Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 5

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TheKingDagon108 - Day ago
bruh this video posted exactly a year ago lmao
Sailesh Mishra
Sailesh Mishra - 3 days ago
The amount of social distancing in the first couple of minutes is making me uncomfortable
Mathias Perrin
Mathias Perrin - 8 days ago
We now know why stormtroopers are such bad shots... they’re scared of getting their arms burned bc ofc they gonna die
Utsav Gupta
Utsav Gupta - 8 days ago
MonkeyAntSause8 - 11 days ago
Best part and funniest
Shaye Beattie
Shaye Beattie - 14 days ago
Love the channel, but what’s the beat at 12:42 called??
Kim Ballestad
Kim Ballestad - 14 days ago
Its funny how I just noticed the guys in Django unchained exploding in blood when they get shot. Even tho I saw the movie, I did not see that the first time
Guillaume Joop
Guillaume Joop - 15 days ago
Crashing through something definitely absorb part of the impact. I mean the force to break something has to come from somewhere and that's force you won't have at the actual impact. Physics man, but I might be wrong
DuskWolf - 16 days ago
There is some crazy old school car stunts in "Its a mad, mad, mad, mad, world."
Garpu Gaming
Garpu Gaming - 16 days ago
"killing is big nono"
7armedman - 17 days ago
These hosts are such queens.
Jordan Eyre
Jordan Eyre - 19 days ago
Look... i was uncomfortable with how close they were sitting when I saw this 11 months ago... but now, during COVID? ...shit...
Raijin - 23 days ago
I can't help but cringe when I see them close together on the couch. So much has changed in just under a year.
Carter Wright
Carter Wright - 24 days ago
The link to Eric’s stunt manifesto is not in the description as advertised
Brian Torsell
Brian Torsell - 25 days ago
Eric is the Jon Hamm of stuntmen.
ZesPak - 26 days ago
"worst thing to have is a cape"
Dr Strange entered the chat.
MOBA gaming
MOBA gaming - 28 days ago
I just got recomended after 11 month
Linus D N
Linus D N - 29 days ago
Keanu would have totally done that jump today.
David Mora
David Mora - Month ago
3:10 To Yuma!!! Do 3:10 to Yuma, especially the shootout/escape scene in the last 1/4
GodLikeBr4z - Month ago
anyone else annoyed by the "60% of viewers aint subbed to the channel" meme thats going around, its so unoriginal. makes me wanna unsub if anything.
Lowqual Streams
Lowqual Streams - Month ago
I mean Tarantino likes his ridiculous stunts
Ser Garlan Tyrell
Ser Garlan Tyrell - Month ago
Ironically, Hot Rod, a film about a really bad amateur stuntman, actually had great stunts in it. XD
SilverMustang920 - Month ago
THE BEST sound effect ever added to a scene 5:27
Man 0 all Js
Man 0 all Js - Month ago
Eric: "What the fuck?"
noahphex - Month ago
Stunt men react is missing the best movie tribute to the finest Australian stunt man ever, Grant Page, in the balls out insane STUNT ROCK. Do it!!
SoapyBanana - Month ago
I love the stuntman terminology makes eating shit down a hill sound so much cooler when you tell people you just launched and went for it
iamfishgiver - Month ago
Ramjith Madhu
Ramjith Madhu - Month ago

Give an honest review. Please.
Fafnir - Month ago
You know when the shits is shits and the shits is shitting the shits y’know when the shits do that shit?
Axiom Steel26
Axiom Steel26 - Month ago
That Batman fight tho....
That was really the best part of the movie.
The closest to how Batmon would probably operate in real life.(apart from the guns and murder thing).
Amol Kale
Amol Kale - Month ago
So 10 months ago people used to sit together like this without any kind of social distancing...🤔 interesting
ellaza39 - 2 months ago
2:48 green truck that immediately stops, is probably some kind of painted board
Annette Curran
Annette Curran - 2 months ago
That was a good joke
YoungScrub12 - 2 months ago
Baby Driver is one of my favorite movies and seeing Corridor Crew react to this and explain it makes me happy
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez - 2 months ago
Where can I get that couch?
stevemeters - 2 months ago
Can we get eric and gui in a video together?????? Please???
TheGyorn - 2 months ago
Wait!! In the part in batman when the bad guy whent through the floor with this face, did that knife come from nowhere?
Silent Sparrow
Silent Sparrow - 2 months ago
Congratulations 4million subscriber! now bring Daredevil's charlie cox in the show like you promised
Mazzaratti Medina
Mazzaratti Medina - 2 months ago
Do Chronicles of Riddick!
Aleks Ignjatovic
Aleks Ignjatovic - 2 months ago
RIP Patrick Swayze.
Pranesh Arun
Pranesh Arun - 2 months ago
React to kungfu hostel
SkaiSharku - 2 months ago
When they referenced to Batman VS Superman, that was funny. Someone actually watched that whole movie, haha.
Austin Gehman
Austin Gehman - 2 months ago
Baby Driver earned a place in my top favorite movies with its opening shots alone.
Reuben Scholefield
Reuben Scholefield - 2 months ago
niko you shouldn't laugh. The guy broke his leg for god sake
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown - 2 months ago
Hot rod is such a good film I love it
Digital Wolf RC
Digital Wolf RC - 2 months ago
Smeech - 2 months ago
If I fractured my femur you better believe that’s gonna be in the film 🤣🤣
Driveway STAR
Driveway STAR - 2 months ago
Someone show them Climbkhana
Donnachadh - 2 months ago
That Batman scene makes me cringe every time
Bschill - 2 months ago
1:38 Lists all these major parts upgrades like the differentials, pistons, and drivetrain(which includes the differentials, btw. they probably meant powertrain.) Then they got a fancy lever, wooooooah! So power, much rev, very wow!
고등 지능 ODINS trash
And maybe a few hidden stickers for an extra 200hp+
only257 - 2 months ago
Codysseus - 2 months ago
Eric seems like a chill, cool guy
Ajfraser - 2 months ago
I’m rewatching this in 2020 and it’s weird seeing people sitting next to each other
Yung Marsupial
Yung Marsupial - 2 months ago
In this post crona world, the snug couch bit was especially scary
Joshua Olson
Joshua Olson - 2 months ago
CouchPotatoFunky - 3 months ago
found your cut at 0:43 lol love the vids
Matthew Franklin
Matthew Franklin - 3 months ago
10:36 deadeye from Red dead redemption
PA Games
PA Games - 3 months ago
when they talk about the guy getting bashed into the ground during the Batman part...was waiting for them to notice the knife to magically appear on the back of the stuntman's leg
Marius du Plessis
Marius du Plessis - 3 months ago
How dare you insult our robotic uber overlords! They know whats best for us.....for soon they will rise up and cleanse the world of your insignificant biological mistake!! You all will become batteries and I'll be with Trinity....
90s. hercules
90s. hercules - 3 months ago
Please react to the last fight scene in Spider-Man (2002)
Corona Kuro
Corona Kuro - 3 months ago
Actually the more you subscribe the more you tell the algorithm to control your watching...
ləmonade - 3 months ago
Hot rod is the best movie ever made
I can quote the whole movie with just memory
Zack Anderson
Zack Anderson - 3 months ago
Patrick Swayze. What a legend
Dan Moore
Dan Moore - 3 months ago
The punisher movie Russian fight scene brick wall
Mark Parker
Mark Parker - 3 months ago
Love how even niko doesn’t believe Batman kills. Hurts my heart that they made him kill in that scene
Edwin Kadavy
Edwin Kadavy - 3 months ago
The starting part is cringe.... during covid time
Pavel Stoikov
Pavel Stoikov - 3 months ago
did thay change the engine on subaru :D 🤣
Payam Rezaian
Payam Rezaian - 3 months ago
can you do a stuntmen or women react to fencing like "the musketeer" from 2001 starring Justin Chambers and stunt choreographer - Xin Xin Xiong
McNulty's Sober Companion
McNulty's Sober Companion - 3 months ago
I love Robert Richardson, he might be my favorite DP of all time (Vilmos Szigmond and Sven Nykvist are right behind...), but I have to say, the gunfight towards the end of "Django Unchained", shown here, I've never liked- because of how it's lit.
One of Richardson's calling cards is the way his lighting frequently seems subjective and counter-intuitive. This is evident especially in much of the work he did with Oliver Stone, "Natural Born Killers" and "JFK" being two good examples of films that are sometimes lit in "unnatural" ways. And ordinarily I love it. Richardson is almost as much of an "auteur" as the directors he works with.
But this gunfight in "Django Unchained", for my taste, is just too diffuse. It's too hyper-real. Too exaggerated. Personally, for me, it just doesn't work.
Although I acknowledge that most people love it, so this is just a matter of personal taste. I'd never say it's a "bad" sequence. I just personally don't care for it. I've re-watched it several times, hoping each time I'd see it different, but I always end up disliking it.
The rest of the film, for the most part, I do love. Although I do have one more complaint: in my opinion, Christoph Waltz won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar that SHOULD HAVE gone to DiCaprio. I admire Waltz' work in "Django Unchained", but I personally feel he's doing a slightly altered version of his character from "Inglorious Basterds" (where his Oscar win I feel was VERY well earned). I don't think it's a "bad" performance. I just think it's a performance I've seen before, for the most part. Whereas DiCaprio was menacing in a way I'd never seen him before onscreen. His performance during the dinner sequence where he erupts into a rage ("There have been A LOT OF LIES told at this table!!!") alone should have won him that Oscar, I feel.
Noble5707 - 3 months ago
Matt Haferkamp
Matt Haferkamp - 3 months ago
They need to do one on lone survivor. Like for them to see.
George Butcher
George Butcher - 3 months ago
Would love to see stuntmen react to the 'one shot' Knightmare fight sequence from batman v superman.
spooky spirits
spooky spirits - 3 months ago
god dammit 12:25
Joeseph Moore
Joeseph Moore - 3 months ago
11:46 what song is this?
nabil chowdhury
nabil chowdhury - 3 months ago
They made batman too realistic in bvs like Batman in the comics animated shows and games pretty much never gets touched by normal thugs also guns are only a problem in civilian and hostage stakes situations, but here he actively needs to be more careful cuz he’s made to be more grounded....even tho he exists in a universe with Superman
Moritz Pollich
Moritz Pollich - 3 months ago
I thought that every modern car scene in movies is cgi.
Carlos Acevedo
Carlos Acevedo - 3 months ago
The 1.3k dislikes were just Conor fans 😂
gopal potdar
gopal potdar - 3 months ago
Call jaby koay
AceVenturas Spear
AceVenturas Spear - 3 months ago
We all know that Django was the original John Wick
Man in the Park
Man in the Park - 4 months ago
I love your videos. It’s a nice relief from all the politics and hate being pushed by our normal TV and YouTube programming.
Ruan Cunha
Ruan Cunha - 4 months ago
I'm almost sure that the woman flying after the shot in Django Unchained is a reference to old plays. You know that scene in every old cartoon where a random rook pulls the character off stage?
Andrei Dragostin
Andrei Dragostin - 4 months ago
Not all heroes wear capes. None should.
Skull Krusher407
Skull Krusher407 - 4 months ago
The warehouse scene in BvS is pretty much the "most Batman" of any Batman scenes ever. It's the only good thing about the whole movie.
asher myers
asher myers - 4 months ago
do a stuntmen react for Matrix Reloaded!!
Neti Kruthik
Neti Kruthik - 4 months ago
Do kill Bill Vs crazy 88
61-Rohan Ankam
61-Rohan Ankam - 4 months ago
Patrick Swayze the real G.O.A.T
RIP Sir.....
mix8r - 4 months ago
Since there is a fair number of us already Subscribed can you figure out how to remove the part where you ask people to Subscribe for those who are already Subscribed so I don't have to hear the word Subscribe anymore
ravi _arithocrix
ravi _arithocrix - 4 months ago
In baby driver , the car is drifted and turned with nothing in the alley. After completing it they simply placed trucks and other stuffs conveniently using cgi , making it looking like he’s drifting between stuffs
Actual Trump
Actual Trump - 4 months ago
Wow the way he presented us the advertisement I'm immpressed
Kabir Saiyad
Kabir Saiyad - 4 months ago
Kingsman fight scene
Zach Varga
Zach Varga - 4 months ago
Have them watch Tokyo drift
Alex Vargas
Alex Vargas - 4 months ago
5:08 do y'all see that knife appear, like halfway into his rotation, on his right thigh? Like I don't see it until he's standing, only when he rotates (please someone confirm)
Alex Vargas
Alex Vargas - 4 months ago
@Celine Hölzl oh good 😂
Celine Hölzl
Celine Hölzl - 4 months ago
Yeah i saw it too😂
Jesster Music
Jesster Music - 4 months ago
watching the beginning of this video during quarantine... oof
Zoidberg Hernandez
Zoidberg Hernandez - 4 months ago
9:57 this is in my top 10 favorite action scenes of all time. Great movie I love the soundtrack 👌
The Brick Bro
The Brick Bro - 4 months ago
Let's be real, Jake's promotions are the best parts of their videos
Luke Daniels
Luke Daniels - 4 months ago
Your videosnare awesome! Keep up the good work!
terribilis scientia
terribilis scientia - 4 months ago
I thought Batman wasn’t supposed to kill??
Austin Dennis
Austin Dennis - 4 months ago
It wasn't until that headshot at 10:57 that I realized the blood in John Wick is digital. And them pointing it out of course.
Sammmyil - 4 months ago
aaaand this is how coronavirus started
Rahul Raj Singh
Rahul Raj Singh - 4 months ago
Please do kill bill...
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