49ers vs. Chiefs | Super Bowl LIV Game Highlights

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Nike Trushkov
Nike Trushkov - 13 hours ago
Vivnobitch helped the Quiefs on 5 missed penalties.
Penalty #1: Hill (I think it was him) got tackled by Sherman and landed on a knee. That play should have ended but he kept on running.
Penalty #2: D- Line offside. A guy yeeted forward from the Quiefs D-Line and the penalty wasn’t called.
Penalty #3: Helmet to helmet on Jimmy Garapollo (possible concussion). Jimmy got rammed into the side of his head by a Quiefs player’s helmet.
Penalty #4: The out of bounds touchdown. The guy who scored was clearly out of bounds (his left foot was while the football wasn’t even in the end zone) when he “scored”. Who ever reviewed that play is blind.
Penalty #5: “Mahomes Magic”. On that “epic” play, Bosa was going in for the sack when he suddenly got held real badly not to far away from Billy Vivnobitch. What happened next? An “amazing play” thanks to terrible officiating.

Join this petition to fire Billy Vivnobitch and show the world that he is the cheater behind the Quiefs tainted victory
SugaristSnake0 - 14 hours ago
Honestly I think Damien Williams deserves the mvp
One Love
One Love - 14 hours ago
Troy Aikman continues to draw attention to the fact that Richard Sherman was caught in one on one coverage....he kept saying it over and over - alerting KC I'm sure.....hahahaha.
Steve's Place
Steve's Place - Day ago
"...And here"s a pass from 15 to number 87." "Jim, I thought that was just a fine play."
joe buck
Pegasus2007 Sagitario2007
Imagine chocking a 20-10 lead
Ron Dolan
Ron Dolan - 2 days ago
What really embarrassing to the 49ners a hand full of people showed up to welcome the 49ners home after the superbowl. You win were their you loose screw you
Travis Cooper
Travis Cooper - 2 days ago
Patriots vs Buccaneers next Super bowl
ur dad
ur dad - 2 days ago
4:02 nah fam my life isn’t worth a dollar or two you can go right ahead sir.
*how to live without football???*
Marion Lindsey
Marion Lindsey - 3 days ago
By far the most hurtful game as a 49ers fan in the last 30 years.
madden gamer
madden gamer - 3 days ago
I would never forget this game as a young chiefs fan
DA REAL BLACK MEL - 3 days ago
Somebody qb got exposed😭
Alpha 01
Alpha 01 - 3 days ago
Sorry, just had to watch 4th quarter to remind myself how the 49ers blew their lead again. Boy, was this a f***ing awesome Super Bowl to witness!!
Nike Trushkov
Nike Trushkov - Day ago
Kudos to Bill Vivnovich for helping the Quiefs finally win something lol
jimmy g proves he isnt THE guy and never will be
Josue Fragachan
Josue Fragachan - 3 days ago
Young James
Young James - 3 days ago
I am so so happy we re-signed Damien Williams. with such a pass strong team it's hard to see how good he really could be as a runner. He's perfect for this team next year.
Young James
Young James - 3 days ago
Every player was so instrumental to that victory.
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy - 4 days ago
Besides not being a QB. How on Earth was Damien Williams not Super Bowl MVP? No problem with Mahomes as a player, but the MVP should have gone to Damien Williams. What game were the people who voted for the SB MVP were watching?!?!... It gives me memories of SB 28 when Emmitt Smith was voted SB MVP over James Washington who should have Won the SB MVP as well as Damien Williams.
anthony johnson
anthony johnson - 4 days ago
All touchdowns were scored in the 49ers Endzone.
Liquid Snowy
Liquid Snowy - 4 days ago
If Jimmy G doesn’t miss that wide open throw late 49ers probably win. Brady would have hit that just saying lol
*whatch this ❤️❤️❤️❤️*
1:43 🎥🔥
Kristof Thibaud
Kristof Thibaud - 4 days ago
49ers SUCK
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith - Day ago
Leo Aguilar
Leo Aguilar - 5 days ago
Refs these days smh the games are decided before they even begin mahomes didn’t even deserve mvp shoulda been Williams but who even knows Williams everyone knows mahomes right?
Danny Staab
Danny Staab - 2 days ago
Whaaaaaaa.... be a man about the game and stop making excuses ya big baby.
nkftra hgkob
nkftra hgkob - 5 days ago
I dont see why all the reward for jimmy G. Hes no longer that true of a quarterback. 27 touchdowns and thirteen interceptions this season using a sturdy going for walks sport and protection into the magnificent bowl. Fact jimmy is a down graded Alex smith.
Mia Henderson
Mia Henderson - 5 days ago
Beyond praise🎈
Mia Henderson
Mia Henderson - 5 days ago
You're good at☀app👻
ZhangtheGreat - 5 days ago
This game's not on Jimmy G. I get that had he made that long throw in the end, we'd probably be telling a different story, but this supposedly amazing 49ers defense gave up TWENTY-ONE POINTS in the final half-quarter! I don't care if it's Mahomes on the other side; you can't call yourself a great defense when you surrender THREE TOUCHDOWNS in the final half quarter of the Super Bowl!
Kevin Cruz
Kevin Cruz - 6 days ago
As a Seahawks fan I’m glad the 49ers lost. I remember back in Super Bowl 49 after we lost, 49er fans started talking a lot of crap about us. No we get to talk crap about the 49whiners. How the tables have turned
Lil Home State
Lil Home State - 6 days ago
The first and only thing that happened this year that was fun and positive before the Coronavirus destroyed 2020 and the future to come
So . . . . . . . Never Forget This Superbowl
Rob Shearz
Rob Shearz - 6 days ago
The only reason kc won is because patrick mahomes is white
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman - 7 days ago
Like = Chiefs
Reply = 49ers

sorry Im a 49ers fan, but you guys deserve the SB win. we are full of SB wins. anyways gg
Sherri Cooper
Sherri Cooper - 7 days ago
I am mad that the 49ers lost
kcrich13 - 8 days ago
Tyreek Hill: Man we always gotta fall behind in the game........
Mahomes: Hey we always come back and win don't we?
Jason Peters
Jason Peters - 8 days ago
Mahomes can win at least 3 more SB rings. Keep putting up same numbers over next decade? Hes gonna be GOAT. Even if he has less rings than Brady.
It is SOOOO HARD tho. Win SB Titles.
If I had to guess? Chiefs key players can stay healthy?
3 more rings in nxt 6 years.
Jason Peters
Jason Peters - 8 days ago
Chiefs/Mahomes maybe played 3 good Qtrs out of 12 postseason Qtrs. Were down a combined 44pts in 3 postseason games.
Chiefs won SB LIV.
Seahawks Touchdown!
Seahawks Touchdown! - 8 days ago
All them 49er fans quiet now.😂😂
J - 8 days ago
Robbie G
Robbie G - 8 days ago
9ers just trash not gonna win with this core ever Seahawks division all the way
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez - 8 days ago
To. Yu. Sorry ass. Winers. Your. Not. Good. Enough losers and
Gamegal - 8 days ago
Well at least we got in to the super bowl
Jordan Adkins
Jordan Adkins - 8 days ago
Want to make a click-bait video? "The 49ers would be Super Bowl LIV champs if Colin Kaepernick headlined the attack". And enjoy :)
WhyAreYouReadingThis SeriouslyStopReadingThis
What I dont get is how would they know which animated player to put up when they score a touchdown... i highly doubt they have a board with all players on it. LOL... scripted? 🤔
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson - 9 days ago
No sports on tv right now because of this corona virus. Damn this seem like it was a longtime ago. Its good to see some of this action. I’m glad they finished the season before This corona virus. They would of ended the season before super bowl and named them co-champions like they did with basketball here in montana
Jason and Andrew Yun
Jason and Andrew Yun - 9 days ago
I saw the super bowl on my tv why did the 49s lost :(.
Reginald Boyd
Reginald Boyd - 8 days ago
Kyle Shanahan, buddy. Trust me, I know
Skyflakes101 - 9 days ago
I still can't believe the seahawks didn't run the ball
Desman Ford
Desman Ford - 9 days ago
Who’s here during quarantine?
Get Woke
Get Woke - 9 days ago
Sherman Sherman Sherman.... Smh
R0gelio Perez
R0gelio Perez - 10 days ago
Breakglass Dawkins
Breakglass Dawkins - 9 days ago
Your not white. You should be used to being let down
Garrett Peitz
Garrett Peitz - 10 days ago
JTBYM - 10 days ago
Every time Joe Buck and Troy Aikman call a Superbowl, Kyle Shanahan chokes.
Breakglass Dawkins
Breakglass Dawkins - 10 days ago
Kyle Shannon chokes everytime he is in the Superbowl. Buck just happens to be there
Tob Cologne
Tob Cologne - 10 days ago
No Matter what will happen in the next 56 Super Bowls, never forget that The Seahawks thew it ok the one yard line 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jessica Holmes
Jessica Holmes - 10 days ago
Man: Did I miss something?
Steve Curry: Yeah, apparently cash back with Rakuten
Paul Von Hoffer
Paul Von Hoffer - 10 days ago
Emmanuel sanders
Emmanuel sanders - 11 days ago
I don't get how the 49eaes can score more than 40 points on the saints but can't score more than 20 points on the chiefs,the saints defense is statistacally better
Breakglass Dawkins
Breakglass Dawkins - 9 days ago
Saints lost to Minnesota at home. That should answer everything
ilybabe1112 - 11 days ago
Tyrian Matthieu made a lot of big tackles 49ers big yard plays prolly saved 3 tds
Breakglass Dawkins
Breakglass Dawkins - 9 days ago
Can't spell blacky
Mark Cousins
Mark Cousins - 11 days ago
Richard Sherman on the that team .....
Raging Pacifist
Raging Pacifist - 11 days ago
Richard Sherman played the game of his life and it will be completely forgotten to time lol. Should've won.
Garrett Peitz
Garrett Peitz - 10 days ago
Game of his life? Sherman looked like he was practicing social distancing with kcs receivers
Haile Bekele
Haile Bekele - 11 days ago
Reuben Foster carma. Niners will never win SB with Lynch & Shannhan in charge.
Brian Peters
Brian Peters - 11 days ago
I_green_like_Kobe_like_gigi Shadow
Lest go
Drew Burris
Drew Burris - 12 days ago
11:48 pretty much describes Sherman's night
A1D3N98 - 12 days ago
Just A Reminder Kansas City Won The Super Bowl #KCnative
Ray Bohannon’
Ray Bohannon’ - 12 days ago
Grant Blade
Grant Blade - 12 days ago
My team won the game
M B - 12 days ago
So funny to see that washed up loud mouthed prima donna Richard Sherman get torched like a burnt smore by Hill and Watkins LOL.
Nik Tall
Nik Tall - 12 days ago
Rigged AF
Chris Morfas
Chris Morfas - 12 days ago
Call me old school, but the interception celebration at 9:05 strikes me as too much, too soon.
29FALCONS 22NINERS - 12 days ago
20-10 lol
Matthew Pease
Matthew Pease - 11 days ago
Whats the issue? Does anyone think a 10 point lead against Mahomes is insurmountable? I dont'.
Javier Bonilla
Javier Bonilla - 12 days ago
Anybody here because they’re on Covid lockdown?
Javier Bonilla
Javier Bonilla - 9 days ago
Breakglass Dawkins oh yeah, Because they give me money depending on how many I get....
Breakglass Dawkins
Breakglass Dawkins - 9 days ago
Fishing for likes
Tuggle - 12 days ago
Javier Bonilla here
Myoshi Brown
Myoshi Brown - 12 days ago
Hey I’m sorry to miss this
Myoshi Brown
Myoshi Brown - 12 days ago
Ryan Blanche
Ryan Blanche - 12 days ago
*WARNING. Possible Unpopular Opinion Here* :
While I’m very happy for the Chiefs, and believe they’ll contend for the next several years, I sadly can’t say the same for the 49ers.
The NFC constantly changes each year. It’s very, very difficult to win.
We’ve seen many NFC teams that even won the Super Bowl at one point not make appearances for years (Buccaneers, Saints, Packers, Seahawks, especially after that devastating SB XLIX loss). And ones that have lost haven’t fared so well in contending again either (Panthers, Cardinals, Falcons, Rams, Bears).
Despite their talent, I wouldn’t bet on them returning anytime soon.
Matthew Pease
Matthew Pease - 9 days ago
@Breakglass Dawkins You mean "IT has nothing...." Call people dumb and can't even articulate a sentence.
Matthew Pease
Matthew Pease - 11 days ago
You're probably right, though minus Emanuel Sanders and Deforest Buckner, 49ers have kept their same team with the 13th and 31st pick in the draft. I'd say the 49ers are good enough for 9-7 or 10-6.
Dangerous Tiger
Dangerous Tiger - 12 days ago
49ers We Have Best Cb Rushers and defense and te

Patrick Mahomes: I Have State Farm
dkchen - 12 days ago
Dude 49ers choked
YEAHUH WYM - 13 days ago
Damian Williams very underrated look at the tape the 1s helped
*whatch this ❤️❤️❤️❤️*
0:59 💘🔥🔥
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥
mitchell cox
mitchell cox - 13 days ago
Please replace joe buck and Aikman. Terrible at broadcasters.
Germitch Mercier
Germitch Mercier - 13 days ago
Good job Patrick Mahomes you deserve this super bowl trophy 👏👏👏👏
Chisom Ibeneche
Chisom Ibeneche - 13 days ago
What until I get in to NFL just give me all of the fines I will pay them.
Raiders #1
Raiders #1 - 13 days ago
Lol what is it with the NFC west choking in the superbowl...
First the Seahawks then the rams then the niners
The cardinals..... nun
Raiders #1
Raiders #1 - 10 days ago
Oh yea my bad forgot bout that but is it just something wit the NFC?
Garrett Peitz
Garrett Peitz - 10 days ago
Actually the Cardinals did it first in sb43
Lanzo Lanzo
Lanzo Lanzo - 13 days ago
Defense wins SB huh 😂😂😂😂😂
The Real JayNice
The Real JayNice - 14 days ago
I hate y’all CHIEFS FANS y’all still suck 😂😂😂
Garrett Peitz
Garrett Peitz - 10 days ago
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