James Corden's Electrifying 2019 Tony Awards Opening Number Salutes The Magic Of Live Broadway

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Sasha Pulker
Sasha Pulker - 10 hours ago
there are sooooo many adults then you see Sophia Anne Caruso. I love it.
Tamires Santos
Tamires Santos - 2 days ago
And here we are: waiting for Hamilton on Disney +...
Cathal Bennett
Cathal Bennett - 3 days ago
James: None of our shows are streaming
Me: Watching a bootleg of Wicked....
Abigail Keehn
Abigail Keehn - 3 days ago
Hay if you go to the part where he says “No TV wait wait” you have all the adults and and proper people and then there is Sophia Anne carouse (Lydia from beetlejuice) with her PHONE On stage in her right hand. but I know what you are about to say but a lot of the people have their phones to but when she walks on stage she is typing on it on national television
Hannnah M
Hannnah M - 3 days ago
9:50 Laura Benanti 😉
Stigglitz - 4 days ago
Hurts like a bitch to watch this now- an expertly crafted number about live musical theater and how there’s nothing better. Even with things opening up, it’s gonna be a while before I can catch something on Broadway.
Brad Shew
Brad Shew - 4 days ago
I’m enjoying it one year later. And ridiculously incredible.James Corden: rock star
Nate V
Nate V - 4 days ago
James can definitely sing in Carpool Kareoke, so I expected some bigger notes, but he still did good, writers were impressive. Best Late night talk show hosts currently:
1. Graham Norton
2, James Corden
3. Conan O"Brian
Brit hosts can handle multiple guests at one time, less scripted, im Canadian, unbiased
Matt Howie
Matt Howie - 6 days ago
me: watching this on youtube
Natasha - 6 days ago
this hits harder in 2020
Ariana Callan
Ariana Callan - 6 days ago
Aw Sophia is so small🥺🥺
Jess Nicole
Jess Nicole - 7 days ago
Corbin Bleu just chilling in the background like hes not a huge star or something
SlothGames - 7 days ago
this made me more sad about beetlejuice closing
Kim F.
Kim F. - 7 days ago
Question: Is there anything in the Performance Arts that James can't do?
Answer: No! He can do it all, and do it with excellency!
Oven Robe
Oven Robe - 9 days ago
Anyone else get the Queue joke??
Sjannex - 9 days ago
I watched it and I cried? Emotions?
Nora Clarke
Nora Clarke - 10 days ago
hadestown deserved more stagetime in that opening tbh, and the lil bit of song sounded more like beetlejuice than hadestown's actual soundtrack
gaurav singh
gaurav singh - 11 days ago
Neil patrick opening was the best hands down
Debby Mabalcon
Debby Mabalcon - 11 days ago
I looooveee james corden !!!!!😁💖😇🙋👍🌟🌟🌟
smlynn 471
smlynn 471 - 12 days ago
This was okay but does not come close to being as good as NPH's opening.
Keshia Fowler
Keshia Fowler - 12 days ago
Who’s waching this bc covid cancel the Tonys this year
MrYoungandBrave1 - 12 days ago
4:22 Isn't that the Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman dance from when they did the "Anything you can do, I can do better.
WTFboom55 - 14 days ago
Couldn’t be more true today!
Kaleb - 14 days ago
I love the fact that Betelgeuse looks so out of place at the ensemble part lmao
kenobisfilms - 15 days ago
alex brightmans face at 5:28 has me in tears
claudiamador - 16 days ago
I just wish I could see this performance for 4 minutes wow
Zero of Midgard
Zero of Midgard - 16 days ago
I know what you are thinking NPH IS BETTER
Nathaniel Foresti
Nathaniel Foresti - 19 days ago
I've watched this about 10 thousand times and still get teary-eyed every since time!! There's nothing like a live theater show! The energy the buzzes when you're in the room is incredible!
Grace Wong
Grace Wong - 20 days ago
Still can’t beat NPH’s opening
Natalie Vollmar
Natalie Vollmar - 21 day ago
There are a lot of videos hating on celebrities on the internet. James Corden is one of those celebrities people like to hate. When you see this, you can’t hate him. Especially with that last look at the end.
Bernard Sherry
Bernard Sherry - 22 days ago
Missed the Tony Awards this year😢
Cris Franco
Cris Franco - 23 days ago
I agree with the decade's Best Musical Tony winners -- except that rollicking original MATILDA should have won over much ado about platform heels KINKY BOOTS, NEWSIES (which was only okay) should have won over chick-flick meets snooze-fest ONCE -- and MEMPHIS (which played like the PG-13 version of HAIRSPRAY ) won simply because it had no competition. None. Still, I loved seeing all the shows. Bring back Broadway!
Moconnor834 - 23 days ago
Ok I need to know.
Who’s the guy at 4:20 (lol) who is to the right of James?! He’s fantastic! Helps he’s hot but still, his dancing is so sharp and pointed
Laura Christine
Laura Christine - 23 days ago
Everytime he holds that last note I get chills.
Gem Star
Gem Star - 23 days ago
Sophia Anne Caruso is so short compared to everyone else 😂, it’s so cute
M E - 24 days ago
James that was so marvelous ...you make viewers feel the happy moment ..Wow he can singer, dance, present and he is all talent in one guy ...I enjoy all his shows ..Thank you! 💚
Koolik - 25 days ago
I freaked out when I saw Beetlejuice
홍유진 - 25 days ago
This opening certainly shows James' love of musical! Appreciated every line as a fan of musicals😍.......until 6:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was hilarious btw
NPA1001 - 26 days ago
Bryan off to cook...
Clifford Jones
Clifford Jones - 26 days ago
Yes, James is so very Talented. He is not an easy act to follow. Amazing performance.
Z Gallardo
Z Gallardo - 26 days ago
This was a joy to watch!
Dupree Blosch
Dupree Blosch - Month ago
Great but nobody can top NPHs Tony opening
Kathryn Schumann
Kathryn Schumann - Month ago
I miss this
al bryant
al bryant - Month ago
Alex James
Alex James - Month ago
This is making me so sad. They did such a great job, and watching it now just really makes me want theaters to be open.
Life of Mackenzie
Life of Mackenzie - Month ago
Look at Alex Brightman (beetlejuice) Lol! 5:25
Vvienne Lenk
Vvienne Lenk - Month ago
I hope you're the host and actor/singer/comedian/dancer/presenter when I win my Tony award! YOu're inspiring!
Sandie Leathers
Sandie Leathers - Month ago
Remember being in an audience? Good times.
Kelsey Walks
Kelsey Walks - Month ago
I’m just gonna talk about Santino since no one seems to notice him 😏
SG F - Month ago
Amazing! He had to memorize a lot of stuff!
Yamliy owo
Yamliy owo - Month ago
Can't believe this was posted on my birthday last year:0 why didn't I notice this???
Rachel Marrone
Rachel Marrone - Month ago
i saw alex brightman and got excited
Nelle Crowgey
Nelle Crowgey - Month ago
Isabella - Month ago
7:40-8:18 always makes me tear up🥺 James describes exactly how I feel about theater and why I love doing it. I love performing but my parents don’t support it
Alida Wing
Alida Wing - Month ago
Can I just say when James said we are live I was expecting Beetlejuice to go expect me I'm dead
Forces_ 06
Forces_ 06 - Month ago
Alex is so in character in this I'm crying
Catalina Z
Catalina Z - Month ago
Everyone: same height

Sophia Anne Caruso: I’m short
gil betty
gil betty - Month ago
beautyful ***james corden***)(i likeeeeeeeeeee)*******
Belsom - Month ago
Alex B's face through the whole thing, I'm *dying*! (pun intended)
Julius Williams
Julius Williams - Month ago
i love everything about james corden, except that he pissed the whole of the england off, including me
Aromal cs
Aromal cs - Month ago
It's really great but nothing tops nph opening
Bill Shaefer
Bill Shaefer - Month ago
The female dancers have perfectly shaped legs. Haven't seen that many gorgeous gams in one place before.
aaron yearwood
aaron yearwood - Month ago
Anyone notice Jeremy Pope from Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood as a backup dancer?
Beatriz Ribeiro
Beatriz Ribeiro - Month ago
The woman in the golden dress has literally *embodied* the performance
Julia Silva
Julia Silva - Month ago
wow, this is amazing!
Abigail Keehn
Abigail Keehn - Month ago
If you watch it again during the part when he said no waIt tv wait Sophia Anne crouso has her phone and it’s on unlocked
Anita Corbeil
Anita Corbeil - Month ago
You are the best, James. Love you.
Richard Webber
Richard Webber - Month ago
Wait wasn’t frozen nominated in 2019?
rcksn bncmn
rcksn bncmn - Month ago
Spectacular opening number. James is so talented 😍
Mah C
Mah C - Month ago
Eu TE AMO isso é oficial!
Oven Robe
Oven Robe - Month ago
I looks 7 times to see if I could like the video again,
Brianna Rodriguez
Brianna Rodriguez - Month ago
Where was be more chill
Brianna Rodriguez
Brianna Rodriguez - Month ago
Be more chill needed more recognition here
Aoife - Month ago
So when can we have him back for the Oliviers
Jahzeel Mumford
Jahzeel Mumford - Month ago
That was amazing ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Kilgore Trout
Kilgore Trout - Month ago
This was "live" but something else was "bigger"
Rainbow Writer
Rainbow Writer - Month ago
The first few lines of this were so prophetic. Id do anything to go to live theater again. I saw Lion King and it was more amazing than I imagined
strangerkiwi11 dustin
strangerkiwi11 dustin - Month ago
Where was phantom? Did anyone see phantom?
Some One
Some One - Month ago
At 6:35 Alex brightman keeps peeking his head out and I can’t stop laughing
Ela Martínez Sánchez
James Corden and Neil Patrick Harris must to make the opening of Tony Awards together PLEASE!
Jay McCarron
Jay McCarron - Month ago
Anyone know the song that plays at 4:21???
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