Stephen Colbert Learns How To Act Like A Kiwi In Wellington, New Zealand

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Squirrel Nutz
Squirrel Nutz - 3 hours ago
Not funny.
Jeffrey Marcum
Jeffrey Marcum - 8 hours ago
I actually wouldn't mind living there.
Asethet - 19 hours ago
As a New Zealander in my 30's this is the first time I've ever heard it called a "Toastie Pie"
Kees Manuel
Kees Manuel - 2 days ago
Greetings to the people of New Zealand from
Daniel Solomon
Daniel Solomon - 3 days ago
When i was younger, i needed the money lol
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Tom Varga
Tom Varga - 8 days ago
New Zealand food: shows pavlova

Australians Have left the chat
RAWR Gaming with Mr. T
RAWR Gaming with Mr. T - 10 days ago
isn't he stealing Conans bit?
dakneedee - 11 days ago
I lived there for a year on a working holiday visa.. healthcare was not free even though I paid the exact same taxes as everybody else. No subsidies at all in fact. So just a warning to anyone thinking of visiting.. you will need insurance.

Also the wind in Wellington will probably drive you mad.. they either got lucky when they filmed this or they held off shooting for weeks to catch the one moment the weather was calm.
World Traveller
World Traveller - 13 days ago
Haha love my kiwi brothers and sisters but bloody hell our cultures are similar when it comes to words and food 🤣
Tribal Sky
Tribal Sky - 13 days ago
Should of got him to try a Mince and Cheese Pie and Fish and Chips
Ash Handa
Ash Handa - 14 days ago
Invite Justin Trudeau PM Of Canada please Thanks Stephen
Asif Abrar
Asif Abrar - 15 days ago
Stephen looks like Bryan Cranston without those glasses.😮
Poor Boi
Poor Boi - 16 days ago
2:55 lmao
zulukilocharlie - 16 days ago
He did nail that "yeah nah" though. Credit where credits due
Mauritius Dunfagel
Mauritius Dunfagel - 17 days ago
God, what a civilized place NZ is!
Kunal Gajjal
Kunal Gajjal - 17 days ago
Last seconds of the video is hilarious! New Zealaaaaaaaaaaaannnnd.
If you know what that means hit like 😂
blackmagic woman
blackmagic woman - 18 days ago
Inspired by Conan O'Brian remotes???
C H E R C O E - 18 days ago
@ 4:14 - left the Pavlova behind!?!
Samuel Khasin
Samuel Khasin - 19 days ago
God, that woman is like in her 50s and still gorgeous.
Knarf Nil
Knarf Nil - 19 days ago
7:45 Genius, ROFL. 😂

Damn, New Zealanders all seem like a big, happy family!
Boov - 20 days ago
piscesman74 - 20 days ago
Lucy Lawless is so yummy
Atty Tatty
Atty Tatty - 22 days ago
Lucy MF Lawless ✊🏽
Mainak Mukhopadhyay
Mainak Mukhopadhyay - 22 days ago
Them kiwis are good at taking food insults
Doodle Bean
Doodle Bean - 23 days ago
Shocked that they didnt sing the te reo version of the anthem lmao
C Thomas
C Thomas - 23 days ago
One of the best things about this is the language difference. As a Brit it's pretty funny hearing Americans saying wanker on TV when saying jackoff would be bleeped. It's one of those weird little things that's somehow managed to get past the network censors. Lucy clearly gets it, tosser would probably be cut in both NZ and the UK.
Dream AV
Dream AV - 26 days ago
Marmite is English, Vegemite is Australian.
Sausage Sizzle started in Australia. Fairy bread is Australian.
Kelsey Doyle
Kelsey Doyle - 26 days ago
Love that they go to the most American kiwi bar. What’s with the California flag? Lol
Captain Brandon Horror Film Lover
Yeah I'm a Yank and I also wondered "Hmm wait, do bars way down under in New Zealand seem United States-obsessed like some parts of the globe? Or is that merely set decoration?" I pondered. lol I'm so jealous of Stephen, though, as I _ALWAYS_ wanted to visit New Zealand! Ugh.
H H - 26 days ago
Lol Californian flag in New Zealand
Forya Beats
Forya Beats - 27 days ago
Stephen sure enjoys himself being an American.
John Rokzz
John Rokzz - 29 days ago
This not a good trip for him😭😭he should've Play cricket with them and that makes the whole trip complete package😞
merenutts - Month ago
Love the bro who said to be a Kiwi you have to be able to give a hongi ❤️❤️ Yass!!
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett - Month ago
“You have not achieved bun technology”
MagentaRoseRed - Month ago
Kiwis in the wild would never spontaneously start singing the national anthem.
Also, "Brit McKenzie" lol
Jess Horsfield
Jess Horsfield - Month ago
Thank God they left the Maori translation of the anthem out hahahaha
upekha draupadhi Rajapaksha
Xena... brings back memories. we were crazy about her as kids
Emmanuel Gaviero
Emmanuel Gaviero - Month ago
You are so refreshing, that I just forgot Trump was real!!!!
Jim Nichols
Jim Nichols - Month ago
What a totally delightful episode!
MT Yankin
MT Yankin - Month ago
I am dying here with Stephen's version of the New Zealand national anthem.
kocur fist
kocur fist - Month ago
colbert is such a tool. way to disrespect your country and then disrespect their national anthem. very classy.
Jenny De Noche
Jenny De Noche - Month ago
Xena 🖤
Andreas Oloan Sihotang
Everyone say their first love was kimberly pink ranger...but this badass woman was my crush when i was a little shrimp
Emma Bennet
Emma Bennet - Month ago
how much of your national economy is based on whimsy?
Eri' Carey
Eri' Carey - Month ago
Churrrrrrr lolol, stennnnk they forgot to teach you that word Stevey. LOL
Linda McPherson
Linda McPherson - Month ago
How much BS was in this video... " sweet as" and " ay" yes is right ... snag in bread, jaffles, cmon... the slip of Vegemite and crocs......
Phoebe Millwood
Phoebe Millwood - Month ago
They missed any recognition of Maori as part of being a nzer and only did the English part of the national anthem. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Ummmmmm mm fail shoulda had guy Williams tour u he wouldn't have fucked that up
jon taylor
jon taylor - Month ago
no. it's not like italian food.
Susan Venter
Susan Venter - Month ago
Can't wait to have New Zealand as my new home in the new year.
Brian Kolia
Brian Kolia - Month ago
Huh? No meat pies?
Løng Phåm
Løng Phåm - Month ago
You see Xena warrior princess, they see Lucy Lawless, but I see Lucretia.
Luxury LAS
Luxury LAS - Month ago
Love the Kiwi iconic foods, but we have some incredible cuisine to enjoy...hope you got to try some Stephen!
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - Month ago
pie in my lifetime
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - Month ago
As a kiwi this was hard to watch because of how accurate it was
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - Month ago
"Toasted Pie" ...I am a Kiwi and I was like what on earth is a toasted pie? I expected to see mince and cheese inside it haha. Brett screwed up on that one, It is just a toasted
Famebright Studio
Famebright Studio - Month ago
If god evades New Zealand, might be a pretty great place! And how is nobody mentioning how much more attractive Lucy is now than back in the Xena days?
T S - Month ago
ok Baizuo 🙄
Adriana - Month ago
1:32 is a lie. We call it a toasted sandwich or just a toastie.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt - Month ago
Lucy Lawless is trying so hard it's almost like a racist parody of a New Zealander, using as many kiwi-isms as she possibly can. Also, toasty pie? Always known it as just a
Dylan Jackson
Dylan Jackson - Month ago
All their food they had was more Aussie. I mean vegemite. And sausage sizzles? Every Saturday at Bunnings you can grab a snag.
Uwais Asmal
Uwais Asmal - Month ago
You have not yet achieved bun technology 😂😂😂😂😂
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei - Month ago
Americans are unmistakable when among other cultures.
Adopted By Samurai
Adopted By Samurai - Month ago
Im a kiwi and when americans come into my work to buy a pie they are always asking what 'mince' is lol. Hard not to laugh.
Johnny Annan
Johnny Annan - Month ago
We have Us Military in Feilding, have helped with pie selection a few times.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei - Month ago I laughed so hard. Yep , that,s what it is to be a kiwi. Tom Cruse lived down the road while he was shooting "The Last Samurai." Nobody care less. He was just a blo
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