FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: All Stars 4 Episode 9 with Raja and Aquaria!

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Glorified Tomato
Glorified Tomato - 3 hours ago
The Monique critiques were ridiculous
Liam Kriner
Liam Kriner - 3 days ago
I wish What Would Raven Say was around for this episode....
Tia Elhage
Tia Elhage - 29 days ago
latrice wasn’t even a cat she literally had zebra on her dress 😂
Ashley Laws
Ashley Laws - Month ago
I'm more mad that they booted Monique and tooted Monet. This is Monique's best look I've seen. There's no reason they should've booted that look!!!! 😠😠😠
gunnerlala - Month ago
i loooove aquaria's wig in this one
Ben kween
Ben kween - Month ago
Is it only me or Raja is doing the same make up look all the time?
ew no
ew no - Month ago
Y'all *trippin* we all know latrice's dress was a hot mess
CC Tee
CC Tee - Month ago
1:15 that nip slip though :)
Ra Har
Ra Har - Month ago
Sorry, IMO Naomi looked good, her makeup looked amazing, but c’mon top toot should have been Monique or Trinity, I think Monique just snatched it cos her mug was gorge, but Trinity’s suited her body 1000% she looked phenomenal. Hope she was joking about spending the $100000 on more plastic surgery cos she looks amazing already, she’ll start looking worse and freaky if she keeps on getting it!
Ashley Hayes
Ashley Hayes - Month ago
Monet looks like a rejected Care Bear are y’all seriously digging this mess?
Allan Moreno
Allan Moreno - Month ago
Y’all legit delusional with those boots and toots
Nigel LaCoq
Nigel LaCoq - Month ago
This episode definitely gets a Boot
a_lazy_girl's_guide - Month ago
Love this duo... But just wanted to know where Raven is and not coming back I presume?... Been out of the loopxD
ii KylerPlays
ii KylerPlays - Month ago
R'akatatititata, she's puss in boots
sloaches lee
sloaches lee - Month ago
Crystal Moore
Crystal Moore - Month ago
I’m waiting for raja to tell Aquaria to shut the hell up... this is Raja’s show......
D'Asia Mcinnis
D'Asia Mcinnis - Month ago
Latrice looked like she took some animal bed sheets and put them together Wth was that 😖
Stephen Byrne
Stephen Byrne - Month ago
Monique is the top toot
sami m
sami m - Month ago
i would boot naomi
Jay Ginsherman
Jay Ginsherman - Month ago
I would be tabby from @contrapoints
Arlon Mattos
Arlon Mattos - Month ago
the audacity to boot Monique's look, I mean.......
lollipop princess
lollipop princess - Month ago
Aquaria is so fish
SiLdenafil Hicks
SiLdenafil Hicks - Month ago
Raja seems so bored and boring without Raven. Send out a search party!!!
Stevielynn Reynosa
Stevielynn Reynosa - Month ago
Very few of these ladies brought it to the runway that night
Miriam Mesa
Miriam Mesa - Month ago
I...don’t think FPR is the right fit for Aquaria.
Kiki Alpaca
Kiki Alpaca - Month ago
Aquaria is looks stunning !!
rocky2karma - Month ago
Love this episode, peridot!
Pedro Tonelli
Pedro Tonelli - Month ago
I think age is getting the best of Raja. What a shame. :c
Simmi Johore
Simmi Johore - Month ago
Omg they should do a ru Paul’s champions series where the winners compete and then an all stars champions series where all the all star winners compete, that would be a gag and something I’d definitely want to see
dimplechops88 - Month ago
Were they watching the same looks as me?!
Samantha Monroe
Samantha Monroe - Month ago
That was rrreeaaalll awkward to watch 😱
Lablonddee - Month ago
At least they kept it real with Naomi 🙌🏻
This look was so good
Misha Gameek G
Misha Gameek G - Month ago
I'm late to the party, can someone tell me where the hell is Raven?
Angel Cabrera
Angel Cabrera - 2 months ago
Monique was not imitating Cat in Boots, she was just inspired by it and it was good
Toma AC
Toma AC - 2 months ago
John Grimes
John Grimes - 2 months ago
So the loves the fact that monét did a pop-culture well known cat. But no praise for Monique. Yeah Monique has cheap feathers but monét had mouse ears. I dunno both hada few faults here and there but yeah Definitely disagree
Nashelli Torres
Nashelli Torres - 2 months ago
Poor Segura Viudas is being associated with these choices 😭😂
Vinícius Valles Alves
Vinícius Valles Alves - 2 months ago
How the hell u boot monique?
Vinícius Valles Alves
Vinícius Valles Alves - 2 months ago
Tooting latrice? That looks awful as fuck, i love latrice but that was the WORST look we got this season
Διονυ Λ.
Διονυ Λ. - 2 months ago
ImmortanRoger - 2 months ago
Ok but why do Raja and Aquaria look like shit this episode?
Julia Estep
Julia Estep - 2 months ago
Love Aquaria, but she talks so much. Like girl let Raja talk. Respect your elders😂
potatofan007 - 2 months ago
A boot for Monique 🙄 um what? And a toot for Latrice... and a shoot for Naomi. Well I’m just not understanding Raja or Aquaria anymore I guess.
Jordane Sá Barreto
Jordane Sá Barreto - 2 months ago
a idade te fez mal hein garota @raja?
Scott Denholm
Scott Denholm - 2 months ago
Dear Raja and Aquaria,
Please don't sugar-coat Latrice, tell her she looks like shit when she does actually looks like a steaming pile of the brown and curly. I see you both refraining from the truth (based on this and previous shows), just tell her! Hopefully she'll grow and develop from it; like the other girls we dig into. Latrice is not untouchable, bitch needs to refine.
LittleMissKrys - 2 months ago
Time to change those lashes, they're clearly causing blindness lol
Ashley Devereux
Ashley Devereux - 2 months ago
Hello Kitty Gurrrlz!!! I'm doing a project on RPDR's parent company for a grad school project and looking for fans to take this survey. If you could take a couple minutes to fill out this survey, I would be forever grateful!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
kclaude - 2 months ago
Monique’s was amazing. I don’t know what you 2 ladies saw.
LizziB19 - 2 months ago
You were both pre drinking before the cameras started rolling? Why did you you toot Latrice?
Diana Berlin
Diana Berlin - 2 months ago
Oh god Monet looks like shiiiiit 😂😂😂
Diana Berlin
Diana Berlin - 2 months ago
God those alcohol ads are soooo cringy 😒 And wow are you wrong about every sparkling wine in France is called Champagne.
Diana Berlin
Diana Berlin - 2 months ago
Bonsuaaa! 😂😂😂
Lorena - 2 months ago
Aquaria, girl. You are my favorite drag queen ever. Pls don’t let Raja peer pressure you into tooting that atrocity just because her and Latrice go way back 😭
Daniella - 2 months ago
I live for Moniques cat
Daniella - 2 months ago
Latrice and her gowns needed to exit the studio, she was tooo basic
OdiseaOdiseo - 2 months ago
latrice toot ?????? WTF
Mafe Cáceres Cayo
Mafe Cáceres Cayo - 2 months ago
Latrice’s Dress is horrible
Mafe Cáceres Cayo
Mafe Cáceres Cayo - 2 months ago
“Lion King Dream” more like a nightmare
Gamer Therapist
Gamer Therapist - 2 months ago
Yall really tootes latrice and boot/noot moniques? Maybe stop drinking the cava lmao
BlahBlahBlahSheep - 2 months ago
UGH...I CAN NOT STAND AQUARIA. Talk about someone believing her own hype amd this episode was some BUUULLLLSHIT.
Blythze Thundergeist
Blythze Thundergeist - 2 months ago
Aquaria is giving me sasha velour in the s9 finale
Jared Hayes
Jared Hayes - 2 months ago
Everyone talking about being over brown cow or the sponges but im OVER raja saying monet’s name. Girl just say her name
Kristina - 2 months ago
watching the photo ruviews with aquaria in it is so refreshing and ugh shes always making references from other queens looks and when she references a look she knows the queen, her season, and the category she’s so aware of the other queens and i respect her so much i was a fan of her even before she was on drag race i love her so much skdnakdn
Dnatae 5
Dnatae 5 - 2 months ago
Sis you read Monique but gave Latrice a toot, she was a hot MESS.
Pseudo- nymph
Pseudo- nymph - 2 months ago
1:47 Club kid-e (club kitty)
OOF - 2 months ago
Damn this show really fell off. Get some new people. Katya and Violet were the best.
Olivia Swanson
Olivia Swanson - 2 months ago
Reading way too hard into Monique’s look...
Olivia Swanson
Olivia Swanson - 2 months ago
acrisox - 2 months ago
can i report this video as spam?
Syenna Kelly
Syenna Kelly - 2 months ago
Are we not gonna mention Aquarian’s nips just hanging in the breeze...
Ren Bby
Ren Bby - 2 months ago
i came into this ready to raise hell for the boot against my as4 winner monique heart but honestly now that i actually listen to the critics it makes sense about the details. the boots , the hat and even the belt are all different from actual puss in boots so I understand why they booted it. Do I think its a boot? No and I love love love Monique and this look too like yes her and Monet or even Naomi for #AS4Winner
17hugable - 2 months ago
Joyce Yu
Joyce Yu - 2 months ago
Even in a challenge about cats, Latrice still manages to wear the same hair and sequin gown 🙄
zuitsuit80 - 2 months ago
Lol “god yarn!”
gabrilelrv - 2 months ago
You guys are funny. Raja, your nails look great. Love the color!!.... sike!
Louisa G
Louisa G - 2 months ago
Aquafina looks stunning
Human - 2 months ago
Is it because Latrice is fat and black?
Jazz - 2 months ago
Human - 2 months ago
Latrice’s hair looks good. Outfit not so much. Boot
Human - 2 months ago
Will Raven ever be back? Raven and Raja ...? Then, not even sure they will still work well together..?
Human - 2 months ago
Out the block - aqua looking fierce, Raja not her best this week. Also, Aquaria, NY is fabulous but if you need it as a crutch or to boost yourself it says a lot about you... it’s like the outfit wearing you and not vice versa
Art Lover
Art Lover - 2 months ago
Bring Back Asia oHara that girl knows about fashion!!! She'll totally drag the ass out of latrice fugly dress
Phoebe Neville
Phoebe Neville - 2 months ago
aquaria is so yarn cute
smithbaby 76
smithbaby 76 - 2 months ago
Sesilu Mercredi
Sesilu Mercredi - 2 months ago
Someone draw some boobs on Aquaria
Keith McDaniel
Keith McDaniel - 2 months ago
Please tell me raven is coming back for season 11 PFR. Over Aquaria and her boi body talking about other queens fashion. At least they’re not show boy nips. Either be the illusion head to toe or just go. Bye Felicia.
Jazz - 2 months ago
Flamingo Williams
Flamingo Williams - 2 months ago
"I dunno I'm trying my best." Aren't we all, Aquaria. :)
JP Smooth
JP Smooth - 2 months ago
Wow. What a truly ODD episode. Such a joke. Monique gets a boot because there aren't enough feathers on her hat, but Latrice and another basic gown gets a toot because it reminds them of a "corny boardwalk t-shirt" OK ladies. Less booze, ok?
Raphaelus13 - 2 months ago
Give us the Grammy's Ruview!
SomeRandomDude895 - 2 months ago
Bitch you just said God yarn 😭😭😭
Alex Pisano
Alex Pisano - 2 months ago
Monets pink mess was gd awful
Brandy valentine
Brandy valentine - 2 months ago
I’m starting to wonder if people are scared of Latrice coming for them 🤔
Psychiatric Fuck
Psychiatric Fuck - 2 months ago
SeaGreenie - 2 months ago
Yianna Lambrides
Yianna Lambrides - 2 months ago
how much they pay yall to say that about latrice?
Harleen Quinzel
Harleen Quinzel - 2 months ago
love these two 💖💖💖
William Aptera
William Aptera - 2 months ago
Raja and Aquaria... You're crazy Gurls? WTF is a boot for Monique's look and toot to Latrice?
Valerya Tabares
Valerya Tabares - 2 months ago
Latrice looked beautiful but her theme was more like safari or something and i think Monique’s look was great. They’re tripping.
Vegacast - 2 months ago
if I were there I would cosplay Thundercats Chita sort of.
Jenny Xu
Jenny Xu - 2 months ago
I’m surprised they didn’t say Latrice was the top toot
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