10 Products Only CRAZY Cat People Would Get!

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Røze with a z

Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall - 2 hours ago
RøZE with a z
Papa Caya
Papa Caya - 3 hours ago
Rose with a z
Michelle Bell
Michelle Bell - 3 hours ago
Rose with the Z
Iyanna Jefferson
Iyanna Jefferson - 5 hours ago
RØZE with a Z
Lefty Laylo
Lefty Laylo - 5 hours ago
That hoodie is too cool for school. Way dope!
green motor
green motor - 5 hours ago
you sound like your from a serious action movie
Aiden czap
Aiden czap - 6 hours ago
JA Ja - 6 hours ago
Taner fox likes it meaw🐈🐇🐇🐇🐺🐺🐺🐻🐻🐻🍸🍸🍹🍹🍻🍻🍷🍷🍺🍺🍼🍼🍵🍵☕☕
Kathryn Coble
Kathryn Coble - 7 hours ago
guess what my name is kathryn and my nickname is kat!!!
Wolfie Draws
Wolfie Draws - 9 hours ago
Røze with a z
Melissa Johns
Melissa Johns - 10 hours ago
Rose with a z
Erin Hirons
Erin Hirons - 10 hours ago
R0se with a r
Rose Brittingham
Rose Brittingham - 12 hours ago
Roze With A Z
Jana Magdy
Jana Magdy - 19 hours ago
Roze with A z
sam mack
sam mack - 22 hours ago
Roze is a cat cat
AULIS A.O.T - 23 hours ago
1:07 uuh?
Alyssa Goodel
Alyssa Goodel - Day ago
Crazy cat people represent!!! 🙌
Drago The Dragon/Wolf hybrid
I would not put my pet in there because my pet is too big for it
Freda Bolling
Freda Bolling - Day ago
Curvacious27 - Day ago
roze with a z
Robert Maher
Robert Maher - Day ago
Rose with a z !
 - Day ago
Røze with A Z
GamerA6 Mania
GamerA6 Mania - Day ago
18:15 The Niko Bellic Sound
Denys ùwú
Denys ùwú - Day ago
It’s kinda weird that Mat and I lost our voices at the same time lol
DEBRA - 2 days ago
Shujmations - 2 days ago
ROSE!!! Wheres the black guy
sonic the
sonic the - 2 days ago
Røze with a z
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl - 2 days ago
"Roze with a Z"
Cat Poke
Cat Poke - 2 days ago
The best parts are the ones where Matt says a short word and his voice goes full Mickey, like Tanner asking "want me to do this one?" and Matt just squeaks " NO! " in response
Erica Heffner
Erica Heffner - 2 days ago
Mia Le Panda
Mia Le Panda - 2 days ago
Feel like they watched gabes video and got inspired
Tammy Drusendahl
Tammy Drusendahl - 2 days ago
Roze with a z
Leilany Soto
Leilany Soto - 2 days ago
No one:

5 yr old me: 5:49
IcyMegaTurtle Xbox
IcyMegaTurtle Xbox - 2 days ago
Her name is not rose
_kawaiidrawing _
_kawaiidrawing _ - 2 days ago
The only reason I would put my pet in the backpack is because I have a tiny bird
Fayth Knipp
Fayth Knipp - 2 days ago
Rose with a z
Kohana Uchimiya
Kohana Uchimiya - 2 days ago
Roze with a z
Amy Chapman
Amy Chapman - 2 days ago
Just saying, the cat computer name is SUCK UK (United Kingdom)!!!
Amy Chapman
Amy Chapman - 2 days ago
RØZE with a ‘z’
Carson Akridge
Carson Akridge - 2 days ago
Røze with a z
Betty Anderson
Betty Anderson - 2 days ago
The cat from cats and dogs name isn’t fluffy it’s mr. tinkles lol
gh0st - 2 days ago
we need a whole episode of russian accented matt
The666VampireGirl - 2 days ago
Matt is DEAD
oprd playz
oprd playz - 2 days ago
Brayden Brown
Brayden Brown - 3 days ago
I feel bad for Matt
Jill Harrington
Jill Harrington - 3 days ago
Winters Light
Winters Light - 3 days ago
When RØZE said its like drugs for cats who else pictured a cat in a dark alley way wearing a trech coat dealing catnip lol or only me?
chardy vlogs
chardy vlogs - 3 days ago
Røze with a z
Dobby Hogwarts
Dobby Hogwarts - 3 days ago
“Roze with a z” love you guys hope you get your voice back Matthias.
Shuzo Yamanaka
Shuzo Yamanaka - 3 days ago
Matt sounds like a old man🤣🤣🤣
Warwick Hoy
Warwick Hoy - 3 days ago
roze with a z
Nathan Ferguson
Nathan Ferguson - 3 days ago
coolcat Ali
coolcat Ali - 3 days ago
how is that woman a singer with that annoying voice is beyond me
REAPER - 3 days ago
*America evades hi5 studios*
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear - 3 days ago
Matthiss: Nooaooeoo
nut craker
nut craker - 3 days ago
Røze with a z
shankar shrestha
shankar shrestha - 3 days ago
Roze with a Z
Darci Washausen
Darci Washausen - 3 days ago
I have 3 cats and my little brother thinks they are tigers and he will trap them under a laundry basket with toys and a towel to lay on😿
Fantastic Zero
Fantastic Zero - 3 days ago
Is it only me who finds roze really cute
Gacha_Midnight - 3 days ago
I watched the Cats and Dogs Movie a lot as a kid, it was very good but not as great as the many movies we have today.
Lavinia Lustin
Lavinia Lustin - 3 days ago
Roze with a z
Jaime Avalanche
Jaime Avalanche - 3 days ago
Røze with a z
Frankie Cedeno
Frankie Cedeno - 4 days ago
Finally someone who understands my childhood. Thanks Matthias. Cause Evolution!
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 4 days ago
AlphaRose UWU
AlphaRose UWU - 4 days ago
Røze with a Z
m14srv - 4 days ago
matt's voice = police accademy
Backyard Biologist
Backyard Biologist - 4 days ago
Like for Shennelle.
Ava Rools!
Ava Rools! - 4 days ago
10:13 Tanner: never *NEVER*
Ava Rools!
Ava Rools! - 4 days ago
Ege Kuzu
Ege Kuzu - 4 days ago
The "No, just a sip" 😭😭😂😂
Jeev Ramlagun
Jeev Ramlagun - 4 days ago
1 like 4 Tanner the cat
Jeev Ramlagun
Jeev Ramlagun - 4 days ago
Rose with an S
Dillen Kingwill
Dillen Kingwill - 4 days ago
RØZE with a z
Banana Balloon
Banana Balloon - 4 days ago
Like to save Matt’s life
Anderw Reyes
Anderw Reyes - 4 days ago
Hey cat
Whatsawhodado - 5 days ago
essential oils are actually bad for cats
Brynn Haver
Brynn Haver - 5 days ago
Rose with a z
Ethan The man
Ethan The man - 5 days ago
Roze with a z
Jennifer Kleh
Jennifer Kleh - 5 days ago
I would not put my dog in the bolling bag because he is 117 pounds 🐕
Jennifer Kleh
Jennifer Kleh - 5 days ago
Rose with a z 😃
Icey Playz
Icey Playz - 5 days ago
Røze with a z
Md Rahman
Md Rahman - 5 days ago
ROŹE there
Yes Man
Yes Man - 5 days ago
18:47 Matt's laugh is so cute
Spider Fox & Shark Steak
Watching Tanner drink that made me throw up 🤮
JUST CHRISTINA - 5 days ago
Azerial 2006
Azerial 2006 - 5 days ago
On the thumbnail, I would put my dog in there
mamagiraffe05 - 5 days ago
roze with a z
Amber Bastion
Amber Bastion - 5 days ago
Hi roze
Ellie Roacho
Ellie Roacho - 6 days ago
I feel like tanner is the garret of this group lol
Ирина Жеваго
Ethan Nguyen
Ethan Nguyen - 6 days ago
Mat sounds like Elmo
Harley Carey
Harley Carey - 6 days ago
Cat nip tea yes humans drink it
Teresa Bonnici
Teresa Bonnici - 6 days ago
My dog is a huge Doberman so yea
Epic 101
Epic 101 - 6 days ago
ROZE with a Z
vanessalynn sarver
vanessalynn sarver - 6 days ago
Roze with a Z
ME, MYSELF, AND I - 6 days ago
"Roze" with a "Z"
Bree Cardon
Bree Cardon - 6 days ago
# kill the wine
Tscalf 9
Tscalf 9 - 6 days ago
Crash Kids
Crash Kids - 6 days ago
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