Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Play the Newlywed Game | Vogue

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nick ur so cute lvu
Oviya Ravindranath
Oviya Ravindranath - 10 hours ago
Nick is a perfect husband
Fortnit& Fifa
Fortnit& Fifa - 13 hours ago
Nick Jonas is the sea plane guy
thedancing petal
thedancing petal - Day ago
Pri's visual and laughter are so distracting. She is officially my girl crush.
Trisha Hira
Trisha Hira - Day ago
Their sooo cute together ♥️
Ayush pal
Ayush pal - Day ago
It's quite boring it's was like I watch a funny quarrels between husband and wife🙄😅
noxolo_n_ msibi
noxolo_n_ msibi - Day ago
When she's laughing gosh 😍👌🏽
Parul Bhayani
Parul Bhayani - 2 days ago HOT🤩!Nickissweet!knwAmericansandIndians💙him!But-guyslookatSidharth!OurIndianguys areprettyhottoo!Butfairplaytoprickfor goinginternationalandspreadingthelove!
susanne suanne
susanne suanne - 2 days ago
this chopra a male never ever is this a born female its a transgender one of the many thees days mocking on born females this liga is sick and evil ...
manoj Kumar
manoj Kumar - 2 days ago
Sophie Leo
Sophie Leo - 2 days ago
they should do sophie and joe
Mansi Sharma
Mansi Sharma - 2 days ago
Azokuhle Ndlela
Azokuhle Ndlela - 3 days ago
Nick's voice is just so matter of factly😂😂😂like he's always right in this relationship😂😂😂😂
Anyway does anyone notice that they failed the test dismally😂😂😂😂
Vyoma Patel
Vyoma Patel - 11 hours ago
But like in the cutest way...the fact he got the diva thing wrong cuz he wrote you're perfect or she said the best gift he gave her was his love. Like yeah they were "wrong" answers cuz they didn't match, but like were they really wrong though lol? I think they won this game and life lol. And PRI won hands down in this game and she hates losing so I'm happy for her lol
Meera Parmar
Meera Parmar - 4 days ago
Last moment ... aww... its cute ❣
Rania - 4 days ago
His voice 😍
Aurora Gamer 4
Aurora Gamer 4 - 4 days ago
Oh my dolls Nick Jonas
swathi nambiar
swathi nambiar - 5 days ago
Awwww they look soo good together
He is soooo romantic......
V̤̮AL - 5 days ago
Nick Jonas has such a beautiful voice!! I love the way he speaks!! He’s definitely in luv... a BOY WITH LUV💖
Sarah Grace Lemmons
Sarah Grace Lemmons - 5 days ago
Gemto Rori
Gemto Rori - 5 days ago
So cute bonding between mother and son 😌🤗🤗
Bryan Max
Bryan Max - 5 days ago
I feel like I am watching tommen and Maergery. Got fans will get this
John Wick
John Wick - 5 days ago
Hit the like button if you love both of them
jsschill05 - 6 days ago
The chair pulling in the end 😍😍
Zaineb Badri
Zaineb Badri - 6 days ago
Wow priyanka I love your handwriting
penny lane
penny lane - 7 days ago
I wanted a video like that with Haylor.. But... 😢
Satyesh singh Raghuvanshi
Don't mess with indian girl mr.jonas
Ripon Miah
Ripon Miah - 7 days ago
What a cow
satyanand pothula
satyanand pothula - 7 days ago
K-Pop Gomez
K-Pop Gomez - 7 days ago
Oh Nick is a machine he knows everything
C B - 8 days ago
He is so soft a shy innocent puppy hidden inside the closet..
Reagan McGehee
Reagan McGehee - 8 days ago
Katelyn Smith Schruder
Katelyn Smith Schruder - 8 days ago
Nick Jonas your Virgo is showing
Humasha Hasan2423
Humasha Hasan2423 - 8 days ago
Very funny......😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
tanzil tanzil
tanzil tanzil - 8 days ago
Woww how much nick loves priyanka shee is soo luck he knows everything he remeber wht she wore
Eben i didnt remeber wht i ate last night
Alyssa Ayee
Alyssa Ayee - 8 days ago
That chair pull 😢
Prabisha Mhrzn
Prabisha Mhrzn - 8 days ago
do more of their interviews 🙏 nick and priyanka ❣
azzahra amonra
azzahra amonra - 9 days ago
why are they so adorable🥰
Sarah Cagampang
Sarah Cagampang - 9 days ago
You really need to watch this after watching Travis amd Kylie's quiz. See the difference, huh?
Sheetal Kapse
Sheetal Kapse - 9 days ago
At 1:18 the way he told who is my celebrity crush other than u. 😍😍😍😍
DAMN YOU DAN - 9 days ago
Awwww the way he pulls her chair to him after :') 😍😍😍
Chelsea Gracia
Chelsea Gracia - 9 days ago
The chair pull I canttttt
INNITlingling - 9 days ago
my child self is hurt that my favourite jonas is married but i’m happy that he found the love of his life . 😔💖
mariogamefreak1 - 9 days ago
I don't like her
double rebel
double rebel - 9 days ago
sorry but they both look like brother/sister or a cougar marrying the stud..they dont look like a couple at all..mismatch
Sona Sharm
Sona Sharm - 9 days ago
Shez the real for all things pc
Samiksha Ganvir
Samiksha Ganvir - 10 days ago
I am depressed now
Making others feel 100000000000000000000000000000000000x times single is not ok
Romy331 - 10 days ago
Mother and song goals😍😍😍😍
Kadesh Hendricksen
Kadesh Hendricksen - 10 days ago
They seriously look like Mother and Son. ;D
Susmita Pakira
Susmita Pakira - 10 days ago
Age doesn't matter what does matters is only love
Divya Arora
Divya Arora - 10 days ago
m happy for priyanka...finally she finds...olwys her eyes r not dat happpy but after marriage she iz satisfied...i think so rest dnt know
Yhm I
Yhm I - 9 days ago
You are absolutely right. She was always happy but her eyes always yearned for true love. I am so happy she finally found it in nick.
Tracy ringdam Tholung ksen
Not my fans.... 🙈🙈🙈🙈
bharathi g
bharathi g - 11 days ago
Priyanka looks nervous. So she reacting over the line...
Melanie Ramirez
Melanie Ramirez - 11 days ago
Priyanka & Nick are so cute together their my favorite celebrity couple cuz he loves her so much and cares for her like how she loves and cares for him their just so cute 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Erika P.
Erika P. - 11 days ago
priyanka's hyena laugh tho lmaooo
Aarzoo Jain
Aarzoo Jain - 11 days ago
Earlier, I didn't approve of them. But now, since a couple of months, I just love this adorable man with this beautiful gal. What a couple!
Arden smith
Arden smith - 11 days ago
They are the cutest couple
Arden smith
Arden smith - 11 days ago
I love nick soooo much like if you love him too.
Pamela Matoto
Pamela Matoto - 11 days ago
I can't see the 10 year age gap bcs Nick is being a daddy
aimee aimee
aimee aimee - 12 days ago
They’re so perfect ❤️
Steve Colbert
Steve Colbert - 12 days ago
He's such a virgo lol
shizufreak - 12 days ago
When she says “I am really glad you guys became Jonas brothers” 😂😂😂
Una Powell
Una Powell - 12 days ago
They write so fast and neat handwriting
Ann Garbo
Ann Garbo - 12 days ago
Details on their first date 😭❤️
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel - 13 days ago
They look like friends
Not a couple who penetrates all night
Look at Kylie and Travis
Riya Kumari
Riya Kumari - 13 days ago
serosa loo
serosa loo - 13 days ago
Indeed They are soooo amazing
Tem_Tem Jr
Tem_Tem Jr - 13 days ago
Nick-Details babe❣️
obstinate person
obstinate person - 13 days ago
This video is full of Awww 💕💕moment.
Chivanie SEGARE
Chivanie SEGARE - 13 days ago
Nice couple !!! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Habeeby Habeebah
Habeeby Habeebah - 13 days ago
Happy 5 months anniversary NP
Loulita Lola
Loulita Lola - 13 days ago
The way he lookd at her😢😢😢
Loulita Lola
Loulita Lola - 13 days ago
He looks so mutture😍😍and i still watching animations dancing too baby shark dododo
Burcu Doğan
Burcu Doğan - 14 days ago
Çok tatlılar bence
Alyssa Mueller
Alyssa Mueller - 14 days ago
Not gonna lie I am with nick I hate being late to things not only if I missed things but get anxiety when people stare at me when I’m the only one who was late 😂😂
sᴛᴀʀ ᴅᴜsᴛ
sᴛᴀʀ ᴅᴜsᴛ - 14 days ago
They are so sweet
Kruti Tamboli
Kruti Tamboli - 14 days ago
Hope they continue to stay with each other forever and ever,lol💑
Ta - 14 days ago
So much love in Nick's eyes. Priyanka feels shy. So much love i can feel.
ns 77
ns 77 - 14 days ago
her laugh is soooo fake n annoying
sara neziri
sara neziri - 15 days ago
Tae’s BAE
Tae’s BAE - 15 days ago
They're so cute together. Everyone loved this couple IDK WTF is wrong with Indians? Always trolling her...
Tae’s BAE
Tae’s BAE - 9 days ago
+Elizabeth Liones oh trust me they do... I mean must of them do.
Elizabeth Liones
Elizabeth Liones - 9 days ago
Tae’s BAE What!? Indians troll her!!? No they don't!!
Lillian Atkins
Lillian Atkins - 15 days ago
i ship it
sayyidina maryam
sayyidina maryam - 15 days ago
They're so adorable ❤❤❤ the chair pull at the end omg every girl in whole world must be so jeolous
xxcherry x
xxcherry x - 15 days ago
Emily Amieva
Emily Amieva - 15 days ago
For some reason I ship nick and bebe rexha. Like if u agree
Hope Roiter
Hope Roiter - 15 days ago
Dude she seems amazing
addmy name
addmy name - 15 days ago
تالا وليد
تالا وليد - 15 days ago
I love how nick gets all the details in everything when I don’t remember what I wore yesterday
Can we appreciate Priyanka's handwriting??!
God's babygirl
God's babygirl - 15 days ago
I almost lose it when he moved her close to him argh that's sweet!
Hyatry Ryy
Hyatry Ryy - 15 days ago
Omagaa... He is so sweeett 😍😍
bashir basha
bashir basha - 16 days ago
Mom and her son
Shaghayegh Dabbaghian
Shaghayegh Dabbaghian - 16 days ago
JUST THE END!!!!!! 😭 😍😍
Bailey Thomas
Bailey Thomas - 16 days ago
chintu sai
chintu sai - 16 days ago
0:12 keep pause and thank me
_oofkendra .1169_
_oofkendra .1169_ - 16 days ago
*the thumbnail was so frickin cute*

Rini D Lestari
Rini D Lestari - 16 days ago
Details babe! Awwww where can i get my own nick jonas?
Casey Hardy
Casey Hardy - 16 days ago
I love Priyanka
Anonymous Person01
Anonymous Person01 - 16 days ago
Honestly goals
Zoe Branson
Zoe Branson - 16 days ago
Their cute but I found out she’s 32 he’s 22 so....not judging their cute but....
loveislife - 16 days ago
Im blushing when at the end, Nick pulled her chair closer to him 😍😍😍
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