Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

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peter the pulley
peter the pulley - 3 hours ago
the pc is not bad but poorly built. running single channel is probably what was giving you the low min frame rates. dual channel is way better. u will see a big difference with your cpu
Chris Story
Chris Story - 3 hours ago
what a half ass built pc with half ass price. that Walmart's gaming pc
Owen Brooks
Owen Brooks - 4 hours ago
at walmart it said a i7 8700 cpu was extreme..

Shadoufang - 6 hours ago
Before Yvonne, you were single.. . channel ;'DDDDDDDDDDDDDD ! هههههههههههههههههههه
supers0ftwilly - 7 hours ago
I have no clue what you're saying but its interesting
ItzDestroyer MC
ItzDestroyer MC - 9 hours ago
I dont have THAT good of a PC but its slightly better than budget
its in the realm of normal here are the specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
Graphics Card: MSI armor RX570
Motherboard: ASUS ROG B470-f Gaming
RAM: 16 (8X2) aegis
Storage: SSD with 480GB of storage
power supply: EVGA 600W BR
cooling: AMD wraith (im thinking of upgrading to liquid cooling)
Case: Focus G from Fractal Design

I know its not that good but its not bad at all
Bladimir Pujols
Bladimir Pujols - 11 hours ago
I don't really like buying electronics from Walmart. closest thing I have bought from Walmart would be a portable charger, videogame cus I'm stupid forgot I had steam, and some sd cards.
Michael Hawkins
Michael Hawkins - 11 hours ago
oh, he said OP-ness... lmao fooled me.
Hiro弘哥 - 12 hours ago
Lochlann Donnelly
Lochlann Donnelly - 13 hours ago
when ever linus says something complicated my brain crashes.
durtydan - 21 hour ago
Are Walmart gaming pcs actually that bad?

Answer: Yes, they are......
Cactus Jones 2.0
Cactus Jones 2.0 - 23 hours ago
Red bull on the shelf. 0:38
laenmowre - Day ago
Crayy RGB!! Sup fellow kids, wanna play some F-F-FORTNITE??
Marneus Calgar
Marneus Calgar - Day ago
Fuck,, its like your dumb cousin speaking about his PC, Linus a moron that'll sell "anything" for his corporate masters, no integrity at all
The Mystic
The Mystic - Day ago
Which walmart? Here in Mèxico there`s no fucking gaming pc in sale
Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez - Day ago
Voice is so annoying
Clorunt - Day ago
I know how it feels to spend and get trash.
TAME - Day ago
Damn prebuilts are expensive. Glad I built my own
Tycoon Master
Tycoon Master - Day ago
How does my server with 2 e5-2690 gets a cinibench score of 4000 on multi-thread
Itzz_ Jan
Itzz_ Jan - 2 days ago
12:22 ooof xD
Lavaskull - 2 days ago
they sell shit pc with 3g ssd that it lol
Michael Enslin
Michael Enslin - 2 days ago
I want the overpower tower, if we had a Walmart here I'd buy it just for the tower, it's cool...
Gabrieleboy - 2 days ago
*Now that's a OP pc*
Nathan Hamman
Nathan Hamman - 2 days ago
I don't mind front panel usb 2.0, but you still need usb 3.0
Kemal Ozkara
Kemal Ozkara - 3 days ago
pretty sure they don't sell it on Canada because of u linus lol
Soremi - 3 days ago
Linus Ramsey and Gordon Ramsay : Brothers

lmao, they’re so alike.
Spork Star
Spork Star - 3 days ago
well main reason isnt because of what they would have figured, but putting C: on a small partition makes it easy to wipe the OS without affecting other data on other parts of the drive. These days, its an OS croak/replacement benefit. Because installers dont understand that you only want to wipe some of the drive an OS will be installed on, not all of it.
Fadhel Ahmed
Fadhel Ahmed - 4 days ago
Rgb gives more fps 🔥🧙‍♂️
Clorunt - Day ago
chad w
chad w - 4 days ago
your partition bit got me on the floor!!!
ajay - 4 days ago
can anyone make sure i’m not tripping while looking at the thumbnail
gta rng
gta rng - 4 days ago
Wallmart isa scammer
Brandon - 5 days ago
Why is his facial expression different in the reflection on the thumbnail
Will - 5 days ago
Walmart computer or not dat rgb is amazing
Michael Goldberg
Michael Goldberg - 5 days ago
oh penis
RiceTheLizard - 5 days ago
CLASHING CARL - 5 days ago
That's OP : Over Priced
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez - 5 days ago
He’s like the Gordon Ramsay of PCs 😂😂😂😂
Games For Days :)
Games For Days :) - 6 days ago
Op stands for over priced
KalLanPIDT - 6 days ago
The looks of the case doesn't matter at all to me, I got a soundproof case with no windows and no LEDs what so ever :D
retep - 6 days ago
jkirk1626 - 6 days ago
Walmart will deem this antisemitic, holocaust-denying hate speech and get YouTube to censor it. Those are the most popular methods of censoring facts.
xXNightmare Xx
xXNightmare Xx - 6 days ago
Can i have it then xd
Shawayne Stewart
Shawayne Stewart - 7 days ago
Long video short this guy should just stop complaining and shut the fuck up and rebuild the pc suit his ego. ✌🏽
Physik Asian
Physik Asian - 7 days ago
In the thumbnail he is laughing hard but the reflection is Him’s smileing
Tj ITwanna be
Tj ITwanna be - 7 days ago
Please if I win a pic give away let it not be this one!
2Four7 - 7 days ago
I have that Logitech mouse!
Wh3tst0nE - 7 days ago
ACtually, I read that Partitioning an SSD drive increases the lifespan of the SSD.
So naturally what this man has said in the video comes as a shock to me.
David Alexandrovitch
David Alexandrovitch - 8 days ago
I remember when walmart used to sell their OP longboards lmao
Lord Jotaro
Lord Jotaro - 8 days ago
𝙟𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙥𝙖𝙪𝙡 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙨 𝙩𝙤 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙡𝙤𝙘𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣
Necati Bozdoğan
Necati Bozdoğan - 8 days ago
Ivan is amazingly cute
Lor Quan
Lor Quan - 9 days ago
Still better than my pc😒
Ztmorris - 9 days ago
You're getting way to made about this.
Ztmorris - 9 days ago
I play on a potato, *I DONT CARE* what I get.
Max Lu
Max Lu - 9 days ago
What monitor is linus using in this video?
WikiMilkShake - 9 days ago
12:43 lmao i feel. I got an op from walmart for christmas a few years back and turns out they put the hdd in diagonally and it bent the shit out of the frame. But the cable managment was decent. They put the cheapest 4 gb ram sticks ive ever seen (crucial (2x) 4gb ddr3) i replaced it w 12 gb ram from my late grandpas computer (corsair xms3 8gb + 4 gb). Also, im sure u wont read this linus but i want to put his floppy drive in my motherboard/case but im having some troubles. Any ideas? Ive thought of just trading our motherboards ans thats the only consensus ive came to
I have a msi a68hm-e33 v2
I might just end up dm ur team
I dont think its gonna happen w out the motherbpard change
Chiken_nugget - 9 days ago
Do u have to have a pc for ure monitor to turn on
Mr. Bagel
Mr. Bagel - 8 days ago
Harry To
Harry To - 10 days ago
well, it's a walmart product. What do you expect?
icy1007 - 10 days ago
All of that RGB-puke on the OP is bringing performance down.
Even TL
Even TL - 10 days ago
Linus is that friends dad that says «heres my wallet» when you ask for a better pc
Clovis Muneza
Clovis Muneza - 11 days ago
We need Ivan in more videos😭
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
Oh, penis!
SuperNT - 11 days ago
it still has ps2 slots
ZenoFX - 11 days ago
Oh Penis
Mitchell Buchan
Mitchell Buchan - 12 days ago
mahad salman
mahad salman - 12 days ago
Very nice
William Wilson
William Wilson - 12 days ago
I hate when builders use Mini-itx or micro-atx motherboards in a full ATX case.....a crazy pet peeve of mine.
CrackShotYT - 12 days ago
i literally have that hp omen and it amazing.
MrZigljasin - 12 days ago
For 1.5k $ the ram didnt even have a heat sink lol
Koloth2000 - 12 days ago
Sad thing is the PC has an awesome microprocessor. Which could do loads more.
Pac Tube
Pac Tube - 12 days ago
Wrong reflection in thumbnail
KW 14
KW 14 - 12 days ago
"Maybe to make it easier to compartmentalize their files"
Fucking lost it.
Smantha 32
Smantha 32 - 13 days ago
Yeah I'm a digital artist and I built my own. If I was a gamer I'd be doing that too.. for 1/3 the cost of that Walmart crap with substandard parts.
ZamorakBrews - 13 days ago
i could imagine they could get a deal with evga or something to supply power supplies on the cheap
GuineaPoogas - 13 days ago
Why is Linus so childish about the USB2 ports
Stevan Popovic
Stevan Popovic - 13 days ago
Tbh 99% of people on the planet would be more than satisfied with that pc, it can run everything
TheRealDamiani - 13 days ago
Over powered? More like over priced.
TheRealDamiani - 13 days ago
You lost me at WALMART lol
suny123boy1 - 13 days ago
Holy shit, I just noticed that the only on board video output is Vga! Challenging music!
Game Time
Game Time - 13 days ago
Partitioning a hard drive is what pro’s do lol 😂
Game Time
Game Time - 13 days ago
Wild_ B01
Wild_ B01 - 14 days ago
Dude in the tech tips shirt is funny
Joe - 14 days ago
Moon logic, roflmfao!
Minecraft Dubbz
Minecraft Dubbz - 14 days ago
2:20 mocking Ivan
Eric Collin
Eric Collin - 14 days ago
4 HD partitions. Why not? Sometimes linus is a drama queen.
TheCraftinFluffy - 14 days ago
9:15 linus: "ssds dont affect gaming performence"
me: ..........

ever heard of star citizen
MrDuckDiggler - 14 days ago
He said gaming, not shitty tech demos. Shart Citizen and Squandered 42 coming at you in (Current Year)+1
TheCraftinFluffy - 14 days ago
oh penis!
WoodyWinsAlot!!!!! Or Not
Bruh this dude is such a compute geek
KillTyrant - 15 days ago
Old video but I just noticed that the thumb nail has a funny continuity error. Linus' reflection on the glass doesn't match his expression
Mr Peco
Mr Peco - 15 days ago
should do the walmart like how they say Sega!
Mr Peco
Mr Peco - 15 days ago
thats soo kool
Jean Mesa
Jean Mesa - 15 days ago
Kyle from @bitwit had the same issue where the GPU was unplugged
code FalseHope in the fortnite item shoo
My pc has no on board video out put lol
Martijn Michiels
Martijn Michiels - 15 days ago
Whats the name of the keyboard Linus is using ? 5:50
huerta25264 - 15 days ago
im overwhelmed by the o penis of it!
Tomass Paeglis
Tomass Paeglis - 15 days ago
Ill gladly take that off your hands.
C0mPpL3x - 15 days ago
Yes walmart pcs are dog shit, i spent 1800 on a pc and it cant even run rust on super potatoe settings
Allison Fields
Allison Fields - 15 days ago
Listen, man. I can talk for hours-- in mad detail-- about consoles and my brain is like a fucking archives for Dungeons and Dragons knowledge, but I don't understand a single word said in this video lmaaaooo. Computers are my weakness.
Josh & Cass
Josh & Cass - 16 days ago
that’s literally the pc i have now😂
the purple fedora
the purple fedora - 16 days ago
Who would buy this who has brains?
Martin Stam
Martin Stam - 16 days ago
"Why was this glued, but this wasn't?!?"
Imagine some frustrated engineer somewhere, that was ordered to save on glue.. :P
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