Giving Flowers to girls ( Babysitter Part 12 )

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Joseph Pitzer
Joseph Pitzer - 2 days ago
Did anyone else just get him sayin a sign
William Cook
William Cook - 2 days ago
Like a sign to do something
FastLegEnte - 2 days ago
Her brother is a great person
SDR09 _Grey
SDR09 _Grey - 4 days ago
Does anyone know the song at 8:12?
Alan Ma
Alan Ma - 6 days ago
🌸 Do you mean that flower which is a sign you said Alex
Cheeze Is Good
Cheeze Is Good - 9 days ago
I like how this is a dating my babysitter series,
but she was a babysitter only for the first episode
Khalid hamad
Khalid hamad - 10 days ago
Give the flower to your grandma or your girlfriend M
Dabbing Jolteon
Dabbing Jolteon - 13 days ago
I have been on the edge of my seat the whole time because I have been binge watching the whole series
April Morrow
April Morrow - 16 days ago
Bro my girl friend if I get bullied at school she will protect me so she's kinda like the babysitter
Abdullah Amin
Abdullah Amin - 21 day ago
It looks like a netflix series.
dragpag sh
dragpag sh - 26 days ago
At a grandma
minecraft pro
minecraft pro - 28 days ago
this video was posted on my birthday last year
Kuya Mo Cis
Kuya Mo Cis - Month ago
grandma's are awesomeπŸ’ͺ
Emerson 21
Emerson 21 - Month ago
This is Your father
This is Your father - Month ago
Mash house
Mash house - Month ago
8:11 song name please ?????
Sand - Month ago
it works on android phone which i think is amazing

Android :am i a joke to you
Addison Boucher
Addison Boucher - Month ago
The most important woman to you is your grandma. *Kick Me post it on her back on her birthday!*
Denizdemir Binaroglu
Denizdemir Binaroglu - Month ago
Can you do a video with babysitter so we can see that how her looks like now /please do +1 to alex can see this
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson - Month ago
so ik that u broke up and so ILL DATE HER
2019 Kia Soul
2019 Kia Soul - Month ago
Plot twist alex turns her gay and she dips
John Yutuc
John Yutuc - Month ago
THE Cursing Stuff
THE Cursing Stuff - Month ago
Booby talks like Denzel Washington
Guitars keep me sane
Guitars keep me sane - Month ago
He must be rolling in cash with how many sponsors he gets. Ever 2 minutes he’s like β€œbut first, let me tell you about our sponsor.” Just finish a god damn video without stopping to talk about a sponsor, just put it in the end card.
Max1234 - Month ago
Branden Albarran
Branden Albarran - Month ago
See was ontop a nother person
Maria Saguilan
Maria Saguilan - 2 months ago
SuperClasherWar FIFA And PES Tutorial
Please make a part 13!
JamesThe3rd - 2 months ago
I think u did the right thing with staying with ur grandma, family comes first.
Electrik Gaming
Electrik Gaming - 2 months ago
a sighn from gad
Anthony Sosa
Anthony Sosa - 2 months ago
Who’s watching this video in 2020
carissa Γ‘brego
carissa Γ‘brego - 2 months ago
When I was 7 I was walking with my crush and I saw him pick a nice flower. I thought that flower was really pretty and I guess he saw that look in my eyes so he said "You can have it. It matches your outfit." That was one of the best days of my life
SP665 - 2 months ago
Santiago Ybarra
Santiago Ybarra - 2 months ago
Why does the babysitters brother sound like Scott Sterling
Kolten Funk
Kolten Funk - 2 months ago
Yes I now dallold he sucks
Arttemide - 2 months ago
im ganna use the drawing device to draw di*cs
Dominic Fernandez
Dominic Fernandez - 2 months ago
Farah Moughnieh
Farah Moughnieh - 2 months ago
I’d just not care I can handle being single.
Stop being a baby cmon YOU CAN HANDLE IT 😦
Anafu-san Kanashi
Anafu-san Kanashi - 2 months ago
To every one out there
Love your grandparents
Theyre more family too you than you can possibly imagine.
ClappyPlayz - 2 months ago
Break up
Sharfin Islam
Sharfin Islam - 2 months ago
Bike started and run you over
Robo Nite
Robo Nite - 2 months ago
4:06 Pennywise is Waiting for U
good soul
good soul - 2 months ago
You definitely did the right thing by going back to your grandmother's house
eynourya - 2 months ago
You're grandma are the most luckiest person ever to have a grandson like youπŸ’—
I hope when I grow up, my grandson bring me a flower, just like the most kindest guy I've ever seen (youπŸ’—)
GrAhVtY WilD
GrAhVtY WilD - 2 months ago
By yeeting
Ryan Arthur
Ryan Arthur - 3 months ago
I know I’m late but u should off gone and talked to her then go grandmas
blue blue
blue blue - 3 months ago
were is part 13!!!!
Yoni Oz
Yoni Oz - 3 months ago
This is so heart warming 😭
faze funny
faze funny - 3 months ago
2:38 My MaN
Cortland Tyus-Coates
Cortland Tyus-Coates - 3 months ago
How are u so good at animeting
I was there at the computer...
Jay sam
Jay sam - 3 months ago
Did no one notice the "SA TRUD AY" at 3:09
Meff - 3 months ago
I think the ex was daryll
Edit:OMG it's darylls older Bro?!
Mason Silva
Mason Silva - 3 months ago
Mike Plays
Mike Plays - 3 months ago
simao miguel
simao miguel - 3 months ago
The sister is so creep
Dayson Sullivan
Dayson Sullivan - 4 months ago
Im going to draw alex clark
Bash ultra Life
Bash ultra Life - 4 months ago
Alex you’re friends are good friends there helping you
Ninjata BG
Ninjata BG - 4 months ago
4:23 look... at... his... "arm"...
makaramuss - 4 months ago
it was because she didnt want you to know she had an ex
if she told you she dated with his brother she would pointed it out
AyyItsDre 09
AyyItsDre 09 - 4 months ago
I would define it like something that means something
Andrew Mena
Andrew Mena - 4 months ago
5:27 (In a parallel dimension)
Grandma: Come on, get outta here.
Alex: But... but... I was gonna win!
G Dawg
G Dawg - 4 months ago
What is the background music for final part?
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama - 4 months ago
Elegant that’s the word
The FadedTron
The FadedTron - 4 months ago
Alex: this video won’t end on a cliffhanger
Me: so stop stalling
Alex: our spons-
*yeets the phone into oven while commiting die*
Jim Lemmon
Jim Lemmon - 4 months ago
To make video like yous
TheGreatGamer - 4 months ago
What he means by sign is a superstitious way for the universe (or in some cases god) to show you the right way or to show what is to come. This is often shown by natural patterns or coincidence.
jena sites
jena sites - 4 months ago
part13 alex alex
TheXGuy Productions
TheXGuy Productions - 4 months ago
Not a sign, a **sign**
Nathan Goolsby
Nathan Goolsby - 4 months ago
I think you did the right thing
Cyber Red Pandas
Cyber Red Pandas - 4 months ago
Signs - A few mall events that hint to something bigger in a later time of your life (usually an hour or sometimes a day).
Bass Galaxy
Bass Galaxy - 4 months ago
Girls love flowers, jewelry, make-up, and baby animals. 😎
abraham tizhe
abraham tizhe - 5 months ago
Jenko 116
Jenko 116 - 5 months ago
I’m in the ghetto, 0:28
Z3 - 5 months ago
Part 13. Please.
Pudding - 5 months ago
It’s 2020.
 - 5 months ago
8:12 is no one going to talk about how good that beat is?

Just me ok..
Aarzoo Maryum
Aarzoo Maryum - 5 months ago
7:10 that would be the best art
Pastaprotector - 5 months ago
How come whenever there’s a huion sponsor I stay but for other sponsors I leave
Wendy Gardner
Wendy Gardner - 5 months ago
With every problem you resolve another arises
Mmmhhhhmmm chicken
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