2019 Singapore Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Tristan Ellis Vlogs
Tristan Ellis Vlogs - Hour ago
As James Allen would say GOOOOOOOOOOO!
TICO MERIA - 2 days ago
Ferrari favored Vettel. This race was Leclerc
Derek emmanuel
Derek emmanuel - 4 days ago
can any one explani y racing point is using drs in 5:33
No Subscribers
No Subscribers - 5 days ago
Go vettle
Anna Castorina
Anna Castorina - 8 days ago
Sebastian Vettel 5 1th
NAH GNEAU - 11 days ago
4:19 Grosjean force tellement
NAH GNEAU - 8 days ago
en plus sans déconner il a large la place
NAH GNEAU - 8 days ago
@Dry Bones thank captain obvious il est à l'intérieur, j'dis que grojean avait pas besoin de continuer à lui tourner dessus c'etait mort pour passer et en plus à force de forcer il envoi l'autre ds l'mur mtn Russel lui a peut-être trop fermer l'espace mais un moment donner c'est pas lui qui lui fonce dedans c'est grojean qui préfère aller au contact que de laisser couler...
Dry Bones
Dry Bones - 8 days ago
Non, c'est George Russell qui le pousse en dehors de la piste.
James Mason
James Mason - 12 days ago
So seb pretty much knew this was it. Makes a lot of sense now
Shannon Stout
Shannon Stout - 13 days ago
Wildflower villa
Wildflower villa - 18 days ago
8. And 7 did not Finish there
Wildflower villa
Wildflower villa - 18 days ago
I was shocked because Hamilton an Botas I think that it was not Hammer time for Hamilton
Wildflower villa
Wildflower villa - 18 days ago
Gion led a f1 Race Well Done
And well done vettel for Winng!!!!!
Hagar The Horrible
Hagar The Horrible - 18 days ago
This is the kind of arrogance I dislike about Leclerc. I get that he was pissed but keep it to the after race discussions. Not on radio for the world to hear. Same shit in Russia. Now with Seb gone have to bear Leclerc as a Ferrari fan. He's fast but for me a very unlikeable person.
RJTofuChipmunk - 18 days ago
2:40 all hail our leader Gio
Axy Bømick
Axy Bømick - 22 days ago
6:17 LandoSmash Baby Rage LandoThink (Lando's Twitch followers will understand!)
Stanley Lau
Stanley Lau - 24 days ago
Vettel's last race win to date. Hope Vettel can win or finish in podium places in 2020.
Dry Bones
Dry Bones - 8 days ago
He will have 2018 Ricciardo's luck.
SebVet_05 - 25 days ago
I’m here after Seb leaving ferrari 😔
Yuri Boyka
Yuri Boyka - 25 days ago
and now the lion of Singapore is leaving Ferrari :( no more grazie ragazzi...
Florian Doppler
Florian Doppler - 25 days ago
There's absolutely no pressure on Seb now, come on, get it! He will come back, and in my opinion he will show all of those critics why he was part of the Scuderia, doesn't matter that they have parted their ways now. 🙌🏼
Tasos Stergiou
Tasos Stergiou - 25 days ago
@Florian Doppler thanks
Florian Doppler
Florian Doppler - 25 days ago
Tasos Stergiou Hahaha I see! Nice one mate 😂
Tasos Stergiou
Tasos Stergiou - 25 days ago
@Florian Doppler absolutely yes. It doesnt look at my picture? 😂
Florian Doppler
Florian Doppler - 25 days ago
Tasos Stergiou Same! ;) U wishing him a title as well?
Tasos Stergiou
Tasos Stergiou - 25 days ago
@Florian Doppler i believe this Men a lot
Jackson Lusk
Jackson Lusk - 25 days ago
Who’s here after Vettels announcement of leaving Ferrari?
Takamusasu - 7 days ago
GT4 ' if the facts speak for themselves then there shouldn’t be any contention to my perspective. 😂
seahpo123 - 7 days ago
Takamusasu we aren’t butthurt....we are just trying to correct false claim....there are strong justifications as to why vettel won it instead of “given it”. To add on im not siding on vettel only...i like CL too
GT4 '
GT4 ' - 7 days ago
Takamusasu Going against facts is what you’re doing, just saying
Takamusasu - 7 days ago
seahpo123 just difference of opinion. If you say is true then none of you would be so butthurt about my perspective.
seahpo123 - 7 days ago
Takamusasu lol...it seems like u didn’t even watch the full race and act like u know about it 😂
Dan - 25 days ago
Come on now! Sign Fernando Alonso!!!!!!
Advance Galaxy
Advance Galaxy - 25 days ago
The last Grazie Raggazie
sandri fuqi
sandri fuqi - 25 days ago
Who is here after seeing that Seb is leaving Ferrari 😢 ??!!
noteasymoney 30
noteasymoney 30 - 25 days ago
Who's here after Vettel announced he leaving Ferrari 😓
Arman Bastavand
Arman Bastavand - 25 days ago
Who's here after he's leaving Ferrari 😔😔
Amir Sayed
Amir Sayed - 8 days ago
@Dry Bones I'm not denying that mercedes is faster, im saying vettel couldve gotten much closer, 2017 and 2018 he messed around with max too much, 2017 baku he went into hamilton, and had didnt keep his cool many times, ferrari was the 2nd best car, that im clear on, but with a number 2 driver like kimi and with sebs talent he shouldn't have made so many mistakes, like 2017 Singapore
Dry Bones
Dry Bones - 8 days ago
@Amir Sayed 2017: Mercedes: 15 poles including three 1-2s, 12 wins including four 1-2s And almost a 1-2 in the WDC Ferrari: 5 poles including three 1-2s, 5 wins including two 1-2s 2018: Mercedes: 13 poles including six 1-2s, 11 wins including four 1-2s Ferrari: 6 poles including three 1-2s, 6 wins The Mercedes car is better than the Ferrari car although the championship could have been closer.
Amir Sayed
Amir Sayed - 8 days ago
@Dry Bones mercedes is faster, but ferrari and vettel have had the chance to beat mercedes quite a few times, vettel in 2017 could've won but made many mistakes as well, and after germany 2018 vettel just wasn't really there anymore
Dry Bones
Dry Bones - 8 days ago
@Amir Sayed The Mercedes is just better, just look at the stats on the number of poles, wins. The Mercedes car has also an incredible tyre wear and race pace.
Amir Sayed
Amir Sayed - 17 days ago
@shyasaturtle well vettel has had the chance to win many times, he just isnt performing as well anymore
Michi Eiramia
Michi Eiramia - 25 days ago
Please don’t let this be the last victory of Vettel in a Ferrari. We love you Seb.
Spyerk Smith
Spyerk Smith - 26 days ago
team orders
LabGorilla - 26 days ago
Imagine the party mode in that Ferrari. The back in business was only until red bull asked for them to be looked at a little closer. They they were back to normal and shambolic
Ryan Chua Bowen
Ryan Chua Bowen - 27 days ago
6:19 rage
Ömer Kılıçkaya
Ömer Kılıçkaya - 27 days ago
6:06 torpedo is coming
Bao Nguyen Duy
Bao Nguyen Duy - 28 days ago
no gasly
Riften Guard
Riften Guard - 29 days ago
kimis garage: 6:19
kimi: im out... :)
FFT Gamer
FFT Gamer - 29 days ago
Haha loll vettel is the worst driver ever he even needs team orders to win lolLOL
Dry Bones
Dry Bones - 8 days ago
He is still better than Damon Hill, Jenson Button and Bottas.
FFT Gamer
FFT Gamer - 24 days ago
@Tasos Stergiou no you should go to sleep you know nothing about F1, vettel is OMG overrated accept it salty cryvetelboy
Tasos Stergiou
Tasos Stergiou - 25 days ago
@FFT Gamer go to sleep you have no idea about f1
FFT Gamer
FFT Gamer - 26 days ago
@Liith bro vettel is seriously horrific
Liith - 26 days ago
you’re not very smart are you
Fabricio Perez
Fabricio Perez - Month ago
Kimi raikkonen 😂😂😂😂🤨
Çınar İnceoğlu
Çınar İnceoğlu - Month ago
How haas haas the fastest lap
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody - Month ago
Charles Lecry
Marco Giorgini
Marco Giorgini - Month ago
Forza Ferrari!
attendant corn
attendant corn - Month ago
going through 2019 season highlights, in hindsight it was a solid, fun season
Yu He Tan
Yu He Tan - Month ago
Daniil Ricciardo on Daniel Kvyat... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA 5:25
GamerFrancis TV
GamerFrancis TV - Month ago
"Aight listen up, I'm trying to overtake the torpedo but I can't. What do?"
Daniel Mumford
Daniel Mumford - Month ago
3:46 “they contact”😂😂
Eron Sebastian Ermino
Eron Sebastian Ermino - Month ago
if giovinazzi defend his position he might been on podium or top 10
Random BS
Random BS - Month ago
I love how it’s just a little *boop* for the 5 lights
ajola leo
ajola leo - Month ago
great hamilton
arthur chukwumerije
arthur chukwumerije - Month ago
fuel flow violation led to ferrari having superior performance here. That's why they sucked later in austin because f1 sent out a technical directive telling them (and potentially others) to quit that shit.
Marwane M
Marwane M - Month ago
I'm a basketball and football(soccer) fan, but really i'm enjoying F1 more and more with all this highlighs, it'a really an exciting competition.
Stan Mathers
Stan Mathers - Month ago
The best ever along with schumi Sebastian vettel ❤️, hope the commentary stop being bias against seb and get enough memory
Joserider123 - Month ago
Pitting Leclerc after Vettel seemed to be the best choice for the team. They secured a 1-2 finish due to that.
And It also meant Leclerc wouldn’t lose places or have Verstappen catch up to him by being blocked by traffic.
Revolution NOW
Revolution NOW - Month ago
Hamilton don't deserve to be so near to Schumachers record his no where near as good a driver . His been given a car that nobody can compete with for years . Schumacher won titles in a shit car his first few years . Even the other driver who took over his car at Benetton said he don't know how Schumacher won the championship with that car .
John Doe
John Doe - Month ago
one of the world's most boring "circuit"
Sofia Kathi
Sofia Kathi - Month ago
That‘s one of the best Races of 2019
Patrizia Varsi
Patrizia Varsi - Month ago
zainul hakim
zainul hakim - Month ago
That vettel outlap is the second best lap in singapore after Hamilton’s 2018 Q3 lap. Phenomenal
Ruben Lahpor
Ruben Lahpor - Month ago
What the hell??
I mean pfft
Bijoy Theruvan
Bijoy Theruvan - Month ago
Give it for the four time world champion Sebastian Vettel
fifalobozz - 2 months ago
Hamilton is just shit he needs max or leclerc to be his teamate because they dont listen to toto to give Hamilton there place
Ronnie stylzz
Ronnie stylzz - 2 months ago
yes i love the frarey
VANN - 2 months ago
Giovinazzi is an idiot!!!
Deni Yudi
Deni Yudi - 2 months ago
This was such a memorable race for me to see a Ferrari 1-2 instead of a Mercedes 1-2 on my first time watching f1 live
Brendon Bertus
Brendon Bertus - 2 months ago
Vettel was beating the best drivers
djdedh - 2 months ago
6:06 "You came like a torpedo!"
Shafali Agarwal
Shafali Agarwal - 2 months ago
Whos your gavourite plauer mu is max ver
Eder Silva
Eder Silva - 2 months ago
I love the fórmula 1
Frankie Campbell
Frankie Campbell - 2 months ago
🏁🏁🏁interesting race🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:07 💯💖
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🧡
Tuan Do
Tuan Do - 2 months ago
Có ae Việt Nam nào qua đây ko 😂
Albertus Aswin
Albertus Aswin - 2 months ago
The only win for Vettel and also only 1-2 for Ferrari. 2019 is not worse than 2005, at least.
Mack S
Mack S - 2 months ago
🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:08 💓💟🧡
Omar Khan
Omar Khan - 2 months ago
Now we know that the Ferraris won by cheating
Cohen Butler
Cohen Butler - 2 months ago
🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:06 💞💘💚
Christian Juan
Christian Juan - 2 months ago
I mean, Vettel put in an absolute MENTAL lap leaving the pits, not even Ferraris strategists thought that would've happened. Think it was something like 4 seconds gained
Rosso Tifosi
Rosso Tifosi - 3 months ago
This race is why I hate Leclerc, he isn't a team player, we saw it in Monza and then in Singapore.
Dry Bones
Dry Bones - 8 days ago
Well, Ferrari had chosen to keep Leclerc.
Jonathan Blair
Jonathan Blair - 3 months ago
🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:00 💝
Tulika Accademy
Tulika Accademy - 3 months ago
Why vettel is retiring
Jake33 - 3 months ago
who else wants crofty replaced? Makes too many mistakes, calls the wrong names and talks about the wrong things at the wrong times lol
Arnav Aggarwal
Arnav Aggarwal - 3 months ago
Grosjean is one of the dumbest racers there is. Who the hell crashes into the wall behind a safety car. What a moron!
Komandor Bentus
Komandor Bentus - 3 months ago
If you don't want loose viewers... change tv broadcasting director or stop focusing so much on top 6 cars, when nothing happens, but meanwhile in the middle of grid is very intense combat.

1. You can even show top & middle (where is combat in action) on one screen - technology allows that to do.
2. Stop randomly focusing so much into crowd, especially when you show begining of overtake and then...CUT! Let's show crowd for no reason...
3. Replays are tricky, that's true. But replays can be often shown during SC for exampe. SC are times, when it's relax time and good window to show replays.

It's F1, top motorsport, but in 2019 race broadcasting directors were doing too many amateur mistakes :/
Bobo Animations
Bobo Animations - 4 months ago
‘Down the inside goes Danil Ricciardo on Daniel Kvyat!’😂😂👌
SugarKalamay - 4 months ago
I feel sad for ricciardo
Victor Azetabealmo
Victor Azetabealmo - 4 months ago
5 wins for car number 5!
Giovannazi :
Abuelo - 4 months ago
Stealing the victory from Leclerc to give it to Vettel.
Mr Best
Mr Best - 4 months ago
7:14 fastest lap goes to
Not Ferrari,Mercedes or red bull

Kevin Magnussen: Haas
ShineStreet - Month ago
It's said that he hasn't gotten that fastest lap point.
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