Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Hailey Bieber

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Kylie Yuen
Kylie Yuen - 3 hours ago
The bird saliva and thousand yr old egg are both delicacies in China, and quite expensive too.
Salma Mohamed
Salma Mohamed - 5 hours ago
6:30 'I tHiNk He LoOkS GoOd In All oF tHEm' cringe 😂
dave m
dave m - 6 hours ago
02:58. Damn I just looked that commercial up that she endorsed for that travel spot. I wouldn’t of been laughing knowing it was a scam
Isabella A
Isabella A - 6 hours ago
I was waiting for a question about Selena
Antonette Cross
Antonette Cross - 6 hours ago
Wait ,
Justin and Hailey got married
Edward Kinsey
Edward Kinsey - 6 hours ago
This might as well be called chatting and hardly eating
ZACH301 - 9 hours ago
wow thats really respectable that she gave the money to charity after learning how much of a failure that was. Commendable move.
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya - 10 hours ago
So that's what she sounds like
sheepbutt - 11 hours ago
She’s a bieber fan. Lol
Miss Nxs
Miss Nxs - 11 hours ago
This is the first time I am hearing her speak
GOD - 12 hours ago
I'm so high I thought the title said Halle Berry. Who the hell is Hailey Bieber?
JDM BOOST - 12 hours ago
Spill my nuts into your guts
Kianna Butler
Kianna Butler - 13 hours ago
I love it
Minahil mirza Girl
Minahil mirza Girl - 14 hours ago
I love this couple what a cute name Hailey bieber
Asdf Ghj
Asdf Ghj - 15 hours ago
she‘s so pretty
Palden Sherpa
Palden Sherpa - 15 hours ago
Selena is love
Palden Sherpa
Palden Sherpa - 15 hours ago
Duck face thieving other man
Palden Sherpa
Palden Sherpa - 15 hours ago
Selena swetie
franek wroblewski
franek wroblewski - 15 hours ago
Whats bad at hering roll mop?
Aaron Powell
Aaron Powell - 16 hours ago
this was the worst iteration of this bit I have ever seen.
J e n
J e n - 16 hours ago
This was boring 🙄 Was anyone else just ridiculously bored???
Sam - 18 hours ago
Them choices be getting more intense
Sea of Bloom
Sea of Bloom - 18 hours ago
It’s the first time I’ve heard her voice.
pr omi
pr omi - 19 hours ago
She's so soft spoken
MMontano - 19 hours ago
She reminds me of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Vanessa Hudgens but there’s one more hmmm
Paulina Młynarczyk
Paulina Młynarczyk - 19 hours ago
Haha the herring rolmops are common christmas food in Poland 😂 and its delicious!!!
amiyahstyles - 20 hours ago
sklator. - 23 hours ago
u can tell how much Hailey loves Justin but IDK about Justin tho
RogueBathory - Day ago
I’ve been in the audience for Drop the Mic a handful of times and I feel like she’s only there to be the pretty girl . Method Man pretty much hosts the whole show and she gets a couple of lines and stands off in a corner somewhere after.
Bianca Rafanan
Bianca Rafanan - Day ago
She’s so pretty.
lujain khaled
lujain khaled - Day ago
fake personality af 🤢
Alexia Rivera Perez
I was waiting for him to ask a question about Shawn Mendes!!
Marilyn Moreno
Marilyn Moreno - Day ago
We love a girl from tucson🖤
Yahaira Playz
Yahaira Playz - Day ago
Alisia Krieg
Alisia Krieg - Day ago
I’m confused I thought her and Justin got a divorce.
Andrea C
Andrea C - Day ago
If she wasn t wearing the name Baldwin she was nothing, everywhere, in each interview is nothing about her, she doesn t have her personality , all the time is about others, family, Justin....bla bla...
Heidy Mendoza Poroso
Hailey cuando perguntarão de Justin Hailey fico con vergonha pornô escutar mais perguntas de Justin ela desidio comer🤬 pôr lomenos deverias falar ya paso mais Hailey nó és corajosa nó pudo enfrentar 😂😂😂😂 fico com medo de perder su casamento esa Hailey és espertinha porque si falava ya era Hailey 🤢🤮🤮🤮 Justin divorced Hailey parese homem tem cará de home sexual serio 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Valeria Yanez
Valeria Yanez - Day ago
Eileen-May Murepe
Eileen-May Murepe - Day ago
The only time talk shows are interested in her, when she became someone famous's wife. Sad
that hoe
that hoe - Day ago
This game should be called spill the tea or eat shit
Alea Heart
Alea Heart - Day ago
You Should Do one With Ellen Degenerous
dyolinlinlin - Day ago
Who the freak is Hailey Bieber?
Fàrjani Sara
Fàrjani Sara - Day ago
he really enjoyed the bull penis :/
TheBestThing - Day ago
Umaimah Xoxo
Umaimah Xoxo - Day ago
shawn next please
Marwa Awji
Marwa Awji - Day ago
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Marwa Awji - Day ago
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Hawaa Sarwary
Hawaa Sarwary - Day ago
Jhonny - Day ago
The concept of this game is pure genius. Pretty sad these people can't execute it.
ahmed sharif
ahmed sharif - Day ago
boring as fuck meh
Lilit Takiryan
Lilit Takiryan - Day ago
From all Justin's girlfriends she is my favorite.She is sweet and kind.
Marshall Grande
Marshall Grande - Day ago
No spill your guts will ever be better than when he asked khloé kardashian “do you think OJ did it”
Zia Aldana
Zia Aldana - Day ago
This was the worst episode yet, tbh
iwatch vids
iwatch vids - Day ago
I am literally today years old when i realized she is already a Bieber. Wtf.
Smexy Melty
Smexy Melty - Day ago
Alea Heart
Alea Heart - Day ago
You Should Do It With BTS
Syaheen Nasrin
Syaheen Nasrin - Day ago
Man she ugly face like her brother
Ruoya He
Ruoya He - 2 days ago
1000 years old egg isn't actually a thousand years old... it's just a way to make eggs in China
Amy Le
Amy Le - 2 days ago
Bird Saliva/Spit is an asian delicacy which has many nutrients and minerals that is believed to help with immunity in asian culture. It has a really bland taste but it's worth a lot for a little amount. The market behind it is insane, if I was offered that for free, I'd take it in a heartbeat!
Mister WiZeguy
Mister WiZeguy - 2 days ago
Shayne Turner
Shayne Turner - 2 days ago
Tbh, she is very pretty and charming, but i find her pretty boring. I didn't laugh and the purpose of the program is to be entertaining.
Maryssa Frisbee
Maryssa Frisbee - 2 days ago
Oh no my ass would answer every question
Ella Marry
Ella Marry - 2 days ago
I can smell this video and I'm in Ireland 🤮
LolMineCraftPro PlayzRoblox
I think James secretly likes the bull one
Mary Karnafel
Mary Karnafel - 2 days ago
jhope is my hope bts army
I really wanna see her face after her and justin will break up and watch all the videos that she said hailey bieber🌚💔
нαиια αквαяιι
нαиια αквαяιι - 16 hours ago
jhope is my hope bts army same😂
Harut Hovhannisyan
Harut Hovhannisyan - 2 days ago
Well ,in Germany Hering Rollmops are ao popular and they like it ! I’ve tried once
DemiLover01 - 2 days ago
Dude she ain't even famous
Dilan Eades
Dilan Eades - 2 days ago
Everyone knows she made $25,000 on the Fyre Festival promo its no secret
Maybe So
Maybe So - 2 days ago
she looks like prince charming from shrek
Līva Valtere
Līva Valtere - 2 days ago
Actually herring roll mops and meat jelly is a foods that we eat in Baltic States, Russia etc. They are delicious.
NiteOwl951_Liz - 2 days ago
This bitch swears
Djarthoun Ahmed
Djarthoun Ahmed - 2 days ago
5:44 No Hailey.... No..... But it's good and beautiful to see someone in love, I wish you the very best on your wedding and life after all
Djarthoun Ahmed
Djarthoun Ahmed - 2 days ago
Oh yeah..... She got married with Justin, I forgot that, cause when I saw the title I told myself : "Hailey Bieber? Wtf? “ but then I was like :" Oh yeah Justin...... "
Jenna Martin
Jenna Martin - 2 days ago
Personally i loved baby bieber😍🙌🏽
shiney x
shiney x - 2 days ago
shay mitchell needs to do this!! or selena gomez!!!
shiney x
shiney x - 2 days ago
Hailey suits that hair length!! x
Marc Padilla
Marc Padilla - 2 days ago
Bieber better stop being a baby and make the woman happy.
hello_buue 44
hello_buue 44 - 2 days ago
she seems so fake
Leo Hunter
Leo Hunter - 2 days ago
Ngl Justin has a horrible taste
naeli1249 - 2 days ago
Boring ....
Small Chic
Small Chic - 2 days ago
she kinda looks like jlo in this video
oha diyorum hayrani
oha diyorum hayrani - 2 days ago
I hate Hailey 😵😵😵😤
Shawn - 2 days ago
white people with dreadlocks...CRINGE...justin looks like he washes cars for a living now
Isabella Loaiza
Isabella Loaiza - 2 days ago
Shwan Mendes question would have been GREAT
celena gostavo
celena gostavo - 2 days ago
ok so she would eat this and not rate his looks? damn she's desperate
Kawami Nami
Kawami Nami - 2 days ago
It's really unbelievable, Hailey has justin's last name now. Justin was my first love and i'm not used to calling her mrs. Bieber. I really wanna accept it but its a little bit frustrating, seeing how people call her hailey bieber.
astro world
astro world - 2 days ago
Everyone knows that this game is fake, but her awful acting makes it so obvious
Belieber - 2 days ago
that why i love hailey bieber
Belieber - 2 days ago
OMG its so funny
Ady Coma
Ady Coma - 2 days ago
Soooo scripted👎
Its Cess
Its Cess - 2 days ago
Do this with Billie Eilish, please! 🖤
emma montoya
emma montoya - 2 days ago
Artist frustration surprise register little naturally sort reserve victory.
Izzat xo
Izzat xo - 2 days ago
Who tf is that?
Taylor fourier
Taylor fourier - 3 days ago
But where’s the Shawn Mendes tea
mariam nafisa
mariam nafisa - 3 days ago
Woah hailey beiber!!!😒😒 doesnt she know she is living in 21 century like she changed her surname or she wants to show of about she is justins wife
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung - 2 days ago
Jealous much?
Emma - 3 days ago
Do with Justin Bieber ❤️❤️❤️
Shyla Mendes Styles Shroff Dutt
Pretty sure James actually likes the bull’s penis 😂
Chestza - 3 days ago
She know she lying. Justin look ugly as fuck in all them my god. Throw the whole thing away. I would have eatn that id put them in order real quick tf.
Jack McGuire
Jack McGuire - 3 days ago
They did this whole thing just so she can say she donated the fyre festival money
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