US (2019) Ending Explained

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Michael Stone
Michael Stone - 3 hours ago
One of the worst movies I have ever seen
Bow Vlogs
Bow Vlogs - 7 hours ago
Lol it’s Jason not Jordan
Lovely Alyssa
Lovely Alyssa - 8 hours ago
I wonder if Santa Cruz is going to start playing this movie on the beach, like they do with Lost Boys (since they have summer movie nights)
Verse Jumper
Verse Jumper - 11 hours ago
Woof, glad I didn’t buy into the hype or spend $ on this.
Spaced Out
Spaced Out - 16 hours ago
Jordan Peele has created a universe between 'Get out' and 'Us'
Spaced Out
Spaced Out - 16 hours ago
I loved this movie, I literally watched it 5 times. It's just that good
Never Too Old Gaming
Never Too Old Gaming - 19 hours ago
Us is what happens when you think you are Gods gift to cinema.

Sloppy is a word I would use to describe this movie.

Overrated and fucking awful are the ones I use primarily however.

Quite the fall from "Get Out", but hey let's continue to to cram how bad life is right now for everyone. Not Peele of course, he is a part of the elite 1% and a multi-millionaire lol, but everyone else's life is pretty awful. Guess he feels the need to remind everyone of that.
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher - 20 hours ago
Just realised how the clouds looked kind of like rabbits when the lightning struck at the start of the movie
SCP-049 Plague Doctor
SCP-049 Plague Doctor - 21 hour ago
*I love how FoundFlix make's a ending for his video that matches the Movie he is doing*
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat - Day ago
man we can't win with religion can we?
Mr. Bixby
Mr. Bixby - Day ago
God no singing also the monsters are racist just saying
Batmans Protege
Batmans Protege - Day ago
It was an alright movie, but I called the ending
Jimmy Awad
Jimmy Awad - Day ago
TBH saw the movie as a comedy as a opposed to a horror 😂
不注意Careless - Day ago
So they cloned the bunny’s ?
Kalli Holmes
Kalli Holmes - Day ago
Wrong. Lol he’s not wrong about EVERYTHING but the important parts went right over his head
EchoReaper - Day ago
stop yelling
lila sophmore
lila sophmore - 2 days ago
this is my question, if real adelaide killed the clone adelaide, would she kill the clone family or the real family. i hope this makes sense.
Fatimatou Wade
Fatimatou Wade - Day ago
lila sophmore She wouldn’t kill the « real » family because those are her actual children and her actual husband. She chose to kill the clone family but she really had a hard time doing so because she knows they’re from the same place and has empathy for them. That’s why when Zora’s clone was ejected, ending on those branches where she was agonizing, Adelaide went to her and kind of « shushed » her and was gentle when she just could’ve finished her off with that weapon. That’s also why she gave a hand to Jason’s clone, the who likes to burn stuff up, instead of just killing him off.
Beca Coelho
Beca Coelho - 2 days ago
I've watched the movie twice and still am trying to understand why the mother said that she gave birth to a monster while refering to her daughter? Am I thinking too far? Above mom and copy mom both look more attached to their sons tho. I don't know if I missed a detail or if it doesn't really mean anything in the movie.
Alexander Chen
Alexander Chen - 2 days ago
"There are thousands of underground unused tunnels in the us today"
The facilities were interconnected, and this was why the copy could move.
rwatt5931 - 2 days ago
Jordan Peele is a racist.
Mattock 123
Mattock 123 - 2 days ago
I always thought that the real Adelaide (Red) simply gathered all the materials needed in her quest for vengeance an that she simply would sneak out an provide all the materials I dont remember it being stated either which way
Kampfarsch - 2 days ago
so red is the real one but she still copied the movements when the double danced
that doesnt make any sense
Jesper Steira Ward
Jesper Steira Ward - 2 days ago
If the main person really is the double why would she get those flashbacks at the beach
Voids Fox
Voids Fox - 2 days ago
Yaaaa I don't like this movie
Amena - 2 days ago
ok this guy keeps calling jason “jordan”
PSCGaming 7600
PSCGaming 7600 - 2 days ago
That bible verse 11:11 is just the cherry on top of the scary cake monster thing.
Life with LO
Life with LO - 2 days ago
I can finally watch this now lol !!
Danielle - 2 days ago
Tex is the name of the guy who helped Charles Manson. It also ties into the beach boys which was playing in the background as the real life tex personally knew the beach boys
Salty Super ツ
Salty Super ツ - 2 days ago
No hate but I ain’t it Jason not jordan
Lazy Beams
Lazy Beams - 2 days ago
Why’d you have to go and use the King James Version, broski?
Nick Arcana
Nick Arcana - 2 days ago
To answer question on how come the dopples can go to surface. You never said when the timeline of when the government stopped producing the doubles. Plus with all those rooms that we didn't get to see into could explain the suits and scissors. The fact that the doubles aren't being watched anymore now they have a way to move and go to the surface. Also to your question on how there could be a double of someone who was not in Santa Cruz. I feel that is answered by the government cloned them then sent them to the facility in Santa cruz. Then you also get that the clones pair up and have kids that match the respective originals.
bye - 2 days ago
I was happier not knowing anything about this movie. I wish i stayed ignorant
Josh - 2 days ago
Thatdeal79 - 2 days ago
I just realized why the clones sound the way they do. The movies is called “Us”. I’m certain it’s a shout out to “The Last Of Us”. They both have “Us” in the tittle. I’d almost pay money that was intentional.
Lae Lay
Lae Lay - 2 days ago
The lil guy is not jordan.. its jason lol
The Black Identity
The Black Identity - 2 days ago
lol. who cares about who made the red costumes? great explanation though.
Ebony Govender
Ebony Govender - 3 days ago
I actually loved that movie
jonny barnard
jonny barnard - 3 days ago
"Get out" of the "U.S." illuminati lizards
Jami Wright
Jami Wright - 3 days ago
7:55 Jordan’s Double???😂
Julia Dollmetsch
Julia Dollmetsch - 3 days ago
i think the reason why not all the "clones" mirrored the movements of the "real" people is that they are grown. Young children do copy the actions / language they see in their parents and as older as they get the less they "copy". Therefor only the youngest "clone" mirrors the actions of his doublegänger 1 by 1 while the older doubles only mirror some movements (like the thing with Abraham and the glasses).
The thing that doesn't make sense is that in the flashbacks you can clearly see that at one point the ALL the clones copied the movements of their doppelgängers 1 by 1 without even seeing them. But the answer could be that from time to time they lost the connection or didnt care anymore. But also they didnt mirror the movements all the time so maybe the clones can decide if they want to mirror the actions or not? Idk
Blck Ntrovert TV
Blck Ntrovert TV - 3 days ago
movie was trash
Sub To VaggieGaming Not me
i like tacos
i like tacos - 3 days ago
It was more like 15 minutes not an hour but okay
Arjun S
Arjun S - 3 days ago
Why did u recap the whole movie. Just explain
Leon Lomax
Leon Lomax - 3 days ago
I get why she mourned the supposed copies of her son and daughters death....cuz she was the real mother.
amac - 3 days ago
What a cool concept! I can't wait to rewatch US and Im SO excited to see what else Jordan Peele comes up with in the future
r3a1ityGamezZ - 3 days ago
I thought it was obvious from the very beginning that they swapped places
Josh Nesbitt
Josh Nesbitt - 3 days ago
i was disappointed in this when coming from get out
Ana-Maria C
Ana-Maria C - 3 days ago
Dude 90% of this video is just you describing what happens in the movie... i don't need 13 minutes of that i just saw it, that's why i'm looking for extra explanations ....
mya groves
mya groves - 3 days ago
lol wasn’t the son’s name Jason?
Anas Elabbas
Anas Elabbas - 3 days ago
Us is probably one of my favourite movies!!
Having Tea With the Devil
Well. I’ve never seen that movie, but that was a hell of a plot twist.
Ice Zex
Ice Zex - 3 days ago
This fucking movie is ASS lmaoooo
Manny FreSH
Manny FreSH - 4 days ago
Just saw the movie today! Woooow 😯
J Dee Carter
J Dee Carter - 4 days ago
They clearly say the girl was only missing for 15 minutes and not an hour.
AUDREY CALCUTT - 4 days ago
The first tethered that came out was the 11:11 guy, he killed the original and then went to start the "hands across America" thats why his hands were out like they were about to be held by someone else, so after the tethered killed there double they went to go hold hands in the circle
Crumbs and Crust
Crumbs and Crust - 4 days ago
This movie made me mad. I guessed the ending 15 minutes into the film! It was very overhyped
Blueghost76 - 4 days ago
I believe that the entire movie is based on the American dream and how we are never going to be satisfied
magichehe - 4 days ago
7:55 he said jordan instead of jason 😭💀
Dallas Sneary
Dallas Sneary - 4 days ago
He says Jordan instead of Jason on the part with the car on fire
sync_ Synx
sync_ Synx - 4 days ago
Yo that's crazy😳
Matt Moeckel
Matt Moeckel - 4 days ago
I thought this was noteworthy:
The Tethered are not human at all because humans can not live off of rabbit meat alone.
Any one else realize this?
Neha Tandon
Neha Tandon - 4 days ago
When red was dying, she started humming ”itsy bitsy spider” just like their first encounter..That came full circle!
Mary Kolawole
Mary Kolawole - 4 days ago
There's a theory that Jason was also switched but I don't know if I believe it or not
Mary Kolawole
Mary Kolawole - Day ago
+PinkandBlue_x I don't know about that one, but if you want to know about the theory in full depth there's a video about it
PinkandBlue_x - Day ago
Mary Kolawole I see. But if they were switched wouldn’t the “clone” know how to speak as well?
Mary Kolawole
Mary Kolawole - Day ago
+PinkandBlue_x They mention that Jason hadn't been the same after a fire so the theory is that Jason met his doppelganger and was switched during the fire, and maybe got burnt aswell. They also say that Jason had a new vocabulary and when Adelaide tries to get Jason to snap his fingers along with the music he does it backwards
PinkandBlue_x - Day ago
Mary Kolawole but how? One of them has a burnt face and can’t talk so we’d know
I v E
I v E - 4 days ago
When mirror mom started talking the first time my thought was "what if it turns out that mirror mom is ACTUALLY the real mom?" (I had no idea how but I thought it would be a great twist)
I was shocked when that was actually true. Lol.
Ellie K
Ellie K - 4 days ago
See I think that all these little details were made by God I don’t think Red did this alone. She explained how god brought them together and I agree. It makes more sense God WANTED them to come to the surface because the government was trying to be like him “when they cry I won’t help them.” He helped the doubles conquer the real world.
melanie bumpus
melanie bumpus - 4 days ago
this reminds me of The Strangers but it’s not exactly the same
Kueny Gamer Diu
Kueny Gamer Diu - 4 days ago
Everyone who lives in the US. Get tf out that country before it’s too late. Come to Australia!
Yolenia Lee
Yolenia Lee - 4 days ago
You know it got me thinking, the mom got switched when she was still young. That means the kids are actually half clones which means the little boy fears his own mother (adelay) at the end. Cause Red is the original BUT NOT the birth mom. Both sets of kids are half clones? Maybe?
Trey Tina
Trey Tina - 4 days ago
ok but why she forget how to talk?
Marvin Varian
Marvin Varian - 4 days ago
How did they walk up the descending escalator
Kaman Is gay
Kaman Is gay - 4 days ago
7:56 I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure his name was Jason....?
the rushin gamer
the rushin gamer - 5 days ago
Honestly I didn’t like the movie it was as dull as a rusty spoon ,the entire premise was unoriginal, and the dialogue sounds like it’s from the short bus not to bring up how racist peele is
Tyler Joseph Smith
Tyler Joseph Smith - 5 days ago
It’s “Jason”, not “Jordan”.
william rivera
william rivera - 5 days ago
The ending surprised the fuck out of me
Lena Gallot
Lena Gallot - 5 days ago
So since the clone Adelaide was fake and didn't have a soul, are her and her husband's kids like half-clones? Do they have a soul?
iiialxciaiii - 5 days ago
Plot twist: She was switched with the tether when she was a child and the tether was living up there 👆 now she’s back to get revenge 🙃
Evan Brown
Evan Brown - 2 days ago
No fucking shit.
Julie Aquafredda
Julie Aquafredda - 5 days ago
The younger boy’s name isn’t Jordan, it’s Jason, just wanted to let you know
XxxJay15xxX - 5 days ago
The ending fucking scares me
The Exposer Money
The Exposer Money - 5 days ago
Did he call Jason Jordan
Montgomery - 5 days ago
after scrolling through the comments, i didnt notice anything... but maybe thats why the mom was like not killing them and was kinda approaching them in a friendly way like Hiccup did in How To Train Your Dragon. you know, even gabe was like “what the fuck is she doing”. so she was kinda chill with them but then again didnt give a shit and killed em.
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M - 5 days ago
The ending was SO sad! I felt bad for the little girl
Also I can’t help but think one of the morals of the story is watch your kids 😂
Jmanrulez100 - 5 days ago
The boys name is Jason Not Jordan
maya - 5 days ago
*that was DEEP*
LennyBoiLovesYoutube - 5 days ago
You either love the movie or hate it. I loved it my dad hated it a looott
Justin Sanchez
Justin Sanchez - 5 days ago
I think we are all on the same page that this movie requires ignoring some plot holes to fully enjoy the story and understand the theme. BUT no one is talking about how red tells Adelaide she wished Adelaide took her along with her above ground which is an odd line of dialogue for the person who was kidnapped. I feel like this was cheating in a way to avoid revealing the twist. Also, I don't think tethers are solely capable of controlling their counterparts even though that's what they were designed for. It is shown early on when Gabe adjusts his glasses and Abraham does the same despite not having glasses which makes it unclear regarding the rules of mimicry in the movie. I just wanted to put this out there and have people confirm these ideas as I am not entirely certain if I remember those scenes accurately.
Jai Joy
Jai Joy - 5 days ago
I really wanna know the theories about the meaning behind the white rabbits. Maybe it's obvious to some, but I don't know. I know the rabbits are there to eat. I did however, notice each scene with them in it showed the singular black bunny amongst the white bunnies, even if it was a scene with only 6 of them moving around, the black bunny was always there. I don't think it's a race thing.
Maybe it has to do with religion?
Alex Rojas
Alex Rojas - 5 days ago
Quick question that maybe I just missed: what was so special about the fact that Red could copy the dance? How did that mean she was different since the movie showed the other tethered copying their counterparts in the amusement park too
Memedoc - 5 days ago
America: Us
Russia: We
Drakonzo - 5 days ago
Get Out: White society wants our youth, our style, our talent, and our heart but they don't care about us, we're just parts to them. They take what they like and they throw out the rest.

Us: Class makes enemies of everyone despite the fact that we're all just people. Adelaide is an example of someone who comes from nothing and on some level is terrified of going back there.
Tyson Monk
Tyson Monk - 5 days ago
I always wanted to kill myself
Tyson Monk
Tyson Monk - 5 days ago
I always wanted to kill myself
hAE Ya DWAE - 5 days ago
Also why she was shushing the daughter when she died from the car accident ALSO why the fake friend never killed her or hesitated
hAE Ya DWAE - 5 days ago
Is that why Adelaide didn’t want Jason’s clone to die ? Because she knew it was her real son kind of ?
Bourke Productions
Bourke Productions - 5 days ago
Weren’t the police meant to arrive 50 fucking minutes ago?
antinapay - 5 days ago
How do the clones get the same clothes at the same time as the real people?
John Zepp Marinda
John Zepp Marinda - 5 days ago
this movie is stupidly complex
XortisPro - 5 days ago
You just shorten whole movie with annoying voice.
Pame Diaz
Pame Diaz - 5 days ago
My only question is:
When the clone Adelaide chained the og Adelaide to the bed, she clearly got unchained somehow, why didn't she just go back up to the surface? Why stay down there?
Chris Prillo Is Ebola
+Aishello lol what. Then how did the fake adelaide leave twice. First to choke out the real girl second to go to leave the beach
Aishello - 4 days ago
Because the escalotor goes only downward
Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight - 5 days ago
10:54 just imagine waking up to that i'd literally s**tbomb my pants
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