Kirk Jay Astounds Again with "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice 2018 Knockouts

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Derrick M
Derrick M - 5 hours ago
So Talented.
Hanif Bukhari
Hanif Bukhari - 6 hours ago
studio version please...
slo digital
slo digital - 9 hours ago
Miss you 143 k.p.
Charlene Hardin
Charlene Hardin - 9 hours ago
Just an average looking buy until he opens his mouth and starts singing. I don't know what happens, but I can hardly take my eyes off then and I am wishing that my husband could even sound half as good, then I would....
rebelfrom1944 - 10 hours ago
I hope he WINS it ALL!
shola i
shola i - 10 hours ago
JaidaNachee ‘
JaidaNachee ‘ - 11 hours ago
I love him 😩
Mellisa Higgins
Mellisa Higgins - 11 hours ago
He is going to be huge in country music for sure!!! My fave by far this year!!
L Webb
L Webb - 11 hours ago
There are 364 crazy people out there who gave this vid a thumbs down. Beautiful song, awesome vocal...just perfection❤
はな はな
はな はな - 12 hours ago
stevetdeacon - 12 hours ago
I wish I could download this song!
Kay Slusser
Kay Slusser - 12 hours ago
I was listening to all the girls and they were good but he made me cry. His heart is in every note. He is the best.
tsescoff - 12 hours ago
outmazirt outma
outmazirt outma - 14 hours ago
when d music is music, you feel it and when you feel it, you tear. This is music and voice at its best. Country has sooooo much depth, just open your heart mind and soul and listen, it will phakking rip you apart if you listen digest and absorb. You can be made of steel, county lyrics on an amazing voice will melt the chit steel out of you.
Michael Berry
Michael Berry - 14 hours ago
Holy s*** I've been missing this? Great voice
Shayma Remy
Shayma Remy - 16 hours ago
Brett Young is probably watching this smiling 😩
Sandra Roman
Sandra Roman - 17 hours ago
i can't stop listening to....
Kim Seaman
Kim Seaman - 18 hours ago
hes the best on the show
T. Ra’Shane
T. Ra’Shane - 18 hours ago
Kirk and De’Andre are the front runners in my book.
António Rei
António Rei - 19 hours ago
Absolutely amazing !! What a heart felt vocal ! I hope he wins !!
Antony campbell
Antony campbell - 19 hours ago
I love how passionate JHUD is towards all the contestants even if they aren't on her team.
mahad Four M
mahad Four M - 20 hours ago
Come on boy . Tell her. Hjud. She’s Hh ....
Daniel Bediako
Daniel Bediako - 22 hours ago
I am sobbing but I can't stop listening to this awesomely amazing talent. I thank God for your life, dude!
Mily Orlando
Mily Orlando - 22 hours ago
Que voz linda ❤🎶
Any One
Any One - 22 hours ago
this is amazing!
Rochelle M
Rochelle M - 22 hours ago
He did to this song what Whitney did to I Will Always Love You. ♥️
Jacques Anthony
Jacques Anthony - 23 hours ago
if he doesn't win, there's a dam problem, No one one the show as spoke to peoples hearts through music the way he has, Artist to Artist Kirk, youre a bad man,Im most definitely a fan
Luthfian Aenimustafa
I broke my reply button
PTdoubleOT - Day ago
I really don't like when the judges say stuff and cause a scene when someone's singing. Just feels like they're trying to make it about them. Save it for after the performance man.
JN Penales
JN Penales - Day ago
RIP Replay button 💕
J For Jamara
J For Jamara - Day ago
How can I download this????
Pete Miller
Pete Miller - 19 hours ago
USa-video Premium account. Comes with Google Music or vice versa for $10 a month, no ads, download videos/music with both apps to tablet or phone. Several Firefox browser extensions/add-ons, that allow downloading USa-video videos to PC or laptop.
jennastyles676 - Day ago
On repeat 🔂
Jayy and Moe
Jayy and Moe - Day ago
JMEEKS97 - Day ago
Like my 2 videos on my page 😊 and Subscribe... this dudes voice is crazy by the way 🙏🏿
marvin daroy
marvin daroy - Day ago
That surreal voice😍😍😍😍😍
miss unforgettable frances
Esther Wanjiru
Esther Wanjiru - Day ago
Shawn frank Tacsagon
jhud be like.. cmon boy! Tell her ! sing! 😂😂😂😂😂
nuleethealien - Day ago
i normally don't do country music,
but his voice is wonderful!
Veronica Leyton
Veronica Leyton - Day ago
Kirk is too precious.
Tiarra Smith
Tiarra Smith - Day ago
Wowwwww, he sounds like Kane brown. His voice is impeccable
Garry Todd
Garry Todd - Day ago
When I’m doing my work at school I listen to this all the time.
linbda haney
linbda haney - Day ago
WOW now that voice is a heart ripper, can''t stop watching. just wow
Betty lewis
Betty lewis - Day ago
Wow, he was awesome!
Nicole Benoit
Nicole Benoit - Day ago
Wow ... this guy is awesome. Hope he makes it far
M M - Day ago
The country world has a new singer....
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett - Day ago
Guy's damn good. I keep thinking he's going to struggle hitting those higher notes and staying up there but he just doesn't. And it's really cool hearing the country music mixed with that male African American voice. I mean that in the most sincere wayb possible but clearly don't know how to say it!
Blagoje Vić
Blagoje Vić - Day ago
I am shaking while im listening to him singing this song. I dont know why I cry too...
Its a strange impact...
thank you.
Blagoje Vić
Blagoje Vić - Day ago
I like this version better
Shittu Rukayat
Shittu Rukayat - Day ago
and I'm still here after how many weeks
Billy Clob
Billy Clob - Day ago
The other guy in the back looks like asmondgold
Kamelia Tauraki
Kamelia Tauraki - Day ago
T. Ra’Shane
T. Ra’Shane - Day ago
I’ve watched this video a gazillion times. 😳😳😳👀👀👀
T. Ra’Shane
T. Ra’Shane - Day ago
He made me fall in love with this song. I think his cover was better than the original. I pray he goes far in his singing career.
Dark Worm102
Dark Worm102 - 2 hours ago
T. Ra’Shane idk there’s not a lot that beats Brett young but this cams really close
Vendor Management
Vendor Management - Day ago
Thank you for NOT doing a MILLION runs and wrecking the song. Are you able to edit Jennifers BIG mouth.
bestbunny10 - Day ago
However, he lacks warmth or personality. Sundance just had warmth and that smile and one hellava voice. Kirk lighten up and show some emotion. Far too stiff and stoic.
Dominique Bonilla
Dominique Bonilla - Day ago
bestbunny10 - Day ago
I never liked country music..until Sundance Head and now Kirk. This guy is pure quality and talent.
bestbunny10 - Day ago
We have a winner.
alyah nissa
alyah nissa - Day ago
I cried a river...i just love your voice Kirk!
michael burke
michael burke - Day ago
Allen Nella
Allen Nella - Day ago
He's definitely my favorite
Highlight Realm
Highlight Realm - Day ago
i can’t count the times
i almost said what’s on my mind
but i didn’t
just couldn’t
baby i know that you’ve been wondering
mmmh, so here goes nothing
in case you didn’t know
baby i’m crazy bout you
and i would be lying if i said that i could live this life without you
even though
girl i don’t tell you all the time
you had my heart a long long time ago

in case you didn’t know
you’ve got all of me
i belong to you
yea you’re my everything
in case you didn’t know
i’m crazy bout you
and i would be lying if i said i could live this life without you
even though
girl i don’t tell you all the time
you had my heart a long long time ago
you had my heart a long long time
in case you didnt know
Helena Perez dos Santos
Não canso de ouvir.
Jonalene Valencia
Jonalene Valencia - 2 days ago
I love you! 😍
sam chad
sam chad - 2 days ago
2019 new Krik's album is out :)
Huda Alamer
Huda Alamer - 2 days ago
Harni Sahlan
Harni Sahlan - 2 days ago
Beautiful! Touched my heart.
Jervin Galang
Jervin Galang - 2 days ago
rooting for this guy and chevel...
siti idza
siti idza - 2 days ago
I love to hidup voice ..soo good
mark walker
mark walker - 2 days ago
The way kelly was looking at him
Wonder what she was thinking bout.
Stephanie Lynae
Stephanie Lynae - 2 days ago
tristan hinz
tristan hinz - 2 days ago
Ur gonna win man
T. Ra’Shane
T. Ra’Shane - 2 days ago
jennevaa - 2 days ago
Back for more..............................................................
Jessica McGinnis
Jessica McGinnis - 2 days ago
Insane! I thought I loved that song before!!!
Moonlight Lav
Moonlight Lav - 2 days ago
I'm sorry i forgot how much i love country musics, thank u Kirk ❤️
riwb ennett
riwb ennett - 2 days ago
I feel like he is singing this to me....Kirk you kill this song....
Vickie Larsen
Vickie Larsen - 2 days ago
So so beautiful 🙏
Janina James
Janina James - 2 days ago
What a fantastic singer. He combined Country and Soul.
DD Hazzard
DD Hazzard - 2 days ago
Broke my heart. Just watched it over and over and cried. Somehow the love expressed reminded me of my nephew who's been gone these 2 years
Constance Ayers
Constance Ayers - 2 days ago
Maritza Camarena
Maritza Camarena - 2 days ago
You are amazing!!!! Kirk !!!! You are an amazing artist 🤗😊
Mbalenhle Lovejoy
Mbalenhle Lovejoy - 2 days ago
I wanna marry Kirk! I keep coming back 😍
BrutallyHonest Fi
BrutallyHonest Fi - 2 days ago
He touches my heart every time I hear him sing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rosa Jackson
Rosa Jackson - 2 days ago
Too many good voices on one show. It suprised me. I love all of them.
Marbel - 2 days ago
No words can describe how remarkable this young man is
Noel Capio
Noel Capio - 2 days ago
im gonna love country music because of him😭😭😭
William Alexander
William Alexander - 2 days ago
Country music just gained a fan!! Bravo young man!
Luthfian Aenimustafa
Luthfian Aenimustafa - 2 days ago
my wedding playlist
Benjie Hasim
Benjie Hasim - 2 days ago
Can i download this version somewhere?
Thelma Richardson
Thelma Richardson - 2 days ago
He made me wish he was singing this song to me,I so felt this😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏😫😫😫😫😫
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia - 2 days ago
1:01 gives me goosebumps bumps love it
Mishan Williamson
Mishan Williamson - 2 days ago
Oh man, his sweet, sweet southern tone!! I'll buy whatever he releases. #bamaproud #countrytothecore
Haris Askari
Haris Askari - 2 days ago
kirk, de andre, mckanzie, and kennedy in the finale
Gavrie Zuber
Gavrie Zuber - 2 days ago
"You betta smile at yourself!!!"
MrRoadRage - 2 days ago
I like this version better than Brett Young's version. Sorry Brett, but Kirk's version is awesome!
Lomani Seninawanawa
Lomani Seninawanawa - 2 days ago
Fly_Boi_D 593
Fly_Boi_D 593 - 2 days ago
On repeat 😅
Joanna Williams
Joanna Williams - 2 days ago
who else listens to this 3 times a day!
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