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THE PRINCE FAMILY - 9 days ago
Trapped With The Prince Family Reality Show Will Air Here On This Channel December 28th, 2019!! Subscribe Now & Turn On Notifications To Watch This Amazing Show!!
Unapologetically Tawanna Skyy
THE PRINCE FAMILY I can't wait❤️❤️❤️
JustMoney YT
JustMoney YT - 5 days ago
THE PRINCE FAMILY this finna be 🔥
Krissy Jay
Krissy Jay - 5 days ago
THE PRINCE FAMILY sub to my channel y’all
Kalissa Rogers
Kalissa Rogers - 5 days ago
THE PRINCE FAMILY omg it comes out on my birthday!
Jaida Vance
Jaida Vance - 5 days ago
This show need to be coming out earlier osrs🤣 cause it looks like it’s cracking
Vanesa Ignacio
Vanesa Ignacio - Hour ago
This going to be lit
Officially Daniya
Officially Daniya - 19 hours ago
Golden Italy
Golden Italy - 20 hours ago
im wating on itt :):)
Monica Martinez
Monica Martinez - 20 hours ago
Em always looking basic asf😂🤦‍♀️
Brianna’s Life
Brianna’s Life - Day ago
this finna be bomb ash
William Estrada
William Estrada - Day ago
Nay Cee
Nay Cee - Day ago
Who remembers the other reality show they did before w the OGs part 2 coming thur
Kelly Jo
Kelly Jo - Day ago
I’m ready for this !
Jannelle De Los Santos
Love your videos post notifications on
Joseph Folds
Joseph Folds - Day ago
Im ready
Lisa Diva
Lisa Diva - Day ago
Okurrtt!!! This gone be lit👌🔥🔥🔥💯
Emelia Pettigrew
Emelia Pettigrew - Day ago
Ready for this!!!!
Im from Connecticut
NiKKi LeiLaNi
NiKKi LeiLaNi - 2 days ago
Yessss i cant waiit
HustlaWyfe - 2 days ago
ouuuuuuuuuuu im tuned in like a mf!
dede Bradley
dede Bradley - 2 days ago
I cannot wait!!!!
Eliz - 2 days ago
This is amazing, I can't wait....
Courtney Sanders
Courtney Sanders - 2 days ago
Man I can’t wait
Cloudy_ Rose
Cloudy_ Rose - Day ago
@Keekee's Fire did you hear they said it will be aired on THIS channle
Keekee's Fire
Keekee's Fire - Day ago
What channel will it be aired on? ?
kennedy cyl
kennedy cyl - 2 days ago
this show gonna be lit asf and thats ongg🔥🔥
Miguel Television
Miguel Television - 3 days ago
YouTube really is the wave . I should seriously put my all into it and start uploading videos
Hermit of the Ozarks
Hermit of the Ozarks - 3 days ago
Gen x buddy
The Amanda Show
The Amanda Show - 3 days ago
Cant wait
Adeyemi Oluwatofunmi
Adeyemi Oluwatofunmi - 3 days ago
Oh my God !!!!!!! Just the trailer alone and it's this amaaaaaaazing!!! I Seriously can't wait...if you were smiling throughout the video, let's know ourselves 👍😀🙋🙋🙋🙋
Jadeen Pillay
Jadeen Pillay - 3 days ago
Whaaat? 👀😁😁😁 this looks absolutely amazing 😭😭😭 I can't wait to watch this 😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Dorothy - 3 days ago
Ayeeeee but I know I’m late😂
Felicia Hernandez
Felicia Hernandez - 3 days ago
Oowe it looks like it's gonna be a good show..I can't wait to see it.
ADVENTURES OF KEE - 3 days ago
What Is The Show Gone Be About Though?
Chrissy Laws
Chrissy Laws - 3 days ago
Yesss I can’t wait y’all don’t see no YouTuber doing this at all 🅿️❤️
Unapologetically Tawanna Skyy
Kyneisha Rivers
Kyneisha Rivers - 3 days ago
I cannot waaaaaiiiiit😩‼️‼️‼️
Olivia Pierre
Olivia Pierre - 3 days ago
Whaaaat !!! Okaaay
Justice Navarro
Justice Navarro - 3 days ago
Destany Crabtree
Destany Crabtree - 3 days ago
Yall spelt experience wrong lmao
Amanda Bosteder
Amanda Bosteder - 3 days ago
They spelled it like that on purpose lol 😂
Zyeria Casson
Zyeria Casson - 3 days ago
when y’all gone put it on here
Jada White
Jada White - 3 days ago
I love y'all
Maria Weekes
Maria Weekes - 3 days ago
I'm readdddddyyyyyy
Margaret Thompson
Margaret Thompson - 3 days ago
Am ready gang gang gang bringing those bangers🤘🤘🤘❤❤❤❤
Samya Washington
Samya Washington - 4 days ago
Come to buffalo
Samya Washington
Samya Washington - 3 days ago
Morgz Vlogz
Morgz Vlogz - 4 days ago
Why they tryna act lkke the housewives of potomac at 1:18 😅
So Chic
So Chic - 3 days ago
Morgz Vlogz LMAO this show is a mess just like this channel
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