This Was Unexpected!!! RawbeautyKristi x PUR Woo Chile!

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dirty rat
dirty rat - 2 minutes ago
The Youtuber she was reminded of when she said "trust your local black girl" is YourLocalBlackChild. Love her videos
Tina H
Tina H - Hour ago
Wow that is a gorgeous eye. Just beautiful and a work of art.
Aisha Teal
Aisha Teal - 4 hours ago
Mask proof makeup vid... yes please!
Mochi Mustache
Mochi Mustache - 4 hours ago
You should look up Amy and Mazi on YouTube I swear you and Amy come from the same tribe, cheekbones n ALL
Michelle Feeney
Michelle Feeney - 5 hours ago
Love this video Jackie you’re the best!
Madison Wright
Madison Wright - 5 hours ago
you’re honestly the most beautiful human inside and out 🥺 !!!
Rubee-rose Stephenson
Rubee-rose Stephenson - 6 hours ago
best in the gameee
Dianne Adair Wesley
Dianne Adair Wesley - 7 hours ago
Your skill is ON POINT!👍🏾
Jayla Kay
Jayla Kay - 7 hours ago
JacquieDolly - 7 hours ago
Girl I am jealous of your lid space
Jessy Bradiné
Jessy Bradiné - 8 hours ago
yaaas I need a video about setting up the makeup properly when using mask!
Matsi - 9 hours ago
Looked like the Ghana flag
Matsi - 9 hours ago
Mask content- yes to that
DoriAndHerFro - 9 hours ago
I feel like it’s gonna be the ben nye setting spray if I’m not mistaken for the mask makeup 🥴
shae - 9 hours ago
Coco Montrese 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shania Evans
Shania Evans - 10 hours ago
I like how authentic you are! I'm not a makeup person but I'm so drawn to your channel. Keep shining girl.
Betty Mendoza
Betty Mendoza - 10 hours ago
Yea please transfer proof makeup
Vee for Vanity
Vee for Vanity - 10 hours ago
I live for your videos......cute, knowledgeable, and funny......
Slim Girls
Slim Girls - 10 hours ago
Thanks Jackie 💗
Danielle Gootee
Danielle Gootee - 11 hours ago
When you said you were gonna use flavor town i was like nooooooo but this is why you have that youtube channel and I don’t cause it looks sooooo good
And garden state on you is so perfect
shy.tack - 13 hours ago
I will watch literally any video you post
as long as there be memes tho 😀
Nicki Frances
Nicki Frances - 13 hours ago
You look incredible! Always so beautiful :)
Oyeronke Adams
Oyeronke Adams - 14 hours ago
Happy Birthday Jackie!
Nuraan Forbes
Nuraan Forbes - 14 hours ago
Can one powder down primer with a pressed/compact foundation powder?
Jovon Culberson
Jovon Culberson - 14 hours ago
Jackie, you truly walk-it like you talk-it! You are truly well rounded!! Love you!! ❤
muhgill - 14 hours ago
The hair!!!!!!!! Love
Durkia Hudson
Durkia Hudson - 15 hours ago
COme thru Jackie with the bottoms!!!
Heather khoupradit
Heather khoupradit - 15 hours ago
ohhhh my goodness I adore you. This look is FIRE! :D Your hair is sooooooo cute
Janeen Febles
Janeen Febles - 15 hours ago
"Am I Orange?" .... "If you have to ask...then you probably are" pans to Coco Montrese with her Dorito cake face.... OMG I died laughing!!!
ShantaAyan - 16 hours ago
Really soo beautiful... You skin tone also😍😍😍😍...keep going with your talent..i have also a beauty chennel... Support me...😘😘
Chislon Westbrook
Chislon Westbrook - 16 hours ago
JAC AYE!! I loveee ya 💕😂 you’re always a vibe
Colleen Toddy
Colleen Toddy - 19 hours ago
Hair!!!! *heart eyes*
an-enby-panda - 21 hour ago
I think yes to makeup based on wearing masks! Not everyone wears a mask like they should be doing and any little bit promoting them might help. Wear your masks, people!!!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 15 hours ago
Plz do fenty skin❤️
CurlySP18 - 22 hours ago
Jackie could you please do an updated non-transferable video with products other than the Bill Nye final seal? Well that’s if there are other products out that are comparable to it. I think it would be helpful to know what setting sprays/powders, foundations/bb creams, bronzers, brow gel/pencils, blushes, (if any) that are non transferable.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 15 hours ago
I love this look
Fahtiem Kumi Kawato
Fahtiem Kumi Kawato - 23 hours ago
that's Guinean flag!!!🇬🇳❤️❤️
Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor - Day ago
So it's 1 am on 8/05/20 and I'm still up watching videos. Just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE!!! Wishing you all of the best!!!!
Ka kakash
Ka kakash - Day ago
Do the video on the algorithm gorgeous girl. I am genuinely interested and curious as I never thought of that...
Erika Puentes
Erika Puentes - Day ago
Yes please do a transfer proof makeup video!! Im tired of all the foundation coming off under my mask.
Emmy G
Emmy G - Day ago
Looks fabulous! I would love to see a video that shows how to make your makeup last under a mask
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - Day ago
Dare I say that the eyes are giving 🇬🇾 (Guyanese flag) 😎
Gabriela Diaz
Gabriela Diaz - Day ago
oh my you have 3.52+ mil on youtube CONGRATS
Ms. CarmenG
Ms. CarmenG - Day ago
Great video. Will purchase.
Pretty Moriah
Pretty Moriah - Day ago
Smh I JUST LOVE YOU ! Been watching you for yearrrssss !!!
M Garcia
M Garcia - Day ago
those edges are giving me life
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - Day ago
The audience wants to see it Jackie
Isabella Sandora
Isabella Sandora - Day ago
YASSSS the youtuber is localblackchild hahahaha everyone go peep her channel
Love Light
Love Light - Day ago
You scare me with that green and yellow but seeing it altogether im liking it. Its giving me Jamaican vibes.
Heather Cox
Heather Cox - Day ago
Jackie, PLEASE go forth with the makeup setting video! Your girls neeeeeed it! P.S. You and RawBeautyKristi are a dream team!!!!
Nahla Aly
Nahla Aly - Day ago
I love this look
Tourèa lkee
Tourèa lkee - Day ago
Plz do fenty skin❤️
Nala wms
Nala wms - Day ago
Yes please! I stop wearing make up with this mask thing...
Mrs. Dungy
Mrs. Dungy - Day ago
Hello, your makeup is always on point, you are rocking those Bantu knots! Stay Beautiful!
KOKER - Day ago
Your editing I can’t 😂😂😂😂 love you girl.
Wynter Johnson
Wynter Johnson - Day ago
chrisizkool381 - Day ago
I think mask related content is a great idea and not cringy at all. Any opportunity to convince people to wear a mask instead of leaving it at home is welcomed by me at least. Also, if you can convince more of your audience to wear a mask OVER THE NOSE that would be great too because too many ppl are out looking like fools smh
Jo Ann McKinney
Jo Ann McKinney - Day ago
"Baby-girl", Thank You so much for standing in TRUTH and speaking it as well, no matter what. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🥳🍤🥂💃🏾 May your day be all that you want & need it to be, and may THE LORD continue to hold you in the palms of HIS hands. 🙏🏾🤲🏾
Heidi - Day ago
idk why i didnt watch jackie's channel before, shes bomb, made me laugh with the memes, cant go wrong with the memes.
Marion Rougé
Marion Rougé - Day ago
I'm french and the "a little more Dijon" killed me 😂👌
Stacyann J TV
Stacyann J TV - Day ago
The audience wants to see it Jackie
Helena Aguirre
Helena Aguirre - Day ago
@jackieaina I would love to see content on how to improve the algorithm so I can see more content creators of POC. I’m looking for more Latina creators in my skin tone range of caramel to olive skin tone which I rarely see. You are so right, the suggestions that come up for me are ALWAYS of lighter skin tone and ITS NOT ME. Please help!
Macayla Henley
Macayla Henley - Day ago
Jackie is my favvvvvvvorite. Always delivers 🤣🥰
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