Brawl Stars Animation: Barley's Last Call!

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הב הב כלב
הב הב כלב - 6 hours ago
Galaxia Gamer
Galaxia Gamer - 6 hours ago
Si Mortis hubiera atacado en la animación, Barley seria polvo cósmico.
Rhyme Akond
Rhyme Akond - 6 hours ago
Beast Barley!
Mixo - 6 hours ago
The barley is my mum realy -_-
Danya Dor
Danya Dor - 6 hours ago
0:04 там натпись b4rl3y
Za Leaf
Za Leaf - 6 hours ago
"It's on the house"
Kreyk_Sergey b
Kreyk_Sergey b - 6 hours ago
Жалко деномайкк
Evelyn Abad
Evelyn Abad - 6 hours ago
0:43 Emz is legit ignoring the fire next to poco
Bleiz 228
Bleiz 228 - 6 hours ago
Анимация классная
Game Isolator
Game Isolator - 7 hours ago
0:48 new Starpower piper revealed her shot will bounce
Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! - 7 hours ago
0:06 crow is on a date
Mr blue
Mr blue - 7 hours ago
If you notice barely is only throwing at the people who threatened him
But everyone wanted to kill him
Mr blue
Mr blue - 7 hours ago
So barley thought that el primo wanted to kill him by spilling his drink 🍷 Barely also tried to kill el primo but killed Jessie
Steve Rivera
Steve Rivera - 7 hours ago
When are you making a brawl theme park?!
101 - 7 hours ago
1:21 I love this music
Бандитка Шелли
قناة موسيقى Music channel
ShowGu - Brawl Stars
ShowGu - Brawl Stars - 7 hours ago
Brawl Stars Animation: Barley's Last Call! Бравл Старс Анимация: Барли И Последний Звонок!
Mr blue
Mr blue - 7 hours ago
Supercell made this for fun
Mr blue
Mr blue - 7 hours ago
This also looks like a Pixar short but supercell
Fyberz Aiden
Fyberz Aiden - 8 hours ago
Fyberz Aiden
Fyberz Aiden - 8 hours ago
My mom seeing I was playing on my pc at 1 am at night
Cristina Garcia
Cristina Garcia - 8 hours ago
The real villain is nita
Cristina Garcia
Cristina Garcia - 8 hours ago
What is common in these animation is dinamike is always lighting up his tnt sticks
Екатерина Мотронюк
Pikachu GamerYT_ofc
Pikachu GamerYT_ofc - 8 hours ago
Só eu que penso q se a nota n tivesse tacado o garfo isso n teria acontecido
Tərlan pro
Tərlan pro - 8 hours ago
MƏN hərdən oyun udurpam amma 0 kupa verir
hulksmash5718 - 8 hours ago
TheRoyalT-Rex 76
TheRoyalT-Rex 76 - 8 hours ago
Poor Barley he just wants a clean bar
Evelyn Abad
Evelyn Abad - 6 hours ago
He ended up destroying his bar tryna keep it clean
Mr Oty
Mr Oty - 8 hours ago
Barleys gadget idea : barley gets his super full 1:04
use 1 per game
F. B. I
F. B. I - 8 hours ago
barley : gets extremely angty cause his bar is ruined.
also barley : destroys it even more.
джефф, кил
джефф, кил - 9 hours ago
Mini Baby
Mini Baby - 9 hours ago
0:06 Bibi and Crow?ಠಿ_ಠ
Gamer - 9 hours ago
Или бааарс стааарс😂👌👏
Noah Winfiel
Noah Winfiel - 9 hours ago
Yo look at those chain supers 1:03
Наталья Ним
Наталья Ним - 9 hours ago
DarklyJake - 9 hours ago
Jessie was just drinking elixir chill
Bradley Dees
Bradley Dees - 10 hours ago
Everyone is worried that Jessie is in a bar but everyone ignored Nita. Isn’t Nita young too?
Sleep Less
Sleep Less - 10 hours ago
whoa whoa whoa thats soo much likes almost a millon likes i was not expicting tghat holly crap
Zappys BS
Zappys BS - 10 hours ago
0:17 reminds me of the days I got chased in showdown by throwers
Глеб Дудко
Глеб Дудко - 10 hours ago
Не пойму что спровоцировало вспышку ярости
Brandon Loera Landa
Brandon Loera Landa - 10 hours ago
Adriano Rogerio Manoel
Adriano Rogerio Manoel - 11 hours ago
I love barley
imastar489 - 11 hours ago
if you play the thing in reverse starting from 0:20 it still makes sense
Samurai X
Samurai X - 11 hours ago
I wonder what Lady Kairos will think after this video
Minty TicTac
Minty TicTac - 11 hours ago
At the end i see pocos guitar destroyed, meaning he most probably got rekt by barley. But poco was techinally working at barleys bar as a musician for entertainment kinda. Sooooo, why is he dead?
Илюха Находка
Илюха Находка - 12 hours ago
and тоб ккубков
Илюха Находка
Илюха Находка - 12 hours ago
Hello give me my friends their nicknames Макс385 me nickname илюха22. ,Софийка🤗
Mighty408g - 12 hours ago
Did no one see Bibi running from the fire?
Vex Ore
Vex Ore - 12 hours ago
Wat is my barleys gatyed
CARTOON CATTV - 12 hours ago
the dog BS? sorry
the dog BS? sorry - 12 hours ago
0:33 when you open a mega box with 6 objets
1:03 but is a gadget
Jacob Sromalski
Jacob Sromalski - 12 hours ago
This is why you never mess with Barley
No One YT
No One YT - 12 hours ago
Primo: Doesn't use coaster
Barley: *So you have chosen death*
Testy Vanya
Testy Vanya - 12 hours ago
ОЧЕНЬ КРУТО СДЕЛАНО👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Netafaly._ - 13 hours ago
this dude went on mass genocide because a Mexican luchador wasn't using a coaster
lelia rejane
lelia rejane - 13 hours ago
Muito bem feita 👏👏😎
Josue Galo
Josue Galo - 13 hours ago
Am Nita in that animation I eat with the hands 🤣
Jvsts jv
Jvsts jv - 13 hours ago
Jessie bebendo?
Arturo Moreno
Arturo Moreno - 13 hours ago
Ariel Alessander
Ariel Alessander - 13 hours ago
I like the song
Any Kine
Any Kine - 13 hours ago
Tara:Hey thats my thing 0:35
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