The Best Steak Quesadilla | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

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WorkoutCoach - Day ago
Gonna try tasty guys this weekend!
Mokhtar Ahmed
Mokhtar Ahmed - 3 days ago
You calling it astro dosen't make it stop barking
Kristi_The Fam
Kristi_The Fam - 8 days ago
Omg, I think my heart just exploded at how delicious this looks!!
Sam, you are my sexy hero! 💖 I cannot wait to make this!!
Kevin McCracken
Kevin McCracken - 12 days ago
I love when an occasional “fuck” comes through like at 19:23 😂😂😂
BigALBBQ - 13 days ago
Not Not Quesadilla's.
D Money
D Money - 25 days ago
I use those same tortillas and they are the bomb! Wish they made a burrito size (12").
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez - 26 days ago
Definitely making this this week
Anthony C
Anthony C - 26 days ago
Medium rare is one thing, this dude flat out just leaves things damn near raw.
Alberto Gonzalez
Alberto Gonzalez - 29 days ago
I think I speak for all Mexicans when I say this, you should go to prison for putting mashed potatoes in a quesadilla
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - Month ago
Blue cheese is disgusting and had the aftertaste of garbage.
Pernell Brodie
Pernell Brodie - Month ago
“The kids drank all the beer.”
Shubham kumar Sharma
Shubham kumar Sharma - Month ago
Ballistic barbeque vs sam the food guy
The fight of epic burgers
C'mon lets us have a great show sam
John Comita Jr.
John Comita Jr. - Month ago
I hate you, you made me spend $3500.00 on an EVO!😁 Seriously, you are by far the best cook on YouTube, love the humor and the swearing.
Paul Con
Paul Con - Month ago
Hey Sam or anyone, I have the hardest time cooking a TENDER skirt steak...even after tenderizing with a T mallot. Any advice!
Vortex Jukey
Vortex Jukey - Month ago
Tip for mashed patatoes add nutmeg pls try it
Ge P
Ge P - Month ago
Great idea, loved all the cooking, but clearly Max needs some music Ed, Living on a Prayer is a s song by Bon Jovi, not Journey FYI 😬, love you channel, love all you do! 😉👍🏻
SlideRSB - Month ago
Too bad you took those beautiful medium rare strips of steak and cooked them to death to make it well done. Disappointing.
Jev Lin
Jev Lin - Month ago
Stop using the best on your title
Pedro Martin Del Campo
Pedro Martin Del Campo - 2 months ago
He cursed! oh no!
Joe GI
Joe GI - 2 months ago
parsley in your mash?, ewwwwww
G7UKH - 2 months ago
In my world that burn is called an "Aga bite"
M P - 2 months ago
Those raw tortillas are crap. Make your own next time.
Gary George
Gary George - 2 months ago
Zolartan - 2 months ago
130 THATS OVER DONE! 129 MAX! *looks at Max!*
Mimi Ley
Mimi Ley - 2 months ago
“Look at my onions”
Vertisce - 2 months ago
I love cooked onions but damn...would you like some food with your onions?
Stephen Garcia
Stephen Garcia - 3 months ago
Sam if I'm using a skillet should I put oil on the steak itself and season, then put it on a bare skillet. (No oil or butter) or add some oil and butter to the skillet and then put in my steak with some seasoning, but not lubricated?
Stephen Garcia
Stephen Garcia - 3 months ago
I don't have a grill, so it's pretty much skillet and then into the oven.
Benito Garcia
Benito Garcia - 3 months ago
Journey? LIVING ON A PRAYER LOL. Sam school your son
Anthony Campagna
Anthony Campagna - 3 months ago
Every once in a while, that Canadian accent comes out.
Josh Hawkins
Josh Hawkins - 3 months ago
Sam the cooking guy: You'll be drooling by the end of this.
Me already drooling from the beginning clip of him flipping the quesadilla: this is a guy I want to quarantine with.
G -
G - - 3 months ago
Sam are you never considerate of other peoples taste buds?? Does your food have to be that good? Cmon man good job.
G -
G - - 3 months ago
Ahh fuck here we go again no food in the house.. and a steak quesadilla. OH what Id do for a steak quesodillaaaa
maa4747 - 3 months ago
HA HA! I love Astro's commentary.
jtbrownful - 3 months ago
you can also use the potato ricer to make Spaetzle
Kennyrosenyc - 3 months ago
Living On A Prayer is a Bon Jovi song, not Journey.
José Ortiz
José Ortiz - 3 months ago
That is way to red for me
Jim Walton
Jim Walton - 4 months ago
Fake! You said leftover steak and taters. I'm reporting this to the YouTube police
Jim Erickson
Jim Erickson - 4 months ago
I always have leftover steak. I've usually been toasting bread and just adding thin strips of it like a burger, which is great, but I'm going to make mashed potatoes right now for this. Then again tomorrow when they are leftovers
Venus Thompson
Venus Thompson - 4 months ago
im looking for the raw tortillas. what brand is that or can you link it?
MR J - 4 months ago
Please do a teriyaki steak dish
DonCicciPhotography - 4 months ago
Just by watching I'm gaining weight....
ahhhhh what the hell... =)
I've it smells good, Gotta taste it!!!
farva37 - 4 months ago
I too, do not want to be a douche.... 😂🤣
SAM THE COOKING GUY - 4 months ago
And so it is written. 🤓
Adam Stitt
Adam Stitt - 4 months ago
Hit us with some sam biscuits n gravy...maybe some corned beef hash..put holindaze on it..who gives a
Adam Stitt
Adam Stitt - 4 months ago
Cream cheese in mashed taters is godlike.. fyi
scobb606 - 4 months ago
Who the hell has leftover steak??
superposh93 - 4 months ago
hahah those nipple rings are still fresh,,, "i dont have nipple rings" .....
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson - 4 months ago
Doesn’t Bon Jovi sing Livin on a prayer? Lol!
Javier Soto
Javier Soto - 4 months ago
That steak is still moving
Austin Dixon
Austin Dixon - 4 months ago
That knife is like the godfather of all kniives. I want one
Kyle - 4 months ago
So jealous of that evo grill....
Deborah’s Glad Tidings
Deborah’s Glad Tidings - 5 months ago
I like the way you worked over the leftovers
John Johnson
John Johnson - 5 months ago
Sam your a great cook but your steaks be raw asf dawg
Ted McCauley
Ted McCauley - 5 months ago
Potato ricers have been around forever, good way to make 5 potatoes look like 10 potatoes.
Alex Kerstetter
Alex Kerstetter - 5 months ago
Why use avacado oil instead of Olive oil? Jw
Euphorix - 5 months ago
3:46 Sam, im about medium high too.
Killval - 5 months ago
Bon Jovi, not Journey!
Laughing Wizzy
Laughing Wizzy - 6 months ago
Tim Chauvin
Tim Chauvin - 6 months ago
Bon Jovi actually sings Living on a prayer.
A C - 6 months ago
Sam you should wrap this like a crunchwrap and deep fry it
Gus MacDonald
Gus MacDonald - 6 months ago
You go about cooking in the best possible way. Fucken love your work.
Ross Lucas
Ross Lucas - 6 months ago
Hey Sam, Love the channel, when you were talking about things to add to the mash potatoes I was very shocked you never mentioned green onions.... Little bit of respect lost for ya now hahaha, never have enough scallions 👍
Ryan Nazario
Ryan Nazario - 6 months ago
Sincerely make astro part of the merch
Threat Dynamics
Threat Dynamics - 6 months ago
Now this looks good!
Frito - 6 months ago
What's this "leftover steak" you speak of?
obliviousmetal321 - 6 months ago
This should be a menu item at Not Not Tacos
Sanchez Gomez
Sanchez Gomez - 6 months ago
It is Bon Jovi, you nipple ringed twat!!
Yvette McPhee
Yvette McPhee - 6 months ago
Sam, what is the temperature of the Evo that you cooked the ribeye on? I meant what was the temperature of the grill you cooked the ribeye on? Yvette M.🙂
mountain Top
mountain Top - 6 months ago
Why is that meat so damn bloody looking no thank you
Nick Nicholas
Nick Nicholas - 7 months ago
Did Louis pass away?.
Yolanda Cordero
Yolanda Cordero - 7 months ago
Hey 👋 there Sam. Love ❤️ all your cooking 🥘 ideas 💡. When my mom used make mashed potatoes 🥔 she added chopped up hard boiled eggs 🥚 and mayo. Along with the ingredients you used. You should try it
420 YEET
420 YEET - 7 months ago
0:13 - reminds me of a stoner. lmao.
Lisa Linehan
Lisa Linehan - 7 months ago
Hail, fire and brimstone!!! We need to start calling you "Asbestos Mouth" because you keep putting lava hot things in your mouth. HA!!HA!!HA!!!!!! You're awesome!! Keep up the great work. Absolutely love you!!!!
Itstomcatelite - 7 months ago
“And now I get a bite!” Sounded like you had been drinking a little earlier Hahahaha
schadowolf - 7 months ago
Great video! Never would have thought of the mashed potatoes but now I HAVE to try it!
Torok Zola
Torok Zola - 7 months ago
i like you
Figure Six
Figure Six - 7 months ago
Wait did dude say Journey sang living on a prayer? Thats Bon Jovi .. You are fired!!
John Eldridge
John Eldridge - 7 months ago
Living on a prayer by Journey! Sweet!!
Martin Rodriguez
Martin Rodriguez - 7 months ago
They they they they they.... what the word I'm looking for?
Derek Obert
Derek Obert - 8 months ago
Fat is gross
Austin Thomas
Austin Thomas - 8 months ago
The kids drank all the beer
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