The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star

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kim !
kim ! - 13 hours ago
well this didnt age well
Beomgyus WaEnG
Beomgyus WaEnG - 13 hours ago
R👻r👾r👹roll🧑🏾‍🎓up🕎to🥖the🚚party💽with🖥my💂🏼‍♂️crazy🤪pink💘wig🦔but🐁i👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨cant🙅‍♀️get🪔thru🔌the🔮door🚪because⚰️my⚙️bootys🍑to🔕big🟡1🔛%↘️is🙅‍♀️human 🔰9️⃣9️⃣⚠️is♿️plas-tic🖤just✒️a🇨🇾sec🧚🏻‍♂️I🕋gotta🛴fix🥣my🍣lips👄these🍔hoes🍭are🌏jealous🌜cuz🌝 their🌟manz🦈want🙈me🐮I🧤cant❌belive💭it🧚🏻‍♂️that💇🏽‍♀️girl👼🏼so🦋sexy🐤dude🐛are🙈you🙊crazy🐒i🐵think🙉thats😹a😼trannie😻what?😿check😺me😸out😽check✅me❗️out♻️check✅me❗️out❔check✅me🚳out♓️check⛎me🆚out🅱️check💮me⚓️out✈️check🚦me🤩out🙈check✨me🤩out🥺check♻️her😭out☢️dude😔u🤯can😐see📳it📌poppin💥out⛄️check✨me🤩out🥺check✨me🤩out🥺check✨me🤩out🥺
UnknøwnFurr - 14 hours ago
Hey shane im a minor but you probably like me because of that
Kosmetics Queen
Kosmetics Queen - 14 hours ago
Ryland acting like he lived there all those years 😂 like he can relate to Shane’s pain who actually bought the house and lived in it for years longer, did ALL his content and crying there.
Kosmetics Queen
Kosmetics Queen - 14 hours ago
Those first logos looked like the advertisements for scooby doo snacks.
Christopher Burbidge
Christopher Burbidge - 15 hours ago
It’s time for appropriate snippers to use their skills for appropriate means! That’s what I feel!
StxmyWaffles xD
StxmyWaffles xD - 18 hours ago
Honestly didn’t use to like Jeffree or Shane rlly :/ but this showed a lot about there business relationship and friendship like what business queens
raja from Zaki school
raja from Zaki school - 18 hours ago
Shane sucks wish gets jumped
Sequoia Alison
Sequoia Alison - 18 hours ago
We all hate him
Sequoia Alison
Sequoia Alison - 18 hours ago
Epic Marsh
Epic Marsh - 18 hours ago
I agree with you I'm going to come to his house and jumping and Jeffree Star
Hug_GoldenDoggos - 21 hour ago
Oh how sweet the turntables
tesla model x p100d
now, this is great-
peharda.a on IG
peharda.a on IG - Day ago
Umm well....this is akward.
Lucrezia Morganti
Lucrezia Morganti - Day ago
The beauty community should definitely be renamed as the “ugly community”.
Aaliyah Stark
Aaliyah Stark - 21 hour ago
The beauty community is actually decent. Please don’t associate an entire community with the 5 clowns that keep running around creating drama
Cryrp - Day ago
This has 20 million views for 20 million dollars
Megan Shepard
Megan Shepard - Day ago
Where did the rest of the series go!?
Kainoa Griffin
Kainoa Griffin - Day ago
UMG claimed all the music in this series cause his channel is demonitized
Adri Gonzales
Adri Gonzales - Day ago
Shane part 4 and 5 a copy right 😡
true jacky
true jacky - Day ago
Depression and Anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualize children, Shane you are disgusting and I hope your channel will get shut down ! I regret that I supported you
Horror Comics
Horror Comics - Day ago
I never knew who Shane Dawson was until I saw a Philip DeFranco show today. So I decided to come over and "jump right into it".
Ivan Ramos
Ivan Ramos - Day ago
racist bottom feeder
Reva Pink
Reva Pink - Day ago
I support u Shane I’m sorry this is happened I uploaded a video that I know you will never see and it’s just my thoughts on the situation I don’t love you in a weird way but I love you in a human way and I hope you’re OK
kelly - Day ago
anyways hi
kae marie
kae marie - Day ago
fuck Sony smh
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - Day ago
Why is absolutely no one talk8ng about the illuminati signs in this video that shane has been supporting.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - Day ago
@NoOT NoOt yeah, really weird
NoOT NoOt - Day ago
But that is really weird
NoOT NoOt - Day ago
Shane makes conspiracy’s about illuminati so why the hell would he be a part of it
Tonya Brummett
Tonya Brummett - Day ago
I live Shane Dawson and Jeffrey star
Sharon Binns
Sharon Binns - Day ago
I need one of these palettes xx
Avery Boudreau
Avery Boudreau - 2 days ago
r-r-r-roll💿up⬆️to2️⃣the🤩party🥳with🧶my🧚crazy🤪pink💝wig💇🏼‍♀️but I☺️cant🙄get through😍the door✨because my🏡booties🎂too😚big 1 ☝️percent 😍 is 🤩 human 💨 99 🤪 is 🎉 plastic 😧just😂a😼sec🤭i🕴gotta😳fix😭my🐷lips🐱
KitCat22 - 2 days ago
Pathetic manchildren.
Peachetton - 2 days ago
maan the apology palette is gonna sell out now fast huh
Aanya srivastava
Aanya srivastava - 2 days ago
The comments under this video really didnt age well.
Caroline Judge
Caroline Judge - 21 hour ago
Elderly milk comes to mind
sazuki konohahime
sazuki konohahime - 2 days ago
Jeffree is sooooo funny , he s got extremely eccentric sense of humor and mannerisms,,
sazuki konohahime
sazuki konohahime - 15 hours ago
@Aaliyah Stark I just said that he s funny with his mannerism , why are people acting like am waving his banner while waging a war ? What support Miss ?
Hug_GoldenDoggos - 21 hour ago
@sazuki konohahime 'think before u speak' obviously doesn't apply to you since you have no brain to do so...
Aaliyah Stark
Aaliyah Stark - 21 hour ago
sazuki konohahime I’m sorry all I’m hearing is you supporting a racist. He’s racist the end.
sazuki konohahime
sazuki konohahime - 2 days ago
@ub3rsc00ber cant u plz just fck off , racism is the essence of murica ,,the usa is built on racism and chauvinism u clown ,, u wanna cancel jeffree for bullying james Charles, u might as well cancel USA for supporting Israel that SLAUGHTERS children and women and men in Palestine, Goddamn it , just fck off u biased prick , I like jeffree , I like the dude , u can't put me in jail for that , now can u ? Have a nice day and try not to shove ur opinion on people , think before u speak .
ub3rsc00ber - 2 days ago
And is racist but let's forget about that.
Amanda Cabrera
Amanda Cabrera - 2 days ago
so we gonna talk about how 3 episodes are missing
Wendy Palumbo Garwood
Wendy Palumbo Garwood - 16 hours ago
dramatic virghoe thank u very much ! I thought they pulled some craziness like they used Sony products or something
dramatic virghoe
dramatic virghoe - 16 hours ago
Wendy Palumbo Garwood i think it's bc of all the p*do and racism drama, so someone probably reported the videos. here's the tweet
Wendy Palumbo Garwood
Wendy Palumbo Garwood - 18 hours ago
dramatic virghoe I asked u a question n didn’t tag u it’s right above this one :)
Wendy Palumbo Garwood
Wendy Palumbo Garwood - 18 hours ago
dramatic virghoe can u tell me why and how Sony was able to copyright © those videos ?
dramatic virghoe
dramatic virghoe - 2 days ago
they got copyrighted and taken down 💀
angela turpin
angela turpin - 2 days ago
20M dollars and 20M Views
Eesha Arshad
Eesha Arshad - 2 days ago
shame and jar jar really do deserve each other uwu, two narcissistic compulsive liars making each other feel better how touching
Anna S.N.
Anna S.N. - 2 days ago
Sony didn’t copyright this one?
kyla gallant
kyla gallant - 2 days ago
dylan - 2 days ago
Hi scandalous Shane
Tito Mendoza
Tito Mendoza - 2 days ago
Bruh Shane deleted like 4 videos from this series and now there’s 3 left so far
dramatic virghoe
dramatic virghoe - 2 days ago
nah Sony copyrighted his ass
Ellie X
Ellie X - 2 days ago
Copy right claimed I think 😍😍
MR LOPEZ - 2 days ago
What the hell did just watch got to slow dowm on the weed
Tim Frédéric Klan
Tim Frédéric Klan - 2 days ago
Did he just take down the other 2 videos?
xLonelyDreamerx - 2 days ago
they got a copyright, or at least that's what people claim
Tid - 2 days ago
Lol who else commenting from 2020 to say they ain’t shit?
Ray fulcher
Ray fulcher - 2 days ago
I'm still a fan 🥰
Stephanie Grahm
Stephanie Grahm - Day ago
Same I would never leave Shane I’ve watched him since the beginning and will always be a fan
Maxine Campbell
Maxine Campbell - 3 days ago
Celayna Hernandez
Celayna Hernandez - 15 hours ago
@Krystal Raye It might have something to do with pedophilia and racist behaviors coming out...
im cool right
im cool right - 2 days ago
well 4 of them are copyrighted and you only get 3 strikes before your account gets deleted
Krystal Raye
Krystal Raye - 3 days ago
I think someone was being petty and copyrighted music or something he used in it so they've been removed I guess until he fixes it.
Sammi Mumford
Sammi Mumford - 3 days ago
When they were walking through the old house having flashbacks I started crying....and it’s like a house??? IM IN TEARS THO
karina vsp
karina vsp - 3 days ago
I thought they said Sony copyrighted the videos so they wouldn’t be available anymore-?
Krystal Raye
Krystal Raye - 3 days ago
There is still I think 1 or 2 that are removed until he fixes it
true jacky
true jacky - 3 days ago
Depression and Anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualize children, Shane you are disgusting and I hope your channel will get shut down
Serenity Vibes
Serenity Vibes - 3 days ago
Daniel Luke Rogers
Daniel Luke Rogers - 3 days ago
Well this didn't age well - The anniversary of James Charles Pallet?
Ryleigh Wilhelm
Ryleigh Wilhelm - 3 days ago
shane and his husband are so cute.
Kira Linaris
Kira Linaris - 3 days ago
was it worth it?
lou b
lou b - 3 days ago
Lol hahahaha
Skylar Stypulczak
Skylar Stypulczak - 3 days ago
Is so interesting seeing this now after everything going on.... there competition was James Charles during the release date.. oh how it all makes sense now
Teenage Chan
Teenage Chan - 3 days ago
Jeffree: Rough please I like it rough. Shane: Yeah me too ig
Rocío Ramírez Egúsquiza
Sarah Quesnel
Sarah Quesnel - 3 days ago
Scrapbook journaling... agenda... calendar lol Have a good night..
Sarah Quesnel
Sarah Quesnel - 3 days ago
Add him to your team lol
Sarah Quesnel
Sarah Quesnel - 3 days ago Gorgeous energy
Sarah Quesnel
Sarah Quesnel - 3 days ago
Own your energy... harness it lol
Sarah Quesnel
Sarah Quesnel - 3 days ago
Sarah Quesnel
Sarah Quesnel - 3 days ago
Sarah Quesnel
Sarah Quesnel - 3 days ago
Those 2 guys are hardcore in your corner.... great dynamic of energy...
Sarah Quesnel
Sarah Quesnel - 3 days ago
Incrementally get some of those orders out? The ones that were already placed... meanwhile, introducing the new stuff... very inspirational video and launches. Bright star.... blaze with your family k? Don't forget that they are there and they need their product. They invested a lot of their hearts into that. I don't like that girl for you... distraction?
s a l e m
s a l e m - 3 days ago
So they were competing with James's palette anniversary on their launch. Interesting...
Almighty Turbo
Almighty Turbo - 4 days ago
Jeferee star looks like an anime villian fr fr
Lcunt 2
Lcunt 2 - 4 days ago
Can somebody please explain why everyone hates them now? Just new to the Beauty YouTube world,i actually really like them both
NoneThe Less
NoneThe Less - 4 days ago
Monika Hossain
Monika Hossain - 4 days ago
Vitaluv - 4 days ago
The saddest thing about this, is that if these two weren't such shit stains and all around evil human beings, they do have fun personalities and the docuseries was interesting and showed why they could be likeable. Jafar is actually pretty intuitive when it comes to making certain business moves and the idea was brilliant. The series was pretty good too.
But fuck it. Burn it all down. Delete this CHANNEL.
Nady CR
Nady CR - 4 days ago
I'm so glad the videos are no longer copyrighted
Fiona - 4 days ago
Money grabbing fool! Great to see you go down
Skylar Stypulczak
Skylar Stypulczak - 3 days ago
Alysha Lee calm down shane dawson crusader
Skylar Stypulczak
Skylar Stypulczak - 3 days ago
lee callet calm down Shane dawson crusader.
alysha lee
alysha lee - 4 days ago
chill tf out
HURevolution4lx - 4 days ago
Glad the videos are back 👌
Thandi M
Thandi M - 5 days ago
So this idiot still has millions of subscribers, what the hellnisbyahoo talking about "lost millions of subscribers".
Davor Ivanovic
Davor Ivanovic - 5 days ago
YOU have never grown or learned anything. YOU are still the SAME.
YOU and JS new egsactly what you were doing to James.
Calling James a predator in the metoo era??? Was that a "joke" also?
You new very well it would hurt him personaly and profesionaly and people will come after him.
You are both complicit and disgusting.
On top of that your rasist and p3do stuff are blowing my mind!
Skylar Stypulczak
Skylar Stypulczak - 3 days ago
@alysha lee ^^^^
Skylar Stypulczak
Skylar Stypulczak - 3 days ago
interesting you say that considering all of your comments / opinions are wrong. Calm down shane dawson crusader... I will say it is pretty hilarious that you keep defending Shane in the comment section like you know your emotionally invested in him. Are u crying into your pillow are night because your obsession ( Shane dawson)is going down in flames? hahahaha it'll be alright !! Keep fighting the good fight !!!
alysha lee
alysha lee - 4 days ago
christina you’re the problem, im never wrong
christina - 4 days ago
@alysha lee nope he deserves the hate he's cancelled anyway. doesn't matter if I watch as he is no longer monetized
alysha lee
alysha lee - 4 days ago
then don’t watch his videos. unsubscribe instead of getting on here just spreading kore hate and making decisions just as bad as him. you ARE the problem.
Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen - 5 days ago
And all honesty.. i love this pallete. I am not a make up person. hardely wear it really. I started watching make up tutorials during quarantine. Watching tutorials after tutorials, trying to find the best eye shadows that id actullay wear. (how I learned about the beauty gurus and drama in the first place) the Shane pallet was by far the best i saw. The one I’d use most and almost purchased. I really loved the pallet./ but ended up making my own with Mac eyeshadow pallet 😝
Amy Renee
Amy Renee - 5 days ago
Why did Sony block the other videos? I thought maybe bcuz the intro to "the time of the season"
repetitive reality
repetitive reality - 5 days ago
Eleanor - 5 days ago
Cara Saxton
Cara Saxton - 5 days ago
He really didnt get the hey arnold reference. Cmon girl 😂
Live Life
Live Life - 5 days ago
Lol seeing this now, knowing it was James idea. WTH shane 😒
Mariah Stokes
Mariah Stokes - 5 days ago
25:58 has a whole new meaning now....hi, how are ya? 2020.
Alexi B
Alexi B - 5 days ago
Watching these clips now makes me realize how fake he has bren all along.
Hailey Voss
Hailey Voss - 5 days ago
ᗷᕼᑌᗴᔕᒍYᗴᔕ 🤷sometimes✨i🙁don't😢wanna😱be😼happy🧚don't✋hold😇it🤪against😈me🙆
Hailey Voss
Hailey Voss - 5 days ago
Liv Yeet it’s a sarcastic fairy comment lol chilllll
Ianne Crawford
Ianne Crawford - 5 days ago
The deal ended his career 🤣🤣🤣
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