Everything Wrong With Rush Hour In 15 Minutes Or Less

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SentreNet - Hour ago
You rock. Keep it up. It's great looking at movies I love like this.
Nick Hoffman
Nick Hoffman - 3 hours ago
I’m pretty sure the “Chinese consulate” in this movie was also Wayne Manor in the Adam West Batman tv show
Jason Carter
Jason Carter - 3 hours ago
CinemaSins -26 points
Rush Hour +43 points
Rush wins
Josny13 - 14 hours ago
5:05 If this makes you cringe now as opposed to back then, you probably deserve it.
8:00 "rappore"? Are you over-frenchefying things to look smart like you know the "right" way to say it? Because it sounds like you're over-frenchefying things to look smart like you know the "right" way to say it. Never mind the fact that in English, you pronounce the "t", and if that was supposed to be french, that's racist.
9:40 Have you seen *any* Jackie Chan movies? He *invented* the "catch all the food back on a tray"-trick!
StivKobra - 18 hours ago
Jackie saying "What's up, my niBBa?" shouldn't be a sin at all. It's a perfect representation of the USA double standard for such words, because just before that scene, Chris Tucker greets those same guys the same way. As in: It's okay if black people use racial slurs, but not for anyone else, even if it's casual or as a joke, let alone in a deliberately offensive way. That's 10 sins for you, mate - for reinforcing those double standards.
J Trujillo
J Trujillo - Day ago
For some reason, I think the dude at Cinema sins, is one of the reasons we're so PC nowadays! Racism is funny, get over it!
SeanGoGetIt TV
SeanGoGetIt TV - Day ago
This man dead ass said "Jackie Chan's stunt double" smh...this also feels like a "Hate on Chris Tucker" video, TF happened to this channel?
Gary B.
Gary B. - Day ago
They named the little girl Soo Yung..... So Young, pretty clever, but also not.
Wuking - Day ago
*A Brett Ratner film*
Al Everdred
Al Everdred - 2 days ago
You did Rush Hour before Lethal Weapon? Damn 😂 I hope you do all the LW films one day
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher - 2 days ago
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher - 2 days ago
There should be only one sin. Cinemasins making this video
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher - 2 days ago
What the eff!!!
guess what you poop
guess what you poop - 2 days ago
Awwwwwww CinemaSins got offended boohoo
Niamh Wilson
Niamh Wilson - 2 days ago
Can I give a sin because the title says 15mins or less but it is actually 15:48. Which according to my calculations is 48 seconds OVER 15mins.
Armando Alvarado
Armando Alvarado - 3 days ago
You shouldn't review old movies with modern pussy sensitivities. Jesus.
6reen 6rud6e
6reen 6rud6e - 3 days ago
Soo Yung singing should have been a Sin..also Mariah Carey Bing!
Gerarudo - 3 days ago
I love the Rush Hour bloopers 😂
The Thirsty Fish
The Thirsty Fish - 3 days ago
Imagine not knowing that c4 is incredibly stable and pretty much won't blow up unless you use an actual detonator. Set it on fire? It burns quite nicely. Shoot it? doesn't explode. Wack it with a hammer? Kinda like pla-doh. You literally cannot make C4 go off accidentally through any normal means.
hodor - 3 days ago
dude.. its jackie chan.. hes got real life spider man powers
he could very easy beat the waiter and take the food with out droping any XD
have u not seen hes movies :P the guy makes anything a weapon or shield and he got some the fastest hands in the world XD
hes all ways doing cool tricks like that tho sadly this time it was off cam :(
Vinn Detta
Vinn Detta - 3 days ago
@9:30 Lee had a gun before he went into the restaurant so he technically could’ve pointed the gun at the worker to get his uniform/food with absolutely no karate involved 😂 dope vid tho 💯
TheFLOW1978 - 4 days ago
BTW, have you done 48 hrs yet?
Lady.Whatever - 4 days ago
Why does Chris Tucker sound like a kazoo every time he talks lmao
O K - 4 days ago
C4 needs an electrical current to explode, carbon dioxide from a cigarette wouldn’t affect it even if you were smoking right next to it
Hiraeth - 4 days ago
Been a while since i watched cinema sins. Its really gone down hill with the pc stuff huh.
Mr. Plague
Mr. Plague - 5 days ago
4:39 there are no keys in the ignition the entire scene.
violet - 5 days ago
I love you but thats a MAC not an UZI..
peep39 - 5 days ago
Say what you want, this movie is fucking hilarious
charlie worrall
charlie worrall - 6 days ago
The blinking sin shouldn’t count as even some of the most trained snipers blink when a fire arm is shot as a natural reaction to the noise to protect the eyes.
T. W.
T. W. - 6 days ago
“Jackie -always- ok!”
Trey Best
Trey Best - 7 days ago
What’s ironic about this movie is that in real life black people are SOO racist to asians 😂 like for real, old school, straight up pre 1964 racist to Asians. I’ve never understood why but like every black person I know hates asians for some reason.
Cebastian Jones
Cebastian Jones - 8 days ago
Why?!? Cause “wipe yourself off man,you dead”😂😂😂
Akshay Thorve
Akshay Thorve - 8 days ago
You monster...This is a classic movie. No mistakes I can see here.
Raptorgamer 11
Raptorgamer 11 - 9 days ago
jackie chan can do anything nothings impossible for him
Patrick M
Patrick M - 10 days ago
Kinda idiotic how he said that’s racist when Carter said it’s safer for her to be behind a desk more sexist then anything other than that it was a good review
Eli Soto
Eli Soto - 10 days ago
Yes I counted all of the dum dums.
Yes, I'm upset you didn't complete the set of 4 dum dums that you had written there.
Yes, I'm unreasonable.
Yes, you are still wrong.
Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master - 10 days ago
The sin on shooting the car that had c4 in it just because it had c4 would be reasonable if it was just simply "He didn't try and shoot the tires" but you sinned the fact that he was shooting a car with c4 in it. I'm not a trained officer and even I know that c4 doesn't explode just from shooting it. You can actually set that shit on fire and it wont explode. Considering Chris Tucker IS a trained officer in the movie, you can assume that he at least knows this.
Mike King
Mike King - 11 days ago
That's not how C4 works...
Nermiachaos - 11 days ago
Please do Rush Hour 2 &. 3
Ahle The Scout
Ahle The Scout - 11 days ago
The only thing wrong with this move is that when I first tried to watch it on DVD in the DVD was busted and I couldn’t finish the movie Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Verónica Jiménez
Verónica Jiménez - 11 days ago
Cinema sins used to make me laugh a lot... now, nothing. what a shame.
Alex Phan
Alex Phan - 12 days ago
this was a movie for when you chill at home by urself as a kid.. and u finna sin this?!?!?
ツTheMDnub - 12 days ago
No offense, but CinemaSins this time is like the need who criticizes every second of a comedy movie ignoring the humility in it...
raphi - 12 days ago
12:22 The blondie shakes a MAC-10 in Lee's face
Laugh at Leevi
Laugh at Leevi - 12 days ago
BrewStewFilms: so you have chosen death
Epicword - 13 days ago
I think this movie illustrates how at one time in America (not very long ago) racism could be used in a joking manner and it was understood that people didn't hate each other just because they made racist jokes, and not one building was burned down! So rather than sinning this movie for casual racism, we should sin modern society (1 million times).
Kyler Dowling
Kyler Dowling - 13 days ago
You missed the fact he blows up the C4 in the trunk with a bullet which wouldn't do that as C4 needs electricity
Curtis Whitehead Jr
Curtis Whitehead Jr - 13 days ago
4:58. 18 Sins for Clifton Powell’s red suit. #MyEyes! 😵
ImSwisherSweeter - 13 days ago
Chris Tucker is being casually racist and then there’s a snide remark about it not being “real” racism, yet Jackie Chan was “convinced” to say nigga. No matter how subtle try to be that racial bias always shows.
Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian - 13 days ago
1:40 C4 is stable. You can shoot it and it won't go boom.
iStolenAgeraXp - 14 days ago
Intro movie to Bad Boys 1
iStolenAgeraXp - 14 days ago
How’s it racist to sit at my desk!?
Cannabis Cafe
Cannabis Cafe - 14 days ago
Pls do shanghai noon
Rifle Shooter Channel
Rifle Shooter Channel - 14 days ago
That’s an Ingram, not an Uzi.
1 sin to you.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - 14 days ago
This channel is so SJW nowadays instead of just focusing on the hilarities of the sins. We get it man, you have good morals.
Paivi Project
Paivi Project - 14 days ago
😂😂😂 It's still one great movie I need to watch again. Thanks 👍
Nicky Sweatshirt
Nicky Sweatshirt - 14 days ago
I’m a little late but a cigarette would not set off c4. It needs a small explosion to ignite the main charge
Zakkary Keith
Zakkary Keith - 14 days ago
Who's the guy that runs the channel? Is he like a movie critic with credentials? lets see you make a movie it would probably be shit
Gru - 15 days ago
1:31 This sin should be removed. The movie portrays Carter as a dumbass cop so there's nothing wrong with what he did (allowing the officers to get shot).
Fl vd R
Fl vd R - 15 days ago
10 sins for Brett Ratner without a single comment? You used to explain why you're sinning, now you are just throwing your hat at it. It seems that even CinemaSins is getting bored sinning movies and just throws sins in just for laughs and giggles.
Come on, do a good analysis of the movie or don't watch it.
J Coleman
J Coleman - 16 days ago
Jackie Chan doesn't have any stunt doubles
Donqual Jordan
Donqual Jordan - 16 days ago
Now do two and three
Jerry Kwerve
Jerry Kwerve - 17 days ago
Do rush hour 2 and Happy Gilmore
Stella H
Stella H - 17 days ago
8:13 why are they doing the Sister Act 2 dance 🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Shiell
Ryan Shiell - 17 days ago
C4 doesn't go off unless it has a primary charge to set it off.
Nikolaus Wijngard
Nikolaus Wijngard - 17 days ago
Cinema sins is losing it's charm.
curtis m
curtis m - 17 days ago
C-4 won't detonate with fire or a car crash. That's why we use it.
Imposto É roubo
Imposto É roubo - 17 days ago
GLBahr - 18 days ago
Cinema Sins is sensitive af
Pierre Smith
Pierre Smith - 18 days ago
what car is dat shit look like dah speed racer mark 6 😭😂
The Great Asmodeseus
The Great Asmodeseus - 18 days ago
How you gonna miss the filming crew at 13:58
justin boyd
justin boyd - 19 days ago
You do know c4 can be shot and won't explode it can only be set off with a detonator... DING!
The Paparazzi Gamer [TPG]
I don't care what you say I still really like this movie.
Chungus Among us
Chungus Among us - 20 days ago
as for the C4 thing, fire doesnt set off C4, it requires an electrical charge, therefore smoking a cig right next to it is entirely safe.
Su9Y - 20 days ago
This was a really bad one from Cinemasins... just doesn't work for this type of comedy/ light film anyway
ALUCARD7729 - 21 day ago
4:28, alright, that is exactly how to take a shot at politicians, that was good
Sauce Obtainer
Sauce Obtainer - 21 day ago
Chris had iconic funny lines throughout this whole movie. Clearly he was biased towards him and called him annoying even though that's his character arch and it's a f*cking comedy. Definitely one of their most complainy videos.
Blake Batchelder
Blake Batchelder - 22 days ago
C4 isn’t flammable tho....
Logan O. Boyd
Logan O. Boyd - 22 days ago
Damn I didn't realize how old this movie is, I'm a year older
rich369963 - 22 days ago
This video seemed extremely forced. Only about 20 sins were actually legit
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