Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

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Axelplayz Boii
Axelplayz Boii - Hour ago
That’s a big openis
RickyThe HackerGuy
RickyThe HackerGuy - Hour ago
Yeah it's a nice computer but that motherboard sucks ass
Adam Wahid
Adam Wahid - Hour ago
Deus Ex
Only true Maximilian fans will understand ...
Oh yeah yeah
Mark Evan Delos Reyes
Mark Evan Delos Reyes - 2 hours ago
The thumbnail is creeping me out
Ruthless RaDiCaL
Ruthless RaDiCaL - 2 hours ago
Are you kidding me? This is the average gaming computer out there? There is not much of a difference now compared the newer gaming pc's. That walmart gaming pc a great gaming pc and runs pretty smooth, I'll take it anyday! People game with 20-30 fps for crying out loud! 60 FPS is all you need for gaming, it's completely unnecessary to get over 140 fps.. I'm totally fine with 60 fps.
Thot Slayer
Thot Slayer - 2 hours ago
This Vs the Alienware Area 51
Thot Slayer
Thot Slayer - 2 hours ago
This is better than my 6 yr old MacBook Pro 😓
Deshawn Saunders
Deshawn Saunders - 2 hours ago
Super interesting video!
ChickenBouillon - 2 hours ago
What software are they using?
arsenalfanrichi - 3 hours ago
Dunno, might not be able to reccommend it to someone looking for a Gaming PC, but for someone who decides on the offchance to go and buy a PC from Walmart, at least you know they aren't being conned... Seems okay to me. Would be better were it AMD ;)
jarod - 3 hours ago
PS/2 Ports for mouse and keyboard, geez that brings me back
John Markham
John Markham - 3 hours ago
basic internet pc
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas - 4 hours ago
Red flegs.
Me You
Me You - 4 hours ago
fucking die you stupid fucking youtube
Saucyboybeto _
Saucyboybeto _ - 5 hours ago
11:00 when he said that the HP one was doing better was because the motherboard is bottlenecking the CPU

Idk tho
Blairisblood - 5 hours ago
just me, or does the main dude look a bit like david tennant?
Yeet v13
Yeet v13 - 5 hours ago
We all know that the only part thats premium is the case XD
DJ Stank
DJ Stank - 5 hours ago
4:17 - Why the hell would they put it way up there??
Spiral modding
Spiral modding - 5 hours ago
They did this to troll
Spiral modding
Spiral modding - 6 hours ago
I got a normal windows 10 PC from Best buy
Spiral modding
Spiral modding - 6 hours ago
Walmart doesn't sell pc in canada. I never they sell gaming pc O_o
But why not?
Artintrex - 6 hours ago
Still better than origin's... Far from being the worst prebuild pc.
S No
S No - 6 hours ago
UltraversalGaming - 7 hours ago
Wait, you’re in Canada? rog rig reboot plz
Pyrolize - 7 hours ago
whats with the black borders tho
Ge0 Arc
Ge0 Arc - 7 hours ago
Millennial's LoL! When I was your age I had already fought in a War, Killed 3 men, Married my second wife, Had 2 kids, Worked the Coal mines and in between getting into Bar fights and running from the cop's I would drink a bottle of Rum everyday!!! That is how we acted when we where 16 yrs old NOT play with fancy electric picture boxes!
Mostwanted - 7 hours ago
2018, USB 2 , No dust filter .... F--k Walmart
John Mack
John Mack - 8 hours ago
I won’t care what the specs are until I know..
How much IS the Walmart gaming pc?
If it runs better than my 7 year old hp probook 4520s, and it’s under $500, I’ll take it!
Aussie Shane
Aussie Shane - 8 hours ago
Pre-Biased and a Contradictory Review... You People are very Sad indeed.
You Disassembled a Computer without an Anti Static Wrist Strap.. That was a Big NO NO.......
Go do a TAFE Course on Basic Electronic's and Computer Repair.
Jason Doran
Jason Doran - 8 hours ago
Heat flow, no dvd drive, two tings that make it not viable.
Ilich Ramirez Sanchez
Ilich Ramirez Sanchez - 8 hours ago
this is really a pricey system... in my country, you could get that for under a thousand... and with a better motherboard...
Anime McAnimeFace
Anime McAnimeFace - 9 hours ago
Only thing I don't like about this is the crappy PSU it comes with
DoesItTakeGlockMags? - 10 hours ago
But why is it being bashed on so much? Its a 1,400$ pc it truly cant be that bad
Victor Piousbox
Victor Piousbox - 10 hours ago
The guy's full time job is whining?
the real PewDiPie
the real PewDiPie - 10 hours ago
Its OP
Childerns first christmas 101 And more
I'd take it in not be picky but for these people has bunch money off you tube and they send them the units lol go figure
Nolan Melhart
Nolan Melhart - 11 hours ago
Did anyone else notice the PS/2 ports in the back of the PC.?!? Indeed, what year is it?
random guy
random guy - 12 hours ago
Partitioning reduces fragmentation, that is if you keep docs and other files/apps that are frequently moved/removed/changed on nonsystem drive.
Agar calumjyt
Agar calumjyt - 12 hours ago
Anyone else have a crappy pc and have 0 idea what hes talking about😂
Johnny V
Johnny V - 12 hours ago
Did anyone catch that Linus was opening the box with a keyhole saw used for drywall? lol
Pewbek Okiebeki
Pewbek Okiebeki - 12 hours ago
Best thing to buy at Walmart is Banana 🍌
arno harmse
arno harmse - 12 hours ago
sounded like you really had to work to find problems, understandable ones mind you, but minor.
Forty 4
Forty 4 - 12 hours ago
You weird
dusan jovic
dusan jovic - 12 hours ago
Walmart: y u bully me
ZOLA D - 12 hours ago
How much is it
Nikoxion - 12 hours ago
Dat sponsor spot tho xD
Atholl McNicoll
Atholl McNicoll - 12 hours ago
Typical Walmart Crap which states it all, you want a decent system to play your games on, for heavens sake buy something appropriate.
Slashay - 13 hours ago
Over Powered more like Over Priced omegalul
cac2244 - 13 hours ago
Linus, funny that you start video saying you haven't watched GN and Bitwit videos and you end up saying you were hoping for a contrary reaction to which one is it??? You knew his verdict already or not???
CaptainYSGamer - 13 hours ago
Ifit can run minecraft not like my pc it is good
Audacious920 - 13 hours ago
I have to blame the lower fps on the single channel ram that i can see in the case.
Edit: just watched the whole video, I can see that issue has been highlighted.
Plague Doc
Plague Doc - 13 hours ago
10:50 I noticed they have different drivers, OP has .11 other one has .36
Abologic X
Abologic X - 14 hours ago
What are the two keyboards in the video, does anyone know
vichikaru - 15 hours ago
It ok if the hardware is ok. AND VGA only in motherboard. I love VGA when my display card down
Flyguy257 - 15 hours ago
So would it be better to upgrade the moutherborad
MyuFoxable - 15 hours ago
Makes a review on product and doesn't provide a link to the product and model that was being reviewed. Slacker....
bananian - 15 hours ago
How do the front fans work with a plastic cover in front of them?
Will Madison
Will Madison - 15 hours ago
How much did it cost?
Ahmad nizam
Ahmad nizam - 16 hours ago
hye linus tech tips, i have a problem with my Rig, its already 6 Months i can"t use my gpu since i got my gpu for the first time its already can't be use. i put it on connect all the cable , its not detect my gpu, but the fan is spinning, are you have any solution with my problem? my gpu specs is MSI R9 270X 2GB DDR5 AMD my rig specs is
processor: intel(R) G2030 3.0GHZ
RAM: 2GB x2 Corsair DDR3
Buddhafollower - 16 hours ago
you are experts just like i'am Pontiff Sulivahn and i'am not
G00ober - 17 hours ago
So their pc isnt bad, but the buyer should build it after unpackaging
Philp Yung
Philp Yung - 12 hours ago
It is bad. Single channel memory = no buy.
weirdgameplays - 17 hours ago
Why was in my reccomended i usually look for porn lol😅😅 (oh shit!!??)
Z3DT - 19 hours ago
I really like the chassis, but the internals are just ugly. Why would anyone want tempred glass on a system that looks like this?
FULL RETARD - 19 hours ago
I like to install my OS and name my partitions myself, thanks. It makes a lot more sense to build your own machine.
MUSIC - 19 hours ago
Whats the videocard called of the walmart pc??!
Vlad Drakul
Vlad Drakul - 19 hours ago
As I watch this video I can keep hearing in the back of my head the vile *Jake Paul* screaming 'WAAAAAAAAALMART! WAAAAALMART! At *KSI* and *Deji* . Sorry to remind you all of that. *'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLMAAAAAART!!!'*
Diarmuid Nolan
Diarmuid Nolan - 20 hours ago
I have such a bad pc I’ll even take a Walmart pc
Marvin "Syn | Marvin" Van Loon
So what you're saying is if you do go pre built, HP omen isn't a bad choice 😂😂😂
Gareth Wigglesworth
Gareth Wigglesworth - 21 hour ago
CAN ANYONE HELP ME? I bricked my router with the wrong custom firmware. Only the power light comes on. It's a Netgear r7000
Gareth Wigglesworth
Gareth Wigglesworth - 21 hour ago
I bricked a different router back in 2011 a d my friend debricked it by remotely accessing my computer. He did it in 5 minutes. Anyone help?
Jerand Macapagal
Jerand Macapagal - 21 hour ago
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raedwulf61 - 21 hour ago
$1400? More like $1699. Yow. I just built a way better one for a lot less.
ace raven
ace raven - 22 hours ago
single... channel
Bocg - 23 hours ago
In the thumbnail, Linus has a different face in reflection
ImmigrantPvPz - 23 hours ago
Gimme gimme
Asiandeathgod - Day ago
Wait. Can someone explain why the min fps on the op were so much worse?
エリック - Day ago
What do they sell in Canada? Putine? By the way, Walmart is god awful.
MetalGod 1990
MetalGod 1990 - Day ago
It baffles me how this guy runs his channel with such an unprofessional attitude.
Patrick Yip
Patrick Yip - Day ago
cry baby
Mark Evan Delos Reyes
In a million places you can test why you would you test in a kitchen
Fox - Day ago
Did anyone else spot his face looked different in the PC’s reflection in the thumbnail?
Marcial Sorrels
Marcial Sorrels - Day ago
Knitpicking the most minor things. It seems like a better deal than slightly better or the same pcs for $1500
Maerk Strongrock
Maerk Strongrock - Day ago
Gigabyte.. ewww!
ghost Unix
ghost Unix - Day ago
Im not surprised.Hopefully it last more than a week.
Ryan - Day ago
Try not to get too wet while watching this ladies
Deshawn Saunders
Deshawn Saunders - 2 hours ago
Lmao. Math & engineering for the win! 😂
Shakaama - Day ago
#nohomo why am I oddly attracted to this guy?
Averan Brifer
Averan Brifer - Day ago
Considering the specs and price of this my GT 710 2gb held out long enough lol ....
Nathan Briggs
Nathan Briggs - Day ago
I've been looking forward to you crushing Walmart's "gaming pc" for a hot minute!
Tower Man
Tower Man - Day ago
All the big wigs at Walmart watched this video a died laughing through the whole thing 😂
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos - Day ago
Good god, the snobbery on Linus is too much. "Yay rgb! Vga for onboard? What YEAR is it?"
Why did this even show up in my feed?
KD_ Marksman
KD_ Marksman - Day ago
You are lucky you have multiply gaming PCs I play on a laptop and I would do anything for a computer like that😔
Benjamin Meyer G
Benjamin Meyer G - Day ago
If it was given to me for free I would take it, but other than that nah, you could build a pc way better with usb 3.0
Smash The Matriarchy
was that a sponsor without a segway? this is unacceptable
DarK - Day ago
I love how the amazing 3 overpowered fans on the front of the case do nothing for the ventilation of the pc at all... They might not even turn on lol. There is no air circulation there.
ROUSH4203 - Day ago
spoiler alert, ABSOLUTELY ANY AND EVERYTHING THAT WALMART TOUCHES IS INDEED THAT BAD. even the humans that frequent every single store ARE INDEED THAT BAD.
Darul Alamsyah
Darul Alamsyah - Day ago
wow great sir
mhamadac - Day ago
HAHA comparing HP to Walmart. Crap to Crap.
Eric Belinc
Eric Belinc - Day ago
It’s a Walmart gaming pc, what the fuck do you want guy. This is a store that sells socks in one isle and motor oil on another.
moed al garny
moed al garny - Day ago
If no one want this🧐.. Donat it to me help a brother from another mother to get his first system huh?? 🤔
Toastie footsie
Toastie footsie - Day ago
wtf, just get a job.
imickey503 - Day ago
Damn, I like that case. Well, its like boss CAR audio. It gives you a pretty good idea of what you want for the future. But hell it works.
Connor Phillips
Connor Phillips - Day ago
Hes gonna stab somebody with that knife
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