British Plugs Are Better Than All Other Plugs, And Here's Why

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Captain Germany
Captain Germany - 8 hours ago
European plugs are better
Radiated Leader
Radiated Leader - Day ago
Joachim Timmermans
Joachim Timmermans - Day ago
I don’t see it as being that much better or saver to what we use in the Netherlands.
Rohan Ghosh Dastidar
Rohan Ghosh Dastidar - 2 days ago
So Stepping on a Plug is the British equivalent of Stepping on a Lego
Ulf Danielsen
Ulf Danielsen - 3 days ago
Good plugs,- except for the ones we use in all of Scandinavia,- they are of course of much higher quality and therefor infinitely better!
Aaaahh,- just me being a bit patriotic here... :)
Squeeks - 4 days ago
BLue - Bottom Left
BRown - Bottom Right
GREEn & Yellow -
Ground REturn to Earth
Chris - 4 days ago
Has anyone ever told you that you look kind of look like an older Marty McFly?
George Groves
George Groves - 5 days ago
It could go through your heart .............. and that’s bad
jonathan tippy
jonathan tippy - 5 days ago
i think American plugs are better because they weed out the stupid children who would try to electrocute themselves.
West Yorkshire
West Yorkshire - 6 days ago
I already agree 100% I sent even 5s in
lil poitato
lil poitato - 7 days ago
*Smiles In Danish Plugs*
ARAH - 7 days ago
Malaysian plugs are the same as the British plugs
yixnorb - 7 days ago
Greetings from the U.S.. When I was a toddler I watched Mom put a plug into an outlet (receptacle?). So naturally jammed part of a scissors into one. It threw me across the room. If it was 220 volts as in the U.K. my muscles would have frozen and I would have been electrocuted.
お箸 - 8 days ago
Best plug and yes I have also stepped on them
JustusLM - 8 days ago
Actually, the other European plugs are exactly as safe in terms of exposing contacts. The earthed ones fill the hole completely, the only contact that can stick out is the earth. The unearthed Europlugs, however, only have contact surfaces at the tip, meaning they are similar to the British plugs in that if they are accessible, you only reach insulation. And the unearthed Europlug has the advantage of being cheaper, and is only used on devices with plastic (or otherwise isolated) casings, meaning that the casing will never carry voltage, despite a malfunction. This means you get a cheaper plug without sacrificing safety.
Also, in terms of practicality it has the advantage that you can plug it in both ways, which can seriously make a difference, especially when using power strips or when your cable is barely long enough to reach the socket.
Now, in terms of socket safety, I will admit the British design is very good. However, realistically, the risk of a baby actually sticking something conductive in there is insanely low, and thank's to the FI switch, nothing actually bad would really happen if a baby actually did that, and you always have the option to install locks. Again, these are not as good as the British system, but you don't really need them. Also, to me, this advantage of the British system does not outweigh the option to use plugs in either direction.
TheLucidDreamer - 9 days ago
They can fix the fall on floor issue by not making the pins perpendicular to the wire
Micah van Everdingen
Micah van Everdingen - 10 days ago
I like the European / Dutch plugs more as they don't look like they were made in the 1940s HAHA :P
blurry face
blurry face - 10 days ago
I live in dubai and everything you're pointing out is a standard feature in dubai. And the thing is, most extension cables and appliances are made in china so i don't see how this is unique to Britain.
Genuinly curious 😅
I have 0 likes on my comments
*Genuinely and they are made in China but aren't mainstream in China.
Soniya Tagirova-Sirotkina
I was in Heathrow last week and tried to charge my phone with an adapter without knowing about having to open the shutters and made an accusation that British plugs are stupid. Tom has now taught me that I was wrong.
global.001 - 11 days ago
I haven’t seen your videos for about 6 years. Not sure why but anyhow you’re looking younger and healthier! Still classic, great, British humour!
Jim Devilbiss
Jim Devilbiss - 11 days ago
Much much better than the USA plug.
Aisling McGeever
Aisling McGeever - 12 days ago
OK, but we have that in Ireland too.
stop stealing our thunder, Britain
Daniel James
Daniel James - 12 days ago
My country is amazing ...

Sriracha Donut
Sriracha Donut - 12 days ago
I thought it was cuz they got the best dope
David Poole
David Poole - 12 days ago
If there is a fault and current starts flowing through the ground wire, all current does not flow to ground. Because there is no (or very little resistance) to ground, a large current will flow and the fuse will blow.
xcw4934 - 12 days ago
As a millennial, the idea you had to wire your own toaster plug is as alien to me as if you complained about nearly stepping on horse droppings in the street from the days before internal combustion. Now I've got the image in my head of some American company trying to sell appliances with plugs already attached and getting no interest. "Got the plugs on already? Well la dee dah, that's a bit posh aint it? I think I'll do me own wiring thanks and keep my 2p."
James Cash
James Cash - 12 days ago
Except you'll get nailed with the 220v if you go digging around with a screw driver.
udawggy - 13 days ago
All these points are indeed superior, however if we took voltage into account you’d see why they need so many safeguards (U.K. runs at more than double the voltage of the US/Japan/Canada). Whereas a baby or someone with a weak heart may die by touching either voltage, A normal adult human will most likely not die from briefly touching 120 V. It’s happened to me over the years and feels like a mere warning shock. I’m not so sure I could say the same for touching 240. Has anyone tried?
Talib Kamal
Talib Kamal - 13 days ago
In India we also have the same design but with round pins ... And if u have to insert a 2 pin plug (like a phone charger) then u just insert a pencil into the earth socket n it will open the flaps for the live n neutral
Dougal Tolan
Dougal Tolan - 15 days ago
Why the heck unscrew the cable clamp before opening the plug?
Crackpipe9 - 15 days ago
The British plug isnt as good a german
Føkka gaming
Føkka gaming - 16 days ago
What kind of net is the UK using? IT, TT or TN?
Lilly And
Lilly And - 17 days ago
Isn't that one issue like ridiculously easy to solve?
Alucian Lucida
Alucian Lucida - 17 days ago
So...usually safety features are included because someone was stupid enough to do something that got them hurt. So there's enough stupid people in Britain that made them develop so many safety mechanisms that you'd have to be smart to kill yourself?
Mark Kmiecik
Mark Kmiecik - 18 days ago
I used a British plug in my boat once. It leaked. The boat sank. By the way human children are very, very inventive. Otherwise they would grow up to be cats and dogs.
fluffigverbimmelt - 18 days ago
1:08 No, you don't. At least in European ones. Solution is easy: only the top is conductive and the conductive part of socket is only deeper inside.
Easy, but apparently too hard for North America.
fluffigverbimmelt - 18 days ago
An actual perk of British plugs is connecting poles correctly due to the defined orientation. Unless someone uses that abomination of an extension cord the wrong way round..
seanlettuce - 18 days ago
you are nitpicking and biased
John Morrison
John Morrison - 18 days ago
I clicked this video because I thought it said "pugs" 🤦‍♂️
Jason Ho
Jason Ho - 18 days ago
But Hong Kong also got this plug
Eoin Casey
Eoin Casey - 20 days ago
Why did you open the cord grip when opening the plug?
Taurphan Gamonsugosol
Taurphan Gamonsugosol - 21 day ago
Good plug if not for the fact yanking the damn thing out of the wall can take ages
becomepostal - 22 days ago
This stuff is huge, fragile, and expensive.
girlsdrinkfeck - 19 days ago
Jacob Thrall
Jacob Thrall - 23 days ago
And the flex is at a right angle to the pins, not in line with them: much more difficult to accidentally pull something out of a socket by walking into a trailing wire. Not necessarily that safe, I suppose, if you walk into a trailing wire from a slow cooker which stays plugged in and is therefore hauled from the worktop, breaking both your feet while gravy scalds the flesh clean off your lower legs, but still, I definitely appreciate how difficult it is for my wayward kids to accidentally unplug a lamp...
Ibrahim Demir
Ibrahim Demir - 23 days ago
Just come to Turkey, you will see that plugs are actually designed to kill people.
When I was a baby, I tried to push a metal notebook key(that was a thing back then for teenager girls) to a plug. I made it alive after that because the spare key accidentally touched into the ground while I was pushing the key to the power.
Still, in 2020, there are some machines (especially public place's vendor machines, water dispencers[public, or private club's dispencers] and some of the vacuum cleaners, which one of my friends got an electric shock from one of the industrial vacuum cleaners) which has no ground.
And in Turkey, safe plugs(!) are just some plugs which has a cover. When I was a baby, I could open it easily.
Theodore Seeber
Theodore Seeber - 24 days ago
Just used this due to a stupid kid trick going around the Pacific Northwest in America:
1. Halfway plug in a cell phone charger
2. Drop a penny between the plug and the wall.
zer001 - 26 days ago
Swiss Plugs :)
John R.
John R. - 27 days ago
but it looks like -.- not D:
Gavin The Boi
Gavin The Boi - 27 days ago
America uses natural selection, duh, no wonder there are so many people down south who say they're the perfect race
Ash - 28 days ago
Tom at 3.51 "plug falls off lands with pins upside down and you walk over it at midnight!" Come on be realistic what are the chances of someone walking over it at midnight unless the person is forgetfully that stupid. In fact they shouldn't have a leg to stand on.
It's almost like saying baby stroller has one bad design in that if you leave it unattended on a pavement it can start strolling into the road and baby may get injured.
Or although mercedes is best designed car it has one fault -if you drive it after 10pints of beer its likely to roll over or park itself on a tree
de_heilige_kip - 28 days ago
Eu plugs are better because you can rotate them
J.R King
J.R King - 29 days ago
I’m upset, I should’ve watched the video before jumping into conclusions and buying a ticket to the motherland to get a better plug 🤦‍♂️❄️ Who need it? 😤😂
Demitri Morgan
Demitri Morgan - 29 days ago
"Brown is live -- B-R, R goes to the right. You can also remember that live is brown because that's the color your trousers will go if you accidentally hit yourself with it."
Dave Norman
Dave Norman - 29 days ago
Tom Scott must be younger than me. When we did "wiring a plug" at school (at which I got 10 out of 10 :-) , I memorised the terminals as "E, L, N", going clockwise. The colours were separate (presumably because the old, pre-EU colours were still in the wild); see if you can tell what football team my Physics teacher liked: "Ipswich Town, going nowhere"; "Down to earth with Norwich City"; "If you're a live wire on the football pitch, you get your knees muddy".
Malta - Month ago
Why does America make all the wrong decisions?
prolarka - Month ago
You chose the quality of being safe to determine if they are better. The quantify this, I believe the best would be if you browse through statistics of accidents related to using different plugs. Those would prove your point.
If they were considerably safer. They would be used all over the world by now.
Timeward - Month ago
That extension cord isnt badly designed, it trades a slight bit of safety for praticality. That way you can have sevral plugs right next to each other without them blocking each other.
Erik Bjerke
Erik Bjerke - Month ago
What if you want to connect it upside down?
AO1337 - Month ago
petition to make a new standard of USB C that can handle 1500 watts of current and data.
For Own Made
For Own Made - Month ago
In Germany you have to Plug in neutral and live at the Same time
Lennon Morrison
Lennon Morrison - Month ago
Part of the physics GCSE on England is to know how to wire a plug and its components
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