Kirk Jay Astounds Again with "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice 2018 Knockouts

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Cheyennita Lucky
Cheyennita Lucky - 6 hours ago
Wish Kirk had won this round......
He really reminded millions about how beautiful Country music is.
His version of this song is stuck in my head 🥰
Di Bn
Di Bn - 11 hours ago
UST00026050 - 21 hour ago
He. Should. Have. Won.
Dyl - Day ago
Like, why can I not buy this cover?????????????????????????????? SOMEONE PLEASE PRODUCE IT I WILL PAY SO MUCH FOR IT
Hadi uz Zaman
Hadi uz Zaman - 2 days ago
I lost count how many times I have played this song..........Love from Bangladesh.
simply AnneJ
simply AnneJ - 3 days ago
My favorite song
Madds Cunningham
Madds Cunningham - 3 days ago
honestly this is better than the original 🤩and I’m a huge Brett Young fan!
Franco Quipuscoa
Franco Quipuscoa - 3 days ago
How did he not win...
Game Game
Game Game - 4 days ago
_ Bryanz333
_ Bryanz333 - 7 days ago
Who won?
depressed _patato
depressed _patato - 7 days ago
This is my favorite song and I am in tears.
Josua Lumbantoruan
Josua Lumbantoruan - 8 days ago
Not like its crazy people. Agree, like this.
Brenda Miller
Brenda Miller - 8 days ago
I just love his voice!
shalimar pantojan
shalimar pantojan - 10 days ago
I'm in love with this song and his voice.
Safeer Ahmad Bhat
Safeer Ahmad Bhat - 12 days ago
Winner u r..
Haik Akopian
Haik Akopian - 13 days ago
I want the whole version from him.
Ayden Consiglio
Ayden Consiglio - 14 days ago
Mildred Nankinga
Mildred Nankinga - 14 days ago
i will never stop enjoying u boy. that was soooo passionate. Big up blake & JHUD u spiced it up.
deni frans sakka
deni frans sakka - 15 days ago
Still listening to this ❤️❤️❤️
4nalyst - 15 days ago
sirj860 - 16 days ago
Vocal ability on 1000!!!
Abigail Rodriguez
Abigail Rodriguez - 17 days ago
I’m still waiting for him to record this song so I can get on iTunes.
Lester Fraser
Lester Fraser - 17 days ago
Has a good voice
john ortiz
john ortiz - 17 days ago
diego mejia
diego mejia - 17 days ago
Chills Chills Chills!!! Still watching in April 2019
Care Ssa
Care Ssa - 19 days ago
The best cover of this song ever even better than the original no offense brett
Limelights Here
Limelights Here - 20 days ago
One of my best friends met him and took a picture with him and he is amazing
Candra Lee
Candra Lee - 20 days ago
Keep singing keep saying come on keep singing
Lala238 A
Lala238 A - 21 day ago
Pierced thru my heart 😪
Evangelia Kanoena
Evangelia Kanoena - 21 day ago
sleep sleep
sleep sleep - 21 day ago
his voice has so much emotion in it that i tear up everytime
Joanne Marie Lee
Joanne Marie Lee - 22 days ago
1:52 😍
박도원 - 22 days ago
It's better than the original song
Lee Serukalou
Lee Serukalou - 22 days ago
Months gone by..still.watching 😆😍
angeline cassis
angeline cassis - 22 days ago
Kirk Jay you are fantastic
Lemarque Melancon
Lemarque Melancon - 23 days ago
I'm going to sing this to my GF
richo grc
richo grc - 23 days ago
Eugene Butler
Eugene Butler - 25 days ago
I need a studio version of this immediately!!!!
John Nixon
John Nixon - 25 days ago
that was ... wow!
Kim Neptune
Kim Neptune - 25 days ago
I loved this so much hes just great
MrNerdSmasher - 25 days ago
You gotta give it up for the way he ends it on those notes man..
Sebastian B
Sebastian B - 25 days ago
Henrik Hansen
Henrik Hansen - 25 days ago
Why isn't this cover on Spotify?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Rammit_inyah ashol
Rammit_inyah ashol - 25 days ago
*I got horses in the back*

The Caribbean Chick
The Caribbean Chick - 28 days ago
Man his voice is amazing...... 💕
Cora Goss
Cora Goss - 28 days ago
Wow!!!..He wasn't even singing that to me and I believed him!😄
Summer Williams
Summer Williams - 29 days ago
Just WOW!! ❤
Ethan LaFountain
Ethan LaFountain - Month ago
Unbutton that top button TO MUCH STRAINNNNNN pleaaseeeeeeeee
Linda Holland
Linda Holland - Month ago
This is why I love country music his voice is amazing
Anulka1305 - Month ago
I want this song on iTunes!
Jori Haar
Jori Haar - Month ago
beautiful, you can really tell he's not giving a damn about performance or the audience, he's really into the song itself, just singing and nothing else matters :)
Prin Cess
Prin Cess - Month ago
Haha i was one of the singles that hoping someone will going to sing to me the way kirk sings it.😂
liezl quiacao
liezl quiacao - Month ago
Oh my god 😭 I'm crying!
taylornicolemc14 - Month ago
I’m still upset he didn’t win
A. Kalantar
A. Kalantar - Month ago
agnieszka Ondycz
agnieszka Ondycz - Month ago
Wow that is Big Talent 😍💖
PerisFaith Job
PerisFaith Job - Month ago
1:04 goosebumps
Datu XS
Datu XS - Month ago
I cry while hes singing. Nice voice men
Chrisco Nathaniel
Chrisco Nathaniel - Month ago
I watch this everyday, 4 times a day 😂
Zion Barnett
Zion Barnett - Month ago
The ending run had to be the most beautiful sequence I’ve heard on the voice.
Grace Lalnunhlim
Grace Lalnunhlim - Month ago
I've watched this million times in case you didn't😘😘😘😘😘
Martin Brady
Martin Brady - Month ago
The girl singing the harmony makes the performance! Do these lame-o judges always say stuff to the singers while they are singing?
yule 88
yule 88 - Month ago
for me, he should have won. he's one of the best and he's good at it.
Back The Blue
Back The Blue - Month ago
so beautiful
Pjay Pomare
Pjay Pomare - Month ago
This man added soul to a country song, too good
Peaceful Warrior
Peaceful Warrior - Month ago
Crying dude
Baby Faiumu
Baby Faiumu - Month ago
The best cover of "IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW" I've heard so far
Shimqiirara Supremee
Shimqiirara Supremee - Month ago
Hes so good
MrHoCkeY16 - Month ago
I’m sorry but this was better then the original 🙌🙌
Stephanie Menkins
Stephanie Menkins - Month ago
Love this song every since he sang it 🖤
Travo Guto
Travo Guto - Month ago
Not to say he can not sing because he can but keep in mind this is not country old school country not having it
Jazmine Jefferson
Jazmine Jefferson - Month ago
my husband sent this to me in a message and when i listened I was speechless because this is how he feels about me and I love him so much for that. Thank you Kirk Jay
Mylene Socuaje
Mylene Socuaje - Month ago
Pls put this on spotify !!! 😍😍😍
Ray Ridhuan
Ray Ridhuan - Month ago
holly renee
holly renee - Month ago
he sang that so beautifully.
Pressed MV
Pressed MV - Month ago
they way he ended, so nice
Beautiful Pain
Beautiful Pain - Month ago
Whaaat 😩😍
Malou Eyas
Malou Eyas - Month ago
His vocal is amazing
Daud Aur Yahudy
Daud Aur Yahudy - Month ago
This real talent for sure
Cassie w
Cassie w - Month ago
From Essex UK .. Literally in love with this song I wish country was big over here
kallybloome - Month ago
Sally bright
Sally bright - Month ago
When a song is this good on the show I don't care for the original version... cuz it can't top it... he brought tears to my eyes and feelings in my soul 😍😍
Don Don
Don Don - Month ago
I love this. He spoke it...I believed it.
Going to play this for my wife.
Sixties Ford Econoline
Tell me that he won that voice thing.
jad chahhal
jad chahhal - Month ago
10 times better than the original.
joe f
joe f - Month ago
where is this man country album I need it
dream ville
dream ville - Month ago
I didn't know zion could sing lol
Philly Son
Philly Son - Month ago
Just "WOW"!
Aaron Grubb
Aaron Grubb - Month ago
In case you didn’t know... this man deserved to win.
DjNextLevel Soundz
DjNextLevel Soundz - Month ago
Sing my brother....
Edward Jacobs
Edward Jacobs - Month ago
Still amazing
tooklongenough - Month ago
The dislikes are from the people I don’t like in life. I just want y’all to know that. If there were a dislike button to your dislike I’d press it.
Kim Garcia
Kim Garcia - Month ago
favorite ng dean namin to haha skl
Xmeroa twitch
Xmeroa twitch - Month ago
Judy Haga
Judy Haga - Month ago
Fab voice, he can sing right into your heart. I wish he had won. He was better than Chevel.
aande126 - Month ago
Long time country music fan here and he smashed this!
Angela Allen
Angela Allen - Month ago
I'm not a country music fan at all, but Kirk Jay would make me listen to country music. I'm just sayin!
andre chagas
andre chagas - 2 months ago
I love voice i love you
David Bergman
David Bergman - 2 months ago
Kirk Jay is just the BEST. I hope Blake takes him on tour as his opening act.
You listening, Blake?
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