Coming Out - 1 Year Later

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Dontley - Hour ago
Phil talking about his crush on "Kyle" is so relatable 😂
L Daniel Wenger
L Daniel Wenger - 5 hours ago
You actually helped me come out so thanks 🥰🏳️‍🌈
Elijah Bille
Elijah Bille - 13 hours ago
I just got my poster in today, I love it!!
Julie Lujano
Julie Lujano - 17 hours ago
Phil, I’m not struggling, but every time I hear you say “You are valid, and there is love you” I tear up a little. You give me so much hope. 🥰
Teya Andrews
Teya Andrews - 20 hours ago
Phil where the frickldy frack is dan like i love u and ur amazing but i really miss ur gaming chanel pleaseeeeee go back to being the perfect duo❤️❤️❤️✨✨
Taylor Catherine
Taylor Catherine - 6 hours ago
he’s literally in phils most recent video
Jayceus Krist
Jayceus Krist - Day ago
Gray Mark
Gray Mark - Day ago
What if we both worked at a stationary store and our hands touched whenever we both reached for our shared bagging station at the same time? Haha just kidding...unless?
Samantha Gatuz
Samantha Gatuz - Day ago
when the awkward santa crush said he had a girlfriend I felt the gay pain
Mel Jeevas Epperson
I had a dream about you and Dan last night and now I'm on a binge. And this is the reminder that I still love and support you aaaa
Lucy Williams
Lucy Williams - Day ago
wait....did phil ever have a crush on dan???? o.o
Betza Romay
Betza Romay - Day ago
i love you phil! this made me feel very happy and not alone with the whole being gay thing😔💓💓 i love u
Pandora Ondo
Pandora Ondo - Day ago
phil: accidentally brushes hands w a cute guy
phil: I Would Die For You
Ashton - Day ago
I think Phil got his gaydar confused with his pleasebegaydar
Manuel Cruz
Manuel Cruz - 2 days ago
Where is Dan?
Glass Ghost
Glass Ghost - Day ago
this isnt about dan. it's about phil
Diamond End
Diamond End - 2 days ago
Other human: So what do you look for in a woman?
Phil: Their boyfriends😎
IneptCharles - 2 days ago
Coming out to mum: She subtly asks me in the garden and I come out and she hugs me and shes happy crying and saying well done and stuff.
Coming out to dad: Weeks later he's in my room at like 2am confronting me about some gay stuff I said in a YouTube video (WHICH IVE TOLD HIM NOT TO WATCH) and he's like "you're not gay are ya?" And I told him and he starts crying and hes like "you're joking...are you serious?" And he leaves the room and tells mum thinking she didn't know. He still occasionally asks me if I am actually gay and I was serious about it, that's really cool :')
Adakechi - 4 days ago
similish phil having a crush on kyle is me everytime theres a cute girl cashier its like theyll ask me if i want a bag and i just *gay panic*
Sukeerthi Bachu
Sukeerthi Bachu - 4 days ago
The way Phil so subtly validates all identities like it's second nature in a flow. K I N G S H I T
stuff and stoof
stuff and stoof - 4 days ago
What did happen to Dan do you still live with him????
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
@stuff and stoof Around August or September last year!
stuff and stoof
stuff and stoof - Day ago
@Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno I didn't know they adopted a fish when did that happen????????
stuff and stoof
stuff and stoof - Day ago
@Glass Ghost I was just curious I haven't watched Phil in a while so I was just asking jeez I wasn't asking you was I
Glass Ghost
Glass Ghost - Day ago
stop asking about dan. this is about Phil
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
Yes, he just decided to disappear. They have adopted a fish if you didn't know, his name is Norman.
Niamh Winters
Niamh Winters - 5 days ago
Coming out to my family was so hard by itself, but I couldn’t imagine how you felt doing the same for millions of people. You’re so brave darling 💕
Eule 123
Eule 123 - Day ago
I hope that it went well and if it didn't I hope you have great friends
Velocirandom - 5 days ago
Phil: "he had cool spiky blonde hair"
me: Bakugo!?!?!?
Diane - 6 days ago
When Phil was talking about Kyle, all I could see was Cloud from Final Fantasy
Darksider95 - 6 days ago
1+ for that 6:44 classic Tomb Raider secret sound effect.
Allymackenzie1 - 7 days ago
love you phil
Minushi Perera
Minushi Perera - 7 days ago
Mmm yes, edge of a man's nipple. That's how you know
Slicey slice of a pancake
woah what! phil's first video was on the exact same day as when I was born.
So any twins out there???
(no one ever has the same birthday as me :( )
STanimation - 8 days ago
*It’s really been one year?*
Lux Online
Lux Online - 9 days ago
we really don't deserve phil man hes too pure for the world TT 9 years later im glad im still a fan and he's still making amazing relatable content
Bayleigh Sims
Bayleigh Sims - 9 days ago
I was kicked out in high school after ball because I brought a girl. But now my parents love me for me❤ you helped me so much
Just_a_tiny_dinosaur - 9 days ago
cut to me, wondering if I can adopt someone who's older than me by a good decade and lives in a different country
Peter Jacques
Peter Jacques - 9 days ago
what happened to dan a phil games
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
They went on a "hiatus" just like One Direction if you get what I mean
Mikayla Mager
Mikayla Mager - 10 days ago
Phil: Talking
Me: mesmerized by the lava lamp
dj dean
dj dean - 10 days ago
king shit king shit
Brooks The Cheese
Brooks The Cheese - 10 days ago
My coming out story was after breaking into the boys bathroom (ftm) and then getting a talking to from my mum
Naomi D.
Naomi D. - 10 days ago
Ily wish you the best always
shadestheshadow - 10 days ago
I haven’t seen Dan and Phil together in so long....
Silas Sketches
Silas Sketches - 10 days ago
I came out at 3 am while making chicken nuggets... my mom is asked why I was awake and I turned around and said...”Uhhhhhh- I’m gay”
ere be dragons
ere be dragons - 10 days ago
we noticed how relaxed you are!! it’s very wholesome we love you
Mama Simmer Plays
Mama Simmer Plays - 11 days ago
I do find it funny that Phil is talking about they younger generation. Intellectually I know he's in his thirties now, but he still seems too young for phrases like that.
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
*i BeT lOaDs Of PeOpLe JuSt SaId 'SaMe'*
Meg Rawlinson
Meg Rawlinson - 11 days ago
"Blonde wax like hair" **shows a picture of the top of Pete wentz's head*
EmbunWidia - 11 days ago
Phil : I'm gay.
Me : No shit.
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
@Evening Whisper Well my original point was that no one should say "I knew it" after someone comes out because that's disrespectful
Evening Whisper
Evening Whisper - Day ago
@Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno He could. He did. You have nothing to say.
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
@Elliot Erickson You couldn't ship them "cus they're gay" before they came out. Did you only ship them after they did?
Elliot Erickson
Elliot Erickson - Day ago
@Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno Well, I shipped them cus they're gay. Shipping that ignore the legit sexuality of people shipped are disrespectful. Like "fuck your real sexuality, we have a better idea". Like, I'm gay, but if someone says "But... what if you're not? You'd look better with ____ (insert a female's name)." Now, that's offensive.
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
@Elliot Erickson Most ships exist regardless of the real people's sexualities
nimrodgrrrl - 12 days ago
Fucking love you so much. I’ve been out since I was about 15 (22 now), but you and Dan STILL helped me so much with your coming out videos. Thank you thank you thank you.
hope reynara
hope reynara - 12 days ago
interviewer: so, girls.
phil: ever heard of an Oxbow lake
axiis - 12 days ago
I thought he was coming out again
Taylor Catherine
Taylor Catherine - 12 days ago
he’s gotten gayer 😮
Riley Polaris
Riley Polaris - 13 days ago
*I need yearly gay updates*
Alyssa Denee
Alyssa Denee - 13 days ago
**brushes hand against hand** 👁👄👁 *i love you*
stariiyu - 13 days ago
i’m a lesbian and without you and dan i don’t think i would’ve ever accepted myself or be the person i am today thank you 💖💖
Big Boi Brutus On TikTok
Big Boi Brutus On TikTok - 14 days ago
Were is danandphillgames?
Spooky_Fruit - 14 days ago
I know this isn’t the right place to ask this, but how is dan doing? He hasn’t uploaded in a year and I’m just hoping y’all are safe and happy
Panda - 14 days ago
Do you and dan still live together
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
MixGamer Jade2020
MixGamer Jade2020 - 14 days ago
Miss chest blabin is what he said when he talked to his crush
Erin Quigley
Erin Quigley - 14 days ago
I came out this year thinking to
Come out on the pride parade near me and thanks to rona I couldn’t so I just posted a tiktok our my bi flag on my wall and on my Facebook too and have never looked back 💖💜💙
Kenex xo
Kenex xo - 14 days ago
Hello Phil,
I have schizophrenia and really bad anxiety so they don't mix that well and sometimes I will have panic attacks because of my hallucinations.
I just want to tell you your videos have been a big comfort and I want to thank you, you may not know it but you have helped with my anxiety a lot and your videos are very inspiring! Thank you so much!!
- Kene
claireifire YT
claireifire YT - 15 days ago
Rose's are red, violets are blue,
I'm pansexual and transgender to. and I'm scared to tell my family, I'm a just a kid. I'm just so scared they will throw a fit.
Lol plz help me any advice would be nice.
And I'm proud to say(only to the internet)that my name isnt claire anymore its Christian! Thx so much!
Edit: Sub 2 Me. Lol
Sonja Johnson
Sonja Johnson - 15 days ago
I love you phil. thank you
Teylynn - 15 days ago
phil. you’ve helped me pass a stage in mario i was struggling with, thank you
Robert Time
Robert Time - 15 days ago
Phil: im gay
Me: *WAIT DAN--*
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
Watch Basically I'm Gay LMAO
Tom Storm
Tom Storm - 13 days ago
mb connolley
mb connolley - 15 days ago
phil ive been watching you since 2014 and its been incredible to see you grow as a person and become more comfortable with yourself. ily please take care of yourself!! im proud of you!
mb connolley
mb connolley - 15 days ago
wait that sounds so creepy ive just been watching your videos lmao
Toby Austin
Toby Austin - 15 days ago
can u help me ask my crush
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
No he can't lol, didn't you pay attention to this video?
Taylor Catherine
Taylor Catherine - 15 days ago
ask your crush what?
Stefana Trajkovski
Stefana Trajkovski - 16 days ago
I’m so proud of you Phil! Love you❤️❤️❤️
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