Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Play the Newlywed Game | Vogue

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farah - 29 minutes ago
Chinni Kanda
Chinni Kanda - 37 minutes ago
Wow that chair pull is sooo cute 😍😍
Jo A.
Jo A. - 39 minutes ago
Im jealous 😅
Alyssa Alcantara
Alyssa Alcantara - 41 minute ago
3:28 and stuff 😂😉 yup
SugarBaby 666
SugarBaby 666 - Hour ago
They're perfect omg
Just Saying
Just Saying - 2 hours ago
Ooh nice he got him a selena gomez: cougar edition. 😂💝
Saira Bano
Saira Bano - 2 hours ago
He has a mature attitude, and is she trying hard to maintain age factor thing???
Tima Mash
Tima Mash - 3 hours ago
When he pulled her chair. I knew it was over for me.
Sas Pritipal
Sas Pritipal - 4 hours ago
Green card questions
Meme Man
Meme Man - 4 hours ago
Nick jonas is sucking up so much
Meme Man
Meme Man - 4 hours ago
America will never ally with tseries Bollywood thots!
ree_ree 1001
ree_ree 1001 - 4 hours ago
That pull at the end 😍😍😍😂 so cute
Amanda C
Amanda C - 4 hours ago
this is too pure
Lou Dmrty
Lou Dmrty - 5 hours ago
They’re so cute omg!!
sapthami dj
sapthami dj - 5 hours ago
God I have never been this jealous
BeccadiFelton - 7 hours ago
Oh how I wish to be her
T Dodak
T Dodak - 7 hours ago
If you guys like trannies....thats whats going here....just like illusion.....
Ashoud Anobetah
Ashoud Anobetah - 8 hours ago
She showed him her roti
Destiny Good
Destiny Good - 9 hours ago
They both look so in love. Love them together
jayda huntley
jayda huntley - 10 hours ago
I’m so happy for them 💓💓
Dk Kd
Dk Kd - 10 hours ago
They look so in *Love* with each other😍♥
Piu Rahman
Piu Rahman - 10 hours ago
Omg omg omg 😍😍
Samiksha Gupta
Samiksha Gupta - 11 hours ago
So much cringe
sumit gupta
sumit gupta - 11 hours ago
Nick ..why are u so hot!! Perhaps u could be my partner
Adriana Bogue
Adriana Bogue - 12 hours ago
Where’d she get that dress
Siva Ranjeni
Siva Ranjeni - 12 hours ago
He is very handsome
Keren Koopman
Keren Koopman - 12 hours ago
They make such a cute couple love them together
Shakira Rivera
Shakira Rivera - 13 hours ago
He got on one knee when they first met omggg😭😭😭😭😭
Mokgadi Raboshakga
Mokgadi Raboshakga - 13 hours ago
shuuu. When he pulled her chair...
fathien amirul
fathien amirul - 13 hours ago
*pulls snack closer
jenifer castro
jenifer castro - 14 hours ago
El es puro rostro de felicidad cuando la mira...😍😍😍...que sean muy felices ❤❤
Harsimranpreet kaur
Harsimranpreet kaur - 14 hours ago
forced accent priyanka chopra
Youssra Elaakel
Youssra Elaakel - 14 hours ago
Omg they are so freaking cuuuuuteeeeeeeeee
Sávic - 15 hours ago
Priyanka is 36. Jonas 26 age is just a number
simiyon daniy
simiyon daniy - 15 hours ago
Why I'm watching this.....
Digital box Emma
Digital box Emma - 15 hours ago
When you realise Priyanka is a shagger 😂
Kylie Willson
Kylie Willson - 16 hours ago
My god...hes a dream😍
Jay Dee
Jay Dee - 16 hours ago
Aaliyah's Edits For Fun
Aaliyah's Edits For Fun - 17 hours ago
Priyanka: *represents the Bollywood half of my childhood*
Nick: *represents the Disney side of my childhood*
Corssover I never knew I needed. 😂But they look great together. It's so cute😍
Amazing Amyy
Amazing Amyy - 18 hours ago
I think I fell in love with Nick😭....are guys like these for real???
Zulaikha Toraby
Zulaikha Toraby - 18 hours ago
I'm so jealous of priyanka 😬
Danica D'costa
Danica D'costa - 18 hours ago
U look and are too old for him
Salma Akter
Salma Akter - 20 hours ago
Destiny.Hernandez - 21 hour ago
I think they might be one of my new favorite celeb couples lol😍
Yassi Roman
Yassi Roman - 22 hours ago
Luz Montenegro
Luz Montenegro - Day ago
Ow, they are so cute 💕
Gabrielle Macaspac
Gabrielle Macaspac - Day ago
they way he looks at her mksjskd
rauh kareem
rauh kareem - Day ago
The chair pull 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭f@&$
Jani O
Jani O - Day ago
I don’t like her. Idk what’s about her that I don’t like 🤷🏻‍♀️
HOO HOO Surprise eggs
very nice..perfect couple;-)
Pakhtoon Nangyaal
Pakhtoon Nangyaal - Day ago
The spoiled barfi lol sound like business catching English boy
Ghaidaa Moria
Ghaidaa Moria - Day ago
You both are the cutest couple I’ve eveer seen .. I hope both of U have a long life together full of happiness and love
taylor boo
taylor boo - Day ago
ok but 4:00 quite literally all i need in life.
NïR VÃnÁ - Day ago
He look and act more grow then her and he knows more details then her and when you look at them you don't have this idea that she's an older .... so perfect together... God bless them
Ps... When he pull the chairs .... Men 😍😍😍😍😍
She is Marvelous
She is Marvelous - Day ago
This is so refreshing after seeing that Kylie and Travis question game
Phyllis - 5 hours ago
xxx_me y
xxx_me y - 15 hours ago
Keet o
Keet o - Day ago
She is Marvelous I KNOW RIGHT
AmaddiesWorld - Day ago
I can't believe they are married!! She's a lot older than him but she looks amazing!!
Desdemona - Day ago
Dude he's the scam artiste. Look at her!
Fairuz Hawwa
Fairuz Hawwa - Day ago
How cute they are!❤
Queen Melanya
Queen Melanya - Day ago
Been watching this video lot of times😂
Queen Melanya
Queen Melanya - Day ago
Goodddd! Nick!😍
Both sweet and inlove ♥
Bea r
Bea r - Day ago
hes so in love
Chloe Upson
Chloe Upson - Day ago
No wedding ring Nick?
Chloe Upson
Chloe Upson - Day ago
Oh okay thanks
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Chloe Upson this was before they were married.
Monika Khokhar
Monika Khokhar - Day ago
Love love and love ♥️💋
Leo Gan
Leo Gan - Day ago
Queen Style
Queen Style - Day ago
The singer called Shania is there favourite but my name is Shania
Dev Nansi
Dev Nansi - Day ago
wow thats so cool. Thank you for sharing <3
Soukaina kb
Soukaina kb - Day ago
Oh how cute is that 😍😍😍 couples goals
Eno Ekaidem
Eno Ekaidem - Day ago
I’m totally in love with both of them 😍
Ashoud Anobetah
Ashoud Anobetah - Day ago
can she cook roti?
bbymomma jk
bbymomma jk - Day ago
this made me cry
Seth Branson
Seth Branson - Day ago
Who really believes this relationship?
Seth Branson
Seth Branson - Day ago
No hate to then. i love them both but c’mon. This seems a little Rehearsed or played out.
housna ben mouhoub
housna ben mouhoub - Day ago
no me
Marisol Celestial
Marisol Celestial - Day ago
Nick Jonas Just broke Every girls heart with that chair pull 😭 #HesOffTheMarket
Ms Wonderfulgem
Ms Wonderfulgem - Day ago
I hope Nick remembers that despite Priyanka's beauty, intelligence, wealth and fame, all she really needs is someone who understands her heart and culture. Wealth and fame can't buy love, respect, humility and trust.
This is a real and genuine thing going on not Kylie and Travis 21 questions lmao
I had a huge crush on Nick.. his gone 😂😭😩
SOUsou lasfar
SOUsou lasfar - Day ago
They are soooo cute !
Be1smaht - Day ago
Idk... if they will last
Lina Momani66
Lina Momani66 - Day ago
They are cute together 💜
shinera ramlakhan
shinera ramlakhan - Day ago
you can see she is still shy around him...that's cute
Pb Bhar
Pb Bhar - Day ago
papaapple93 - Day ago
Priyanka:” I think I’m going to lose” Nick:” I think you’re going to lose too!” Priyanka:” You’re a terrible person!”😂😂😂🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👏🏻👏🏻 Nick Jonas’ answer1:42🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Taswar Eshraq
Taswar Eshraq - Day ago
They are a perfect couple, just perfect!!
Yessi Liventia
Yessi Liventia - Day ago
urgh she so cute so smitten in love they both just cutely in love
#Gladz# The ilocana traveler
Their perfect each other’s they really love each other’s
G - Day ago
That chair pull thoughhhhh ⚡️
RukkyWM - Day ago
I love watching her
M_nisha _
M_nisha _ - Day ago
Oh man! The chair pull 😍how romantic he is !
Universal_ME - Day ago
Lucky girl
Preeti Tater
Preeti Tater - Day ago
Their writing was hilarious. I can't understand even a single word.
Meenah kakar
Meenah kakar - Day ago
Nick Jonas looks so young, but he is so mature. In this video priyanka looks so nervous around him and overdoing things, laughing for no reason, touching her hair too much, acting. All signs for being super nervous around him while he is so calm and, honest, much more mature and confident. I showed this video to some of my foreigner friends who don't know them. All said the guys is more mature and honest, what does he see in this girl.
abhishek das
abhishek das - Day ago
Asare Acheae
Asare Acheae - Day ago
the chair pull at the end, so cuteee!!!
MissB M
MissB M - Day ago
Renuka vadiyer
Renuka vadiyer - Day ago
So cute
Aryan Raheja
Aryan Raheja - Day ago
nick be smooth with that chair tho
Tweety 9
Tweety 9 - Day ago
That ending was so good 😍
pulling the chair.... Hummmmmm😍
Ham Bam
Ham Bam - Day ago
aaaw i really like them together
m-u-b-s Gaming
m-u-b-s Gaming - Day ago
They're so cute together
Benicia Pia
Benicia Pia - Day ago
I love you
Meenakshi Singh
Meenakshi Singh - Day ago
Such a cute couple ❤️❤️❤️😘
Snigddha Phalke
Snigddha Phalke - Day ago
Can someone Pls tell me all of the questions that were asked? I'm a bit new to this accent and I didn't get a few words.. 🙂
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