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Big T.
Big T. - 2 hours ago
very disturbing individuals
Sorry Not sorry
Sorry Not sorry - 18 hours ago
This isn’t cute, from someone who’s been cheated on it’s one of the worst feelings ever, giving someone your trust, your physical, mental, social and financial time for them to betray you is horrible especially if your a loyal person. It’s worse when they beg you to take them back promise they have changed just to let you down again, It can take years for us to trust again. Cheaters don’t know the serious damage they do.
A sitting cow
A sitting cow - 20 hours ago
I hate how they are trying to justify themselves like how hypocritical can you be.
Dan Abih
Dan Abih - Day ago
I love the fact that the girls cheaters are roasted mercilessly by their fellow women here in the comment section without guys saying much.
I was cheated once, was my first and only relationship that lasted 3 years, we were both virgins, young and schooling. I really thought we were going to get married, I introduced her to my sisters, but after she got to the university she cheated me thrice with someone completely new she met there.
Its now 8 years and I'm still single, don't have the energy or will to start something again, I invested so much and held high expectations don't want to go through the same thing again. Being cheated on destroys you in so many ways. You don't question the act itself but your own value, and that goes really deep. If you don't feel someone just tell them or break up with them, don't cheat on them please!
Luke Nethercote
Luke Nethercote - Day ago
I was just so annoyed while watching this
Queencloaca ,_,
Queencloaca ,_, - 2 days ago
I want every one of them to have the love of their lives cheat on them.
ASHLYN CARRILLO - 2 days ago
What's your name man?
Alexander Hamilton
Wonder Studios
Wonder Studios - 2 days ago
“Once a cheater always a cheater”
Everyone in the room gave that type of vibe
“We are all humans we make mistakes”
But when it’s their partners side they would be like
*Yes ❤️*
I don’t know I think once a cheater is always a cheater, Because I’ve seen many relationships and I have I can approve this statement? It honestly depends on the person and the situation
Jada Christina
Jada Christina - 2 days ago
OMG grr
OMG grr - 3 days ago
OMG grr
OMG grr - 3 days ago
Nothing can justify cheating, people. Just so you know.
Sam Rayne
Sam Rayne - 3 days ago
Yall I have cheated and imma be honest, that was a dick move of mine and you just gotta own up to it ya know? Like, I can make 100000 excuses but there is no point. Yeah I have an explanation but you have to just own up to what you did and not make the same mistake. I am a strong believer that people can change but they have to first admit their wrongs.
Skull Razor
Skull Razor - 3 days ago
1:42 my girl really wanted to cheat that she did in a whole new country😂😂
sleepy flako
sleepy flako - 3 days ago
pink hair girl needs psychotherapy with pastor Future
Omg Heyy
Omg Heyy - 3 days ago
Jubilee why didn't you cover their faces??
Unkempt Jargon
Unkempt Jargon - 3 days ago
That guy is the worst. I can't figure out if he has nymphomania or just an ego complex. "It's wrong to cheat... also I constantly cheat."
Tristan Lowe
Tristan Lowe - 4 days ago
bruh idk how pink girl cheated so much how could someone even think of liking her with those looks an personality
Mega Academy
Mega Academy - 4 days ago
I try not to project hate into the world, but people like this make it very difficult...
binnie stay
binnie stay - 5 days ago
All the hate in the comments...omg yaaall chill wtf
Megan Legal
Megan Legal - 5 days ago
brown/pink hair girl says they were in love, but she cheated on him and he was calling her the stupidest person he’d ever met. am i missing something? where’s the love
Angeline Plazuela
Angeline Plazuela - 5 days ago
don't blame your partners for their trust issues after what you did to them.
Show Me Your Kitties!
Show Me Your Kitties! - 5 days ago
Imagine being an awful cheater, gaining sympathy for yourself "going through a hard time" getting lots of attention, and going on a platform for all to see. This attention needs to be for the people who actually got cheated on!!
Emily Barnacott
Emily Barnacott - 5 days ago
Their exes/partners watching this like 👁👄👁
Gem - 5 days ago
They are never going to get a happy relationship, because Karma is gonna make sure that the people who they made miserable have their revenge
Gem - 5 days ago
Thanks for showing me people I should NEVER date
Ella Obinyan
Ella Obinyan - 6 days ago
I would be willing to forgive someone if they cheated on me
Everyone yea
Also at least one of them is lying
Xinyi Wang
Xinyi Wang - 6 days ago
Pink haired girl comes from a FAMILY of cheaters and people who always get cheated. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
James MacLeod
James MacLeod - 6 days ago
Vincent is a very chill person. He seemed to have a very chill conversation with every single person there and was inquisitive about their stories. He sounds like a good friend and I think that is because he learnt from his past self.
Potato Youtube
Potato Youtube - 6 days ago
They do be gross tho like imagine having the same mindset as them and laughing about cheating I-
Natassja Casillas
Natassja Casillas - 6 days ago
the cynicism in this is nauseating
Sky Division
Sky Division - 6 days ago
People will judge if your cheat but it is wrong also. I don't get why you would go on a show to be viewed as cheater. You can change, not get caught, or just don't do it. Cheating is wrong but why the hell would you want to publicly place yourself as a cheater online. Who can trust or be with someone who is publicly an open cheater
Angel Balderas
Angel Balderas - 7 days ago
These people suck.
Beckie Cather
Beckie Cather - 7 days ago
You know what’s funny...that this video got majority likes, but I have yet to see a positive comment
Anna Lana
Anna Lana - 7 days ago
Cheating is definitely always wrong.. You can't just come up with an excuse of your partner being toxic.. Duhhh if that person is so toxic that makes you go find someone else to make you happy why don't you just get over the toxic person..
krissjay - 7 days ago
Two considerations: a) not being in a relationship b) finding someone who would be accepting of an open relationship
But I think a big thing is WHY people are cheating. Is it your needs not being met, is it revenge, is it loneliness, etc etc. I don't think a relationship can fully survive cheating. That trust is gone, and you will always doubt and worry. period.
G Fallz_
G Fallz_ - 7 days ago
They are hurt inside they are finding things that can fill them up but I know for a fact the only thing that can fill them in Jesus Christ
kpopkrack head7
kpopkrack head7 - 3 days ago
What if they are an atheist?
Leek AKL
Leek AKL - 7 days ago
Vincent a scumbag 😂😂
Leek AKL
Leek AKL - 7 days ago
12:54 they all shared an evil laugh
Regina's Art
Regina's Art - 8 days ago
I'm sorry, but once a cheater, always a cheater.
Rhiannon Andrews
Rhiannon Andrews - 8 days ago
Im super late, but like polyamory is a thing? Communication is a thing? I cant watch the last half of this video because it just seems theyre immature, not understaning of what monogomy is. (Yeah theres cheating in poly, though, not necessarily the point). They just seem okay with cheating especially the guy. Being a fuck boy isnt cute neither is being a "fuck girl" or whatever you will. Cheating. Isnt. Okay. I thought this would be a video on how they felt guilt and grew from that time in their life. Seems like they didnt grow from the awful mistakes they made and are only justifying it.
Shashank Aggarwal
Shashank Aggarwal - 8 days ago
oh yeah you felt guilty F you
H - 9 days ago
they’re all so proud of it🤢
floangel - 9 days ago
Even though cheating is a terrible thing and I'd never want anyone to experience that, I'd hope that people in the comments wouldn't be so nasty in shaming these people. Yes, in all aspects of it, cheating is bad, but think about it, we're all human. The same way we make mistakes is the same way they're making mistakes (even if they are the mistakes they've chosen. We have chosen things on our path that we know now are mistakes, too). I don't think anybody here is proud or happy with themselves. Yeah, sometimes they laughed or made light of their situation, but they're **human**, just like me and you. We laugh awkwardly and joke about things that make us uncomfortable. I'm not saying make cheating acceptable, but just try and be more empathetic.
THE MARCUS CORNER - 10 days ago
this episode made me so mad
Yes what they've done is absolutely shitty and disgusting but what I'm thinking is that only thing this video shows is what these people think NOW. Like we don't know what caused them to cheat on their partners or maybe what went wrong. But cheating is still wrong. I'm not justifying this.♥
Ressa Santillana
Ressa Santillana - 10 days ago
im still amazed how they could approve of calling themselves cheaters and still be proud of it
DAT BOIII - 10 days ago
These people are like “it was a hard part of my life.” That’s absolutely no excuse. You probably made your partners life even harder.
ellie - 10 days ago
i think the only situation that cheating is ok is when you are in an abusive relationship. people may say to just leave, call the police, etc. but what they don’t understand is that it is not that easy AT ALL! if someone is in an abusive relationship and they want to have another relationship it is totally fine. a lot of the times being in a healthy relationship can help someone feel better and get through what they are going through. that person is going to need someone for support and to eventually get them out of their abusive relationship because it can be so hard to do it all by yourself. if this person is in a forced relationship that they don’t want to be in they will have an extremely hard time getting out of it and having that other person there for them can help them so much.
Night - 10 days ago
These people act like cheating is a normal part of a relationship and should be expected lol
Night - 10 days ago
Awful human beings
Jessie Hussey
Jessie Hussey - 11 days ago
After the quarantine is over these episodes should be made
1. “do all anorexics think the same” and 2. “do all cancer survivors think the same”
Jessie Hussey
Jessie Hussey - 7 days ago
kerphline6401 thank you for letting me know I just checked it out when My account accidentally signed out sorry I didn’t know it was already done when I commented my requests
kerphline6401 - 9 days ago
They did cancer survivors already
Stephanie Lynn
Stephanie Lynn - 11 days ago
The pink girl has bad vibes. Lmao.
Starlight 420
Starlight 420 - 11 days ago
I've been cheated on in every relationship I was ever in and Tbh it turned me off trusting people, dating people, and loving people. I will never date again because of this, fuck people who cheat and hurt people on purpose.
niaraa - 11 days ago
I hate all of them
Kellie Kimmet
Kellie Kimmet - 11 days ago
I'm just shocked that almost everybody went over to the agreed side for "if you are in love, can you still cheat". Bc I strongly disagreed if you truly love someone you wouldnt hurt them. Bc if you cheat on them that means it's not true love.
Tilly Came
Tilly Came - 12 days ago
“i have forgiven myself 100%” ughhhh you have nothing to forgive yourself’s the other person you hurt
Lexi Murphy
Lexi Murphy - 10 days ago
you’re so right
Tilly Came
Tilly Came - 12 days ago
the girl who said “just cause i made a mistake doesn’t mean it should haunt me for the rest my life”
this haunts people who get cheated on cause they can find it EXTREMELY hard to have trust in future relationships
Avery Tucker
Avery Tucker - 8 days ago
Y’all just have superiority complexes. No one deserves to suffer and that includes the person that cheated. You’re really going to sit their and say you never felt bad for hurting someone? It doesn’t out weigh the pain you caused but constantly living in the shadow of the person you were can get old. People are capable of change and they shouldn’t have to suffer forever.
sabú - 12 days ago
Jaz, of course I would not trust you after you cheated on me....
Rajendrani Bagchi
Rajendrani Bagchi - 12 days ago
Just make sure whether you're monogamous or not, and communicate it with your potential partners. It would save SO much mess.
Aaliyah Sutton
Aaliyah Sutton - 12 days ago
now who's video idea was this
Hannah Estrada
Hannah Estrada - 13 days ago
“ they have no faith or trust in me” YOU CHEATED I- trust doesn’t grow over night
Aaron Lozano
Aaron Lozano - 13 days ago
They are all disgusting, especially the one with pink hair.
Ksuby - 13 days ago
Just a lot of immaturity and narcissism here. If you’re relationship is toxic , then you leave or speak up if you can and try and leave. Outside of domestic abuse etc which I would understand that , just cause your relationship is going rough doesn’t mean you cheat ... lol. I hope this mentality isnt used in other areas of your life such as your career.
Raeez Liberty
Raeez Liberty - 13 days ago
definitely an air if narcissism floating around..
William Smits
William Smits - 13 days ago
I've never cheated, but it's not because I never wanted to. It's because I am unable to. For one I am a terrible liar and also because how would I proposition a mistress? I imagine girls will say: "You loser! Get your life in order and break up before jumping into bed with me!"
beckyishere 01
beckyishere 01 - 13 days ago
i hate this sm. SO many things wrong with their answers
sam hu
sam hu - 13 days ago
If youre cheating on someone because theyre toxic YOURE THE TOXIC ONE LOL
Seo Rin
Seo Rin - 14 days ago
I would never forgive my partner if he would cheat on me. You can‘t cheat on someone you „love“. If you would truly love, you would never do something that might hurt him or her.
Eve Gould
Eve Gould - 14 days ago
cheating is NEVER OKAY if you truely liked or loved your partner you would never cheat. if you don’t wanna be in the relationship then break up with them. DONT CHEAT ON THEM.. it makes it 10x worse. why would you commit to a relationship when you CANT. get out of the relationship DONT CHEAT.
Meh CandiApple
Meh CandiApple - 14 days ago
Do they not know that their is something called
Jules Weng
Jules Weng - 15 days ago
Cheating and lying is disgusting
Itsyvhannah - 15 days ago
If you cheated once, yeah you can change, but once you’ve cheated multiple times you’re not gonna change
Rosalina Mayers
Rosalina Mayers - 3 days ago
Yeah. A few of them are not THAT bad but some like the pink haired girl is wack.
Olivia SHARKEY - 15 days ago
Fernando Montalvo
Fernando Montalvo - 15 days ago
I strongly dislike the energy and mentality of the majority of these people, I've cheated once in my last relationship and it took a few months of reflection and understanding why I did what I did to my ex to move on and learn from my mistake. Dont ever cheat
Rachel Kwon
Rachel Kwon - 15 days ago
I think all of the people in the comments are a bit too critical of these people. You have to consider the mental state of these people in the time that they cheated, as most of them do show repentance and regret. And it's very easy for you to say, "yeah but I would never do that even if I was depressed" or something, but since everyone's situation is different, you will never be in a position where you and one of these people have the exact same mindset.
And for everyone saying things about the toxic relationship the girl in the floral shirt was in, do you know how hard it is to extract yourself from a toxic relationship? It's more than "just call the police" "just break up with them." It's harder than that, and if you cannot acknowledge that, then leave the girl alone like damn.
Leah Love
Leah Love - 12 days ago
thank you
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams - 15 days ago
Yeah so this scares me
deddy chungus
deddy chungus - 15 days ago
I'm younger than these " adults " and im probably more mature then all of them combined.
cheating is not cool.
Lovely Cutie
Lovely Cutie - 15 days ago
Jubilee istg y’all must be on crack when writing these things. The amount of narcissism is nasty. 10:49 also why tf are you laughing-
Rosalina Mayers
Rosalina Mayers - 3 days ago
They did not write it. They just out them in the room to see what should happen.
controversial question
controversial question - 16 days ago
They all look like bums, none of them are cute...
Nad Ine
Nad Ine - 16 days ago
Ok but i don't like this
As a person who got cheated on 3 times and im just 16
i would never ever make Someone feel like that litteraly bruh💀
nœíh - 16 days ago
Imagine enjoying cheating...
Lady Vegan
Lady Vegan - 16 days ago
Makes me SICK of people like thay are.If you can't be with one person then don't,be with who ever you want but don't lie to someone you are with.Really disgusting,l am in a ldr and l am faithful 100000%,l can't understand this people.Poor man that is going to marry that girl with glasses
Blue Blooms
Blue Blooms - 16 days ago
I believe everyone deserves a chance to grow up and become a better person but you are repeating the same thing again and again you are not growing at all.
And cheating is something noone should be proud of .
I’m a Awkward Pigeon
I’m a Awkward Pigeon - 16 days ago
All of these people have their pants on fire
kay d
kay d - 16 days ago
take a makeup wipe to the pink haired girls face and then see how confident she is
Rhayne Smith
Rhayne Smith - 16 days ago
All of these people are MORONS
· ania yurchenko
· ania yurchenko - 17 days ago
if u really loved them u wouldn’t ever put them in the position of pain, these people seem hella selfish ew
Jasmine Pemberton
Jasmine Pemberton - 17 days ago
This video gives me bad anxiety, I hope I never date anyone with the mindset of some of these people 😬😬😬
AyanamiRei5kyu - 17 days ago
when i was younger i used to condemn cheaters as bad and evil and how could anyone but as i grew up i saw some cases where they generally weren't bad people but the circumstances were complicated... sometimes it IS hard to break off an unhappy relationship... i think in cases were someone is struggling with self worth (like the girl in the video), afraid of hurting their partner even though they fell out of love, or having responsibilities for a family it's still somewhat understandable for me.... for me those people are just weak or cowardly or selfish and although personally i couldn't bring myself to forgive them i wouldn't antagonize them too much.... however people who just fuck with others for fun and generally don't care or feel guilty can go to hell
Danny Lera
Danny Lera - 17 days ago
Notice that the majority are girls👀
Scarlett Arguelles
Scarlett Arguelles - 15 days ago
Danny Lera And?
unknown - 17 days ago
pink haired girl is so attractive im sorry
KawaMizu - 17 days ago
I would love to be in a casting, but I'm not living in the US ;_;
Willamina B
Willamina B - 17 days ago
I can't handle the guy and the pink hair girl, ah disgusting
Monse Gonzalez .
Monse Gonzalez . - 17 days ago
i cannot physically finish this video with these dumbass ppl.
Gabriela Almonte
Gabriela Almonte - 17 days ago
Pink haired girl got karma from cheating on those 3 relationships 😌✨
Hi - 18 days ago
Disgusting. The fact that some of them are proud...get out.
alaina jordyn
alaina jordyn - 18 days ago
they were hating on those who cheated on them.... yall hear yourselves right?
Skittlerin - 18 days ago
Blacsaint 0
Blacsaint 0 - 18 days ago
Why do u cheat on somebody, if u don’t love this person anymore BREAK UP. I would never date a cheater
o k
o k - 18 days ago
if I ever get cheated on I won’t even ask why BYE AND WHEN I SAY IT I MEAN IT
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