Dance Moms: The Group Dance Is TOO PERSONAL for Brynn (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

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Lifetime - 18 days ago
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Kenzie Ginger
Kenzie Ginger - 14 days ago
vera - 16 days ago
*no u*
Michelle Davies
Michelle Davies - Day ago
im going through this
Cheer Dance Love
Cheer Dance Love - 2 days ago
Who else thinks Masise looks Better without make up
Ingrid Cantrell
Ingrid Cantrell - 2 days ago
I don't blame Brynn. I wouldn't want to tell the whole world my personal emotions.
Tegan Robson
Tegan Robson - 3 days ago
What gill did was wrong. Of course Brynn is going to act up. It’s not embarrassing at all when she feels the two main people in her life are fighting
Vianka Reyes
Vianka Reyes - 4 days ago
👏Kids are able to not care about things👏
Ella Kaukonen
Ella Kaukonen - 5 days ago
Why did Ashlee force Brynn to express her feelings if she really didn't care??
Carmen Wheeler
Carmen Wheeler - 5 days ago
80% of the comments: Brynn will be staying with Jill!!!
20% of the comments: When Ashlee was like "Can someone get a camera over here"

These are the truths of life
Julie Brooke Woods
Julie Brooke Woods - 5 days ago
I just tapped on the video cos of Brynn’s face😂
owo uwu
owo uwu - 5 days ago
uh some kids don't know HOW to feel or KNOW what to feel during divorce such as that
CeltycSparrow - 6 days ago
OF COURSE your daughter has feelings about her parents getting divorced and then going to court to battle it out for who gets custody rights of the children. She just doesn't want to express her feelings in front of Ms. Abby and her dance mates....and especially the cameras. She doesn't want to feel emotionally vulnerable in front of her friends and her teacher when she is supposed to be learning a featured role in the dance....she wants to focus on the dance. She can have her emotions at home when she's NOT got an audience.
sofia westman
sofia westman - 7 days ago
Ashley: Brynn will be staying with Jill
Brynn: Am i a joke to you?
Aminah Haris
Aminah Haris - 7 days ago
Ashlee: Brynn will be staying with Jill
Me : oop sksksks is that sksksks a good idea?
Presley Weatherholt
Presley Weatherholt - 7 days ago
i love when the girls and the other moms interact. especially when their moms seem to have so much drama. so the fact that she said brynn was staying with jill made me happy. also like when christi gave maddie a mom hug. it just shows that despite the drama, the moms have so much love for ALL the kids
Cheryl Hughes
Cheryl Hughes - 7 days ago
i feel bad for brynn bc her mom was kind of forcing her to talk about it when she clearly just wanted space and then jill was laughing at them and people were recording her thats a lot of stress plus the divorce poor brynn :(
samantha sherman
samantha sherman - 8 days ago
if she says it’s nothing, it’s nothing. in front of a bunch of people and strangers with cameras is not the time to push emotional boundaries anyway.
Susan Rosario
Susan Rosario - 8 days ago
Sometimes i feel extremely bad for the girls hair, it always up, but they are dancers so 🤷🏻‍♀️ oh well,
Kendy Brown
Kendy Brown - 8 days ago
Can you tell Jill and Ashlee are legit best friends online producers overreact
Mia Gilliam
Mia Gilliam - 9 days ago
Omg why is her mom pressing for an answer so bad ESPECIALLY NOW THAT THE CAMERAS ARE ON THEM? Oh, but Brynn being dry is only because "she's a teenager."
madison sherretz
madison sherretz - 9 days ago
now there filming me,good job mom🙄
that killed me
DonutPop Slimes
DonutPop Slimes - 9 days ago
the comments:
5%: omg jill and the camera
5%: wow that’s rude
maddison - 9 days ago
I think this is when ashley and jill were best friends after their fighting
basic. liy
basic. liy - 9 days ago
Brynn staying with Jill 🤔
Alyssa Phillips
Alyssa Phillips - 10 days ago
Nah but like i understand brynn bc im also a child if divorce and like ofc i wished they stayed together but talking about it doesn’t bother me at all its like yea they got divorced so what 😐
Joline Ho
Joline Ho - 10 days ago
what is wrong with Jill, smh
Shadow Girl
Shadow Girl - 10 days ago
“Brynn will be staying with Jill”
Me:ok let the woman you hate take care of you child
Michelle Ator
Michelle Ator - 10 days ago
who likes brynn comment if yes like if no
Gayatri Thottupura
Gayatri Thottupura - 10 days ago
maybe she just doesn’t want to talk about it when there’s five cameras filming her to put on international tv
Equine Eve
Equine Eve - 10 days ago
To think if they didn’t have cameras they would not be all dolled up the time
susan - 10 days ago
bruh my parents have been going through this thing for years. i hate it when people are like “ are okay you?” “how are you feeling?” brynn should be allowed to not want to talk about it
Avery Belle
Avery Belle - 10 days ago
No one:
*99% of comments: “BrYnN cAn StAy WiTh JiLl”*
It's Laura
It's Laura - 10 days ago
i fell bad for brynn when her mum was asking her how she felt. my parents have split up and they do argue sometimes and being asked about it like that makes it harder. sometimes you need to think about it first or you need to hold it in for a little before you can really share how you feel
Angel Dove
Angel Dove - 10 days ago
She can say what she wants to leave her alone god your the one making it a big deal
Caitlin’s Life
Caitlin’s Life - 11 days ago
Poor bryn
Carlee Walka
Carlee Walka - 11 days ago
Not ever child of divorced parents are emotional abt it, I wasn’t, it was for the best and sometimes it can be
Aspen Hackbarth
Aspen Hackbarth - 11 days ago
Why would brynn stay with Jill I’m so confused 😂😂
Charlee Sb
Charlee Sb - 11 days ago
I went through that as Well being a child
Bea Rose
Bea Rose - 11 days ago
Eyebrows 😖
Verity Britcliffe
Verity Britcliffe - 11 days ago
Chloe Draughon
Chloe Draughon - 11 days ago
This season and last season are both so dumbbb
Katya Zach
Katya Zach - 11 days ago
Ok. If a teenager doesn't want to express their feelings about a divorce, they don't have to. I mean, does Brynn's mom WANT her to be sad?? The girl just doesn't want to talk about it on camera and that's fine.
Crazy_Panda Girl
Crazy_Panda Girl - 12 days ago
Why did Ashley make Brynn stay with JILL instead of Holly? I feel like Holly is a responsible parent and loves kids more than the other moms. Whereas Jill just loooves spotlight and only cares about herself. Personally, I’d rather Holly than Jill.
Thal Lu
Thal Lu - 12 days ago
So sad for Brynn. Brynn needs to keep showing the girls and mother's. 😌😌
Riley Pontore
Riley Pontore - 12 days ago
I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove dance mom's
Charlotte Petrella
Charlotte Petrella - 12 days ago
Brynn is so pretty!!
Sue Clive
Sue Clive - 12 days ago
Ashlee...Brynn has more sense than you do! She didn't want to talk about it on camera...but you were trying to insist that she did!
sunflower_girl _
sunflower_girl _ - 12 days ago
Wafikat Xx
Wafikat Xx - 12 days ago
"Brynn will be staying with Jill?" Did I hear right ??🤭
Ember Griffin
Ember Griffin - 12 days ago
brynn is so nice and such a good dancer
Lifetime - 11 days ago
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Savanah Scott
Savanah Scott - 12 days ago
Why is jill watching Brynn Ashley hates Jill
Sofia Olave
Sofia Olave - 12 days ago
why jill is soooooo stupid and bad
I only wear grucci M E G A T H I C C
The way her mum literally forced her to have feelings
Noa Van Laar
Noa Van Laar - 12 days ago
‘now they’re filming me great mom’ this just shows how stressfull dancemoms was for the girls
Love Kenzie!!!
Love Kenzie!!! - 12 days ago
Well Jill said “can we get a camera down here” I was like ha hahahah I’m dead!! Lmao
Nora Contard
Nora Contard - 12 days ago
ugh i HATE maesi's mom
Amelia Gooch
Amelia Gooch - 12 days ago
Jaime’s hair is like a little scruffy dog
Cherie Simonet
Cherie Simonet - 13 days ago
You had the best videos ever and how can you go to all the drama that you watching and posting
Illona Krutiy
Illona Krutiy - 13 days ago
Brynn staying with Jill😱
DanceTurnUp Eliana
DanceTurnUp Eliana - 13 days ago
There's literally nothing to talk about can you leave the girl alone?
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