 65 Million American will raise the value of the remaining heard.. Good luck to all..
LudiBlessings - 11 days ago
It is soon the end
fizuli behramtepe
fizuli behramtepe - 11 days ago
Those who produced the coronavirus in the laboratory and spread it around the world must be found and executed
m ch
m ch - 11 days ago
Humpty uses the daily briefings to be in the spotlight. He can’t have his weekly clan rallies anymore.
The world sees how incompetent the orange fraudster and extremely dangerous this idiot truly is.
Trumps IQ zero
Trumps IQ zero - 11 days ago
Trump rally number 5th? Or 6?
Rillian R-Moise
Rillian R-Moise - 11 days ago
Hey humans the virus isn't the problem it's your sorry ass is because you all cowards if there is any threat to humans it's Devil's and Hell such as myself and I can promise you the Phenom and our family I've declaring war on your kind and anyone who opposes us will suffer the same consequence by rusting in a casket believe that and believe in the Darkness.
pitpony2006 - 11 days ago
Let the lies and meaningless statements..... begin!!!!
DOA - 11 days ago
So, when does the Republicans who kept the virus secret while they sold all their stock, when will their prosecution start?
I guess this idiot never heard of curbside pickup that was happening before this virus pandemic?
DOA - 11 days ago
Daffy Trump, you and the rest of those idiots, who said hey go back make our money and die, you can be the test dummies.... dummy!! Why don't all of y'all take the disaster tour? Go visit the hospitals to see the patients... go out and shake hands and kiss babies and grab some vaginas!!
Send all your kids and your grandkids and your great-grandkids to SchoolsFirst. Message to you Daffy Trump, if you keep talking like a lunatic you're going to kill all your voters in 2020!!! In the problem is a lot of other good people are going to go with them.
Von Dutch
Von Dutch - 11 days ago
柳晨 - 12 days ago
I wish everybody safe.
Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins - 12 days ago
The most unqualified misleading uninformed vile excuse for a president and administration in history.
Trump's entire life has been a willful and injurious misrepresentation of the truth the serial rapist serial adulterer serial liar and serial master criminal.
Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
Trump is the pest of mankind the Anti-Christ.
Proverbs 6:12-19 A worthless person, a wicked man, Is one who ...
Proverbs 6:12 Commentaries: A worthless person, a wicked man, Is ...
Chris R
Chris R - 12 days ago
Time is fake news.
Aidan.patrick Carlson
Aidan.patrick Carlson - 12 days ago
I wasn't scared before now im 😱
DomDiggity - 12 days ago
Clicked just because hope Hicks 🥰😘 was on the thumbnail lol I was angry to not even see her at all on this video lol UGH DAMMIT TIME MAGAZINE ALWAYS FULL OF SHITT
Biff Danielson
Biff Danielson - 12 days ago
We can can sequence the human genome in less than 24hrs for $1k but can't do the same for a 32kbp virus? BS!
squareglow - 12 days ago
Oh brother. What did he say at the beginning😒
Provic90594 - 12 days ago
This message is to the media, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE draw attention to this issue, we need to get test kits available to our service members. It is ridiculous that the famous and players on sports teams are able to be tested but not military members. I’m a service member stationed on a large post with many known cases of the virus. This seems to be a money issue.
Blue Wave
Blue Wave - 12 days ago
No one listen to you don't you get it old man, you only care about your election,you may as well give up you will. Never win a second term, never you have shown America your true corrupt behavior. Nor your money grabbing kids who think the corrupt house is there personal. ATtM, well that will stop, November can't come fast enough you are doing a horrible, horrible job,your big fat ass need to go and take your money grabbing corrupt kids with you the three ATOM gang,,,
Average Titan16
Average Titan16 - 12 days ago
Dude in Trump's right side looks like Fred Flintstone! 🤣
Melissa Mathews
Melissa Mathews - 12 days ago
Berratchiii BOO
Berratchiii BOO - 12 days ago covid-issue
Jane Bang
Jane Bang - 12 days ago
Stop covering this liar:
ArtblockOnTheFrontLawn - 12 days ago
Congrats to Trump on doing a wonderful job!
Мишаня - 12 days ago
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Mrs36 Dorsey
Mrs36 Dorsey - 12 days ago
Pretty well shut down 😂🤣he looks like a virus in the face
Isabel Bell
Isabel Bell - 12 days ago
They might have been tested....but the test is only for today....they can still get it ....stupid people
joel Bélanger
joel Bélanger - 12 days ago
joel Bélanger
joel Bélanger - 12 days ago
LE VIRUS CORONA EST UN ATTENTA TERRORISTE ORCHESTRÉ PAR LES PAYS LATINO!coupez la tête au docteur et le virus CORONA va disparaître par magie
Island Lotus
Island Lotus - 12 days ago
#Trump and #McConnell are running a slush fund for the billionaires and screwing the working class, poor and elderly. #voteBlue in November.
persain empire
persain empire - 12 days ago
Isabel Bell
Isabel Bell - 12 days ago
Back to church on Easter? Trump.....see you there alone idiot
Blagoslovitu - 12 days ago
does anyone really still believe his discourse, filled with power words, that changes day by day as it switches to other lies, and that must always be contradicted by the poor experts?
Isabel Bell
Isabel Bell - 12 days ago
God love us......this guy is an idiot......
septimaz octavious
septimaz octavious - 12 days ago
Shalom Family of Israel , notice NO presidential symbol on podium 🤔 the beginning of the end !
Got NWO 2020 ? It's coming there easing it in with the HOAX virus 😉
A - 12 days ago
Trump is a murderer
Vic Ador
Vic Ador - 12 days ago
The eating of raw animals should stop. Desist. Some eat raw meat to be macho, not civilization. It need to be addressed now, not later.
Letta Mego
Letta Mego - 12 days ago
2017  deaths from influenza   world wide was    290 000-650 000 influenza-associated deaths from respiratory causes alone, 
March 17, 2020 world wide   the coronavirus has killed     4,700     That is from 2019 -  March 17, 2020  
Looks like a lie or a cover up      or, ...  or something..
Steve Preston
Steve Preston - 12 days ago
Barr looks like Fred Flintstone 🐷🎃🐷🎃🐷🎃🐷🎃🐷🎃🐷🎃
Vic Ador
Vic Ador - 12 days ago
Mr President is doing a great job.....
Guadalupe Aguirre
Guadalupe Aguirre - 12 days ago
I am fairly new to English and even I know that using the word “very” so many times does not sound professional. His speeches sound like they are for kindergarteners.
Penny Martin
Penny Martin - 12 days ago
Talk about fake news... what an ass
Cole The moldier
Cole The moldier - 12 days ago
Could someone clarify something for me.
They said that it's now against the law to stockpile medical supplies, but does this apply to people who already had stocked up on medical supplies long before this whole Covid-19 issue?
What I'm asking is, are doomsday prepers suddenly not allowed to have the medical supplies that they stockpiled?
X - 12 days ago
If you die from corona virus does that mean your death was made in China?
CO VID 19 - 12 days ago
TheBodhiknight - 12 days ago
Taking from preppers much?
Michael osborne
Michael osborne - 12 days ago
Social distancing causes inbreeding.genetic deformation,yeah lets just make everybody even
Su Su
Su Su - 12 days ago
Replace falchi with Eva Sapi
Ms.T - 12 days ago
These so-called leaders are supposed to be setting the example for the country. But I have yet to see any of them practice what they're preaching. How is the country supposed to take seriously the steps needed to contain this deadly virus, when the so-called leaders aren't even doing so? Washington DC is under the 10 people or less room restriction, yet these leaders, including the president, continue to gather rooms like crabs in a pot. Health officials are also asking people to stand at least 6 feet apart from each other to lesson the spread of the virus, yet these leaders, including the president, continue to huddle together like a football team. It's also been suggested that anyone who's come in contact with someone who tested positive should self quarantine for two weeks. Trump & pence both have come in close contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus, yet neither of these so-called leaders have self quarantined or have thought about keeping the people around them safe. If someone can't see that this entire administration is operated & orchestrated by the demons then they should be wearing a helmet.
TNBackYard - 12 days ago
Clever PSA for coronavirus:
SmellyCat - 12 days ago
Pray for your god to take this pathetic mutherfucker
SmellyCat - 12 days ago
Dear god, what a STUPID SON OF A BITCH
JohnnyMP - 12 days ago
This shit is barely lethal at all; there are more deaths with the flu than this. 🙄🙄🤦🏻‍♂️
M K - 12 days ago
You're the idiot who gets sick and goes to the hospital and complains about not being warned, huh? Why be so anti science? You believe in essential oils to cure diseases too?
Kevin Sellers
Kevin Sellers - 12 days ago
There passing virus in apartments in batonxrouge. Blacks visiting blacks visiting blacks
daniel guevara
daniel guevara - 12 days ago
So sad when people care more for the economy than human lives. A freeze would help so much for people to stay put. A two month or three month quarantine. all payment will resume after the quarantine. If you owe mortgage. It would resume and added thru the time that is left on the mortgage. Or car payment or rent. Or credit card. Essentially all bills. this Would help the containment of this virus. the money that he wants to use for the bailing out of company's can be used for essentials food, water hygiene. A freeze on rent, light and water bills, mortgage, Car payment. Would help everyone stay put. For a while only personnel that can provide these essentials needs would work. The people that own these company's the banks. They have enough money to live twenty lives over yeah they might lose money. But what is life worth. You would rather risk your children your elderly you wife or husband. How much is the life of a loved one to you. As a nation we can come back from this. If we value life more than money. Think about it
Stashia - 12 days ago
Sadly this country values money over people
Sage Oldmann
Sage Oldmann - 12 days ago
Most ignorant government ever
CHANNELJOEL228TV - 12 days ago
Forget the politics liberals give the people their money. Trump for American liberals for the destruction of America
H B - 12 days ago
Bill Barr Attorney General fred Flinstone ?
JOHN BS - 12 days ago
I support President Trump. Keep fighting Mr. President. I'm complying to the best of my ability to practice social distancing and not making unnecessary trip. I rescheduled all my doctor's appointments. Just do your very best to protect our country and all its citizens. 4 more years for President Trump. keep the communications and understanding going on. Thank you Mr. President.
M K - 12 days ago
Too bad he's anti science.
athansky25 - 12 days ago
Is Trump the candidate for vaccine trial or Presidential trial ? I wonder 😉
Luna Soap ASMR
Luna Soap ASMR - 12 days ago
so we’re not under quarantine bcs we’re worried about not making enough money ?
Luna Soap ASMR
Luna Soap ASMR - 12 days ago
Why is it at all of these press conferences, no one is practicing 'social distancing'?
Stashia - 12 days ago
@M K lol
M K - 12 days ago
You're talking about the moron who looked at the sun during an eclipse
Luna Soap ASMR
Luna Soap ASMR - 12 days ago
I wish that everybody is safe and healthy. Keep in your home unless you have to go out. Pray for those who are infected and thank you to every doctor and nurse who are helping the entire society at the risk of dying.
Luna Soap ASMR
Luna Soap ASMR - 12 days ago
We can overcome this...let’s help each other to be safe and save everyone:-)
Batman M
Batman M - 12 days ago
What a fucking sham all of this is!!!! We're all being duped!
Tribhuvan Karki
Tribhuvan Karki - 12 days ago
Plz go saint ramaplji maharaj be disyple and safe worlds
Steven Grotte
Steven Grotte - 12 days ago
I have heard it said that the elderly should die to help the young, It would also save a lot of Social Security retirement & Disability, trump is among the elderly, he should lead the way!
Tony Juarez
Tony Juarez - 12 days ago
45:26 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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