I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory - 6 days ago
Thank you for allowing us to continue doing good with our platform and with Seek Discomfort. I know brands always say "We're in this together!" type of stuff but we do genuinely feel a responsibility towards the community to shine a light on positive stories and create a ripple effect of change in whatever capacity we can. So we're excited you're along for the ride and so curious to see where the rest of the year can take us :)
David Kanouse
David Kanouse - 39 minutes ago
Y r u taking corona tests when its not dangerous
Skelakin - 9 hours ago
Leop Oenl bad lands chugs do need his manscaping tho
Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez - 12 hours ago
Do the podshare places in California
Sydney Patrick Marsh
Sydney Patrick Marsh - 14 hours ago
@Abdullahi Abdikani sorry buddy but the true Almighty is Anu of the Anunaki to make it short we were originally created to be their slaves Anunaki are gods from a religion that pre dates any other religion by thousands of years and between 5000-10000BC it's been recorded by the oldest known civilization on earth the Sumerians every other religion took stories from their beliefs and added them to their own..Anu had 2 main Sons Enlil and Enki this is the origin of the holy trinity through out time Anu became Anuah then Allah stories that have been documented by this civilization about their gods have been proven that every known religion still being practiced has very similar if not similar exactly the same stories as what the Sumerians told and scribed..so yeh do more study my friend because my Gods are the one and only original true gods..Anu after we had done our part took pity on us so he let us live which he hadn't planned on doing because in order for us becoming who we are now he had to merge his DNA with the most trainable creatures on earth at that time which was apes this Devine fusion became known as receiving the God gene which Anu needed to do for us to be more knowledgeable about learning adapting and evolving once he was done with us he had planned on eliminating us because of our tainted DNA but through time he saw a potential with in us and took sincerity towards us so he gave control of this planet to us some of his children wasnt happy with his choice because our souls was seen to them as basically being mongrels one of Anu sons rebelled Anu knew if only he to could see the potential our souls had then he to would see why he showed mercy upon us so Enlil was ordered not cast down to stay on earth to observe us and Enki was ordered to visit from time to time but after a few thousand years they both returned home permanently to what is believed by the star mapping they left the Orion Nebula..clues were left behind to the exact place but it being so ancient astrologers and science cant pin point where in the Orion Nebula they are..its said that it was left for us for the time we are able to we can join them..theres a shit load more to be told but it's like a few months worth of typing so if you would like to know the true origins of mankind search Sumeria..Anunnaki and Mesopotamia
Abdullahi Abdikani
Abdullahi Abdikani - Day ago
Wow!you I hope you are doing well ,I wanted to convey you PEACE MESSAGE TO YOU .which is all about SUBMIT TO THE THE ALMIGHTY (ALLAH)I don't know whether you have heard of it be4 but I am here to tell you that You won't get relieve/peace in your soul by having lots of wealth but verily it is gained through submitting to Provider,sustainer of this universe .The SOLUTION FOR HUMANITY (ISLAM: SUBMITTING TO THE WILL OF THE CREATOR).you ignore this message now but remember this world is never satisfy you 💯 but remember The Hereafter which God promises us if we submit to His will.goodbye. WELCOME TO PEACE WORLD!. Search for ISLAM .Never be brain washed by the news like (FOX NEWS)but rather do research on your own wish you success. Goodbye!!!
Regine mhar Miranda
Regine mhar Miranda - 4 minutes ago
i saw a video of you guys on the recommended section , i hate myself for not discovering this channel earlier i started crying at the end you people are so pure and i thank you for that
my name is my name
my name is my name - 29 minutes ago
They could shoot a nice TV futuristic TV show in here, with CGI try make it look like this is on mars,
M J - 31 minute ago
She is the kind of person who will change the world for the good
Mel Pihama
Mel Pihama - 32 minutes ago
Kept my cool watching this whole video then BOOM you hit her with the scholarship and I'm a blubbering mess, hit me so deep in the feelings knowing just how much that is going to help her to succeed and grow in life to accomplish her many many dreams... That's dope! I love yes theory you guys are awesome
Joshua Simon
Joshua Simon - 51 minute ago
How do people still manage to dislike this video?
Biya Ami
Biya Ami - Hour ago
I'm from India. I never what is out side world. I fear almost for everything new. I have brought up that way. Ofcourse i have dreams to see world how it works and have courage to see different people. But the one most important thing i lack is money. It means a lot in this world. Even courage needs money. Money oriented world. When i see you guys it's new to understand even. Wanna live someday like this i mean helping others. Not just surviving.
Gabriel Rivera
Gabriel Rivera - Hour ago
Hey I’m not sure if this seems like much but I would really appreciate who ever good soul who is seeing to subscribe to me and hope you’ll have a blessed life
Sol RC
Sol RC - Hour ago
So much money and time and your telling me no one thought of microbial oxygen needs and curing of concrete. Holy fudge we spend money on some stupid shit. I and countless others could have told them that.
Mia Kulkarni
Mia Kulkarni - Hour ago
Yes theory is so special 🥺🥺💓❤️
marchelia lunggaer
marchelia lunggaer - Hour ago
Wow you guys so inspiring. Thanks for being such a great example of kindness
Carlo Jacobs
Carlo Jacobs - 2 hours ago
I’m surprised Destin hasn’t done a video on this yet
Alonaab Kahsai
Alonaab Kahsai - 2 hours ago
8:24 arent your binoculars closed lol
Phaymany Ratsamy
Phaymany Ratsamy - 3 hours ago
Zoo, but make it as realistic as possible.
Lois Tamayo
Lois Tamayo - 4 hours ago
I’m watching this while I was eating. Now I can’t continue eating my lunch because I’m crying. You guys are the best and bless Symphony. 💜
Joey Lachowitzer
Joey Lachowitzer - 4 hours ago
Andrew Burley
Andrew Burley - 5 hours ago
basically there a cult that want to play space russia and china will cause the war to end all wars and destroy humanity in the process along with north korea before we ever colinate mars
Sami V.
Sami V. - 5 hours ago
what college is she going too
CurryPacket - 6 hours ago
You guys are really good people! The end literally made me cry 😂 😭
Asif s
Asif s - 6 hours ago
Reminds me of a mine craft underwater place
jon eubanks
jon eubanks - 6 hours ago
So this is the inspiration for the movie biodome
Split-shot - 6 hours ago
i got a stanger things vybe
Elliot Cohen
Elliot Cohen - 7 hours ago
Hannah M
Hannah M - 7 hours ago
Where is the backflip video part two
Denisse Luna
Denisse Luna - 7 hours ago
Why am I ugly crying?
Jim Blob
Jim Blob - 7 hours ago
I visited biosphere. Being in the lungs is badass
Lincon_s - 7 hours ago
turn your channel into a Netflix series!!!
icy rice
icy rice - 8 hours ago
we need more people like this in the world
Djdjjd - 8 hours ago
my school does a field trip every year there
nanamelina ps
nanamelina ps - 8 hours ago
Im here ...from your first video until now...proud of you guys!!!
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson - 8 hours ago
So they made earth in earth? Just like those people that try to build Minecraft in Minecraft
Descript O
Descript O - 8 hours ago
The over sensationalization of the clips made it off putting. Like if something is pretty cool, let it be pretty cool. I don't need your human input on how I should feel watching the video. It's weirdo shit.
LegendsofPoison - 8 hours ago
Thanks guys. Please keep following her story. Such a cutie. I hope only positive things happen to her from now up.
Itz._.Slo0p - 9 hours ago
unibanden it then sell it
MrJitterlad - 9 hours ago
Wendi Landkammer
Wendi Landkammer - 9 hours ago
Yes. Not just a theory. Glad to know that the bio sphere is still teaching. Gives hope and hope makes room for yes.
Really - 10 hours ago
You may have explored it. My late husband helped engineer it!
Daque Kenfor
Daque Kenfor - 11 hours ago
The half assed use of masks in this video makes them look stupid.
Daniel - 6 hours ago
Then just don’t watch the video
Epic One
Epic One - 11 hours ago
Free mahi mahi!
Claire Earls
Claire Earls - 11 hours ago
Tommy Tomasello
Tommy Tomasello - 11 hours ago
Yo this chanle is turning in to David's vlogs
Ismail Khan
Ismail Khan - 11 hours ago
4:28 top right corner
Rain: Did someone just call me
Ken H
Ken H - 11 hours ago
WOW! So Biodome was real? The movie looked authentic AF too apparently
Kaura K
Kaura K - 11 hours ago
uugghhh who the eff is cutting onions
Antonio Ben
Antonio Ben - 12 hours ago
It's a dome within a dome.
Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez - 12 hours ago
Do the podshare places in California
William Petersen
William Petersen - 12 hours ago
It's 11:50pm here in Cape Town, South Africa and I'm in tears for the happy ending of this amazing video. You guys are awesome.
Daniel Bausch
Daniel Bausch - 12 hours ago
How's the lightning at 4.30
ARA - 13 hours ago
I'm amazed at how fast I can cry just by watching y'alls videos 🥺💕✨
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos - 13 hours ago
Dr. Konoa Wheeler
Dr. Konoa Wheeler - 13 hours ago
brandon fraiser in BIODOME MOVIE
Simón Gámez
Simón Gámez - 14 hours ago
Okay, a few thoughts one this: The edit was on point, it was great so good job, guys. The Biosphere 2 is such a cool and ambitious project and it's insane that you guys had the opportunity to swim in it's own ocean haha. Symphony's storie is so heartbreaking but I'm glad she has found refuge in art and has found a way to express herself, I just love how strong she is. You guys truly change the world with love and kindness.
Jack Tisch
Jack Tisch - 14 hours ago
i live near to biosphere
Fuba Watches Your Videos
Fuba Watches Your Videos - 14 hours ago
I saw the daily hydration thing as I was drinking lol
Ace Sagad
Ace Sagad - 14 hours ago
So no one’s gonna talk about how hot Symphony is???
Arnau Carrera
Arnau Carrera - 15 hours ago
Go to barcelona and visit the 200 or less years old stores and pubs and speak with the owner and talks about why we should support small businesses and family businesses and not multinationals
Erica Pearson
Erica Pearson - 15 hours ago
This reminds me of Theedville from the Lorax
Filipe Alexandre
Filipe Alexandre - 15 hours ago
Symphony was so cute😭😭😭
BabyPluto - 15 hours ago
symphony cute asl i cant even lie
TC - 15 hours ago
Wow, what amazing people!
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