15 422
Luqman Hakim
Luqman Hakim - 2 days ago
Anyway try replaying 9:56 again and again
Aurora District
Aurora District - 2 days ago
Is it weird that one of my uncles, when he was little, (he's now around 60-65), was my doppleganger...?
Helicard - 4 days ago
I will never look at an 8 of diamonds the same again
suket domokos
suket domokos - 6 days ago
10:07 There are more women then men on earth so less than half the population.
Anthony Myers
Anthony Myers - 7 days ago
Did anyone else notice the octopus tentacle in the stuffed animal heads
Luna Knight
Luna Knight - 20 days ago
I'm my grandmother's doppelganger. If you look at a photo of my grandmother at the age of 13 and me at 13, the only difference between the two is that one was taken 82 years ago with paint and mine would be 5 years ago with a phone but they look like the exact same person.
Spikeball - 21 day ago
They recently finished another run of state quarters.
Jeremiah Roul
Jeremiah Roul - 21 day ago
Just so u know I have been best friends with my doppelgänger since kindergarten
TheTurtleking - 21 day ago
peeing with a boner
Randy Lopez
Randy Lopez - 21 day ago
Dominic Alvarez
Dominic Alvarez - 21 day ago
Jaime Statham
Jaime Statham - 21 day ago
I do that man I have so many pennies and quarters
Bforbomber 9001
Bforbomber 9001 - 23 days ago
At 9:22 you can see that even the hubcaps are different
Caleb Borden
Caleb Borden - 23 days ago
I have blue hair nobody 700 years ago had blue hair
Cash0311 - 23 days ago
11:06 I don’t see it oof
FH3CANADA - 24 days ago
I have like 2 of each state
Zachary Moore
Zachary Moore - 27 days ago
@7.35 that's General McArthur... Bruce Willis just looks like him.
Gabriel Frederick
Gabriel Frederick - Month ago
the tripple banana? it is spelled triple
Jonioy - Month ago
i have a place near my house thats a quarter for a can of soda.
Hannah - Month ago
I didn’t know there was a quarter with that rock and tree! It’s part of the Painted Rocks in Michigan’s UP.
My Name is Jhin
My Name is Jhin - Month ago
I found Jordan speaking his thoughts more interesting than the reddit posts
Evan Digilio
Evan Digilio - Month ago
Some people really went to heaven :( 14:09
Golden Foxy
Golden Foxy - Month ago
I met my doppelgänger
Rosanna Seprail
Rosanna Seprail - Month ago
Sadly for the surprise vending Machine, I'd probably get diet soda and/or sprite every time because I'm allergic to both >.
Link_Team - Month ago
what space is, is: black. and white. mostly black and spots of white.
Carson Feldman
Carson Feldman - Month ago
They are America is Beautiful Quarters. They show specific places in states.
L0ck N00B
L0ck N00B - Month ago
Lexter fixins bacon soda
SecretSkull - Month ago
Why does Jardon always start at 19 instead of 20? This irks me something awful
The weird car Boi
The weird car Boi - Month ago
10 years for 5 years
Gavin Whynott
Gavin Whynott - Month ago
I have one we are great friends he looks like me and we have the same name
RavenBurstYT Official
RavenBurstYT Official - Month ago
My dad was also in new York on the 9/11 . he's a truck driver and he was driving with highly flamable cleaning products. Hé got escorted police officiers out of NY city in case terrorist décided to attack him and use his loading for another attack. I remember my nom was freaking out cause my dad was a whole week late cause the border where closed
Vivek Karri
Vivek Karri - Month ago
wait what... (past) 10 mil subs (now) 9.9 mil subs🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Camellia LPS
Camellia LPS - Month ago
14:13 twin towers
starfireat2011 - Month ago
2.00 for a soda 24 oz. here 1.25
DaDuckyDe - Month ago
Wolfamon95 - Month ago
After clicking off this video, I realized that the "the closest some of us will ever get to heaven" line from the brochure is implying 'negative outcomes' for some of us after death...
skeleton_war_of_17 - Month ago
we know exactly what the colors of space are, mostly black and white yellow and red, some blue, all deep space photos are colored because they color the specific gasses specific colors I believe
Connor Marcy
Connor Marcy - Month ago
You almost at 10 mil
snipergamer tv
snipergamer tv - Month ago
I was p1553d bc they were my memas (great grandma) last gift to me
Dragon1master12 Dragon1master12
The triple banana is how the Black Panther legacy travels down
Floofer Butt
Floofer Butt - Month ago
I finished my 50 quarters i was happy
The Saminater
The Saminater - 2 months ago
9:56 mhm
fortnite stuff
fortnite stuff - 2 months ago
I could be jaba the Hut and it would still say you look great
Biz Kit-Bunny boi
Biz Kit-Bunny boi - 2 months ago
Mr.Mejia - 2 months ago
Why is he roasting all of these
TRC_Mistro Akillhes & Gaurdian Vortex
Yay im not the only one that goes through those stages.
Hayden Simmons
Hayden Simmons - 2 months ago
The querter is pictured rocks
Rythian Black
Rythian Black - 2 months ago
Photos aren't artificially colored. Scientists use a spectrometer to find out what elements compose the object
superpuppygamer . aj .
superpuppygamer . aj . - 2 months ago
RiverEcho - 2 months ago
you dropped out of school? No wonder you're a youtuber!
Vanessa Hudock
Vanessa Hudock - 2 months ago
Darkwolfpocco - 2 months ago
We are running out of people that lived through WWII It's getting to the point that all the stories that haven't been told will be lost forever. I know that happens with all wars but... IDK its just interesting to think about.
Blank_Savant - 2 months ago
ah, so good to live in MO where the gas is cheap XD
Cow Tiger
Cow Tiger - 2 months ago
The swan picture, looking at it, looks photoshopped. Like, the neck and head and everything is identical.
Devils Spawn
Devils Spawn - 2 months ago
I've been going through the times when the team crafted was still alive and this is one of three or four of them that didn't just go out completely
i am very happy about this
Super Jazzles
Super Jazzles - 2 months ago
does anybody notice the other swan in the backround with a swan head to/uicorn horn. its obviosly photo shoped
Keata - 2 months ago
in my town vending machines are only 25€
Erika Degraff
Erika Degraff - 2 months ago
the first one is a wunderfizz machine
Ion Skankam
Ion Skankam - 2 months ago
Your voice is so goddamn boring, but your content is so goddamn cool
GliderGaming - 2 months ago
the cars arnt exactly the same
the front one i belive to be a 76 dodge dart and i cant pin point the rear one but its not a 76 dart
Dawn Hook
Dawn Hook - 2 months ago
BatOwl - 2 months ago
2 car's or bee or bumblebee from transformers
projectdelta50 - 2 months ago
bruce willis doesnt age, thats probably him from WWII
NoMayoPlease - 2 months ago
i have those exact sheets with the pocket lol
semipika123 - 2 months ago
I have right now 11 of each state coin thing lmao
jeffrey abbott
jeffrey abbott - 2 months ago
I am missing 19 quarters to my collection and have two Georgia peaches.
Yuki Akuma
Yuki Akuma - 2 months ago
Ro se
Ro se - 2 months ago
I am very stupid.What was the joke of the water cruise ship thing?
Yes I am aware that it says when men wake up in the morning but I still don’t get it :/
Sans&Flowey - 2 months ago
That pit works with jumping
billyds132 - 2 months ago
At my college the vending machines are near $2.00 for a simple bottle
Captain Slam
Captain Slam - 2 months ago
I thought he said unfortunately not in the buildings😂
spirit pup awakens
spirit pup awakens - 2 months ago
"A triple banana Jesus dude you've become like the king of the jungle"
Night Heart
Night Heart - 2 months ago
also there is a 9th diamond on the 8 of diamonds
Georgia Sawyer
Georgia Sawyer - 2 months ago
I have a window that makes rainbows every day
Hitsuo Kinawamura
Hitsuo Kinawamura - 2 months ago
Random soda machine. There is a bad soda in Brazil called Jesus(yeah that Jesus). It's tutti frutti flavored. And it's BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD
hi guy
hi guy - 2 months ago
he who finds the banana three shall rule the creatures of the forest
emerald platypus
emerald platypus - 2 months ago
Daniel Radcliffe has loads of historical doppelgängers
tdshat - 2 months ago
Vingx - 2 months ago
i live in LA and same
Despacito Cat
Despacito Cat - 3 months ago
IPlayer Gamez
IPlayer Gamez - 3 months ago
The UFO beam would only happen once a year because of the earths rotation and position in orbit
IPlayer Gamez
IPlayer Gamez - 3 months ago
It would be hard to line it up
Xile523 - 3 months ago
But what if you got like a Dr Pepper or something that’s a dealbreaker
Blaine Wheaton
Blaine Wheaton - 3 months ago
What’s really mildly interesting is that today is the 11th of September. What a coincidence
awsome sause lolz
awsome sause lolz - 3 months ago
I'm watching this on 9/11
Caferandurah (Mrs. Griffin)
That UFO photo is more mildly infuriating because it's off-center.
ShadowLight Gaming
ShadowLight Gaming - 3 months ago
When you first see Jordan's hairline 11:08
TheBearGamer - 3 months ago
World trade center and today's 9/11
N.M.O Club
N.M.O Club - 3 months ago
September 11 happen so long ago but will always be remembered in the same light
Isaiah Rodriguez
Isaiah Rodriguez - 3 months ago
Who else saw #1 and is watching on 9/11💀
John Weber
John Weber - 3 months ago
the quarter in the picture is a state park quarter, some of which are a pain to find and wont be finished releasing until 2020 except Alabama in 2021 because Alabama HAD to be different
Kikster .T
Kikster .T - 3 months ago
I have all 50 state quarters but idk where my collection is..
Turbo-Hemp - 3 months ago
Savage Gamers
Savage Gamers - 3 months ago
OMG I'm watching this at 9/10
NPC#789132 - 3 months ago
Jordan, you’re fucking boring. I love you but jesus
Loreta Timinskaite
Loreta Timinskaite - 3 months ago
In Lituania 20 litro is 24, 74 Eoros Waaaaath😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Pndawan - 3 months ago
But in truth you might not have a historical doppelganger because you yourselft might be the historical doppelganger
GamerLegend2000 - 3 months ago
OMG I have one of those quarter collection plaques (mine is finished 😂)
porygon-Z White
porygon-Z White - 3 months ago
My grandpa looked like me as a kid but then puberty hit and then age 43 died of heart attack
Loganator - 3 months ago
❤️ your vids
XclusivePower - 3 months ago
That flower is called night sky btw
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