Lazio 3-1 Juventus | Lazio Shock Juve with 3-Goal Comeback after CR7 Opener! | Serie A

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Malik Hakim
Malik Hakim - 5 days ago
Forza lazio!!
Luka Brankovic
Luka Brankovic - 9 days ago
Very big suprise from lazio
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh - 12 days ago
2:19 World class first touch from Milinković-Savić, and stunning finish. What composure and presence of mind from him for that goal
toni espinoza
toni espinoza - 15 days ago
american idol
Jason Raj Raj
Jason Raj Raj - Month ago
Manchester City Legend David Silva has sign for Lazio.... Immobile will get golden boot again
Kaziranga TV
Kaziranga TV - Month ago
Best of Paulo Dybala
A Tiny Horse
A Tiny Horse - Month ago
This comment isn't original, but you know it's bad when Ronaldo is the least selfish player.
Fabio's Sportsclipzz
Fabio's Sportsclipzz - Month ago
No ones gonna talk about how bad the refs were?
A. Noize
A. Noize - Month ago ❤️
Felipe Arriaga
Felipe Arriaga - Month ago
Pésima defensas, saquen a Danilo.
Sacha Muratori
Sacha Muratori - 2 months ago
Amazing, first game Dybala does not pass the ball and we lose. Now Dybala pass it to Ronaldo, Juve 2 Lazio 1. We win. Ti amo Juventus
ghazal asghar
ghazal asghar - 2 months ago
Mattia Cirulli
Mattia Cirulli - 2 months ago
Goosebumps!!!! What a fkn night wow.. unforgettable!!!!!!!!!!!
Live goals
Live goals - 2 months ago
Avand 50
Avand 50 - 2 months ago
Lol where is the defense players 😂
jovani grigniani shershev
jovani grigniani shershev - 2 months ago
el arquero zhesnie es un idiota , mejor es buffon el mejor de todos los tiempos
Football 45 News
Football 45 News - 3 months ago
Rüfət Ələkbərov
Rüfət Ələkbərov - 3 months ago
luis Fonseca
luis Fonseca - 3 months ago
Bom jogo
berita viral
berita viral - 3 months ago
zoran savic
zoran savic - 3 months ago
Srbin KING 😎😎😎
Yassin Antonioli
Yassin Antonioli - 3 months ago
Great game ❤️😎
Anas ninja
Anas ninja - 4 months ago
What a free kick
Habiba Sultana
Habiba Sultana - 4 months ago
Szczesny is very strong against 1v1 situation
cr7 es el mejor jugador
Ato Chai
Ato Chai - 4 months ago
Pelatih Lazio pelatih Tottenham Hotspur Fiorentina
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez - 4 months ago
donde esta penaldo jajaja😂
Nicholas K
Nicholas K - 4 months ago
Allegri way better than Sarri
Hiago Freitas
Hiago Freitas - 4 months ago
O campeonato desse ano tava muito bom, infelizmente ele não vai voltar tão cedo
Роман Новиков
Роман Новиков - 4 months ago
Ювентус вообще легко обыграть
Pran Lp
Pran Lp - 4 months ago
Dimanja bgt sama alberto
Erkan GÜNEŞ - 5 months ago
Indanek Waffles
Indanek Waffles - 5 months ago
Lazio looks great with a kit sans garish advertising across the chest. Clean look.
Insane Musik
Insane Musik - 5 months ago
Can't believe that's the same Luis Alberto who played for Liverpool, what a player he's become
Samuel Bellingham
Samuel Bellingham - 5 months ago
Sir Chesney
Naman Srivastav
Naman Srivastav - 5 months ago
luis alberto what a player he played the best game of his life that crosses for first and second goal
Mutasim Billah Masum
Mutasim Billah Masum - 6 months ago
what is the name of this commentor??? please tell me.
с_o_c_a _i_n_o_s
с_o_c_a _i_n_o_s - 6 months ago
Bravo fratelli Laziali ✊
Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter - 6 months ago
*football is the meaning of life*
1:20 🎥❤
👇 👇💓
GUESS WHO'S BACK - 6 months ago
watch my new video KING MESSI thanks
Ducado do Medievo
Ducado do Medievo - 6 months ago
Viva a Lazio.
OF DEATH anoir
OF DEATH anoir - 6 months ago
Ma perque il commento in inglese cambia italiano
Tu Ho
Tu Ho - 6 months ago
Who is here after Lazio reach the top of Serie A? 🤗🤗🤗
Bass. Music OFFİCİAL
Bass. Music OFFİCİAL - 6 months ago
Yuventus qazdir
Jude Watson
Jude Watson - 6 months ago
*football is life ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽*
1:04 💗💗
Oscar Andrews
Oscar Andrews - 6 months ago
*how to live without football???*
1:23 💜🎬
ദി ലെജൻഡ്
ദി ലെജൻഡ് - 6 months ago
Stadio Olympico is a joke
ms s
ms s - 6 months ago
Sergej_Milinkovic Savic
Sergej_Milinkovic Savic - 7 months ago
Dou ma si doyal 😂😂
Sergej_Milinkovic Savic
Sergej_Milinkovic Savic - 7 months ago
Dou ma si doyal 😂😂😂
Natan Manurung
Natan Manurung - 7 months ago
Hope Lazio Winner SeriA
Noriah Shamsuddin
Noriah Shamsuddin - 7 months ago
Simone inzaghi the great manager this year 2020..
Andros Townsend
Andros Townsend - 7 months ago
sarri and juventus are not compatible and with time it's showing
Catarina de Almeida Joaquim André
Lázio is King
The One O
The One O - 7 months ago
La tercera es la vencida . Buena Filapao 🇪🇨🥅🏟️🥅⚽
Marcos feiling
Marcos feiling - 7 months ago
Valio verga el mono cuadrado
german teofilo
german teofilo - 7 months ago
la juve no juega como un equipo, donde cada jugador pone todo de si en la posición que juega, en la juve todos suben al ataque y nadie defiende. y son egoístas y no hay buenos centradores, no pasa nada con sarri.
Juan Velasco
Juan Velasco - 7 months ago
El último gol se parecía a mí y a mis amigos jugando al fútbol y estamos cansados de regresar del ataque, así que dejamos a nuestro portero 4v1
scamp125 - 8 months ago
Dybala trash learn to get hight on you shots my 4 year old cousin can kick a ball higher than all you shots
M A U L A N A Z I K R I - 8 months ago
Cometary name ?
nA Sa
nA Sa - 8 months ago
erkan demir
erkan demir - 8 months ago
Juventus goalkeeper played well he was unlucky
pano Luca
pano Luca - 8 months ago
Butuh ronaldo
Paul Shanahan
Paul Shanahan - 8 months ago
Love lazio
Thanh Pham
Thanh Pham - 8 months ago
who go back to this after the supercoppa final?
I MATIEV.! - 8 months ago
Зашитниктер 0
Paul Pham
Paul Pham - 8 months ago
thanks to penaldo, juv is not the champion of Italy anymore :)))
AJSenpai - 8 months ago
Diego Galeas
Diego Galeas - 8 months ago
CR7:Busco retos
La lazio:TOMA TU RETO-->3-1
Southie - 9 months ago
Pretty selfish from Dybala, if he passed to Ronaldo then Juve would be 2-0 up because pretty much Ronaldo would have an open goal. If the game was 2-0 in Juve's favour then it could have ended either way.
SickSymphoniez ss
SickSymphoniez ss - 9 months ago
Les falta un pobga o un arturo vidal a la juve ese pjanic y esos muertos del medio campo ni defienden
Pedro 86
Pedro 86 - 9 months ago
Sarri and Juventus don't match
валерий миногин
ЛАЦИО 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍...PS:coment RU ✊😂👌
T_` fr
T_` fr - 9 months ago
2:18 savic
john silawe
john silawe - 9 months ago
and Penaldo crying
Some Sh!t
Some Sh!t - 9 months ago
🥈🥈 😂😂😂
Hendrata Hendrata
Hendrata Hendrata - 9 months ago
Zebra crying....
Canal dos Monkeys Toss
Canal dos Monkeys Toss - 9 months ago
Lazio é foda, a jogar assim vao suprender tudo e todos, que equipaço
This is what they deserve by getting rid of Allegri idiots.... Players are not motivated with the new coach I wouldn’t be either.... GOO CR7
Olivier Max
Olivier Max - 9 months ago
they said juventus is very offensive ....i saw players who play likes caw watch the train passed .....
T.L.SFamily De tres
T.L.SFamily De tres - 9 months ago
No toda la vida es ganar
jagermeisterNY - 9 months ago
1:36 pass the ggad damm ball bish... cr7 wouldn't miss that...
Robson Campos
Robson Campos - 9 months ago
Porra. Goleiro colou as placas no primeiro gol
Robson Campos
Robson Campos - 9 months ago
No segundo também
Jose Miguel Barria
Jose Miguel Barria - 9 months ago
La juve siempre pierde con el lazio que mierda jaja
Leonam Moreira
Leonam Moreira - 9 months ago
Porém zaga horrível da Juventus PQP. Com essa zaga, não ganha a liga dos campeões nem fudendo.
THE LION - 9 months ago
Grande Lazio
Piyush Anand
Piyush Anand - 9 months ago
1:34 why he didn't passed to Ronaldo
saif khan
saif khan - 9 months ago
Anyone after supercopa loss?
Jalal El Hammouchi
Jalal El Hammouchi - 9 months ago
Tantachti juve
MSS432 - 9 months ago
Nice 🏅 for Ronaldo... 😂 for effort. 😝
M.K. S.
M.K. S. - 9 months ago Hi, please check this out!!
Melvin Cornejo
Melvin Cornejo - 9 months ago
Excelente Lazio!!!!
Mahmut Emin Çelik
Mahmut Emin Çelik - 9 months ago
LUKASH PRINCE - 9 months ago
Name Goalkeeper Juventus?
Marcio Roberto
Marcio Roberto - 9 months ago
Penaldooo, sem meu pênaltizinho eu não consigo
GaMer İnTİNal
GaMer İnTİNal - 9 months ago
I Love You merihhhh Demirrral 🇹🇷🇹🇷 2🎱
German Monlafer
German Monlafer - 9 months ago
Otra vez cuadrado que no se controla
nade philips
nade philips - 9 months ago
Szchezny 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽💯
English Experts
English Experts - 9 months ago
Gaynaldo go cry for mama
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