Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

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Bristol Black
Bristol Black - Hour ago
Y’all should upgrade the pc
Rory Dietz
Rory Dietz - 5 hours ago
It has Windows 3.1 and 1 metabite of ram
Travis Clark
Travis Clark - 7 hours ago
you should put a seizure warning because of that damn curtain.
Felix Thompson
Felix Thompson - 9 hours ago
Am I the only one who had no idea what the heck happened in this video? (I know nothing about tech)
gary proffitt
gary proffitt - 9 hours ago
Over-clock is stupid and PC frying time !
fish inside a whale
fish inside a whale - 12 hours ago
._. what are you saying
Keenan Krum
Keenan Krum - 12 hours ago
He looks scared of it whenever he gets near it xD
Oh Boy
Oh Boy - 13 hours ago
If you don't like it you can give it to me
Todd Moss
Todd Moss - 20 hours ago
This video and the comments section are the exact reason most people hate "computer guys".
TylerRajeski - Day ago
I wish all the comments were points about the pc and not their opinion about other comments. Smh
Mohammad Ghanbari Nehbandani
for expert the design is horrible but for non expert its cool (fan colors i excited too)
i don't still get it why they put onboard VGA they put pressure on north bridge its very bad for gaming design
like Lenovo gaming laptop put north bridge and VGA chip on 1 chip WTF!!!
I'm repairing computer hardware and for me MSI motherboard design is very perfect the second is Asus
Law Office of Catherine M. Gallagher
What is wrong with you? Why do you talk like a 6 year old? And what a OpENIS
NBB - Day ago
Can I have the walmart pc I dknt have one all I have is a xbox and it sucks I would really love this
Aryan - Day ago
Bruh that pc sucked
s6xafterse7en - Day ago
That RGB is pretty sweet... useless... but sweet
Fire Raptor
Fire Raptor - Day ago
linus gets sponsored by walmart pcs

trounbyfire - Day ago
Didn't look bad at all.
Lil Nuggetz Official
Lil Nuggetz Official - 2 days ago
Lol I bought a $30 pc case and that even had usb 3.0
Jerome Laniog
Jerome Laniog - 2 days ago
This pc is 10x powerful than my pc right now. Please send me that.
unfried - 2 days ago
Why are they doing this in a kitchen?
Jeremiah Arnold
Jeremiah Arnold - 2 days ago
I care about performance not colors. The only thing I really care about is how my case looks on the outside. No lights. If I only have one choice which i did on my fans that they came in red leds. No big deal. This is just crazy. He'll I have five USB on my front io 2 3.0 and 3 2.0
Jeremiah Arnold
Jeremiah Arnold - 2 days ago
1500 dollars went to them fancy ass lights. The only romanticism awesome is those fans lol. I go to Wal-Mart and look at their sad little pcs "gaming pc" only to laugh. 12 1500 dollars for what lol. Nothing extravagant to make it that price lol. A gpu and CPU is the only gaming about it lol. Nothing in there is that much monies
Mlm Gaming
Mlm Gaming - 2 days ago
Damn did kitchen nightmares change hosts?
Shika-U - 2 days ago
Just sitting here. Not knowing what the hell he's talking about. But finding it amusing anyways.
King Lt
King Lt - 9 hours ago
Same here XD
Dante - 3 days ago
I want to say poor walmart, but...its walmart.
Motorsports Gamer
Motorsports Gamer - 3 days ago
I think that the value here is the ability to allow the average consumer to return or exchange anywhere. Additionally this has teenager as the most likely target market. For a 12 year old with 3-5 free hours to play and zero high level knowledge. I say its a good buy but the price is just a bit high
Uma pessoa muito legal
Uma pessoa muito legal - 3 days ago
James Neiditch
James Neiditch - 3 days ago
WTF ... points out the VGA only option but BREEZES by the PS2 PORTS !!!! TF LINUS ? ???
Echo Wilson
Echo Wilson - 3 days ago
Walmart just buys whatever they can make money on. These systems are a joke. Cause walmart sells two Gaming Systems.. One for 2000 Dollars, and one for 1400 Dollars. I can built a better and faster system for a 1000/1200 Dollars...
Denis Goguen
Denis Goguen - 3 days ago
WASTE OF MONEY... Build your own, get what you want
Nicolai Søndergaard Minoda Godrim
Rutmar Otto Juksaar
Rutmar Otto Juksaar - 3 days ago
Better than mine
William Hughes
William Hughes - 3 days ago
would never buy that pos lmao
Fuego Bandzz
Fuego Bandzz - 4 days ago
If you buying so much gaming PCs give me one
Rick Discher
Rick Discher - 4 days ago
...okay please don't laugh after 14 years I lost it trying to order a pizza for a friend states away and broke my hp pc ...power button ...went to good will and for $379 I got a coolermaster haf syx case with a intel core i7-3930k ( six core ) with 2 cd/dvd-rw/bluray ,60gb ssd boot 1tb wd secondary asus p9x79 pro mother board hydro series h55 cpu cooler and a window,s disk...I think I did okay upped the ram and upped the graphics card ? did I do bad GO
t9250 - 4 days ago
I appreciate you cuz I definitely thought about buying that gaming desktop
Should be named UnderPower! Taking care of all your shitty UnderPowered needs!
TheNew Beginning
TheNew Beginning - 4 days ago
God. This guy's a wanker....
Siem van de Peppel
Siem van de Peppel - 4 days ago
That thumbnail tho, look at his reflection on the pc
Since '84
Since '84 - 4 days ago
I bought my CyberPowerPC from about 2 and a half years ago, I upgraded the graphics card to a 1070(came with a 970) and I haven't had a problem with it yet.
Banjo kazooie
Banjo kazooie - 4 days ago
What would it take to get a free gaming PC......... I'm broke
Sandro Chernov
Sandro Chernov - 4 days ago
Can you buy me a pc? XD
Alex McDowell
Alex McDowell - 4 days ago
Yes they are, there over price PC parts half assed put together.
KamyQ - 4 days ago
Try x-kom G4M3R 600 PC ;)
Greetings from Poland!

Btw sorry for my English 😀
Endless Infinity
Endless Infinity - 4 days ago
while I'm here watching this with my 11-13 max FPS lowest settings on fortnite motherfucker
xXStingingRogueXx - 4 days ago
overwhelmed by the *openis* offered
Cold Blood
Cold Blood - 4 days ago
wazzup eminem
Roman Kozak
Roman Kozak - 4 days ago
I know the felling when Canada doesn't have certain stuff.# Canadian problems.
Plazz - 5 days ago

rip hand
skyrim sweetroll
skyrim sweetroll - 5 days ago
Me:dude that pc is sick!!!

Youtuber NPC:"do you go to the cloud district very often"?what am i saying of course you don't!!
Avin Dorsay
Avin Dorsay - 5 days ago
2:49 - "so you're going to be overwhelmed by the OP-ness over it" 😂 (Even the caption thought he said overwhelmed by the penis)
Kristoffer Steinsrud Norsk Gaming
Does it shup to other counties than usa
Ztorm - 5 days ago
The fuck
Skrilxzz - 5 days ago
Mario Valdes
Mario Valdes - 5 days ago
Omg so many big words thrown at me.
Jeffrey Heesch
Jeffrey Heesch - 5 days ago
I feel like an oddball being a gamer who absolutely HATES RGB lighting. Flashing lights, changing colors, all that garbage is just a distraction. I want to game on my gaming PC, damnit!
NioJ Plays
NioJ Plays - 5 days ago
I clicked on this video so I watched a long ass keyboard ad since I didnt realise it was a ad
Motiv3z - 5 days ago
Why is he reaching his hand in a pc that is on?
Yuri Boyka
Yuri Boyka - 5 days ago
Stop bullying dude....
Michael Robert
Michael Robert - 5 days ago
You’re too upset about irrelevant points.
Arlojay Vlogs gaming
Arlojay Vlogs gaming - 5 days ago
Wait y is your thumbnail so wired your refection on the pc not a screaming face then your the real face
blizardFN YT
blizardFN YT - 5 days ago
Waitbur in canada?
Bye Felicia
Bye Felicia - 5 days ago
This guy has a special laptop just for pxrn. Bet 💯
Asiatic_Death - 5 days ago
Why you look pissed
Gabe Jack
Gabe Jack - 6 days ago
BitWit had the same graphics card issue
Destroyer Bc9
Destroyer Bc9 - 6 days ago
It would be good only with a dust filter and a better power supply
Pappa Michael
Pappa Michael - 6 days ago
This is the best you get a squallmart? I do not shop there, I try to deal with companies that are not raping the people that work for them.
Takeasmoke - 6 days ago
well someone competent was told "make the best out of those components we have bought in bulk, do stuff to make it appealing to shoppers" ; they just want it to last as long as warranty, which is easily achievable with those components.
Kyle Dupont
Kyle Dupont - 6 days ago
For god sale build your own system, Power supply and motherboard are the BASE concerns so you can add on later, my system Ive built 5 years ago and its still going strong on the latest games although I may getter a better video card soon but that's all it needs, still way more powerful than a ps4 or xbone running the same games
iiarturo - Day ago
vincent perez
vincent perez - 6 days ago
Nerd yells at computer
Fireball Launcher
Fireball Launcher - 6 days ago
I think Linus has some problems I have never seen anyone complain about USB 2.0 that much.
Shat4f - 6 days ago
i have a pc the same price as that pc, from best buy
Kramer Naylor
Kramer Naylor - 7 days ago
Can you imagine going to a movie with this guy? You couldn't hear the movie with his non stop blabbing
Richard Grant
Richard Grant - 7 days ago
That’s why console is better
2kwat - 7 days ago
if only i understood anything he was criticizing
simzzoker123 - 7 days ago
walmart yo, must of had to have the guys in produce cover for the tech who called off that day.
One Crunch
One Crunch - 7 days ago
Bro u made two different faces in the thumbnail 😈
oh_thats_hot_btw - 7 days ago
This guy would suffer serious head injury with my laptop
Pety’S Bacon
Pety’S Bacon - 7 days ago
hey i would appreciate you buying yourself a very nice custom xidax pc through this link
lasarousi - 7 days ago
What is jackscepticeye doing in LTT?
Entitled - 7 days ago
Don't bully partitioning. I have 2 disks each with 2 partition. SSD Windows partition, SSD game partition, download partition and installed things HDD partition. Now I just do a fresh install of Windows and everything works. It's great for lazy people.
djolley61 - 7 days ago
lol, is that a drywall saw?
Franki - 8 days ago
Wait. Look at his reflection in the pc case on the thumbnail
N3kr0B0y - 8 days ago
Walmart pc's are for either people with too much money or too lazy to build their own pc... or both
toeik - 8 days ago
yes sir aye aye xD
Kaysonnn - 8 days ago
I’d take that pc shi
W K - 8 days ago
Whatt motherboard is in it?
blarch2 - 8 days ago
lol "pinner"
Rippkai Starnes
Rippkai Starnes - 8 days ago
The thumbnail for this video has the reflection wrong😂😂
Running OutOfAir
Running OutOfAir - 9 days ago
To see performance numbers exceed then hear the disgust sounds like "predator class" bs to me. Sorry. I call BS. Sounds like a drag racer saying "Yes! It did go .8 seconds fast in the quarter mile but did you see the non-chromed header covers? I mean! OMG" I just cannot get past how your ignoring the numbers. And no one hates Wal-Mart more than me. I want local growers, farmers, clothing makers, be in the market but we live in a CPU economy. If you would have tested the CPU (using bitcoin) until it broke & come back with it's "overclocked" & failed....I would say nothing. but follow facts kiddo. They matter. Thumbs down for this one.
Scythea - 9 days ago
LinusTechTips: Penis
LinusTechTips: *Demonetized*
Blizzard Trykester
Blizzard Trykester - 9 days ago
Oh my god, this guys voice is utter torture... how the hell is he broadcasting?
T R - 9 days ago
you would be surprised how well these sell because most people don't know or really care. it's super easy to build it yourself, if you can't even do this then the odds that you care about any of the negatives is unlikely. built my first one when I was like 15, if you can do a basic puzzle then you can build a computer.
a friend needed help recently picking out a system to buy for their nephew. he wasn't sure what to get and was looking at something that was not going to be good at all, but it did have some lights. I recommending one that had a ryzen 2200g, rx 570, ssd and ram i think maybe 120ssd / 1tb hdd and 8gb ram, but it didn't have lights. i think the other one was a 1050ti (not even close in performance to a 570) and i3 6300.. whenever that system needs an upgrade it's done because you are limited with cpu options. the amd system allows a jump to ryzen 4th gen since they will make ryzen on am4 thru 2020 (it would be unlikely they stop at the ryzen coming out before this summer)
anyone who knows even a little about computers would agree the amd system is the way to go. the other one didn't even have an ssd, just a 500gb hdd and due to a sale they cost the same. the kid got it and started bitching because he said "this is not a gaming computer, it doesn't have lights", lol. it didn't look bad, it was an hp with some green glowing around it. this is how the average kid thinks who wants a gaming computer. they don't care about the things that matter, they just want it to look cool.
anyone who catches any of the issues with the prebuilt is just going to build it themselves anyway.
AnoobisHD - 9 days ago
I think they took it off of their website.
Daniel Brant
Daniel Brant - 9 days ago
Does anybody know if love bus would help me build my first PC for my wife? I have no idea how to get in touch with him. ?
stinjenel - 9 days ago
Hey buddy! Stop being so harsh with your coworker!👊
Kuulpb - 9 days ago
For my birthday i am getting a new pc, a ryzen 2700x cpu, a gtx 1070, a 240gb ssd ans a 2tb harddrive, is this good for gaming?
Sora Reo
Sora Reo - 8 days ago
It's pretty good, can run most games. (Based on your pfp it can definitely run yandere sim)
GAMERS' HUB - 9 days ago
Hi linus, you are so funny. hahahahaha USB2?? WHY THE HELL COULD THEY REALLY PUT USB 2.0 ONLY? Front case?
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