Why The Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships Are Difficult And Amazing

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott - Month ago
I would like to formally apologise to all the people of the Netherlands for absolutely butchering the pronunciation of your language.
Unknown792 - Day ago
I'd like to formally apologize to anyone who knows english for the Dutch butchering of the english language.
YoYamairoGamed - 4 days ago
Geen probleem
Kelvin Mead
Kelvin Mead - 10 days ago
Shane Del Castilho
Shane Del Castilho - 13 days ago
Nah u good fam
The smore emperor
The smore emperor - 23 days ago
The Dutch are the best.
xX1NORM1Xx - Day ago
You make everything interesting
Z - 2 days ago
When are the Dutch Tailwind Cycling Championships?
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 6 days ago
Looks like it would be fun to run in the opposite direction. Tailwind all the way
Alpha - 6 days ago
Is that really the correct translation?
Rasmus Damgaard Nielsen
Physicist here: the F=k×v^2has nothing to do with turbulence. Each air molecule impacts a force proportional to it's speed (momentum conservation), and the number og passing air molecules is proportional to the wind speed. Therefore the total force is proportional to v^2
Jaxson Mathis
Jaxson Mathis - 8 days ago
I hope I have enough money in the future to travel there and experience this🤣
Juho Hellsten
Juho Hellsten - 18 days ago
Only a billion Euros? That's nothing compared to Olkiluoto 3 in Finland. The construction began in 2005 with an estimated cost of 3,2 billion Euros. In 2012 it was estimated that the final construction costs would be 8,5 billion Euros. The reactor was supposed to be completed in 2009 but it is still under construction today. In December 2019 it was estimated that the reactor will be finished in November 2020 and power generation will start in March 2021.
yermanoh - 18 days ago
the definition of hubris is that rock with the silly words on it
donks 01
donks 01 - 18 days ago
Nothing comes close to the Dutch sense of humour.
Dear Netherlands,
Please never change.
The rest of the world.
Holycrapski - 19 days ago
I bet they sell lots of hats.
CJ Ronxel Juntilla Cabug-os
I think Filipino pedicab drivers can win that game :D
IanLeifer - 21 day ago
I wanna do it just so I can bike in the opposite direction
🏁🏁🏁it's a real pleasure to watch🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:30 💙🔥💟
mparryuk52 - 21 day ago
I love the Dutch, this is just another reason why.
rasmAn2 - 21 day ago
I'm from not that far from there (zealandic flanders, 1 island over), we have a proud tradition of going to the beach in really bad storms to call the sea an impotent watery peasant, be sandblasted, and complement the lack of Germans on said beach.
Dolphinboi - 23 days ago
What if you got like, a mini parachute or something and put on some inline skates going the other way
Dolphinboi - 23 days ago
0:00 How many takes did you have to do?
Sim Jans
Sim Jans - 23 days ago
What a Humanist message at the end there!
z0uLess - 24 days ago
That stone is very symbolic for the anthropocene. Only time will tell if we can handle it.
master shooter64
master shooter64 - 24 days ago
physics problems: ignore air resistance and friction

these cyclists: -_-
Anakin Skyobiliviator
Anakin Skyobiliviator - 24 days ago
Well, that dam sure got an epic sounding slogan.
Bertil Hatt
Bertil Hatt - 24 days ago
Tom, professional audio-video technician spent his professional life painfully aware that the worst thing for a microphone is wind. “Today, there’s an insane amount of wind.” Instant reaction: Let’s go where the wind is unabated and ask people who are completely out of breath how they feel.
ca-ke - 24 days ago
Hahahaha the way that the equation was edited 😂 that is how I read all my engineering textbooks too
MrEd - 24 days ago
This was basically my cycle to work most days this winter.
Kyu - 24 days ago
Someone show this to theo von
J M - 25 days ago
These people are nuts!
JJ Mcnab
JJ Mcnab - 25 days ago
Haha 120kmph. Thats most days in Wellington
Matt Fry
Matt Fry - 25 days ago
They are seriously missing out if they don't do a race going back the other way.
f1fanforever - 25 days ago
What a quote at the end there!
🏁🏁🏁it's a real pleasure to watch🏎️🏎️🏎️
0:39 💓🖤💗
👇 👇💟
Michelle Lewis
Michelle Lewis - 28 days ago
Is there not a slight irony in mastering the tide while elevating lifestyles such that our emissions will inevitably rise the sea level to inundate the lands of their descendants?
himssendol - 29 days ago
Is the wind here stronger than the jet blasts from that famous beach?
Tim E
Tim E - Month ago
I’ve never seen a deadcat working so hard, yet doing its job so well. Maybe the guys at Rode should see this 😆
Noah Yue
Noah Yue - Month ago
I wonder if you get to turn around and ride back
Ак47 KALASNICOV - Month ago
I don't know about you but there was way too much windnoose.
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen - Month ago
This chad does a trialithon in his spare time
hiddenrob - Month ago
I got to be honest we all love cycling videos this is just what I need to get it going the blood I love it. I always watch these before I go out and get my body moving. I love when I always watch one of these, and then put up my heavy playlist I love like Delta Parole and then I just go haaaaard!!!! Tactic hasnt let me down yet.
Aperture Laboratories
Aperture Laboratories - Month ago
I do this every single day on my way to work and back. I'm really sure that I would win these races, with my years of experience with headwind, wherever I go.
RusTongue - Month ago
It's sure windy outside
Jasraj Singh Bhinder
Jasraj Singh Bhinder - Month ago
The Dutch seem to have a rather uncanny ability to laugh at the face of nature!
Threatened by floods. Dam the entire country.
High winds! Great! Perfect biking weather :p
PowerHour - Month ago
Wtf you sound great. I think you record in a studio. I'm calling bull on your store high in transit.
Jowell Nim
Jowell Nim - Month ago
I want to see them race with the tailwind instead
TheMrarrie18 - Month ago
Tom: Techa wint feetsa
rhyan valk
rhyan valk - Month ago
would have loved to meet you
mrawdog - Month ago
" B L I M E Y"
Stev Rex
Stev Rex - Month ago
Your stories are mesmerizing. I learn so many new things from watching your channel. Seriously entertaining, and interesting things.
Damien Engemann
Damien Engemann - Month ago
I want to see them doing the race with wind in the back and speed radars!
Iroh - Month ago
Weird people the dutchers
Nefarias Bredd
Nefarias Bredd - Month ago
You should see our buttwind competitions.
bp - Month ago
I wish your videos were longer
crashandride - Month ago
Pokemon bike highway in a nutshell...
peacekkqmark - Month ago
1:30 - It's been 15 years since you studied HS physics? Damn...
God Nunya
God Nunya - Month ago
Go the other way.
teriyakipuppy - Month ago
That dead cat is amazing. Can't hear the gales of wind at all!
catfish552 - Month ago
I don't think I can imagine anything more Dutch than this.
SkyEarthOcean - Month ago
I love Dutch cycling culture, loved visiting Amsterdam, but cycling into a 100 kilometer wind just doesn't sound very fun to me.
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez - Month ago
How old are you?
NYVB - Month ago
In the Netherlands there is a 360° headwind. I'm telling you from my experience. It's insane.
a c
a c - Month ago
I am a tailwind competitor.
80% - Month ago
maybe you guys should me a little more concerned with the women in your government destroying your country instead of peddle bikes.
Ted Badger
Ted Badger - Month ago
TRiG (Ireland)
TRiG (Ireland) - Month ago
This actually felt more like a Tim Traveller video. You're different creators with different styles in different niches, but there's definitely an overlap.
Rich Burmond
Rich Burmond - Month ago
We kriehen sturm is not dutch tho.. We krijgen storm is dutch
Keith Irwin
Keith Irwin - Month ago
I want to just roll the 9km with the wind
Beth Roesch
Beth Roesch - Month ago
This is just a great story. It is the perfect place for that race
Jort Willemsen
Jort Willemsen - Month ago
Heeeeey nederland!!!!!
Pintkonan - Month ago
looks funny. would participate.
A V - Month ago
Absolutely love Dutch people
Loki - Month ago
Is it the lighting, or am I noticing a bit of graying my guy? Either way, looks sophisticated
Andy Petrow
Andy Petrow - Month ago
impressive wind muff
Nafe - Month ago
I find it hard enough riding uphill against minor winds. So id die doing that hahaha
AMKB - Month ago
The dutch are a different kind of people
HoKy - Month ago
Your translation of the poem is correct but missed the double meaning of the literal "traveling across" i.e. the dam has created a bridge allowing travel across the tides. I think in English "stand over" could be used in a similar fashion to indicate both a physical and metaphorical higher standing, although that too loses the sense of movement.
Reinis Miks
Reinis Miks - Month ago
Damn those old people have some stamina
Night Rose
Night Rose - Month ago
Even liga mee als tussendoortje.
Huzeyfe Kiran
Huzeyfe Kiran - Month ago
"I knew because I studied high school physics"😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
tibo - Month ago
“Its a serious event, with permissions n everything” HAHAHAHAHA
Fernando Rivas
Fernando Rivas - Month ago
A kite would've been appropriate, even though it'd probably disappear
whatiwant - Month ago
Chine could built this in 37 1/2 hours
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