Behind Lady Gaga's Legendary Met Gala Looks | Vogue

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Anu radha
Anu radha - 17 hours ago
Ooh my Gosh ...How did She wear.....She us soo Confident...👏👏
Sayera Parveen
Sayera Parveen - Day ago
boys walking haha funny scene
Sayera Parveen
Sayera Parveen - Day ago
jahnum ki boot
Isabelle Beauchamp
Isabelle Beauchamp - 2 days ago
I feel like she and Liza Koshy are the only ones being respectful and kind towards the workers
Salt N Pepper
Salt N Pepper - 3 days ago
this is a actual queen here
redswifite - 5 days ago
everyone: omg so prettyyyyy
Lais Costa
Lais Costa - 5 days ago
this is absolutely everything
Claire Rooney
Claire Rooney - 5 days ago
I watch this video every time I think about this look.
Mind Of Virtuoso
Mind Of Virtuoso - 6 days ago
she was dressed like the boss level crackhead
Nathalia Lema
Nathalia Lema - 6 days ago
she walked like a marathon to get there
Shanell Peterson
Shanell Peterson - 7 days ago
I love Lady Gaga, and I know she’s mega talented and intelligent...but lot of the time, I just don’t understand what she’s saying.
mymygagax - 7 days ago
She has been doing camp her whole career, thats why its so natural for her
Sabi Lozano
Sabi Lozano - 8 days ago
i have so much respect for Gaga, she is the definition of ARTIST
Cholo Cinco
Cholo Cinco - 8 days ago
It was the birth of CHROMATICA!
Darlon Torres
Darlon Torres - 8 days ago
Yeeeee GAGA! ❤️🔥🌈
Denn - 9 days ago
I will consider this video as the Fashion! Official music video
Kiran Khatri
Kiran Khatri - 10 days ago
noahjohnstone - 10 days ago
5:16 how tf do you do that
Shraddha Kamble
Shraddha Kamble - 10 days ago
They all rehearsed.. wow
Éléonore Tardif
Éléonore Tardif - 12 days ago
All the comments have at least 1k likes and they are all true 😂😂😂
ashi wotza
ashi wotza - 12 days ago
That was what we call "a waste of time " 💁🏿‍♀️
Shruti Ranjan
Shruti Ranjan - 13 days ago
Ismnn legendary kya h koi btayega
Annabella - 14 days ago
my question is... did they have to cut her out of that t-shirt to not mess up her hair and make up?
GHAZALA AHMADI - 14 days ago
Seeing her pray before the met melted my heart😭
teachans - 15 days ago
Sid - 17 days ago
Not to be dramatic but they forgot to put LEGENDARY in all caps for this video title
Jahn - 14 days ago
Let's be dramatic
La Estrella
La Estrella - 17 days ago
She is camp.
MuhROWnn Benn
MuhROWnn Benn - 17 days ago
She OWNED this hear
Ninah Murray
Ninah Murray - 18 days ago
It seems like she really loves fashion and works so hard for everything she has. So respectful to everyone in the room. Absolutely love her
Defenetly Not Neean
Defenetly Not Neean - 18 days ago
5:18 yas queen
Hshs Gdbdjd
Hshs Gdbdjd - 18 days ago
seeing her pray just wow she really did change
Fatima Jan
Fatima Jan - 19 days ago
Any one else wondering how much it costs?????
Londa Zh
Londa Zh - 20 days ago
can we take a moment and be amazed how she walked a long distance in those boots?!
Ifarahma Nabiila
Ifarahma Nabiila - 20 days ago
she's remind me of my mom. ily gaga
Leila Wo-7
Leila Wo-7 - 21 day ago
Lady Gaga with no make:(exists)

Atif Rafique Malkera
Atif Rafique Malkera - 21 day ago
Why did she walk all the way ?
Kay Cobbins
Kay Cobbins - 22 days ago
We missed this gaga
Serra Kaşıkçı
Serra Kaşıkçı - 22 days ago
She is legend. She is impressing me all the time.
Samir Polanco
Samir Polanco - 22 days ago
RK AB - 22 days ago
You can literally make a documentary out of this moment.
Laekin Wihongi
Laekin Wihongi - 22 days ago
she looks like a oyster
Bill Buffett
Bill Buffett - 22 days ago
Danielle Mason
Danielle Mason - 23 days ago
I love how different she is
Aura - 24 days ago
When fashion! Started playing I died
Scrible Spider
Scrible Spider - 24 days ago
What is the purpose of your activities?
Does your clothes,makeup,shoes,tours private jet,make our children more safe against viruses?
Our planet greener?
Our weather more stable?
Are you a scientist?
An innovator?
Dharminder Puri
Dharminder Puri - 24 days ago
Black was good while rehearsal
Joaquin Lopez Rascon
Joaquin Lopez Rascon - 24 days ago
So Icónic
ethan cianfarani
ethan cianfarani - 25 days ago
I really wish she wore those gloves and that long wig in the final performance
Rodrigo De la Rosa
Rodrigo De la Rosa - 25 days ago
HANTUCOVA - 25 days ago
Can someone explain how woman take off the shirt they are wearing after finished doing make up?
Angeline Espinosa
Angeline Espinosa - 25 days ago
“Yes gah gah!”
N MS - 25 days ago
And you killed it Gaga, you killed it!!!
Daniel Agustin
Daniel Agustin - 25 days ago
Satanic witch!
Emily Whitney
Emily Whitney - 25 days ago
I think one thing to remebmber as people compare this video to the jenners and kardashians is that Gaga is an artist not a socialite. I’m not defending anyone’s behavior but it just shows more in what aspects are taken seriously.
M i c D a m a g e
M i c D a m a g e - 25 days ago
I need 'FASHION!' to be played on my funeral
Shaily black
Shaily black - 25 days ago
2:38 the woman on chair perfect reaction 😂
Deimantė Repšaitė
Deimantė Repšaitė - 26 days ago
I love how her crew is so diverse in races:)
Maria Zyka Yamog
Maria Zyka Yamog - 26 days ago
This just makes me so happy
Niamh Byrne
Niamh Byrne - 26 days ago
I love that she read Susan Sontag, and educated herself on what camp is, unlike other celebs who just went down the extravagance for extravagance sake route. I really respect that.
Joaquin Lopez Rascon
Joaquin Lopez Rascon - 26 days ago
Queen iloveYou
Robert Michael Todd
Robert Michael Todd - 27 days ago
Who is that stud of a security guard? woof
Jude Zhu
Jude Zhu - 27 days ago
I want lady Gaga to murder me
sean ahmed
sean ahmed - 27 days ago
Gotta love the way the word "legendary" gets thrown around these days!!
Paulina Guerrero
Paulina Guerrero - 27 days ago
Wow so much effort. Nice to see the other side of artists and their crew
Jason Licos
Jason Licos - 27 days ago
Why is it called camp? I mean the meaning they're telling is so deep. All i know about camp is where you enjoy and have a camping build tents, have activities anywhere you wanted to go haha sooo dumb of me🤷‍♂️
Jesus Ramírez
Jesus Ramírez - 27 days ago
Cómo se llama la canción del minuto 10.17
Ramon Alcantara
Ramon Alcantara - 27 days ago
Fashion - Lady Gaga
Sherrlene Uy-Gomes
Sherrlene Uy-Gomes - 27 days ago
She led a prayer before heading out. Shows how pure of a being she is. No frills. No bragging. Just 100% unique awesomeness!
Anne Francis Hemilga
Anne Francis Hemilga - 23 days ago
@Sherrlene Uy-Gomes well yeah coz she's Catholic and even she doesn't do that who cares not everyone is religious or Christians
Sherrlene Uy-Gomes
Sherrlene Uy-Gomes - 24 days ago
Anne Francis Hemilga makes her even awesome
Anne Francis Hemilga
Anne Francis Hemilga - 24 days ago
She's been doing that since 2008
Chicken Rubber
Chicken Rubber - 28 days ago
Gaga is really down to earth (she actually respects her staff)
Mr. Bagels
Mr. Bagels - 28 days ago
How did she get out of the t-shirt at 9:00 ?
Vinicius Ferret
Vinicius Ferret - 28 days ago
how did she take that shirt off after, I don't get
Papik 007
Papik 007 - 28 days ago
Witch !
Pizza Gate!
marvin raphael monfort
marvin raphael monfort - 28 days ago
Just love!
Nikhitha Siddi
Nikhitha Siddi - 28 days ago
Oh but it is mostly about exaggeration. Making it bigger than last year. What happens to all those clothes, never to be worn again, never repurposed, just lying in their big closets forever. What a shame
EdVibes TV
EdVibes TV - 28 days ago
Actually...she is giving us a hint that she will be collaborating with Blackpink in the future....I mean...look at these colors she worn.
Zamira Kallen
Zamira Kallen - 29 days ago
내자유 - 29 days ago
Anyone exited for her collab with BLACKPINK?
Angel Okonkwo
Angel Okonkwo - 29 days ago
When Fashion came on, I honestly shed a little tear. Love you My Gaga 😭❤️❤️
Desiree MM Kimura
Desiree MM Kimura - Month ago
Lady Gaga. No such thing as being overdressed. The Met is embellished with Lady Gaga. Love the Vibrant color to walk out in like a blossoming flower then to another season. Lady Gaga is FASHION
Tinesvaran Visvanathan
Practice makes perfect baby
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