Joe Rogan Experience #1376 - Artie Lange

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dakotab291 - 22 hours ago
That halfway house story about kid with tourettes, omg I'm dying! ( I know I spelled it wrong lol)
Michael Clark
Michael Clark - Day ago
Artie buphenorphine os a antagonist while suboxone has naloxone in it ,I was on methadone for 20 years the china white 90% in 1968 then n.a. a.a, meetings for last 20 years and therapy the sackler family should be imprisoned
Murray Roodbaard
Murray Roodbaard - Day ago
Did he have plastic surgery or did he always look like an Ewok and i just never noticed?
Tim - Day ago
I'm glad Artie is alive.
tj Pitt33
tj Pitt33 - Day ago
So glad to see him looking healthy and not nodding off.
Naughty Monkey
Naughty Monkey - 2 days ago
To anyone who has an opinion or cares about drug addiction/ substance abuse on any level, be it through direct personal experience or otherwise, please find a brilliant book by Johann Hari titled "Chasing The Scream".. it will change the way you think.
Janie Swayngim
Janie Swayngim - 2 days ago
Hands down best podcast guest. I never thought I'd see Artie sober. Ive got 18 months clean and it's a rollercoaster even now. I pray he never goes back because we heroin addicts don't usually survive that relapse. And I adore this man. I don't think there's any comedian more endearing then Artie. Love you Artie. It's cliche but remember in bad times "This too shall pass." ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Hot Tuna
Hot Tuna - 2 days ago
Been clean from alcohol for a week! So excited to keep this going I feel so much better than I did a week ago, every day is a new opportunity to be better and stay clean.
I listen to interviews like these to help keep me motivated!
gary lee
gary lee - 2 days ago
I love this guy   for real for real    thank you artie
Samuel Porras
Samuel Porras - 2 days ago
There isn’t a comedian I love more than Art and Norm.
Derek Brant
Derek Brant - 2 days ago
I love you Artie ur the best
coleslawtho - 2 days ago
Some sort of ghetto Tourette’s
Hell manns
Hell manns - 3 days ago
Norm macdonald re created that Andy Dick scenario on his show. It's the funniest thing that I ever saw. Andy Dick is in it btw.
Hell manns
Hell manns - 3 days ago
I've read Arties books and listened to him through his entire time on Stern and attended four of his stand up appearances in New York. To hear him like this is so moving to me. I was always hopeful for him though, being that I'm in the program myself. I hope he realizes how many lives he's helping by being this honest.
Crackles McFarly
Crackles McFarly - 5 days ago
Mr. Clean DMT interviews the Beached Heroin Whale man and we learn he has lost more money gambling than most American families earn in 15 lifetimes. Such bravery.
Crackles McFarly
Crackles McFarly - 5 days ago
Clean Artie? THIS VIDEO makes 6 videos of Artie 'being sober' and that last 5 times ole Artie fell off the wagon each time. Each time he was optimistic and full of hope and seemed sincere and seemed honest. Artie's biggest problem is his access to MONEY! Someone in his family should be in control of his money, not even let him use a debit card. Without that money you can't keep a $2,000 per day habit. MONEY is Artie's biggest problem. DRUGS are not free.
Crackles McFarly
Crackles McFarly - 5 days ago
123 Percocet's? 10/325 , he has to be exaggerating that 123 number of pills..... 10mg oxycodone each would be 1,230 MG of Oxycodone AND 325mg Acetaminophen x 123 = ? WAY LESS than 123 Percocet's would KILL you! About 20 MAYBE 25 Percocets in 24 hours, MAYBE would be livable... Your Liver, Kidneys would stop and your lungs would Stop working way before the 123rd Percocet.. Artie Needs to tell that 'story' again....
Hennimore - 5 days ago
Artie is so stuck in the past. Dude is 52 and still telling stories about little league like it's the Stern Show. I'm glad the dude is doing better but christ, get a new act. It's the same shit with this dude.
stelio kontos
stelio kontos - 6 days ago
Trisha Hughes
Trisha Hughes - 6 days ago
Artie fascinates me.
Rick Howard
Rick Howard - 6 days ago
If u want to help kids u should properly inform them - u don’t have to snort glass or get punched for your nose to collapse from coke - regular use will cut off blood supply to the septum and before u know it that shit will vanish take care of your nez use saline give it time to heal stay safe - this message brought to u by bignosecaptainseptum and the church of Latter Day Saints
Shareef Taylor
Shareef Taylor - 6 days ago
The rare comedian that is funnier when he's sober.
Devix - 6 days ago
This cast is gonna be a buddy for a lot of people trying to get off the stuff, I can tell.
GCF - 5 days ago
My old man was a long shore man.
justin Kassel
justin Kassel - 7 days ago
105 days clean from heroin today!
kanifala m
kanifala m - 7 days ago
That big black women porn Heyyyyyy! story hurt my sides💀💀💀
Matt Marino
Matt Marino - 10 days ago
Artie is probably the best sponsor in history
Andy Astengo
Andy Astengo - 10 days ago
I feel bad, i was drinking throughout this whole episode.. just finished my 4th tall can of Mickeys
Frank Grimes
Frank Grimes - 10 days ago
I don’t laugh out loud often at all but there where two or three times I had to stop what I was doing.
X F - 10 days ago
I’ve been listening to Stern since the 80’s. Artie was great on the show. I think the show has gotten bad lately. All phony phone calls which aren’t funny. Tradio calls are not funny. Stern is a Hollywood leftist libtard. But.....anyway.....Artie finally has a new glint in his eyes, and he’s talking well. I think he might actually make it this time. His nose looks awful, but he seems more lively now.
Jon Neiss
Jon Neiss - 10 days ago
He's from my home town. Didn't know him, but, you know, guy I know...his mother, knew Artie Lange's mother, that type of thing. Just to say, amazing comedian. And I hope he knows that plenty of us, from his hometown, just wish him the best, wish him real happiness in life beyond all the difficulties.
YomaanMand - 10 days ago
I really love this episode, didn't know artie before watching the two episodes with joe. the ONLY thing that pisses me off is the audio...watching at night, when they get laughing fits I get frustrated where because it's so goddamn loud, normally I'd laugh "with them". reallyyy bothers me :(
Trvp_Dude - 11 days ago
That Rosie Odonell story was so fucking funny that I almost crashed my car because i couldn’t see due to the tears in my eyes 😂 I didnt mind at all though! Glad ur sober Artie!
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho - 11 days ago
He looks real clear tho his eyes look good
Chris B
Chris B - 11 days ago
Artie Lange talking about "everyone has a story" and then makes it where he wants his story to be more important than theirs.
teo klein
teo klein - 12 days ago
46:01 Hai :-) 1:19:19 3:16 5:20
Marcus Lager
Marcus Lager - 12 days ago
Bloods 'n' crips dancin' to the Sound Of Music.
- A poet
Alexander Cahoulan
Alexander Cahoulan - 12 days ago
wow he sounds good. good for him
Skydrag.V60 - 12 days ago
Thank you Artie, your stories have legitimately taken effect on me to kick my addictions.
christdolphin69 - 12 days ago
"luckily im not addicted to anything bad, just pool and the gym" -Joe 'Maniacally Obsessive Weed Addict' Rogan
Brandon 203
Brandon 203 - 12 days ago
Ok i got a question only people in the life would be able to answer. When and why did they stop labeling Oxy’s with OC on the pill ? Man, we had a great hook up / friend on 80’s and twenty’s. I know you have name brand and generic but as far as I can tell they do not exist anymore. Only Generics
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - 12 days ago
Thank you Artie and Joe. I have not laughed this hard in ages. Glad to see Artie doing well.
Alan Lloyd
Alan Lloyd - 13 days ago
Artie looks like Kenny Rogers after KR got plastic surgery
Anthony McKinney
Anthony McKinney - 13 days ago
This kind of show does more to explain addiction than entire reference books.
Thank you both!
Chris A
Chris A - 13 days ago
Never heard Rogan laugh this hard this many times
D Ford
D Ford - 13 days ago
I love you guys as much as a man can love a man and it not be gay
Jason D
Jason D - 13 days ago
Could you imagine the downloads if you had Dr Drew on your show? I hear him say all the time he'd love to.
Stephen Wordsworth
Stephen Wordsworth - 13 days ago
It's amazing. It's like watching a different person.
Josh Doehring
Josh Doehring - 13 days ago
It's 2020 and Artie Lange is still many people have ever done more heroin than Artie there's not to many people who have 15 years of heroin experience while making millions a year.. miracle hopefully he can keep it going
Monika Becker
Monika Becker - 13 days ago
This is one my favorite podcast interviews. Hilarious! Peace and love Artie ❤️
Alex Kingcole
Alex Kingcole - 14 days ago
Artie's face morphed from plastic surgery.
itzAyden - 14 days ago
This episode felt like natural conversation. Good luck Artie!
Tim Grahn
Tim Grahn - 14 days ago
Gotta love Artie...
The House that Jack Built
come on buddy stay off it....
Alex Griffith
Alex Griffith - 15 days ago
This is one of the best episodes of all time man I love artie so much
brian pitts
brian pitts - 15 days ago
john rogan needs to let artie talk cause he's funny. good interview though
Omi is a snitch
Omi is a snitch - 15 days ago
I'm trying to kick but I can't
Zed Zerps
Zed Zerps - 15 days ago
FFS Artie. Be well and move on.
CreampieMytroll - 13 days ago
Zed Zerps
Zed Zerps - 15 days ago
Blow owns you. It's all you will ever talk about if your doing it or not.
Quinton Winslow
Quinton Winslow - 16 days ago
Joe “I’ve never done heroin,” Rogan
335xi Boost
335xi Boost - 16 days ago
Glad to see Artie on the right path
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