Do All Cheaters Think The Same?

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FR Studio
FR Studio - Minute ago
I strongly disagree with cheaters. I know everyone has their own opinion, mine being that trust is hard to get back, and by forgiving the person, it can sometimes encourage the person to keep doing the same mistake. My ex cheated on me 3 times, each time i forgave her
S. Minor
S. Minor - 8 minutes ago
"Cheating is always wrong".
Plad shirt girl: "no cause what if that person is toxic, then I have a reason to like, cheat...."
She is the type to make you feel like you can trust her, but if you make her mad over any little thing she will cheat on you. Next thing you know you're itching or burning and dont know why.
Kaya - 44 minutes ago
If the relationship is not only toxic, but abusive, where a person is ready to stalk you and/or harm you mentally and physically, being with another person is hardly what I would consider cheating. Technically, it is, but if you have limited ways to break the relationship off, I guess it's understandable. Sometimes it depends on how you grow up and what your parents are like, what kind of couples you're exposed to, as that all impacts the idea you create of what a relationship with another person is. But, the thing is, all of these people nearly justify cheating. The black guy - I feel like he almost bragged about it? Like it's something to be happy and proud about, and it's not. It really isn't.
Toph Beifong
Toph Beifong - 46 minutes ago
there are much worse things than being cheated on and some people even deserve those things so i don't agree that nobody deserves to be cheated on, but i think that cheating is never the right/best option. it's always better to leave instead. cheating isn't healthy for yourself.
Kyra Najera
Kyra Najera - Hour ago
I’ve cheated and been cheated on so I understand both sides completely
Tj Benson
Tj Benson - Hour ago
The hypocrisy is jumping out.
Hannah M
Hannah M - Hour ago
skip to 3:14 to see a bunch of in denial people move to the left of your screen :3
King Awesome
King Awesome - Hour ago
They’re scummy but at least they’re not completely scummy
xLexiePepzi - 2 hours ago
How is it possible that every single person in the video is ugly both on the outside and on the inside? lmfao.
boi - 2 hours ago
cheaters circlejerk
nathan coltura
nathan coltura - 2 hours ago
What I learned from this is if she has dyed hair she’s gonna cheat 3/4 of the girls in this had dyed hair and the one that didn’t just kinda went on a reluctant date so Um yeah
Scarlett Vi
Scarlett Vi - 2 hours ago
I understand all the comments but at the same time, like Jaz said, he "forgave" her. But if you can't build the trust then you should end the relationship, if you don't believe the person can change, end it.
USMCplzzz - 3 hours ago
“Daaaamn, you guys haven’t forgiven yourself?”
And what? You did on the basis that it felt good in the moment, knowing in the long run you hurt someone?
Betrayal is a strong kind of hurt to inflict upon someone who trusts you with their intimate feelings. For someone to play around with them like this guy is psychotic.
If there ever were toxic people, he’d be one of them.
“I forgive myself.” Is such an entitled, narcissistic, up your own ass thing to say when you play with people like this.
Kate Westbury
Kate Westbury - 3 hours ago
I think things can happen and people can make mistakes, but don’t expect that person to have ultimate trust for you after you cheat? That’s such a selfish thought to have and anyone who thinks that has never been emotionally hurt like that before. Cheating doesn’t not only make you lose trust for that person, it makes the person who got cheated on feel ugly, useless, worthless, afraid, and it ruins their perceptions on relationships as a whole. If you expect to receive trust after you’ve cheated, you’re delusional.
Inhaling Bread
Inhaling Bread - 3 hours ago
This video is Lowkey disgusting to watch
Faith U.
Faith U. - 4 hours ago
This Verifies that cheaters dont have remorse, they know what they are getting into and they are willing to ruin a relationship over over a quick activity
random youtuber is here
random youtuber is here - 4 hours ago
It makes me kind of mad that they are defending people who cheat.
Edward Ramos
Edward Ramos - 4 hours ago
Am I the only one who feels like their day was ruined by watching this? 😔😔
Ołïve - 5 hours ago
I feel like most of these people are narcissists... the way that pink hair girl got so upset at the dude cheating on her like she’d done sooo many times is ridiculous, and the way they were laughing... the way they talk about it is a bit odd to me. I really wish I could see their POV... but all their explanations end in them being disgustingly selfish🤷🏻‍♀️ idk
Jungshooky jar
Jungshooky jar - 5 hours ago
the girl with pink hair is really annoying 💀
Queen Violet
Queen Violet - 6 hours ago
If someone cheated one time only and were regretful( or had reasons) and then never again... i think they shouldn’t be labeled as cheaters yet someone who did it many times and is proud of it that’s a cheater
AXdianaX - 6 hours ago
girl:hits the woah (12:50 lmaoo)
Lyz Martin
Lyz Martin - 6 hours ago
Nahhhhhh this ain't it chief, nothing they are saying makes sense to me 😂
Toki - 6 hours ago
Once a cheater always a cheater..... ofcourse they'd all disagree with that lmbo losers
urcute - 6 hours ago
They did not deserve to be forgiven and thats IT
Lyz Martin
Lyz Martin - 6 hours ago
I could never cheat on someone, i just can't do that.
Zane Atkins
Zane Atkins - 6 hours ago
Cheaters complaining about how they're partners didn't fully trust them afterwards just triggers me
Emi Kat
Emi Kat - 6 hours ago
As an a-spec person, I'm infinitely confused by cheating, and I don't understand the notion of people feeling like they need to do it?? It really just confuses me but the episode still is really interesting.
amma crellin
amma crellin - 7 hours ago
this is so gross
BananaBloods - 7 hours ago
The pink hair girl is the worst omg. The guy seems very genuine tho.
K1D - 7 hours ago
I’m okay with everyone here except Jenn she just pisses me off
Opyx - اوبيكس
Opyx - اوبيكس - 7 hours ago
i like this guy vincent
Kaleb Brown
Kaleb Brown - 7 hours ago
Cant trust anybody
Valeria Gonzalez
Valeria Gonzalez - 7 hours ago
I see so many people demonizing cheaters in the comments. And no, I’ve never cheated on someone and I don’t defend it either. However, it’s important to note that these people are simply human beings with human tendencies. The act itself, cheating, can many times often be a manifestation of other problems, internal or with others. I highly recommend you all watch Esther Perel’s Ted Talk, “rethinking infidelity.” If you’ve got an open mind, it’s sure to change your perspective. Definitely changed mine.
Aisha A
Aisha A - 7 hours ago
The pink hair girl is a MESS.
Genevieve Christine
Genevieve Christine - 7 hours ago
y’all are so judgmental in the comments ): please try say what u need without the hate
princess kayla
princess kayla - 8 hours ago
That girl with the pink hair who got cheated on after cheating on 3 men LMAO that's karma for you. Karma is gonna beat all of their asses in the future tbh
princess kayla
princess kayla - 8 hours ago
LMFAOAOAOAO wtf is this 😭
Miracle Felsner
Miracle Felsner - 8 hours ago
it's interesting how hypocritical they all are: 
"I would be willing to forgive someone if they cheated on me" 
They all said yes, yet complained how their partners all lost trust in them. But at the same time that one girl said I have a lot of hate in my heart because of the one person that cheated on me. How can you expect everyone to forgive you if you don't do the same? I noticed how all of them in this video basically glorified/justified cheating, as if they're proud of cheating. That's crazy
darkneji190 - 9 hours ago
Cheating only happens when you’re monogamous
melancholic daydream
melancholic daydream - 11 hours ago
vincent should be in an open relationship
Simon Ramirez
Simon Ramirez - 11 hours ago
Just at first glance. I dont trust some of them lol differently the pink hair girl. Nope
ShinyShilla - 12 hours ago
at first I was somewhat judgmental of pink haired girl (the "cheats ruins in my family part), but in the video she seemed the most woke
Sanam Lachmandas
Sanam Lachmandas - 12 hours ago
This video made me cringe 100000% ahahaha
Luca Maddox
Luca Maddox - 12 hours ago
Why is no one commenting about the guy dressing like a homeless person
Sophia Peng
Sophia Peng - 12 hours ago
dude are these people seriously complaining about their partners being protective? uhm excuse me you should be grateful that they FORGAVE you. geez most people would leave you right on that spot and yet you still complain about no trust after they gave you a chance. there's no trust because you cheated, you brought this on yourself.

and people who cheated are saying they may NOT forgive someone who cheated on them? b*tch you cheated at least once on a person, if they forgave you idk what tf you're expecting
Sophia Peng
Sophia Peng - 12 hours ago
damn im so done now
Ibisly - 13 hours ago
As soon as I clicked on the vid I had nausea listening that pink haired girl
Nutellah - 13 hours ago
i would never do this because you can't cheat without being able to love someone (unless you are being an a-hole and just using their feelings against them)
Kimchi Is Good
Kimchi Is Good - 14 hours ago
I hated how the guy acted like the whole thing was a game and bragged about being a fuckboy during a relationship etc
That guy can’t and should never get into a committed relationship
Creepy.B Stanbtsbtw
Creepy.B Stanbtsbtw - 14 hours ago
One thing I notice with all cheaters is, they're all pretty selfish.
Snow - 14 hours ago
These people gross me out smh
Nobody Nobody
Nobody Nobody - 15 hours ago
This has taught me to avoid women with colored hair.
Preston Ferrell
Preston Ferrell - 15 hours ago
It's easy to say you'd forgive the person for cheating but the likelihood of them actually doing it is much lower.
Aidan Mclaughlin
Aidan Mclaughlin - 15 hours ago
I have no respect for these people, cheating is just about the worst thing you can do to someone, no matter the situation. You violated someone’s trust and probably made it hard for them to trust anyone they may be with in the future. Scumbags.
Diys Y
Diys Y - 16 hours ago
Well once a cheater always a cheater it’s yes and no
Blonde TapperWare
Blonde TapperWare - 16 hours ago
My blood began to boil when the one girl said cheating is still better than breaking up with the first person since she can still have "benefits" from that relationship. Like, wtf is wrong with you?! It's not enough that you're breaking this person's heart but now you're bragging about milking them for all their worth?! Fuckin' hell
Rojanopè - 16 hours ago
i hate video
Shant Papirian
Shant Papirian - 17 hours ago
I’m gonna be honest, this is the most hypocritical group of people I’ve seen yet
Living and Loving Lopez
Living and Loving Lopez - 18 hours ago
Cheaters legit suck. Don’t glorify them. Once a cheater, ALWAYS a cheater.
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