British Plugs Are Better Than All Other Plugs, And Here's Why

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the slav boi
the slav boi - 10 hours ago
Tom: dont do this at home
Me: does it everyday
Xiellion - 14 hours ago
The only thing this proves to me is the average British citizen it's so stupid they touch the prongs on a plug as they plug it in, the reason north America doesn't do that is because we have the common sense to hold the plastic, not the metal
zachariah.74 - 10 hours ago
Boo hoo pal, nobody asked.
He Schum
He Schum - 15 hours ago
The missing point is that the UK plug cant be insert the other way, so as long as the plug is wired correct, its allways live & neutral in the correct way. Thats the only real minus of the other EU plugs. That is importend when you have a switch, inside the cable (a lamp i.e.) and this switch only switch one cable. When phase (live) is cut the whole lamp beyond the switch is without any voltage, but when the switch break the neutral line the whole lamp has still a wire with voltage. All other arguments dont count for me, becouse the EU Plug has similar features.
Azophi - 19 hours ago
2:41 me, an American: ????
OH cuz trousers are like underwear
the corbin show
the corbin show - 23 hours ago
Sounds like something a British person would say
Der Tyros
Der Tyros - Day ago
Sry but i'll have to disagree. The fact that you cannot even turn The plug around 180 degrees sucks. Imagine your wire beeing in the way. Europe: ok just turn it around.
UK: Well that sucks
Buttery aviation Buttery aviation
Agree! Once I almost Killed myself because my toe went in a power strip
Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice - Day ago
Also the orientation of the pins make it harder to damage/ bend /snap them when plugged in
skyler bowerbank
skyler bowerbank - Day ago
Safest, yes
Best, arguable
Steven Shell
Steven Shell - Day ago
While I like the idea of a fuse, especially on equipment with light cords such as lamps and alarm clocks, how is a fuse which can easily be bypassed by a consumer considered safer than a circuit breaker at the panel? As far as saving copper by having one circuit wouldn't said circuit have to be larger copper to handle the amp load of an entire house? I work on industrial equipment and have seen more educated people install larger fuses to keep something from blowing, or install conductive bars or tubing in place of fuses to keep running, I cant imagine what a homeowner would do.
But where is the fun in that?
Javon Johnson
Javon Johnson - Day ago
I was thinking about a different type of plug
radEmma - Day ago
I like the Schuko plug design better because the socket is recessed and it has a lot of compatibility with similar plugs
Richard Smith
Richard Smith - Day ago
The reason the US doesn't have safer plugs is the same reason the UK has unsafe light sockets. Antiquated standards. If you care about saving lives, why the hell would you use unpolarized light sockets, UK? With polarized light sockets, you can make sure any metal exposed on a bulb is referenced to neutral.
TheRedGamerFPV - 2 days ago
Yes, but look at how clunky that thing is
christdragon - 2 days ago
Just more proof I was born in the wrong country. Thanks
Honkin daffodil Chapman
I don’t like us outlets because the 3 holes on the oulets are like a centimeter thick! And a child could get killed.
AUSSIETAIPAN - 2 days ago
This is what patriotism is supposed to look like.
something else idk
something else idk - 3 days ago
It’s weird why people turn off the plugs just to “save energy” when in fact in the uk it just makes a circuit and doesn’t wast any electricity
Øivind Johannessen
Øivind Johannessen - 3 days ago
Main problem is that it's bulky.
Proxy - 3 days ago
you can't rotate them 180° and still fit like German plugs though...
plus they go into the outlet instead of only being on the surface like US/UK plugs, so they are technically more stable
Nathanael Raynard
Nathanael Raynard - 3 days ago
But well i hate it, you all been there, you went travelling around the world and then when you got to the hotel the fakin stop contact is not the same as the plug you brought from home
Sheng Han
Sheng Han - 4 days ago
God save the Queen. Long live the Empire.
Andrew Easton
Andrew Easton - 4 days ago
I mean.... ok, but how is that different from other people’s plugs? Specifically?
Smarty - 4 days ago
Honestly we could easily implement all these features in US plugs.
Hypnotic Gaming
Hypnotic Gaming - 4 days ago
I thought you meant plug (Drugdealer) 😅😂😂
коты - 4 days ago
In Russia, our plugs our better. You no plug into wall, wall plug into
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire - 4 days ago
12321 - 4 days ago
1:16 This absolutely happens with North American plugs, by the way. I remember pulling a plug out of the wall when I was a kid and having my finger slip between the prongs. Fortunately, the plug was already coming out, so the contact was brief and the damage was minimal.
John Glass
John Glass - Day ago
I was a welder in 2013 and I was plugging in an angle grinder on the hottest day of the year, shirt absolutely soaked in sweat, and got a straight jolt to the chest when I had a small piece of shirt caught in the plug. Thank God factories require rubber sole shoes
Ethan Rose
Ethan Rose - 3 days ago
Even if you were to hold on to it with one hand it would do minimal damage. Unless you are working with higher power plugs.
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci - 4 days ago
General european plugs are largely the same except they are actually backwards compatible, you can connect a grounded wire to an ungrouded socket, and they have the exact same safety feature you mentioned at the beginning. Your patreotism is making you blind to better innovation.
Adrian Koch
Adrian Koch - 4 days ago
Storing plugs is why the British kept their stables long after they switched horses for cars. Those things are enormous!
scuttle06 - 4 days ago
british salesman forces you to use british plugs
Sheepy15 - 5 days ago
Yea we have these plugs in ireland and ive actually taken for granted how good out plugs arr
luter82 - 5 days ago
You think the fuse design is sfare than a circuit breaker?
Jaap - 5 days ago
We have the same insulation on EU plugs.
Stephen Buswell
Stephen Buswell - 5 days ago
Why would a kid have a screwdriver?
ct t҉ᄃイ
ct t҉ᄃイ - 5 days ago
From a toolbox
plasticwrap - 5 days ago
Elliot & Nancy
Elliot & Nancy - 6 days ago
What about the data? Statistically speaking, is there evidence that British plugs actually saved any lives, relative to American plugs? And if so, how many incremental lives?
Elias Del Castillo
Elias Del Castillo - 6 days ago
i was thinking of a different meaning of plug lmao smh
PeterT1981 - 6 days ago
Long wondered why the plug types are different in the US and UK. I’m glad to know that there is a safer alternative to the old Edison style that we use here in the States.
Thanks! You have a tremendous talent for explaining things. Well done!
Butter Games
Butter Games - 6 days ago
Stepped on it once as I jumped out of bed, thankfully only one pin stabbed through my foot and the other 2 barely missed. Still hurt and bled like hell 😢
jaguar warrior
jaguar warrior - 6 days ago
You're just letting dumb people reproduce.
Orlando Rotundo
Orlando Rotundo - 7 days ago
Type J all the way
Ondrej Žižka
Ondrej Žižka - 7 days ago
Clearly you haven't seen a modern EU plugs and sockets. Unsubscribed
Icyfoxtrotter - 7 days ago
Your outlets are no fun! America number one! Beer and bacon baby.
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas - 7 days ago
In Australia we just don't have dickhead kids that don't go all suicidal
Brendan Ind
Brendan Ind - 7 days ago
The only other thing that isnt great about uk plugs is that they cannot be yanked out of the socket by pulling in the lead, this means that the plug usually gets internally damaged instead of popping clean out of the socket if you trip over it. I know I'm very late to this video, thanks yt recommended.
KyD25 Films
KyD25 Films - 7 days ago
In Britain "safety" is taken to the point of censoring a kids show because a character's gay.
ct t҉ᄃイ
ct t҉ᄃイ - 5 days ago
Edward Bateman
Edward Bateman - 6 days ago
KyD25 Films care to explain?
Hough Jass
Hough Jass - 7 days ago
I feel like this video caused Brexit
cool boi
cool boi - 7 days ago
My country uses the British plug
Melbourne Trains Vlogs
Melbourne Trains Vlogs - 8 days ago
This guy looks 12 and 52 at the same time
Serra Veskai
Serra Veskai - 8 days ago
But... most american plugs are made like that..
Exception with that fuse though. Thats just weird.
LadyHoozer - 8 days ago
I read the title British pugs . . .
Pol Roca
Pol Roca - 8 days ago
Do you live near an airport?
pigeon 16
pigeon 16 - 8 days ago
Are you saying the earth wire saved my life when I used a butter knife to play with the heating element in a toaster as a kid?
(The whole house short circuited and the tip of the knife was permanently blackened, but I wasn't hurt (though I was *emotionally* shocked)).
jacopo mazzoni
jacopo mazzoni - 8 days ago
they are sooo big. really not worth the extra safety
Jacob Cudlitz
Jacob Cudlitz - 9 days ago
Slightly biased just slightly
Yeff - 9 days ago
My european plugs are a bit different than yours, the ones i have have all the features of your cables only a different shape.
Lars Brown
Lars Brown - 9 days ago
As an American citizen, I laugh at your country's safety protocols. Live a little. Ive been shocked many times. Am i lacking brain cells?? Yes. Do i have a lazy eye and uncontrollable twitching?? Yes. Am i having fun...? Also yes.
Paistin Lasta
Paistin Lasta - 9 days ago
But can you plug it in two different directions? Checkmate.
Hans K
Hans K - 9 days ago
Next week Tom: „why everyone is driving on bad side except: Britain, Burma, British India, *cue rule britannia*, Australia and some African countries our monarchy has dominion over..... May the sun never set, long live the queeeee......“
saket mundhada
saket mundhada - 9 days ago
British < anything else
glyn hodges
glyn hodges - 6 days ago
You have used the 'greater than' symbol the wrong way round old chap. A common error.
Jimbo - 10 days ago
As part of the commonwealth country, I’m glad we use this kind of plug.
Drew Gehringer
Drew Gehringer - 10 days ago
to be fair, like your TV system the British plug standard gets to benefit from the fact it was standardized in like the 1930s and thus got to see the few decades of trial and error all the other attempts at an electrical plug did.
Argus Panoptes
Argus Panoptes - 10 days ago
The switch on the plug sockets too
Snooby66 - 10 days ago
You may still find UK wiring which is Red (live) and Black (neutral).
A Black wire with a Red sleeve on it means a loop, i.e. where electricity travels along the Red wire and returns (still live!!!!) via the Black wire.
So, do not use electrical items which are unplugged!?
Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV
safety is IRRELEVANT, all that matters is the maximum amount of plugs existing and highest wattages!
empty windex bottle
empty windex bottle - 11 days ago
I did not know this i thought the eu plug was more safe but guess the brits are one step ahed
DevilsCookies - 11 days ago
Note aside, in Europe, or at least here in Austria or also Germany, our plugs are designed in a way that you can't touch the metal part if the plug is halfway out. Other than that, I have to admit, british plugs are awesome
Also, I don't really get the fuckin' fuse in every plug. At least not nowadays. But when it comes to safety this surely doesn't really make a difference.
K_opra - 11 days ago
Eu outlets have those poking preventing shutters. Outlets are also have detend and slimmer non grounded plugs have insulation in lead contacts. Also in here it is also common to cut ground longer than live and neutral wires. So i really don't see anything remarkable here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Still good stuff :D
Jason - 12 days ago
That is a great design, I’m curious if Britain uses 240 volt which I’ve always felt is a lot easier to be dangerous.
Eddie Willers
Eddie Willers - 10 days ago
Britain is on the Euro-standard, I believe, of 220V on a single phase - when running at max tolerance it still hits 240V.
Slav Squirrel!
Slav Squirrel! - 12 days ago
Here we go with "British superiority".
Now they think their plugs are better.
Bobby Banana
Bobby Banana - 8 days ago
Because British plugs are.
Steve Terry
Steve Terry - 13 days ago
No the best plug and socket are the modular IEC C13 plug and C14 socket, in molded cable lengths
of 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5 and 10 meters. which both eliminates plug wiring and allows daisy chaining cables
The only use they got to be used on were desktop PC and monitors, and kettles. usually with
a local plug on the other end of the cable
Harris - 13 days ago
How the American plug was designed: "lEts MaKe OnE bIgGeR sO It caNT gO iN ThE WrOnG wAY!"
Serra Veskai
Serra Veskai - 8 days ago
I mean, that's exactly the safest part of the british design.
Tacitus - 14 days ago
wow, I now care about this. I now look at my American plugs and feel shame. Thank you Tom
The Legend
The Legend - 14 days ago
ElectroBOOM wants to know your location
Johnny Sasaki
Johnny Sasaki - 15 days ago
but why 50 hz? WHY?!
mr. morrell
mr. morrell - 15 days ago
These are fighting words
John Mackey
John Mackey - 15 days ago
As an American...... well, I guess I agree. You are right sir.
M M - 16 days ago
But the plug "looks" so ancient and not safe.
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