British Plugs Are Better Than All Other Plugs, And Here's Why

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RJ Smith
RJ Smith - 3 hours ago
"Don't try this at home" , there's always going to be that one person who will still try it. For instance DON'T try this but you can fit a regular size household lightbulb snuggly in your mouth but you can't get it back out again. Serious don't try it. You'll listen to me as much as the start of any Jackass episode 😂
Odonnol - 10 hours ago
Much respect for the safety design features in the English electrical system. If you choose to power with 240VAC, you really really need them. ;^)
Reno Slim
Reno Slim - 13 hours ago
American plugs are designed to cull the weak and clumsy from the gene pool.
Neil Brookins
Neil Brookins - 16 hours ago
I was waiting for him to say all sockets have on/off switches.
Here in the USA when my range started sparking because the control switch shorted out, I was not able to turn it off except to run downstairs and flip the breaker. There was no fuse and no accessible off switch in the kitchen.
Alexander Biersack
Alexander Biersack - Day ago
Nonsense. Totally over-engineered.
Riaan Steynberg
Riaan Steynberg - Day ago
Thought the title meant a different type of plug😂
Rodriguez Rey
Rodriguez Rey - 2 days ago
No comments about the gag reel at the end???... I didn't see THAT coming! 😂🤣😅
Purple Sam
Purple Sam - 2 days ago
Plugs not included until 1990s? Wth no wonder they made them extra safe to make up for that insanity
Lorenzo F
Lorenzo F - 2 days ago
Jolly Good Show. 240V 🔌
Ben Röwer
Ben Röwer - 2 days ago
Honestly mate, you’ve never really look into the safety features other country’s have got, have you...
4077Disc - 2 days ago
“No one ever does...”

I’m dieing
kath morgan
kath morgan - 2 days ago
I moved to the US and recently found out I have to rewire my whole kitchen to get my appliances on individual breakers. I realised British plugs would have prevented this upheaval and expense because the appliances all have their own fuses attached, and I thought of this video. Thanks for making it.
Jacob Reeve
Jacob Reeve - 2 days ago
I agree honestly but AC if better than DC.
Fadhli M.T
Fadhli M.T - 2 days ago
Agreed! XD
Preteen Dhillon
Preteen Dhillon - 3 days ago
Patriotism is narrow minded. Universe is too vast to take birth anywhere. Not necessarily we will born again in same planet or country.
GgK - 3 days ago
Never seen a schuko?
mr sneaky2010
mr sneaky2010 - 3 days ago
So how do they earth or ground the appliance on the continent with their two pin only plugs and sockets. ??!
Der Mit Den Fröschen Laicht
"brown is live" Is luckily not used in german :D
Michael Yeh
Michael Yeh - 4 days ago
Convinced me!
azure zere
azure zere - 4 days ago
Oh, was half expecting him to reference a different plug.
Daniel Patterson
Daniel Patterson - 5 days ago
America’s Policy is: “If you are dumb enough to do it, we don’t need you!”
Burns1993Joe - 5 days ago
Good old fashioned British ingenuity.
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson - 5 days ago
We do have some sorts of plugs with safety features in the states, but I've never checked out their designs. I prefer to live "dangerously" (if you can call 120 VAC dangerous - sure you could hurt yourself, but you really have to try hard to do so).
Solah Spellman
Solah Spellman - 5 days ago
Glad to be colonised.
no - 6 days ago
Love this channel! Daily (the meridian is daily because we use satellites all the time for example) parts of our life that we take for granted explained in funny accessible ways 😁
Jaret Sykora
Jaret Sykora - 6 days ago
You don’t work in a trade do you? With the whole house being one circuit that means if you need to change a light switch or outlet, you’d need to turn the whole house off to avoid working with live electricity. How is that safer?
Bodkin of Nurk
Bodkin of Nurk - 3 days ago
It's divided into sections at the fuse box...
random randy
random randy - 6 days ago
Things everyone dose went opening a plug that's not needed, unscrew all 3 screws when taking a plug apart . Only the middle screw is needed to open it , the other 2 screw are just for a clamp to stop the wire being pulled out
joejoejoejoejoejoej - 6 days ago
It is a great design !!!!!
Great channel
Good editing etc 👍❤️🇬🇧
joejoejoejoejoejoej - 6 days ago
Title should be “ plugs and sockets” ❤️
Jack Dog
Jack Dog - 6 days ago
Another defense mechanism against dumb kids is that the screws keeping the wires in place is a flathead and the one to open the plug casing is a Phillips head. So the kid would need two screwdrivers to pull the wires out.
BryTee - 7 days ago
The best in the world are in Denmark and Greenland. Why? Because a Type-K outlet looks like it's smiling!
That's the only way outlets should be judged, who cares about safety when you can be happy committing suicide!
US outlets (type B) look like a drunk guy.
Australian/China outlets (type I) look like the "Scream" movie guy, no way should anyone have those in their house, it's a horror movie waiting to attack you in your sleep!
Sorry but UK plugs are massive!
Ashy Pharoah
Ashy Pharoah - 7 days ago
Electrocution builds character
Misan - 7 days ago
My teacher told me this
YeetThe Skeet
YeetThe Skeet - 8 days ago
Its red and black in australia
stewart caldwell
stewart caldwell - 8 days ago
They're just annoying, though kind of brilliant. The U.S. has half the voltage , and few fatalities. They discourage the use of electricity, cutting the national income. And that's unpatriotic.
Neamhdhlisteanach - 7 days ago
theyre not really annoying if youve been brought up with them.. like i dont find the size that bad since thats all ive known
Fellow Jack Nation
Fellow Jack Nation - 8 days ago
I mean, if a kid is stupid enough to do that, than they probably deserve to die
GreenGiant - 8 days ago
Brittish plugs are weird and quite heavy.
mj31382 - 8 days ago
L M - 9 days ago
Apparently british butt plugs are the best, no?
rubiks mlp obsessive
rubiks mlp obsessive - 9 days ago
I have been taught to wire a plug
farid yusof
farid yusof - 9 days ago
Malaysia and Singapore use the same plug as well. They are much safer.
Random Guy
Random Guy - 9 days ago
European plugs are superior.
Andrew Catlin
Andrew Catlin - 9 days ago
At least a kid can’t take apart American plugs like you did😁
mattmacd2009 - 9 days ago
Insulation around live & neutral was mostly carried out to prevent idiots wrapping wires around them to power extra externals (bypassing a need for an extension socket)
Many a Christmas tree lights were once 'connected' to the mains in this fashion.
ZKB rhodas
ZKB rhodas - 9 days ago
SKULLI BONES - 9 days ago
I feel like the us should redesign plugs so they are safer to use because so many kids put forks and things in outlets the idea of a slot the covers it and only if the plug you place in goes in
Smee Mgee
Smee Mgee - 9 days ago
Can you do a review of the Australian plug?
Tech Space
Tech Space - 10 days ago
Ye but it’s freaking massive
Zweniaz102 - 10 days ago
Safe in the day. Silent killer at night.
Bret - 10 days ago
So those annoying as hell shutters that don't work that I've been removing for years?
grimSleeper59 - 10 days ago
Because they’re British
The Olk
The Olk - 10 days ago
European plugs have that insulation thing too atleast my finnish ones do
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas - 10 days ago
Ahem. It’s all about hertz. US and a few last hold outs after the war did not change due to appliances already in households. 220/60Hz is very dangerous for the heart on single pole service but more efficient than 120/50Hz. The 120/50Hz the US currently uses is not exactly safe but the difference in my opinion is defibrillation of the heart at higher hertz is easier to obtain.
On the down fall side the 120/ 50Hz service the US uses is grossly inefficient.
I do see a terrible danger by the circuitry you describe as open and constantly flowing with no breaker is scary. I am certain there is a breaker for that service it is just interrupted at the appliance not to inconvenience others on same circuit line. Simply genius!!!
stewart caldwell
stewart caldwell - 7 days ago
Until recently, the US supplied 208 V, 25 Hz for older industrial equipment. Lights would visibly quiver in that system.
Nyrius - 10 days ago
1:11 That's not true. European "mainland" C/E/F plugs do not have live electricity when it is possible to touch the prongs. C (euro) plugs' prongs are insulated like the UK ones. E/F plugs completely cover the socket before making contact to electricity.
Sockets are child-proofed by requiring you to insert the live and neutral prongs simultaneously, only trying to open one hole doesn't work (although this is a fairly new feature, not installed in every household).
American A/B plugs on the other hand enable you to even put your thumb in there while they already have contact :/
Ghi Ghi
Ghi Ghi - 10 days ago
Well, it hurts more if u step on it
Shóna - 10 days ago
British/IRISH plug 😂 patriotism at its finest
Rodrigo Santos
Rodrigo Santos - 10 days ago
So that's why ElectroBoom traveled to London!
Transportation ONLY!
Transportation ONLY! - 11 days ago
Atleast I can visit the UK without needing a plug adapter
Ashley Allen
Ashley Allen - 7 days ago
Transportation ONLY! 😂😂 oooooh
MrQuackism - 11 days ago
How old are you
Verity W
Verity W - 11 days ago
That's the colour your trousers will go...
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