This Channel Is Changing!

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Krizel  Tuazon
Krizel Tuazon - 6 days ago
Was this at Saipan 😱
Krizel  Tuazon
Krizel Tuazon - 6 days ago
Just joking lmao
Meredith Dady
Meredith Dady - 8 days ago
The background is so aesthetically pleasing I can’t handle it
Wilfred Mushi
Wilfred Mushi - 9 days ago
anyone bored! 😯
Scarlett Lane
Scarlett Lane - 9 days ago
My gaydar has been going off for the 10-12 months, but I didn't want to assume
doro626 - 13 days ago
Do what you want Lily. Chadwick Boseman will always be Wakanda Forever and you will always be one love Shoop! I still love your journey. Keep doing the fingers. Screw DC .
Cassana Music
Cassana Music - 15 days ago
Ranjana Sengupta
Ranjana Sengupta - 16 days ago
Her: It's youa gurl LILLY
Me: Mom i need to get my ears checked.
Sally Sekgobela
Sally Sekgobela - 18 days ago
I love you, Lilly Singh!
samuel stairs
samuel stairs - 20 days ago
I’m m glad lily is taking more time to work on her videos. Ima be honest I haven’t been the biggest fan of her videos since about 2016 it has I’m glad she is making some changes
Christina Shakya
Christina Shakya - 21 day ago
Did your parents accept!?
BK Vids
BK Vids - 21 day ago
Me: *Looks At Title*
Me: “So she finally figured out how bad her content was......”
Patryk Zajdel
Patryk Zajdel - 23 days ago
honestly i am not fan of channels like that but by mistake i ended up watching one video , then i was watching other and other admiring such original personality, i am really amazed by the skills and she made me smile when most of this type videos im just analysing that all of them are the same and boring... she is really good tho :D i wish you good luck and keep spreading it
Ruben Estrera
Ruben Estrera - 24 days ago
but we all miss superwoman.....
Amber Rana
Amber Rana - 24 days ago
Go make a sandwich
maria kara
maria kara - Month ago
i’ve watched this before & idk how this is playing because i didn’t click on it 😂
Spiritual Gangsta
Spiritual Gangsta - Month ago
smart, chickee
MemyselfandI Tara
MemyselfandI Tara - Month ago
Can someone explain??? So did she come
Out ????? No hate I’m just asking 💕💕
Alliana Almodovar
Alliana Almodovar - Month ago
Who else miss her types of *_____* videos.
RandomLiving - Month ago
Cant help but feel that shes sick and tired of doing the youtube life ,she doesnt seem like shes enjoying it like before ,maybe shes depressed or maybe she made a lot of money she just wants to run her products and chill ,no idea
Either way ,this is going downhills and her content isnt as good as it used to be ,maybe its about time to give it a rest ,day 1 fans deserve better ,my subscription doesn't even mean anything ,even though iv been a fan of hers for years now ,but im definitely unsubscribing because to me ,this is just turning into money business - forced - fake content.
Im a lil bit distraught because Britney Spears seemed exactly the same and now superwoman too lol sorry I mean "Lily"
If celebs attainted their goals and no more feel like working with the same energy then just respect fans enough to let it go.
Ryan Hawkings
Ryan Hawkings - Month ago
We're so proud of you, congrats!!!
Fatima - Month ago
Oh, I'm sorry, wrong video, I'm talking about the video I'll see you soon............
Fatima - Month ago
I don't care about if you upload 2 times a week or more but please
Fatima - Month ago
Please don't change your channel, I like it how it used to be you being funny and everything, please make it back to normal
Laimy Hango
Laimy Hango - Month ago
What's up everyone it's your girl Lilly
Me: what?
Maya Ursua
Maya Ursua - Month ago
Just subscribed!
Taslim Elebute
Taslim Elebute - Month ago
Cee Cee
Cee Cee - Month ago
All these people in the comment section are dramatic talking about omg she said lilly i'm scared like you didn't know that was her name already 😂
Krystol Williams
Krystol Williams - 2 months ago
You're so humble queen! We accept the changes and we're excited for you
Lucy Bisk
Lucy Bisk - 2 months ago
I’m crying right now because I just love you so much and I’m happy for you and I feel bad that I went so long without knowing you came out as bi. I feel soo bad but I’m so proud of you and I love you and I can’t wait to see your show. I have been watching since you were still living with your parents and you’ve grown so much and learned so much about your self and I feel like even tho I know a million thing that you will never know about me. I just want to say I feel we have grown together. 😢😭🥺😘🥰😍I LOVE YOU LILLY AND I HAVE NEVER EVER SPELT YOUR NAME WITH TWO L’s
Lucy Bisk
Lucy Bisk - 2 months ago
Loly Sonch 🤣🤣I’m on the floor!!!
Becka Cole
Becka Cole - 2 months ago
The way she has changed is so disappointing. Now she’s going even further down this high end road. Sad.
Ayesha Fatima
Ayesha Fatima - 2 months ago
Love your positive vibes. Much love ❤️❤️❤️
Sparshita Singh
Sparshita Singh - 2 months ago
I am so in love with you💖
CATCAKEE101 - 2 months ago
I don’t get why people are freaking g out because she said Lily. When she said Lily I felt rly happy inside.
Mal Love
Mal Love - 2 months ago
Lill: what up everyone its ur guuuurrlll
me: superwoman
Lill: Lilly!
Me: jungshook
Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson - 2 months ago
me: *messing up while I say it with her* wait what
Rosie K
Rosie K - 2 months ago
can i just say, to all the people saying she's acting "too happy," a person doesn't have to be depressed or be sad in front of a camera to get real with their audience.
Radioradical AJ
Radioradical AJ - 2 months ago
why did you say lily..
Йози Кози
Йози Кози - 2 months ago
I love you and I want to say that you can be intelligent and not get new ideas that often.
NickyMicky888 - 2 months ago
You decide
Shiksha Poop Grades
Shiksha Poop Grades - 2 months ago
You have so much charisma and I seriously love your honesty I do agree that happiness is very important, ps you go, keep working hard!
Sudhiksha Pinisetti
Sudhiksha Pinisetti - 2 months ago
I'm happy that she's happier but superwoman I felt empowered her and people around her, it has that authenticity and Lilly doesn't have the same effect,,
KrupaZ ARTVI Logistics
KrupaZ ARTVI Logistics - 2 months ago
Plz make my parents reacting to money - cardi b
Those who agree plz hit like button 👍 👍 👍 it will be a great fun guys
Sav and Tay
Sav and Tay - 2 months ago
I don’t like the change but I understand that you have a life too and have things to take care of😁
The Derpy Puppy31
The Derpy Puppy31 - 2 months ago
U know I was was a little shook when she said lily instead of superwoman and when she said uploads on the main channel once a week, but I’m happy that ur happy with ur decision! And also wanting to take ur time and give us better content. (Don’t know how’s that’s possible cuz it’s already bawse, but🤷‍♀️) happy for u lily and best of luck! Also plz recycle♻️👌🏻😀
Tef - 3 months ago
wait, hold up! what did I miss?! why no more "superwoman"?
Namjoon sold my jams for 3 dollars
Omg she looks soooo cute I can’t
Unicorn Poop
Unicorn Poop - 3 months ago
Heyyy Lilly girlfriend 😘💗❤️
Love your videos girls 💗❤️💗❤️💗❤️
Sapira Zarum
Sapira Zarum - 3 months ago
Love your videos!!!! ❤️❤️
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