Kevin Gates - Fatal Attraction [Official Music Video]

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kevingatesTV - 8 months ago
Catch an exclusive interview with Kevin and Dreka Gates about their new “Fatal Attraction” video and more on COMPLEX’s Everyday Struggle this Thursday at 12pm ET
Robert Reeves
Robert Reeves - 3 days ago
That u St Lo A Au
Robert Reeves
Robert Reeves - 3 days ago
Happy Gi Lucky Sm A Alot money Did Be diff pervious Su Li shA TropD L Bi De S Too mos bomoooooofa
Brynn Knotts
Brynn Knotts - 4 days ago
Your inspiration helps me thank u gates love❣️❤️😫❤️
Blaise Martin
Blaise Martin - 6 days ago
Google Cool
Google Cool - 8 days ago
Ajmo 6 Uú ń 7
FuelZ71 - 10 hours ago
if you hate on gates your a fool & fake ass dude. gates is madd talented..even tho i reserved props in the beginning...dude is the real deal. no denying it
Justin - 12 hours ago
itsabout gettin hoodoo by a woman
Justin - 12 hours ago
this song is about hoodoo
mktheoriginal1 - 13 hours ago
Put it in his food tryna trap him 💯
Jr Walton
Jr Walton - Day ago
Better watch them black queens spaghetti shit have u going crazy
SkinnySlim405 - Day ago
Shit in this video really does happen watch ya ass fellas!💯
Jc Work
Jc Work - Day ago
Best rapper of all tymes ..that fatal attraction hit alotta nigga spines.we be smokin fruit like ah grapevine i dare a h ninja tryna take mine Ar-15 cut u down to da vine
kamrul manik
kamrul manik - Day ago
Derek Dreke
Derek Dreke - 2 days ago
Man he ain't lying when.he say's don't play around with love
Dawid Schmid
Dawid Schmid - 2 days ago
#free kevin gates
Rest in Peace Kobe
Rest in Peace Kobe - 3 days ago
Why he dropped his newspaper littering ass
Dazzling Sabrina
Dazzling Sabrina - 3 days ago
Let me go feed my nigga some spaghetti 🍝. Eat up bae
Michelle Braggs
Michelle Braggs - 4 days ago
That's what I do
francesca mcgeorge
francesca mcgeorge - 5 days ago
Love this guy
NIDDY GLOCK - 5 days ago
Shit make you want to rap
Marilyn Mixon
Marilyn Mixon - 5 days ago
True ❤️
Mario Johnson
Mario Johnson - 5 days ago
I was under the love spell smh..
Phenomenal India Burns
Phenomenal India Burns - 6 days ago
I'm here cause I typed in Fatal Attraction thinking episode but I found something better
Sagel Abdi
Sagel Abdi - 7 days ago
1:25 them cheekbones
Greg Miller
Greg Miller - 8 days ago
Joy Stick
Joy Stick - 8 days ago
I’ll never understand why Gates is so underrated! Better then 95% of the trash trending today.
Gwalla 1Hunnit
Gwalla 1Hunnit - 8 days ago
This song been on my mind everyday!
Gospel News
Gospel News - 8 days ago
-Holy Bible
1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
Kinsey Belknap
Kinsey Belknap - 9 days ago
This is a controversy song because people are in our lives for a reason but maybe now it’s just a traction
Eriika TaylOrd Anne Mariia Jensen
Can I squeeze thru an cook sum soon after your ready to stab another back she's tryna still hit him wit da woo
Eriika TaylOrd Anne Mariia Jensen
Adrian Burnette
Adrian Burnette - 10 days ago
My new favorite song
bethany gordon
bethany gordon - 10 days ago
If you from Louisiana TRUST you know that WOO
Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller - 11 days ago
Was1 of the first here and still banging it
Likka Lugoon
Likka Lugoon - 11 days ago
Check out
Jay Jasso
Jay Jasso - 11 days ago
Saint Martin Caballero has gave me all the fatal attractions I need. Blessed it be. In the sun and the holy spirt so mote it be.
chon carr
chon carr - 12 days ago
Don't play around with love.....under the Love Spell🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
Sandra Hope
Sandra Hope - 12 days ago
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Amy Goodman
Amy Goodman - 13 days ago
😂 😂 My add was a TV show the first sentence was "pretty ass bitches get away with murder" 😂 😂 😂
Who Do You 1ove
Who Do You 1ove - 14 days ago
Love is Fatal
Bryanna Erpelding
Bryanna Erpelding - 14 days ago
If every time I listened to this song counted as views, he’d have a million more lol
Amorous Nikolas
Amorous Nikolas - 13 days ago
+2349042996516 send him a message on WhatsApp, he can bring your ex back
VIRGINIA MORGAN - 14 days ago
sam and colby
Daphne Scott
Daphne Scott - 15 days ago
Guess ive had a fatal attraction or something like that
Osama_thad - 15 days ago
Eddie Shazam
Eddie Shazam - 16 days ago
I can vibe with Kevin gates all day
Demario Weldon
Demario Weldon - 16 days ago
Daphne Scott
Daphne Scott - 17 days ago
I can listen to his songs all day ,,no doubt...
Daphne Scott
Daphne Scott - 17 days ago
He good as caught ,,lol...
Edward Grace
Edward Grace - 17 days ago
Aww yeah pzz
Collin Hull-Fogarty
Collin Hull-Fogarty - 18 days ago
Diego Brasi
Diego Brasi - 19 days ago
Big General 💪🏽
Delow Making Hitz
Delow Making Hitz - 19 days ago
Love spell 🔮
fvckn Skyy
fvckn Skyy - 19 days ago
She trapped me . 😈
Shawn Young
Shawn Young - 19 days ago
1:40..till tha end I felt that shit in mi matha fuckin body bitch
Kd2Trill - 20 days ago
An most ppl wonder why he don’t want ppl touching him.... that shit is real!
Tarot Butterfly
Tarot Butterfly - 20 days ago
If your reading this you are loved ♥️🤞🏾
Expect a windfall of cash winnings 💰
Subscribe to my page 💎
Ricky Miller
Ricky Miller - 22 days ago
paymeeb - 23 days ago
Did that nigga say yo boyfriend from the bay. He a detective?
Latoya Williams
Latoya Williams - 24 days ago
When you from Louisiana it hits home
L Sapp
L Sapp - 24 days ago
What is woo
CT Da Grim
CT Da Grim - 24 days ago
Wont get me!
Islam Idrisov
Islam Idrisov - 24 days ago
Y’all know he was talking about (.) Blood
Albert Jenkins
Albert Jenkins - 25 days ago
A Mami watas song is why we are hooked hahah
Tar Heel Speighty
Tar Heel Speighty - 26 days ago
I think she put roots on me.
Ebony Moton1920
Ebony Moton1920 - 27 days ago
Don't play behind love women are smart 💯
Damo Steward
Damo Steward - 27 days ago
Monique Rushing
Monique Rushing - 28 days ago
Meaningful message. ✌
RUCKUS_ 710 - 28 days ago
I was in a very Dark place,and you came in my life and that balance got established
Kay T
Kay T - 28 days ago
Pinche gringo😍😵❤❤💃🎈😏😟😟🤐
Christa Wimberly
Christa Wimberly - 29 days ago
I appreciate the Voodoo shout out
Josh Lara
Josh Lara - 29 days ago
It worse u put work to this song n she get that look in here eyes
Nxggah Johnny
Nxggah Johnny - 29 days ago
trippiedoug 50
trippiedoug 50 - Month ago
Damn gates got me over here in my feels 😭😭 I fucked up for letting her go ur songs is helping through it appreciate u
Alex V
Alex V - Month ago
I was in a very dark place and what happened you came in my life and balance got established.....

William Entrekin
William Entrekin - Month ago
Gates snaps on everything
Crack is Back
Crack is Back - Month ago
Keep coming back cuz bitchez do me wrong😭
Dominick Gaytan
Dominick Gaytan - Month ago
No I can’t
Drunk in love Smalls
Drunk in love Smalls - Month ago
🔥as song but scary as Video🤞🏾🙈😁
Usher Lee
Usher Lee - Month ago
Key words man seem to forget women are smart, and they give balance. 🤯
Abe S
Abe S - Month ago
And woman forget they need to respect men too. When woman started working along side men was the death of the family household. It created the deadbeat parents with children being raised mostly by a single parent. This isn’t a problem if the partners divorce after their kids become adults but when they’re age 6 or under then it can unintended consequences because the single parent usually the mother is emotionally stress, unavailable, and lonely taking it out on their child because they want to have the amazing lifestyles their friends are having.
peter king
peter king - Month ago
This is so True thank you
Terrence Lewis
Terrence Lewis - Month ago
Dreka is beautiful. Kevin definitely under her spell.
SkinnySlim405 - Month ago
Ayo this chick last night at Coyote ugly tried to get me for real with a fucking drop of some shit that was red like blood in my double shot of henny!!!!!!
nagiba alnadhari
nagiba alnadhari - Month ago
pardon the interruption
Nickiyah Kiyah
Nickiyah Kiyah - Month ago
If you dislike this song we can't be friends.
Dierks Bentley
Dierks Bentley - Month ago
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fardi rahman
fardi rahman - Month ago
I like him since 2 phones 🔥
Lisa Myrie
Lisa Myrie - Month ago
Hi, Kevin Gates, A good song.
I like, It.
Very, Nice.
Thank you,
XxKramer21xX sAw 8
XxKramer21xX sAw 8 - Month ago
Skeleton key vibes tho
D0ll79 Y0urWh0r3
D0ll79 Y0urWh0r3 - Month ago
Amber Fortunato
Amber Fortunato - Month ago
?Ioiiy y o9?-zizj
Carolyn Radocchio
Carolyn Radocchio - Month ago
He better not be missing
Makaila Davis
Makaila Davis - Month ago
What’s that song Kevin did with beanie man ??
amber conlon
amber conlon - Month ago
Vroom vroom push your back in
Samantha cato
Samantha cato - Month ago
Krazy Legz
Krazy Legz - Month ago
Nicole Moss
Nicole Moss - Month ago
Kevin gates is fine.
ZAY ELEVATES - Month ago
This song is about how witches put they’re period blood in the food or have sex in their period as a ritual. This shit is fr real
Trio Cs
Trio Cs - Month ago
This song is💯💯 fire
Trio Cs
Trio Cs - Month ago
The truth dont play around with love
its real honor
its real honor - Month ago
I got kinged by the queen
Grant Perry
Grant Perry - Month ago
😍😍😍 we only like bad bitches 😈 let me come home and bae in the kitchen cooking playing this song🤤
bob808ist - Month ago
Smoke Murphy
Smoke Murphy - Month ago
Chong Williams
Chong Williams - Month ago
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