I kicked logan paul's butt!

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Jaheems - 2 hours ago
Is that you young lachlan
OssifiedTuber1 - 2 hours ago
That girl in the back tho
Ella Was Here
Ella Was Here - 4 hours ago
KeepHackusating - 8 hours ago
Can we get 16k likes?
Me: looks at likes —> 133K
Ok bud
Tyler G
Tyler G - 12 hours ago
u loook smalllll compared to logab
Sparky 10101
Sparky 10101 - 13 hours ago
lets go deestroying, big fan
It’s Plata
It’s Plata - 14 hours ago
Tenya Iida :
Are you challenging me ?
Utsav Roxy
Utsav Roxy - 15 hours ago
0:36 is the best.
Pandazilla - 21 hour ago
2020 anybody?
kesha moon 2.0
kesha moon 2.0 - Day ago
Honestly, I doubt that you will even get 3rd place, but damnnnn BOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Envy Wallchild
Envy Wallchild - Day ago
i could burn u kiddo
Nightmared Animations
The camera sucks they kept recording the girl
Xavier Juarez
Xavier Juarez - Day ago
Logan Paul sucks I wouldn't bother with him
Soc DOC - Day ago
He killed it!
kingX3Y - Day ago
Logan will never win anything
EMbR_ Fre3zy
EMbR_ Fre3zy - Day ago
I think my family knows that Garcia guy?
Ambi V
Ambi V - 2 days ago
William Myers
William Myers - 2 days ago
I didn't know who Ryan Garcia was but he seemed reeaallyy fast so I was really surprised when ryan won
Jr Hernandez
Jr Hernandez - 2 days ago
Next video would be, “I ate Logan Paul’s butt”
Sujon !
Sujon ! - 2 days ago
Attacking3rd JP
Attacking3rd JP - 2 days ago
Im wearing adidas and nike. This should be illegal. Lol
Nomgraal - 2 days ago
Layton Mitchell Roblox & More!
14:56 that scared the living god out of me
RexalaGal - 3 days ago
@Logan Paul idk
RexalaGal - 3 days ago
@Logan Paul idk
Vinxzy - 3 days ago
Underdog my ass call him Overdog
WalnutZulu - 3 days ago
let's go champ
Isaak Hoolsema
Isaak Hoolsema - 3 days ago
1600 likes for 1600 meters? Nah, how about 132 000?
Dylan Fazenbaker
Dylan Fazenbaker - 3 days ago
Girl behind Ryan at 1:14 be like😶🤔
Danielle Globig
Danielle Globig - 3 days ago
I'm wearing Adidas and Nike at the same time it should be illegal.
Atomic_Buildzyt - 3 days ago
I used to run from the cops
Nrkk1 RBLX
Nrkk1 RBLX - 3 days ago
Man the crowd is wild...
キーとニ - 4 days ago
where are my track and field people ;))
キーとニ - 4 days ago
All of a sudden, while I'm running, i get this b o o s t .
Spython S
Spython S - 4 days ago
14:56 why did that scare me
Emma O'Grady
Emma O'Grady - 4 days ago
When you said Jeff I immediately smiled
fatoumaplayz - 5 days ago
We're the hole did Jake Paul come from 😂 @14:57
majestyman - 5 days ago
still got my 3 km record. 8:21
Aiden Life
Aiden Life - 5 days ago
15:32 what is he using
MrNOOB_GAMING - 6 days ago
Patrick Boebert
Patrick Boebert - 7 days ago
How did you beat Ryan Garcia!
THE GAMING STLOBO - 8 days ago
Ryan : I am a human chuwawa
The u.s : get the damn gun... He works with isis
Oliver Keck
Oliver Keck - 9 days ago
My friend is ten and he ran a 4 20 mile
BoomBoomMC17 Gaming
BoomBoomMC17 Gaming - 10 days ago
13:30 .......... Ryan is the true CHAMP
XCL HydroClixzy FN
XCL HydroClixzy FN - 10 days ago
Äÿïñë œœ

I don’t know what I spelt
100 subs with No videos
100 subs with No videos - 10 days ago
that is a milkshake not ice cream
Tim Sonnier
Tim Sonnier - 11 days ago
Oh it’s fine it’s just charity

Kids dying from starvation or cancer
Tim Sonnier
Tim Sonnier - 10 days ago
Well ok
Tim Sonnier
Tim Sonnier - 10 days ago
XCL HydroClixzy FN
XCL HydroClixzy FN - 10 days ago
Tim Sonnier he meant it’s ok if I get heart burn or if I get hurt because it’s for Charity and he would do it for charity
Emily Wible
Emily Wible - 12 days ago
Omg you one
Dee Let's Play
Dee Let's Play - 13 days ago
I was not expecting Logan to be that nice :o
LiamFlaunch - 13 days ago
15:04 that SINGING THO
RoBlOxGaMiNg 2.0
RoBlOxGaMiNg 2.0 - 13 days ago
“If no one else wants to say it, I’ll say it. Logan Paul got that caboose dude.”
Caden West
Caden West - 14 days ago
Caden West
Caden West - 14 days ago
Bro I have six chihuahuas beat me I they are better than you and your self I am not a hater
Caden West
Caden West - 14 days ago
I have 6 chiwawas
ITZ_ IMAGINATOR - 15 days ago
15:40 wtf is that?
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Williams - 16 days ago
I was just on that beach
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams - 16 days ago
This feels like the hunger games
natanael vlog and gaming
natanael vlog and gaming - 16 days ago
Did I miss it or what did Ryan kick Logan's butt?
A9 Schweinstiger
A9 Schweinstiger - 19 days ago
Only people who watch football (soccer) will understand this. Doesn’t Ryan look like De Ligt
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