Teens Vs. Adults: Who's the Worst Texter? Ft. Taylor & Reese Hatala • Ladylike

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Elisabeth J
Elisabeth J - 13 days ago
Lauren Stubbs
Lauren Stubbs - 27 days ago
What I do with the double texting is I make an mistake on purpose then in the second text I say of sorry autocorrect then get to the point hahahah
Isabel Shearer
Isabel Shearer - 28 days ago
Lol my mom is one of the people I last exted
A Warriner
A Warriner - Month ago
I hate talking on the phone too and all my friends are like jen
Magical Potato
Magical Potato - Month ago
(I know i'm late)I hate it when someone replies to me without punctuation marks. Especially when their are multiple sentences.
evany ramirez
evany ramirez - 3 months ago
Hold up but like why there an 8 year old?
Piper OBryan
Piper OBryan - 3 months ago
Why did They use a 12 year old?
AGglittersparkle - 4 months ago
I either laugh like lol or XD or sometimes lol XD
Meow28 -
Meow28 - - 5 months ago
My emojis are in place of punctuation marks
Yeet Queen
Yeet Queen - 6 months ago
7:21 LaMeO
Moneà Life
Moneà Life - 6 months ago
That 12 year old it just agreeing with her sister
Ruby Lewis
Ruby Lewis - 6 months ago
You know I read all these comments and laughed so hard because they’re arguing over whether 12 is a teen 😂😂 seriously there’s so many comments about it does it matter we all hv are own opinions do we hv to share them all the time🤷🏼‍♀️
Shae Romanowski
Shae Romanowski - 6 months ago
Rachel Walters
Rachel Walters - 6 months ago
I am twelve years old and I am apparently a lot better than her little sister 😬
Emma _gnxv
Emma _gnxv - 6 months ago
um why does the 12 y/o wears as much as the 15 y/o ? Im 15 an doesn't even wear as much as them
Rosey Artist
Rosey Artist - 6 months ago
It's so true how the '03-'04 kids look so much older, while us '00-'02 kids look 13 when we're 17+ 😭💔
julia ross
julia ross - 6 months ago
Ally McGuffee
Ally McGuffee - 6 months ago
they have friends and we have moms! got em     ~jen
Erika N
Erika N - 6 months ago
This is agsjgasjgajdgahdgsh erasure
fabuluv - 6 months ago
I communicate through gifs I WUUUUUUB them
Matilda Fagervall
Matilda Fagervall - 6 months ago
For me I see the text, i ignore it and then forget it and answers like a day or more then one hour.. and I just use ok instead of kk bc in Swedish translated to English it’s fuck friend and in Swedish it is knull kompis so it’s quite well uuu.
Chinmayee Surve
Chinmayee Surve - 7 months ago
I didn't had a phone till I was 17 lol
ANH - 7 months ago
That little 12 year old annoyed me
Georgia Tuia
Georgia Tuia - 7 months ago
6:10 same I do this to my friends
Trash - 7 months ago
I stricy text mmmkay
Business Fish
Business Fish - 7 months ago
It's awful how many people here are only focussed on bitching about what the younger girl chooses to do (make up, nails) she seems happy, just leave her alone. She may well have seen your comments, it's not ok to shame people, you'd think ladylike fans would know that. Stuff like this can really effect people. It breaks my heart to see that adults think it's ok to do this. Was your comment really worth upsetting her? The make up's not hurting her, but you might be.
bamabo 7
bamabo 7 - 7 months ago
The two teens and I are under the same agency for dance...that’s cool
Megan Hedden
Megan Hedden - 7 months ago
I would have the ‘read’ thing on that way I know if I have to spam them to get them to answer
CE Massey
CE Massey - 7 months ago
I have friends that do many little texts and it drives me insane 😂😂
mel anie98
mel anie98 - 7 months ago
i love when the 12 year old just agrees 😂😂😂
erika lmao
erika lmao - 7 months ago
i still don’t know why a 12 year old has an 8+
Kelsey Smith
Kelsey Smith - 7 months ago
Damn little girls nowadays are growing up way too fast man when I was that little girls age I remember I was watching that’s so raven and dressing like something out of Hannah Montana 😂😂
Sara g
Sara g - 5 months ago
mystic 0002
mystic 0002 - 7 months ago
How long does it take for you to respond?
Me and only me: a few weeks *awkward smile*
Joanna Middendorp
Joanna Middendorp - 7 months ago
12 year olds these days, man... when I was 12 I wore the same scooby doo shirt everyday and watched sponge bob.
Marie Chapman
Marie Chapman - 8 months ago
I have 1,708 unread texts tho.
Hannah Czarnecki
Hannah Czarnecki - 8 months ago
With the laughing texts I just say 'I don't know how to convey my laughter accurately without feeling awkward'
Cecile Roberts
Cecile Roberts - 8 months ago
I use lMBO laughing my butt off ;D
Zoe Gandy
Zoe Gandy - 8 months ago
me and jen are So much alike!
Rithika Singadi
Rithika Singadi - 8 months ago
One thing 12 isn’t a teen and I love how the teen just agrees to everything 😂😂😂
Sara g
Sara g - 3 months ago
pre teen
sara grainger
sara grainger - 8 months ago
sara grainger
sara grainger - 8 months ago
Brookelin Ahders
Brookelin Ahders - 8 months ago
I have a little girl crush on jen she is so adorable
Stacy Camacho
Stacy Camacho - 8 months ago
???? They only like texting???? Calling I prefer it to texting.
Lexi Sisbarro
Lexi Sisbarro - 8 months ago
the little girl just copying her sister or wtv cause she don’t know what she’s talking abt😂
Sophia - 8 months ago
i’m 12 and i swear constantly like literally every sentence
sophie landreth
sophie landreth - 8 months ago
You guys should do like your story about a embarrassing moment in elementary school when you were talking to yoir crush
Dominique Ivette Lee Juillet
These little girls write weird
Sophia Boswell
Sophia Boswell - 9 months ago
They have friends and we have moms!
charlotte scobie
charlotte scobie - 9 months ago
i hate that they brought a 12 year old when she's not a teen?? and legally, she's not even allowed to have social media yet
Sara g
Sara g - 3 months ago
pre teen
Ab theAbba
Ab theAbba - 9 months ago
Why is the 12 year old wearing so much makeup?
Sara g
Sara g - 3 months ago
not up to you your not her parents and who knows probably could be just for the video we don't know
Theo Prda
Theo Prda - 9 months ago
"They have friends and we have moms!" Pffft
DIY master
DIY master - 9 months ago
Freddie look 16 how is she 28 😂
MEGA uwu
MEGA uwu - 9 months ago
That 12 yr old girl...🤔
Akari_Gacha Lover
Akari_Gacha Lover - 9 months ago
When Jen was saying ehe I was laughing so hard😂🤣
Akari_Gacha Lover
Akari_Gacha Lover - 9 months ago
I never put punctuation 😄
Purpur_Purrs_Purrfectly - 9 months ago
when something is really funny
Saron Elias
Saron Elias - 9 months ago
0% picked ROFL
Ninja boi
Ninja boi - 9 months ago
They have friends and we have mom's
Potato Person
Potato Person - 9 months ago
*tHey haVe frIeNds anD wE haVe mOmS*

the story of my life
GG Cosplay
GG Cosplay - 9 months ago
The worst one is, k.
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