The BEST Ways to Style Graphic Tees! (Style 3 Way)

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Clevver Style
Clevver Style - Month ago
What's your favorite way to style graphic tees?! Give us some tips!
Isabella D'souza
Isabella D'souza - Month ago
Oversized and tied in the middle or the side
The Esilio
The Esilio - Month ago
Oversized slightly and tie in the middle with high waisted jeans or higher rise jeans with flip flops
Melz - Month ago
A good blazer is always a good idea with a graphic tee. If done right... ✔💯
ya bord ya boring
ya bord ya boring - Month ago
Krystle Fangirl
Krystle Fangirl - Month ago
tucking them into some cute mom type jeans or a mini skirt
mjBreezy - 6 days ago
They should attempt 3 different ways to style sneakers 👟 !!!
Ariel Ross
Ariel Ross - 17 days ago
I love me some Madeline (sp? Sorry girl!) her style is definitely different from the other girls & I love to see it!
Aspacia 4
Aspacia 4 - 19 days ago
I always forget that Sinead is a mom, but she honestly rocks it. She’s such a good mom, and beautiful person.
Abbey - 23 days ago
madelines second outfit was a big ole question mark to me hahahah the knee high boots with the thrifted look. the look said "mild grunge" and the boots just Did Not
corona - 28 days ago
Love Erin's skirt
Alyssa Dittbrender
Alyssa Dittbrender - Month ago
why are all of you guys always so hot.
Kristy Wolosonowich
Kristy Wolosonowich - Month ago
Yay Sinead! #1992
Whatever Goes
Whatever Goes - Month ago
Trash Model should be a New concept lol
Kierstin Burke
Kierstin Burke - Month ago
does anyone know where the leather skirt that erin tried on with her first outfit is from
Anna Kelley
Anna Kelley - Month ago
Where are Erin's bell bottoms from?????
Andrea Villar
Andrea Villar - Month ago
Where are Sinead's black boots from?
coffeegirl18 - Month ago
I wore 70s style jeans and band tees for most of high school. Also had Erin pegged as an Aries especially having her bright red hair. 🙂 My dad's an Aries too.
Siobhan T
Siobhan T - Month ago
Year 3000 is not the Jonas brothers song! I know they covered it but it was no where near as good as the original!! Love the Harley top though!!
Zyaria.Atalya - Month ago
Yll have given me so many ideas 😭😭😭😭🖤
Maggie Keller
Maggie Keller - Month ago
you should redo swimsuits again, i heard american eagle has WACK sizes
Isabella D'souza
Isabella D'souza - Month ago
Clevver style I literally love you. I can't get enough. You're so hilarious and awesome. You all are very pretty. I just found one of your videos one day and I'm so glad I did. Never stop doing. You guys are the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍 👁️❤️ u!!!!!!!!
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia - Month ago
You guys should do a capsule wardrobe episode where you style a weeks worth of outfits for 2 or 3 people from one capsule wardrobe.
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia - Month ago
Why are clothes so expensive now? I used to get a ton of cropped tanks and shirts at a t-shirt store by my mom’s work when I was in high school. The most I ever spent on a single top was $4.
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia - Month ago
I’m so mad that these baby doll cropped graphic style tees are coming back around. I had so many of them in the ‘90s that I got rid of when they went out of style. I should’ve taken notes from my mom, who saved all her clothes from the ‘60s and ‘70s and gave them to me when those styles came back around in the ‘90s. I was the only kid in junior high wearing corduroy, bell bottoms, plaid shirts and jean jackets from the actual ‘60s and ‘70s.
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia - Month ago
Erin, aren’t you an ‘80s kid? How did you not know who Def Leppard is? I’m pretty sure everyone knows them from their stripper anthem “pour some sugar on me”.
Gabriella Taylor
Gabriella Taylor - Month ago
You need a plus size girl in this mix 🙈🤣 but I love these girls ♡
SIG - 24 days ago
i agree that there should be a better range in the body type department, but i also wouldn’t want to be the “plus size girl for the clevver videos”
DaniRossi - Month ago
Madeline looks like Elizabeth Hurley!!!
Rosita Hueg
Rosita Hueg - Month ago
Where is Sineads boots from???
Madison Burgos
Madison Burgos - Month ago
Just as she said my dog decided to have an emotional breakdown, I looked at my dog and half of him is under a chair and he fell asleep.
liandri vlogs
liandri vlogs - Month ago
I've watched every single video that you have please make môre🥰🥰😍😍💯💯
Tina Toivanen
Tina Toivanen - Month ago
I want the Aries t-shirt 😍♈
Guðrún Margrét Jóhannesdóttir
WAIT WHAT. I would've never for a minute thought Erin was older than 25. DANG girl. You look GREAT and you have such an energetic young soul! I am 1992 myself and I had to replay the part where you called her young. OH man I do NOT feel young but girl. You are goals. You girls all look amazing bytheway and so much fun to watch! Love how you find outfits anyone could find in their own closet!
Anne Canright
Anne Canright - Month ago
When Sinead talked about playing soccer, coaching soccer, reffing soccer, I just fell in love with her a little bit more! (I am opposite: coach potato with joint hypermobility so I can't do any sports)
gee ma
gee ma - Month ago
1:43 i had to watch this like 5 times bc those don't look like denim lol
D Lynn
D Lynn - Month ago
How tall is Sinead? I'm short and nervous about wearing a thigh high boots. I think she does it so well.
Hailey Bangert
Hailey Bangert - Month ago
Madeline literally wore the same outfit 3 times
Anna Persaud
Anna Persaud - Month ago
Sinead has the best style and she looked amazing in everything
sandrino’ Rachel
sandrino’ Rachel - Month ago
Why can’t Americans pronounce adidas correctly.. It’s pronounced "AH-dee-dahs”
Laura König
Laura König - Month ago
I’m so in love with the Tlc shirt but forever 21 does not ship to germany 😭😭😭😭😭 Love it soooo much 💔
Leanne - Month ago
Try eBay
Alannah Bart
Alannah Bart - Month ago
Sinead: “What did we talk about?”
Proceeds to wear the denim jacket off her shoulders 13:00 🤔🤔
Shelby Combs
Shelby Combs - Month ago
Courtmillett94 - Month ago
Linzy_f - Month ago
My favorite part is the discussion about re-wearing your jeans and bras before washing 😂
teddy - Month ago
$30 for half a t shirt!!! Yeah no
Charley Schofield
Charley Schofield - Month ago
I'd love to see an episode about affordable heeled boots (short/thigh high/cute hiker style).
CounTessa - Month ago
If you're wearing an 80s/90s band t-shirt and you've never listened to that band look them up it'll change your life I swear to God nothing is better then 80s hair bands also if you think you know Glam and you've never listen to Cinderella or poison know nothing of Glam! 🤣 Lol jk jk but seriously look up 80s hair bands lol play it casually in front of your parents and record their reactions lol that could potentially be an epic tiktok lol I know if my seven-year-old did that I'd be like the fuc when did you get kewl LOL I'm just kidding my seven-year-old is awesome
CounTessa - Month ago
I'm going to see Def Leppard in concert and I'm f****** psyched 🤘😆 Def Leppard Motley Crue Joan Jett and poison Hell Yeah!!! 😝 furthermore I just got a poison shirt off thredup for $3.99 😁
Lucimar Flores
Lucimar Flores - Month ago
I'm not a fan of t-shirts, but they look cool when styled properly... not that I would be able to pull it off. LOL! As for the makeup in the shirt, use baby wipes. I once had a shirt with lipstick that would not come off for the longest time. I used baby wipes to clean it off without any issues. For ink, try milk. Tricks I've learned in life. Oh, and please wash your bras!
Amanda Marie
Amanda Marie - Month ago
Where is the white leather skirt from?!?!♥️
JillyByNature - Month ago
Erin's rocking bell-bottoms. Shinead says "it's cute. it's you. It's southern, which you are." ✌️Ha. Yup. She is. Love ya Erin, I'm southern too. Welp, Midwest, but when I visit my southern fam, my drawl comes out.
Love these styled 3 ways videos. ✌️
Khyra Garrard
Khyra Garrard - Month ago
Irk if they done crop tops yet but I think crop tops would be a hood idea 😂
Gio Ruiz
Gio Ruiz - Month ago
@15:25 💀💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭
Nevaeh Martin
Nevaeh Martin - Month ago
I love you clever style and all of your outfits ❤
Hailsheartattak - Month ago
Still jams to the year 3000 tho still a boop
Tiffany Castro
Tiffany Castro - Month ago
Sinead will forever do a half up half down
Julie Acevero
Julie Acevero - Month ago
You should pick 3 weird items for them to style a whole outfit with each. Kinda like a hell's kitchen vibe....but with clothes. 3 different body types, 3 weird items, i think it'd be a cool concept
Melz - Month ago
Sinead is sucha a mom haha 15:27 I love it!
I still wish you guys made good old cheat day, beauty break and beauty trippin' videos but I can see I'm being ignored so ok whatever. I'll be here watching cuz u love u always but I'm still sad and bitter. 💔
Sara farelo
Sara farelo - Month ago
Sinead is fake as hell on her reactions ahahaha, always with the arrogant tone of voice, it's ok, do you!
Kiji Hurd
Kiji Hurd - Month ago
Sinead is my fave ! Sinead, Loryn, and Drew should’ve did this! My fave trio
Kiji Hurd
Kiji Hurd - Month ago
Not a fan of the new girl just yet! She just irks me somehow! She reminds me of an annoying 15yr old TikToker
alanah robinson
alanah robinson - Month ago
She reminds me of like an Erin knock off. Both are pretty she just looks like Erin but a lil different
Abi Cookson
Abi Cookson - Month ago
I love when the editing does slow mos with appropriate music when someone gets burnt 😂
Aarushi Padhi
Aarushi Padhi - Month ago
I am 11
Cheryl Gerhardt
Cheryl Gerhardt - Month ago
Okkkk.. just the fact that Sinead reffed soccer 😍😍😍 #girlrefpower!
Abi Bryan
Abi Bryan - Month ago
In my opinion (not anything against any of them love them all!) I just very much dislike Madelines style, the other two girls I kinda click with with the style but her I just don’t, I still love her as a person but don’t love her clothing choices! She rocks them though, and I’m glad she’s confident
Jikookslover37 Suga
Jikookslover37 Suga - Month ago
I always wash my bra cause if i didn’t it would be gross
D A - Month ago
Please do ways to style chunky sweaters!!!🙂😁
420TaylorC - Month ago
Claire Adams
Claire Adams - Month ago
Madeline and Erin look like twins minus the hair. They also have a similar personality.
Bobbi Holmes
Bobbi Holmes - Month ago
Erins dress it up reminds me of the 80s edgy rocker mom in movies like Cher in Mask or the hot rocker chicks in 80s music videos! Love it!!!
Claire Adams
Claire Adams - Month ago
IM AN ARIES TOO! That makes me so happy!!! 😊
Tiffany Whitehead
Tiffany Whitehead - Month ago
Erin’s red boots!!! I need them in my life ❤️
Itzel Pacheco
Itzel Pacheco - Month ago
Ummm excuse me!!! Where can I find these bell bottoms Erin was wearing!?? I NEED them in my life!
Dilynne S.
Dilynne S. - Month ago
Madison won the first round,
Erin won the second, and I was gonna say Sinead won the third but I think Im'a go with Erin again. Also, I need to know where Erin got those pants. And were Madison got her boots.
Allyssa Danieli
Allyssa Danieli - Month ago
Dilynne S. her name is Madeline not Madison
courtney r
courtney r - Month ago
i’d like to see what you guys come up with styling outfits from a few different decades!
Lexi’s Groove
Lexi’s Groove - Month ago
Omg, do like a mini skirt, or maxi skirt, or knee high boots!!!
Samantha 19xx
Samantha 19xx - Month ago
I can’t get past the fact that Erin didn’t know who Def Leppard is 🤦🏼‍♀️
ohheyniki - Month ago
I love Erin and Madeline so much ❤️
Alison Murray
Alison Murray - Month ago
Love Clevver Style videos, but would really appreciate more captioning! I can't be the only person with poor hearing who loves watching you all!
Averie Krieg
Averie Krieg - Month ago
I loved Madeline's friends shirt I'm obsessed w friends!😂
waisam sergeant
waisam sergeant - Month ago
i love playing spot the over size yellow scrunchie
Erin gemini
Erin gemini - Month ago
Fashion Nova & Forever 21 are always having a clearance sale...however, so many of the clearance items are just plain "weird"..😜Could you do a video showing us how to style some of the weirder things?😊
Tara Lynn
Tara Lynn - Month ago
You guys should do boots! Like styling booties, knee-highs, and thigh-highs. Also cardigans might be cute for spring.
Mandy Rain
Mandy Rain - Month ago
$30 for a t-shirt... My left nut
Amy Hancock
Amy Hancock - Month ago
Maybe different style skirt such as midi, skater and mini skirt?
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