A Student Ate Only Chips And French Fries For 10 Years. This Is What Happened To His Eyes.

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Chubbyemu - 5 months ago
Dope ramen aka i like vflower
Jonah Hang
Jonah Hang - 12 days ago
Chubbyemu in emojis 😀❤️🍔😰🏥😖🦠😵😑😞😐
PKMenace - 26 days ago
Chubbyemu k
PENNY Wise need subs
PENNY Wise need subs - 27 days ago
I don't eat eggs , meat , yogurt and cereals sometimes.. do I also have deficiency of B 12 ?
Cdomballz420blz - Month ago
Chubbyemu 😱
Sharmin Shama
Sharmin Shama - 36 minutes ago
Wait he is 14 years old so you mean to say that his mom has been feeding him chips breads and French fries for the past 10 year?
AppulseGames - 3 hours ago
heme👏 review 👏
Lord Dessik
Lord Dessik - 10 hours ago
I take Vitamin B12 for my depression. There’s a lot of medical and scientific research that suggests Vitamin B12 can help people who struggle to absorb seratonin in the brain. Not many people understand that depression can lead to anemia and neglected eating habits which is what happened to me. I also take iron and vitamin D because my mental illness puts me at risk of having low or unbalanced nutrition.
Lish Oquist
Lish Oquist - 13 hours ago
Before I actually watch this, we had a teenage male on the west coast of NZ that went blind from malnutrition ( from a restricted diet like this).
Radiant Shadow
Radiant Shadow - 23 hours ago
The beginning is like the kid trying to gross out and annoy the shit out of people on Xbox by eating and smacking in his mic.
Jenwei Tan
Jenwei Tan - Day ago
Loud pewd video he thought
michael an
michael an - Day ago
Who else sees the title and is like "only in America"
leila lalala
leila lalala - Day ago
4:34 what kind of basement is this?????👀😱
Smokey298 - Day ago
Is this even possible? Only potatoes for 10 years?
i need meds k
i need meds k - Day ago
PewDiePie is my king
Yes No
Yes No - Day ago
His Mon should get a guineas record.
Who in the hell let their children eat those junk for ten years. Another american dream.😓
Lauren - Day ago
What parent allows a kid to eat only chips n fries for 10 years? put regular meals on his plate and if he doesnt eat them then he doesnt eat! lock the fridge n the pantry if necessary...
Bartlomiej Kasprzyk
Bartlomiej Kasprzyk - 2 days ago
12:20 Imagine my shock!
Reza Mirzai
Reza Mirzai - 2 days ago
why you shouldnt be vegan without taking b12 vitamins
Miftah Khan
Miftah Khan - 2 days ago
Natural selection should weed out picky eaters
nmtz 1
nmtz 1 - 3 days ago
I wonder what would happen to your eyes if you only ate carrots for 10 years?
hmurdock - 3 days ago
When I was a student, I ate a lot of carbs, mostly pasta. It was the only time in my life I needed glasses, and I also had ringing in my ears.
Jesus christ Paleo really did save my life (mostly because it got rid of the inflammation I had all over my digestive system)
Patrick Lorenzo
Patrick Lorenzo - 3 days ago
Kermos the Mad Frog
Kermos the Mad Frog - 3 days ago
Welp... guess I’m gonna have to change my diet.
Mezay Ugbo
Mezay Ugbo - 4 days ago
I was just looking for info on eating a single french fry and not breaking my 18 hour fast. Here I am🤷🏽‍♀️😅
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown - 4 days ago
please speak more slowly when you make these videos, chubby. thank you...
Franz1987 - 4 days ago
Likes their texture. Prob on autism spectrum is my guess
Jackson A.
Jackson A. - 6 days ago
I’m a vegan and picky. I love vegan cheese burgers and fries with vegan mayo every night. This video made me start taking vitamins last month. With 100% b12. Thank you!
Daegan Jones
Daegan Jones - 6 days ago
Five Guys frys are the best.
Ozzah - 7 days ago
14 year old eats nothing but fries and goes legally blind. Parents should be sent to jail. WTF.
Timileyin Destinee
Timileyin Destinee - 9 days ago
CPS where are you!!!!!!!

Why aren't his parents doing anything to help?
Doc Emit Brown
Doc Emit Brown - 9 days ago
A man was eating a balanced diet his whole life this is how he got cancer apparently
Doc Emit Brown
Doc Emit Brown - 9 days ago
A pair of eyeballs ate only chips and French fries for 10 students. This is what happened to his years
Sherilyn Chung
Sherilyn Chung - 9 days ago
Kylar Lee
Kylar Lee - 9 days ago
You lost me at enzyme.
Robert Riquelme
Robert Riquelme - 10 days ago
Your the man bro so informative
Raj Md. Ashraful Huq Baramdei
And when this type of channels are not included in the rewind, the dislike bar rises.
Campbell Rowland
Campbell Rowland - 10 days ago
So we're just not gonna talk about the heme review caption when he was talking about blood
Gafined FD
Gafined FD - 10 days ago
I bet chubbyemu's last words will be emia... meaning presence in blood
Anu G
Anu G - 10 days ago
Lack of vitamin B-12
Me: Starts putting Marmite onto toast
UniversePaw - 11 days ago
Ok im gonna eat chips till im 19 not 20 i dont want my eyes to die
Sunita Chauhan
Sunita Chauhan - 11 days ago
0:33 *unrelated pickle rick footage*
Green Bot
Green Bot - 11 days ago
Lesson: eat healthy
Saito Hiraga
Saito Hiraga - 12 days ago
college life much?
Ticci Mask
Ticci Mask - 12 days ago
Oop my dad told me I lacked iron so I took stuff to help me so I still kinda lack iron =p
Track 44
Track 44 - 12 days ago
Machina 2:15
Stp666 - 13 days ago
And so it will happen to vegans...
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar - 13 days ago
Don't worry, you need to have only two lettered name to get horrible diseases.
kanishk sharma
kanishk sharma - 13 days ago
12:38 that sudden painting switch created great effect.
JayJay Golden
JayJay Golden - 14 days ago
20/20 means objevts within 20 meters are visible but 20/200 means you need to be in 20 meters of it to see it??? That sounds the same. Im confused
Ender - 14 days ago
Who would downvote this?
Conspire The Storyteller
Conspire The Storyteller - 14 days ago
0:32 average teenager: shows pickle rick
St. Duncan the Blessed
St. Duncan the Blessed - 15 days ago
5:03 He got me good there
Aaron - 15 days ago
Why are all these people doing such dumb shit?
Mikkel Hansen
Mikkel Hansen - 15 days ago
A woman ate a boiled egg for a week. This is how her penis grew
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez - 15 days ago
So where are this kid's parents?
Joe Gillian
Joe Gillian - 15 days ago
It was definitely the PewDiePie videos and game app(s) that caused the damage (lol).

A lot of people are commenting that extremely picky eaters, or rather that the behavior of these individuals, with regard to their diet and eating habits, is often a sign of autism or some behavioral/psychiatric disorder. Will just overlook the fact that this particular case (in the video) is fictitious, because it doesn't matter to my point, which is to say that it's definitely not true that all or even most "picky eaters" have some kind of disorder. Also, there are picky eaters who are not so extreme in their diet but still restrictive enough that it may cause issues for their self and/or others, even if nothing more severe than a bit of social friction.
Chris Chiampo
Chris Chiampo - 15 days ago
Your Like a Young House MD 👌🏼😀😀👍🏼
just another person
just another person - 15 days ago
Shit i need to eat better
Ham and Burr
Ham and Burr - 16 days ago
I've heard about this case elsewhere. The patient's mother sued the NHS because she said they didn't warn her that eating only chips, fries, and bread alone aren't enough. Um, hello? Common sense?
preClassic - 16 days ago
My pancreas is a carrot !
Wilson Scraddock
Wilson Scraddock - 16 days ago
My uncle ate nothing but fries and white toast for 32 years once and he was fine afterwards.
Misek Limbu
Misek Limbu - 16 days ago
Why you hating on PewDiePie? Why?
Andrew McGee
Andrew McGee - 17 days ago
I wish when I was in high school I could watch a video like this. It would of been a lot more effective in a health class unlike the boring videos they show.
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