Rami Malek Responds to Awkward Nicole Kidman Moment

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Moran Uliel
Moran Uliel - Hour ago
So humble that I'm melting here!
ARMY OF BANGTAN - 6 hours ago
I only came here for Rami
So Chicana
So Chicana - 8 hours ago
Can somebody put him in a movie set in 1940's? He reminds me so much of old Hollywood 😍
ohmeelo - 9 hours ago
Annoying!!!!! He ask question and then cut off rami when he about to explain. Let him speak pls!
lolipop - 10 hours ago
He so handsome
Zara - 12 hours ago
His posture makes me mad
Bret Lynne
Bret Lynne - 12 hours ago
Could Rami be any cuter?!?!
Jayea - 13 hours ago
Billie Posters
Billie Posters - 14 hours ago
yee yee
yee yee - 14 hours ago
*”it was absolutely bananas”*
Nuna Bidness
Nuna Bidness - 17 hours ago
Rami needed to make this appearance in a sheer shirt just like he did when he was first promo-omg Bohemian Rhapsody.
belleliving - 17 hours ago
Guns N’ Roses saw the movie in Mexico a day before a concert✌🏻
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth R - 19 hours ago
can we please find this Paul McCartney photo
Rosanna Sotomayor
Rosanna Sotomayor - 20 hours ago
Rami has been one of my most favorite and down to earth actors. He's just so talented and honest. Love him, wish him nothing but the best.
A CROOKODILE - 21 hour ago
What do you call a thieving alligator ?...

Read my name
min may Ngo
min may Ngo - Day ago
So proud of him, seeing him from being an underdog in Until Damn, rising to be a Hollywood superstar. He deserves recognition, finally.
Muhammad Sorour Entertainment
حد عربى هنا ؟ رامى مالك عمر الشريف القادم
Lord Jock
Lord Jock - Day ago
I wonder how this interview would have gone if Fallon had given Rami the opportunity to actually answer the questions without constantly interrupting him. I am interested in what Rami has to say as I think he is an exceedingly interesting person, ever since i watched him in The Pacific as Snafu but all Fallon did was interrupt him. Geeze what a wanker.
ilove her but she love Pennywise
i got confuse for a moment that i really scrolled up to see if its Fallon..LOL you made my day man
Lord Jock
Lord Jock - 23 hours ago
+Br AM Yeah I wouldnt know the difference as the only time I see these guys in on youtube .I felt he was very rude in not allowing Rami to at least answer his questions .
Br AM - Day ago
Its kimmel..but fallon does the same thing to his guest so it understandable why youd make a mistake
mediacenter man
mediacenter man - Day ago
He always looks ill. Could do with a good meal and hit the gym.
Luis Torres
Luis Torres - Day ago
2:41 Jimmy is a savage lol
Roshan Thakur
Roshan Thakur - Day ago
i donot know what they are talking in video but in comment box i know what u guys are talking about
nikolas cruz's girl
I remember seeing him as Joshua, in Until dawn. He always had something special, and his skills are amazing, but I never thought he will have so many chances and career.
Well, God bless you, Rami 💝
Sapphire Lee
Sapphire Lee - Day ago
Graham Vowell
Graham Vowell - Day ago
He looks like a skinny hodgetwin. Lol
Neptune Rider
Neptune Rider - Day ago
A fellow Coptic Christian guy in Cali. Amazing to see him as the best actor
Mg Beatz
Mg Beatz - Day ago
I know this guy from the pacific wow, great actor!
Konex Matrix
Konex Matrix - Day ago
Great actor
tom jary
tom jary - Day ago
😅😅 that's awkward 😳
Mayooshi.C - Day ago
I could not get through this because Jimmy was unbearable. Let the person you're interviewing finish a sentence!
Jake and Lili
Jake and Lili - 2 days ago
Jesus Christ Jimmy, keep your trap shut for 5 seconds.
ASIANCEUS - 2 days ago
Jae Ro
Jae Ro - 2 days ago
Me enamoré de Rami❤️
Ca Marsh
Ca Marsh - 2 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel sucks
Mrs Botwin
Mrs Botwin - 2 days ago
I saw Queen twice so i'm not so moved by this trend
Neil Cowling
Neil Cowling - 2 days ago
Unwatchable. What an annoying host.
Anastasiya Solomatina
Anastasiya Solomatina - 2 days ago
Where the photo with Paul McCartney???
Hoang Vo
Hoang Vo - 2 days ago
Hey it's snafu
Natalie Denno
Natalie Denno - 2 days ago
Doesn't anyone else think he's on drugs looks high as hell
chatterbox11 - 2 days ago
All these comments about interrupting are funny because it is as if these posters have never seen a Jimmy Kimmel interview. He is this way with every guest. I get people may not like it, but how can anyone be surprised? I rarely watch his show and I know this is how he is. He doesn’t care, he is not going to change at this stage in his career, and he doesn’t read or pay any attention to comments on YouTube. I would say if you want to see a Rami Malek interview where he doesn’t get interrupted, then watch a clip where he is interviewed by someone else—there are numerous other interviews of him. As for Rami, he is a big boy and can handle himself.
Carrie Mitchell
Carrie Mitchell - 2 days ago
I love him
emmcx - 2 days ago
actually i met him in night at the museum, and i fell in love with him ♥
Jimm - 2 days ago
Look at all these people in the comment section talking about how nice and polite Rami is like they know him personally lol
That said he's a great actor and I like him
hhb - pcy
hhb - pcy - 2 days ago
Son of my country 😭❤❤💕💕💕
Anthony T
Anthony T - 2 days ago
hhb - pcy yea but he’s Coptic not a disgusting Muslim pig
Anthony T
Anthony T - 2 days ago
Jimmy is insecure because Rami is egyptian coptic
The Sufi M.D
The Sufi M.D - 2 days ago
Thats my Arab brethren.
Jonathan Lidbetter
Jonathan Lidbetter - 2 days ago
Why can't American interviewers let their guests talk? Give me Graham Norton or Alan Carr any day
Skeet skeet Brapp brapp
shut up Jimmy you doughy faced bastard
Margot - 2 days ago
Freddie left too early. That's why Rami has kind of 'fallen' into his place. Such a tragedy.
arjai figueroa
arjai figueroa - 2 days ago
2:22 if you came here looking for the response. You're Welcome.
Ugi XXI - 2 days ago
Omg pleaseeee let him speak for God's sake
clarice tat
clarice tat - 2 days ago
When there’s hierarchy...
White Maxine
White Maxine - 2 days ago
Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens - 2 days ago
Dis sho is too dark, but my bruddas, de wae is de light! Follo de light my bruddas, and we will find de wae!
Jefferson Daniel
Jefferson Daniel - 2 days ago
He looks like the guy from until dawn
I am Vannia
I am Vannia - 2 days ago
Its because he is Josh from Until Dawn
JaNeeda V
JaNeeda V - 2 days ago
Ffs..let rami speak dipshit😤😒
RCPRO B - 2 days ago
Eww jimmy Kimmel
mickavellian - 2 days ago
This man has conquered EVERYONES heart.. what an utter down to earth funny AMAZING artist.
Dance with Nidhi
Dance with Nidhi - 2 days ago
So humble and polite! Wish him all the success.. such a likeable guy..
Mainak Das
Mainak Das - 2 days ago
He is so

Rami Malek
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts - 2 days ago
My prediction came true! Congratulations Rami!
Janice Eakin
Janice Eakin - 2 days ago
He is so cool!
Glam Barbie
Glam Barbie - 2 days ago
Any small or big Youtubers want to support each other?💖✨💜
Isaias Torres
Isaias Torres - 2 days ago
If he portrayed Freddie Mercury this guy is going places he's a great great actor and he is really going to go places.
Николай Милош
Been there, done that.
Peter Briceno
Peter Briceno - 2 days ago
Is he drunk or high or something ?> lol
Eugene Pougatch
Eugene Pougatch - 2 days ago
My god Kimmel can be so obnoxious.
Linda Licata
Linda Licata - 2 days ago
Rami is a great actor. He might become another Leonardo DiCaprio!
Cerbyo - 2 days ago
He seems so excited haha. Good for him.
Goofy - 3 days ago
4:01 the sound your car makes when you try to start it on an empty tank.
Anthony T
Anthony T - 2 days ago
DL4NY - 3 days ago
God, Jimmy Kimmel. Stop talking over your guests!
AvoidingVoid - 3 days ago
The jealousy in Jimmy is embarrassing for him actually.
Rami is NOT an overnight success. He paid his dues and it's just simply his time. Just because YOU didn't know of him 5 yrs ago doesn't mean he wasn't working his ass off just to get booked.
I'm sorry to say but Jimmy went full Caucasian on Rami. Nice things are not reserved for Caucasians only Jimmy!
Take it all Rami you deserve it ALL!!!
Will Bolinger
Will Bolinger - 3 days ago
Oh man!!!!! That's totally happened to me before... just not with Nicole Kidman on stage at the Golden Globes.
ZeprarexVII - 3 days ago
This the dude who stripped in the NFS Movie?
Jasmine Chai
Jasmine Chai - 3 days ago
Jimmy, you are a professional interviewer, please let the interviewee actually finish his or her response to your question before you ask another question.
g mrtns
g mrtns - 3 days ago
I really like Rami but I still can’t believe he’s the front runner to win an Oscar over so many BETTER performances in MUCH BETTER movies
PT Sam
PT Sam - 3 days ago
Kimmel sounds so jealous LMAO
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen - 3 days ago
Kimmel is becoming Fallen....it’s all about me!
Ms Sunshine
Ms Sunshine - 3 days ago
So so happy he won!!!!!!!!!!! haters cry more
JestKairos - 3 days ago
Enjoyed Rami in the Until Dawn video game :P
ed303 - 3 days ago
Horrible.. always interrupting and not able to let the guest speak.. awful
Vante - 3 days ago
he's so pretty oOo
yassen akrum
yassen akrum - 3 days ago
We have Mo Salah in football and we have Rami Malik in acting .
This is Egypt🇪🇬......❤️✌🇪🇬✌
yassen akrum
yassen akrum - 14 hours ago
+The Casino what do you mean....????????
The Casino
The Casino - 19 hours ago
Egypt is were black magic is from
yassen akrum
yassen akrum - Day ago
Yes it is....But I love Cristiano more than Messi and Mo Salah😅😅 +Mustafa 90
Mustafa 90
Mustafa 90 - Day ago
I am egyptian but messi is a miracle of football. No doubt
yassen akrum
yassen akrum - 2 days ago
you're right>>>>>>But we've also Pyramids🇪🇬😂😂✌ +Ignacio Gutt
3000 subscribers with no videos
Ayyy it is Josh from Until Dawn.
varmint tank
varmint tank - 3 days ago
Love mr robot
juan carlos Pacheco Jara
Nicole Kidman stupid !!!
Coconut Head
Coconut Head - 3 days ago
No wonder we Brits like him, he’s not one of them fake Hollywood actors and instead comes across genuine and humble
Coconut Head
Coconut Head - 3 days ago
+osvie01 Triggered?
osvie01 - 3 days ago
Yeah, where was the love from you guys when he was first announced that he was going to play Freddie Mercury. You guys were bitching and moaning about Sacha Baron Cohen. While us Yanks were basically saying to relax, he is an amazing actor and he is not going to let anyone down. It's different now that he succeeded, right?
Anindya Yasmina
Anindya Yasmina - 3 days ago
Stop interrupting him.
zack saiyan
zack saiyan - 3 days ago
There's nothing awkward actually..it's just the camera angle if u look closely
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark - 3 days ago
Still grabbing little girls scum bag
VKDragonFire - 2 days ago
Lolo Pickens
Lolo Pickens - 3 days ago
I love Jimmy. He keeps actors humble!
James Shuker
James Shuker - 3 days ago
Man went from pranking his friends in a wendigo infested mountain to become a global megastar actor. He deserves this
Emma Minecraft
Emma Minecraft - 3 days ago
I love Rami Malek
Dean limitsfree
Dean limitsfree - 3 days ago
And I unsubscribed
Leslie k Ifill
Leslie k Ifill - 3 days ago
Wait rami wasn't finish telling us about the party Jimmy thanks alot
Tych Much
Tych Much - 3 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel drinks too much *HATORADE* but Rami Malek (who is so full of style and finesse) handled him brilliantly. BTW I loved him just as much, if not more, on Mr. Robot and he was pretty popular at the time it was announced that he would be playing Freddie Mercury. True, Bohemian Rhapsody made him even more popular but this interview still should have been in celebration of his success and our fond memories of *The Late Great Freddie Mercury.*
DAYSLEEPERWIL - 3 days ago
She blanked him because he’s short, that’s what girls do
Nora Soulje
Nora Soulje - 3 days ago
Does no body remember that he was in Night at the Museum?? That’s what I knew him from. 😅
onebadwestie - 3 days ago
Jimmy needs to shut the f up!
Bliztero productions
Bliztero productions - 3 days ago
2:10 don't thank me ...ok
X.E.X - 3 days ago
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