Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Official Video)

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Farah Alivia Novita
Farah Alivia Novita - Hour ago
Semoga bisa nnton konsernya suatu hari nanti
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Hello random person scrolling through the comments, take care of yourself.
Tati Mello
Tati Mello - 4 hours ago
Rita Figueiredo
Rita Figueiredo - 6 hours ago
I have a dream !!! Ever I have ....
Angielina Zuri Sumari Laura
alguien español xd ???
Ajaba Heyrta
Ajaba Heyrta - 7 hours ago
تصویر کیلو پاتراتونو رو سنگ قبر مستراح دیدم ,,همتون رو هم تازه میشوید اعداد کم و کسر دار بابا وحشتناکید اما من اجنه تحمل کردم درسته
Ajaba Heyrta
Ajaba Heyrta - 7 hours ago
فکرشو کن من با تمام احتیاجاتم شما را محتاج نابودی کردم و خواهید دید که محتاجه که نابوده و عشق تضمینش میکند بای بای دختر خاله کون
Ajaba Heyrta
Ajaba Heyrta - 7 hours ago
شما ما رو خواب پنداشتید الباقی توهمی 😂😂 پس کون لقه زندها و بی دارها تا ابد
Ajaba Heyrta
Ajaba Heyrta - 7 hours ago
حالا ازادم از عذاب وجدان بود که نابود شدم ☝☝☝☝
Patrick You know
Patrick You know - 8 hours ago
avicii and coldplay
Alan Benny
Alan Benny - 8 hours ago
I'm gonna see a sky full of stars in the night after the end of corona.
# magical hope✨💫✨
karen vargas correa
karen vargas correa - 9 hours ago
Que grandiosa canción,
Me da felicidad al saber
Que mi DJ favorito
Que Dios lo tenga en la gloria
Mi AVICII 😭😭 hizo parte
De esta gran canción.
Por eso y por más
Es mi himno 🥰🥰🥰👏👏👏👏
Joaquin Paredes
Joaquin Paredes - 11 hours ago
a beatiful song
Alex K
Alex K - 12 hours ago
I have a dream.
Alex Sonntag
Alex Sonntag - 12 hours ago
Les frissons à la fin ❤️
Jen Erik
Jen Erik - 12 hours ago
No wonder this video has 520M views
José ailton
José ailton - 9 hours ago
Actually has 590 m views
Muhammad Imam Choiri
Muhammad Imam Choiri - 15 hours ago
2020 still love this songs
EvenScott_ON - 15 hours ago
Make Wish
Make Wish - 18 hours ago
One random day one of my classmates, who i dont even really know, asked me to come to school through a msg as i was absent for 2 days .I was surprised as we were not even friends,i asked him why? without even a single moments thought he sent me this!!!
Thus that random person became my love for life....MISS U MAN ...IT HURTS TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU..
Friki Bach
Friki Bach - 19 hours ago
Que crack es avicii csm.... Tremendo temon se produjo para coldplay :'v
allan 4
allan 4 - 20 hours ago
How this song is not past 1 billion views still baffles me
What an amazing song👍
tiramissyou - 22 hours ago
Carry fan Club
Carry fan Club - 22 hours ago
Suggest me this type of songs more .. i need it :)
chlorisa - 23 hours ago
"you're a such a heavenly view" ❤️
Artur Alexandre
Artur Alexandre - Day ago
I love , i love you . Coldplay❤️😍.
Jo Davidson
Jo Davidson - Day ago
There is light at the end of the tunnel with a sky full of stars...
Christine Ccolgate
Christine Ccolgate - Day ago
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Lyou Morali
Lyou Morali - Day ago
Makes me think of Avicii . That dude was a star.
MrCappuccino 771
MrCappuccino 771 - Day ago
When I hear this song it gives me goosebumps and when corona is over we will see that amazing “Sky Full Of Stars” again. Stay safe during this awful time and we will come out ok. 👍🙏
Klebsoncaribe Caribe
Andrea Itzel Malagon Crasborn
No c como le ponen dislike si esa canción es hermosa conmovió mi corazón
nacha _cf
nacha _cf - Day ago
Someshwar Borse
Someshwar Borse - Day ago
True Avicii fan can easily identify the Avicii's midi in the music..
Username - Day ago
Who else thought that the honking was real life? lol
CHI CHI - Day ago
Car Vargas
Car Vargas - Day ago
#coldplay ❤ es lo único que está bien y le da alegría a mi vida. Más en esta cuarentena 🤦🏻‍♀️
José ailton
José ailton - Day ago
590,003,099 milhões de visualizações
José ailton
José ailton - Day ago
600 milhões a caminho
José ailton
José ailton - Day ago
590,000,065 mil views road to the 600 million
Shailen Sobhee
Shailen Sobhee - Day ago
How can I order a lifetime Abo to all Coldplay concerts?? xD
00 Book&Andre
00 Book&Andre - Day ago
I think this is the best song in 2010's.
Asif Firoz
Asif Firoz - Day ago
Best song ever
Anju Rajeev
Anju Rajeev - Day ago
Who else noticed that Avicii was also a part of the writing?
Andrea Aguilar
Andrea Aguilar - 2 days ago
esta canción es tan hermosa!!
Al Almm
Al Almm - 2 days ago
Rip Avicii
CAMELEON Arabic - 2 days ago
I like how he always give credits.
Jorge Cifuentes
Jorge Cifuentes - 2 days ago
Jorge Cifuentes
Jorge Cifuentes - 2 days ago
Anderson dean
Anderson dean - 2 days ago
Eu ja pensei em ir PRA Rua canta em bares em festas em churrasco tudo por qualque coisa dinheiro comida bebida jkkk
Anderson dean
Anderson dean - 2 days ago
I don't had a sorte the fried like me type
3ammo Maghribi
3ammo Maghribi - 2 days ago
Anderson dean
Anderson dean - 2 days ago
Sky fall all of me and now must heavy to me trying this alone
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Hey person scrolling down the comments
Be safe, okay?
Lyou Morali
Lyou Morali - Day ago
Ok thanks :) You too buddy
4Help - 2 days ago
For the realisation of this video, is it truly film with random people or actors?
Pınar - 2 days ago
Fernando Esteban Istaña Flores
A true artist :,c
Rebecca Royce Music
Rebecca Royce Music - 2 days ago
I know, Coldplay is amazing!! What’s your favorite song by them??
musical artist Roshni
musical artist Roshni - 2 days ago
True, we can see a sky with full of stars after CORONA virus crisis. It's an eye opening to have electric plug in cars. It's a necessity to save the mother earth.
Matt - 2 days ago
coronavirus kinda overrated
Sorayasouza79 Arruda
Sorayasouza79 Arruda - 2 days ago
Maitreya Gupta
Maitreya Gupta - 2 days ago
Avicii really was a sky full of stars
Rebecca Royce Music
Rebecca Royce Music - 2 days ago
I know 😢 I miss Avicii!
Paolo Troia
Paolo Troia - 2 days ago
Rebecca Royce Music
Rebecca Royce Music - 2 days ago
Love this song ❤️ one of Coldplay’s best!!!
Taline Melo
Taline Melo - 2 days ago
Amo essa música. 🇧🇷
Smokescreen {JPN}
Smokescreen {JPN} - 2 days ago
Whenever the time or the suffers we have to deal, there is a sky full of stars giving us hope.
Perla Blas cruz
Perla Blas cruz - 8 hours ago
Patrick You know
Patrick You know - 8 hours ago
avicii and coldplay
zsuzsa kovacs
zsuzsa kovacs - 2 days ago
Ruqaiya Khan
Ruqaiya Khan - 2 days ago
100% refresh
BIG Z - 2 days ago
essa musica marcou miha ifacia
studio game tv
studio game tv - 2 days ago
Old music is legendary 😔 stay at home corona time 😭
TOCA TUDO YOU TUBE - 2 days ago
2020 alguém?
Yuri Weselyj
Yuri Weselyj - 3 days ago
I cry to this song every time and see the video and cry tears of joy. Look how happy everyone is. Music brings us together. Let’s not forget we create things that people fall in love with and this song is one of them
Dubble D
Dubble D - 3 days ago
Whos listening in May 2020? 💖 ❤️ 💝
Rebecca Royce Music
Rebecca Royce Music - 2 days ago
Yup!! 😊
xitlalic alvarez
xitlalic alvarez - 3 days ago
Es hemosooooo😍😍
Eucalipto Gamer
Eucalipto Gamer - 3 days ago
Alright guys everyone is on quarantine no need to comment this bullshit in every single video of the internet
Jose Terceiro
Jose Terceiro - 3 days ago
I Love song ,A Sky full Stars
Rebecca Royce Music
Rebecca Royce Music - 2 days ago
Same here, this is one of my favorites by Coldplay!! :)
MrsRussianLanguage - 3 days ago
Duhovinka Duhová
Duhovinka Duhová - 3 days ago
José Florisvaldo Mafra
Linda musica
Vanusa Candido
Vanusa Candido - 3 days ago
Amo essa música meu sonho um dia conhecer a banda😍
Mine Kış
Mine Kış - 3 days ago
Çok iyi bir klip . Adamlar Çok samimi ya bayıldım. Doğallık böyle biir şey :)
jujasnames j
jujasnames j - 3 days ago
Knowing that this song was produced by Avicii makes me like it even more
shubham yadav
shubham yadav - 2 days ago
Co produced..
Gregory Vautier
Gregory Vautier - 3 days ago
I remember hearing this song for the first time, in San Antonio when I was living at the Warren Inn. Absolutely loved it from day one!!!!!💞. It reminds me of my mom.
Rebecca Royce Music
Gregory Vautier you’re welcome!! I do Coldplay covers, please check them out if you get a minute :)
Gregory Vautier
Gregory Vautier - Day ago
@Rebecca Royce Music greetings Rebecca thank you for the compliment.
Rebecca Royce Music
Rebecca Royce Music - 2 days ago
Nice! Hello from Dallas! :)
Fernando Muñoz
Fernando Muñoz - 3 days ago
México ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Will Ritter
Will Ritter - 3 days ago
Unfortunately this song wasn't credited to "Coldplay featuring Avicii", because many people remain unaware of Tim's involvement... I'd be honored if some Coldplay & Avicii fans would take a listen to my acoustic piano & vocal performance of SKY FULL OF STARS on my YT channel in tribute to one of the foremost legends of '010s EDM, and of course to Coldplay's writing & production as well. Live acoustic with no autotune. Peace and stay safe.
Manish Kumar M
Manish Kumar M - 3 days ago
Nostalgia hitting me hard!
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