Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 37 Years Mercedes 280 SL

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Martin Carlberg
Martin Carlberg - 13 hours ago
Damn he look like his father!❤️😁
مقاطع ميوزكلي
مقاطع ميوزكلي - 13 hours ago
كود مستر ماي فاذر من العراق
mohammad ayub
mohammad ayub - 14 hours ago
What's the average cost of restoring a vehicle
mohammad ayub
mohammad ayub - 14 hours ago
Priceless emotions
Martinez Andres
Martinez Andres - 15 hours ago
Corana brought here even I don't know why I'm watching this if I'm not owner of a car🤣🤣
TheKopakah - 19 hours ago
Why would you need to throw away a towl you used to clean some mold?
Puri Geg
Puri Geg - Day ago
Love your voice man so relaxing..
Mufieda Shawa
Mufieda Shawa - Day ago
Plasma Globe
Plasma Globe - 2 days ago
"We pushed the car into the sunlight for the first time in 37 years, which was pretty cool"
car: *MY EYES*
mushiebear - 2 days ago
Welcome to another episode of:
where is quarantine taking me today?
Shayur Mohun
Shayur Mohun - 3 days ago
Why did American law makers do those bumper things back then? Looks so bad 🙃
phildev - 7 days ago
throwing away the towels? lol put them in a bucket with water and some clorax let them sit there for a while.. rinse them and then just put them in the washing machine..
J Wood
J Wood - 7 days ago
So beautiful
A F - 8 days ago
They don’t make cars or anything like they used to.
Rico Reyes
Rico Reyes - 8 days ago
Honestly tho how much for yall to come out?
megat Abdullah
megat Abdullah - 9 days ago
Cleaning is si much fun when u just need to watch it
Kathrin Opheiden
Kathrin Opheiden - 9 days ago
Love the work. So nice! But how does an 83 year old stilk work?
Артём Бочаров
Качество мерседеса потрясает. 37 лет простояла и ни одной ржавчинки не видно.
Castro 0624
Castro 0624 - 10 days ago
Priceless!!! 👍👍👍
Pierre Martin
Pierre Martin - 10 days ago
Nice work guys
Trooper - 10 days ago
this car worth 100k these days
badr zaman
badr zaman - 10 days ago
Good job. U r the best.
Taylor Carson
Taylor Carson - 11 days ago
Thank you David!!
Atilla Ata
Atilla Ata - 11 days ago
well done guy's 👏🏻
the face from the older man said enoug. 👍🏻❤️
Chas Waldron
Chas Waldron - 12 days ago
Seeing the look on the old man's face made the whole video !
charlr0se - 12 days ago
this is lovely to watch
Dolphin Lover
Dolphin Lover - 12 days ago
Please show us the final restoration...
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald - 13 days ago
2:25 Because Ronson Multi-Fill torches magically burst into flame just sitting on a shelf?
SKYNET #2025
SKYNET #2025 - 13 days ago
His father had a car stolen within a day of owning it? Yup, that's the BX for you.
Prince Edward
Prince Edward - 14 days ago
Need to get some air in the tyres and get the engine started.
stolz_ar - 14 days ago
Ok, you got me. I am now addicted to this channel.
QarbitraryQ - 14 days ago
Why not wash and reuse your towels?
Corey Spitzer
Corey Spitzer - 14 days ago
El Papy De Bird
El Papy De Bird - 15 days ago
You guys really rock!!!!! real craftsmanship on detail
Ru Gerardo
Ru Gerardo - 15 days ago
This video put a smile on my face. So nice for him to see an old car, an old memory, new again. Amazing job guys!
Jason Klintworth
Jason Klintworth - 15 days ago
That was an awesome video.
Anton Rozj
Anton Rozj - 15 days ago
I had no idea that 83 year old doctors still have to go to work in America, he probably reeeeally loves what hes doing... Thanks for this amazing video tho, great job!!
Mr C U
Mr C U - 16 days ago
Who in their right mind would let money just rot ? It's like my Grandfather use to tell me..." the mother of fools is always pregnant " !
magzire - 16 days ago
these guys could clean a turd
Mj's mom
Mj's mom - 16 days ago
Nice content wow galing full watching here from Zamboanga City
J000GA - 17 days ago
who the F dislikes this? Whats wrong with people djeeeees
sam fernandoz
sam fernandoz - 17 days ago
After a very long time seeing a most satisfying video :)
Holloway Hudson
Holloway Hudson - 18 days ago
Great job, loved watching the video.
Ajeet Kumar
Ajeet Kumar - 18 days ago
I m working with you....
wolfs den
wolfs den - 18 days ago
If I dont see anouther video today it doesn't matter because this video made my guys rocked this car and made an 83 year old feel amazing......In freaking credible.... amazing amazing amazing
Bruno Zagorac
Bruno Zagorac - 18 days ago
When they call the grand tourer/sports car a “family car” lmao
2A556FMJ - 18 days ago
I mean he could have cleaned up the garage for you guys first
Die Hard Raider Fan
Die Hard Raider Fan - 19 days ago
for mosquito wear dryer sheet under your hat or coller golfers use them on the course it drives away mosquito nats and flys.
marks x5
marks x5 - 19 days ago
these before and after videos are why the word satisfying was created! luv it. great job
Mike Chan
Mike Chan - 19 days ago
Wow, incredible!!!
AlexRDH - 19 days ago
15:57 was the best part
Bjoern Rauhut
Bjoern Rauhut - 20 days ago
Our neighbour in my hometown had the very same red W113 280 SL till some years ago. Daily driver, but never washed or spoiled the car. Multiple things from the garage shelves fell on the car, it was a pity....
GalaxyGamer - 21 day ago
I've seen dirtier my dad thought the car was brown for months till he washed it and it was actually turquoise!!! Ofc he drove it every day but doesnt have good vision he didnt know till a phew months later!!!
Donnie Lim
Donnie Lim - 21 day ago
Please like my comment in agreement that the voice over sounds slightly like skallagrim
Mohamed Abdelaziz
Mohamed Abdelaziz - 21 day ago
"I was born in 1981" lol
God Godzilla Garvida
God Godzilla Garvida - 22 days ago
The owner was happy to see his car
God Godzilla Garvida
God Godzilla Garvida - 22 days ago
Awesome video. I love the owner who had the car
Jake W.
Jake W. - 22 days ago
Who else like to surprise their dad with doing stuff like this? 🤗
John Cena
John Cena - 24 days ago
I know I sound selfish but if I where 80 something and I just got my car cleaned after like 30 something years I would keep it
Dave Duprey
Dave Duprey - 12 days ago
At Age 80 he is more likely thinking of his legacy. Just hope his grandchildren appreciate it.
Parque do Zé Colmeia
Parque do Zé Colmeia - 24 days ago
não me canso de ver isto
Стас Корнеев
Стас Корнеев - 24 days ago
Bent Mathiesen
Bent Mathiesen - 24 days ago
Why do I think about Back to the Future 3 with the car parked in the cave?
Livelovelaughnat - 25 days ago
we just not gonna ignore how wholesome this guys dad is
Mr ReShine
Mr ReShine - 25 days ago
Nima Shahbazi
Nima Shahbazi - 26 days ago
The quality of leather in those seats! Just wow!!!
robert perrella
robert perrella - 26 days ago
this is QUALITY HARD WORK with plenty of skill !!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,impressive indeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
calamityjaames - 26 days ago
COVID-19 has made me realize I'm obsessed with watching:
- car deep cleaning videos
- hoof fixing videos
- dog rescue videos
- Chiropractor videos
SL CG - 15 days ago
Wow same playlist here.🥺
SMAr2wo - 27 days ago
The smile on the senior face.... Precious!
Theo Panteli
Theo Panteli - 27 days ago
L1!! - 28 days ago
It’s 2:50 in the morning, why am I here?
jesse cruz
jesse cruz - 28 days ago
Loved his Dads reaction really hope we get to see what he thinks when it’s done.
jesse cruz
jesse cruz - 28 days ago
Loved his Dads reaction really hope we get to see what he thinks when it’s done.
PHOTO7 - 28 days ago
So cool... nice to see a classic brought back to life... a lot of talent to get it looking that good.. great job...
raxxe and ashley
raxxe and ashley - 28 days ago
te I want you
Rheen tho
Rheen tho - 29 days ago
I want to see the restoration video please
crash-sportwagen .de
crash-sportwagen .de - 29 days ago
Nice Mercedes new polish Car
Juro Malazo
Juro Malazo - Month ago
Saw this reposted on fB:
sergei vorobiov
sergei vorobiov - Month ago
So sweet!!!
kapil kumar
kapil kumar - Month ago
They are cleaning a car or treating a corona patient .👨‍⚕️
1959Berre - Month ago
What's with those ugly blocks on the bumpers? That does not look like the original Mercedes design. Probably compulsory by some stupid US safety regulation as I have never seen it in Europe.
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