Skip and Shannon react to Jake Fromm's leaked text messages on 'elite white people' | UNDISPUTED

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Scott Lindsey
Scott Lindsey - 5 hours ago
Skip. Grow some balls.
Scott Lindsey
Scott Lindsey - 5 hours ago
Shannon hates white people. Deny it Shannon.
Hey Jake! REAL elite white ppl would not consent to having their children playing collegiate sports while getting an education nor have any desire the purchase a firearm to defend anything... they shot call bottom feeders to do their bidding... just saying bro
Almighty Syte
Almighty Syte - 22 hours ago
News flash: it’s rich black men out here too
Dj Jackson
Dj Jackson - 2 days ago
Idk what to say about the world we living in. It's disgusting
Josh Newman
Josh Newman - 4 days ago
The big issue here is who snitched on him
Gumpy Flyale
Gumpy Flyale - 4 days ago
I read the text these guys give no context that's not racist its literally Russian and China with thought police. I am done with Skip and Shannon.
Gumpy Flyale
Gumpy Flyale - 4 days ago
Who released this text? Do we have context on the whole conversation or is it just this one text quote?
Thomas Maloney
Thomas Maloney - 5 days ago
Life time Buffalo Bill fan. Stupidest statement by Fromm. Release him now, as I am releasing all pro& college sports, all have lost the entertainment value for me. But let me be clear the way I have always looked at society. Black lives matter, white lifes matter, yellow lifes matter, red lifes matter, half black half white matter, all mixed color lives matter, all lifes in the whom with heartbeat matter, but to Simplify the matter& intent the proper use of the English language, I would state-- ALL LIFES MATTER!! Sixty six year old retired pipefitter, American of Irish decent. I do not consider myself a " racist " by any means. God bless all.
Bobby Sutphin
Bobby Sutphin - 5 days ago
So Shannon thinks the right to carry a gun is for the military wow you are really stupid.
Dan Shetler
Dan Shetler - 6 days ago
Sports and politics is like water and oil. ESPN is on the way out.
Mountain Biker
Mountain Biker - 6 days ago
Well, I think Stephen A Smith thinks black boxers are better just because they’re black. He made a mockery out of Andy Garcia because of his race and physical appearance
Southern Tiger
Southern Tiger - 7 days ago
This is why The BLEXIT is gaining its strength.
American boi
American boi - 7 days ago
His girlfriend is wrong for that she just wanted clout
Diagram Global
Diagram Global - 8 days ago
Shannon is no longer a sports analyst
Santa Williams
Santa Williams - 9 days ago
Skip it's not just black people cause. It's America's cause to be given all the truth of America.
Dino Maxi
Dino Maxi - 9 days ago
Jake Fromm is white and from Ga. Should not be that much of a surprise .
John Fossati
John Fossati - 9 days ago
Skip Bayliss, you're just like the rest of them. You'll say whatever sentence they tell you to say because you have nothing to add. You're a Yes man. They should call this the Shannon Sharpton show, because you have absolutely nothing to put forth unless it's about Dak Prescott or Michael Jordan. Sure Shannon, the whole world is racist, and you're so oppressed as you host a Nationally Televised show 🤦‍♂️ spare me the mellow drama
John Fossati
John Fossati - 9 days ago
yeah a "white female acquaintance" who probably got the curveball... Because that doesn't even sound like a text someone who is "Pro-Gun" would type.
John Fossati
John Fossati - 9 days ago
I'm trying to understand if this "text message" was said in satire, like as a joke at the expense of Democrats who constantly do things like drive up the prices of guns making them only affordable by elite white people like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Nadler , Etc.
Sarah Coler
Sarah Coler - 9 days ago
I'm willing to bet that text was taking way out of context and was satirical.
StrongTree Roots35
StrongTree Roots35 - 10 days ago
Jake fromm show you who he is Racist - He only apologize because things got out that’s why I wonder what he be saying behind closed doors
153NEWS - 10 days ago
Shout out to Colin flaherty
blue_pearl_22 - 11 days ago
America is like the Internet Explorer of countries when it comes to progress.
25bmosher - 11 days ago
What I got out of this is Shannon been saying a lot racist things
Jason Reese
Jason Reese - 12 days ago
2nd amendment was for the military?!
XxJayman - 13 days ago
What if “All lives matter” comes from a black person, does that make him racist???
Omgdannie2 - 13 days ago
He backup?
Jason Hay
Jason Hay - 14 days ago
Then the Black Men charge your wife the difference. We all know Jakes wife pays very generously for her Chocolate!!
Matt H
Matt H - 14 days ago
The NRA wants gun rights...for the white people, I meant right people, oops.
Brian Moore
Brian Moore - 15 days ago
This is why stupid people ( Jack Fromm ) should not be allowed to talk
American boi
American boi - 7 days ago
What if he was sarcastic?
Gary Leahy
Gary Leahy - 16 days ago
This is probably the only time Shannon and Skip will EVER talk about Jake Fromm. NFL career over before it even gets started.
AP 81
AP 81 - 16 days ago
Jake Fromm can be openly racist and keep his job yet Kaepernick gets fired for protesting racial inequality. What's wrong with this picture? Are all you obvlivious white folks catching on yet?? Probably not. 🙄
sherwinfitz - 17 days ago
Skip outchea dressed like a Death Row album cover 😂😂😂
eyemme ohigho
eyemme ohigho - 17 days ago
Using color in identifying a suspect in a crime can not be racist lol if I heard that right unc
414malmal412 - 12 days ago
I think he's saying it's bs when people say they don't see color but then use color when describing people
Brian Stamper
Brian Stamper - 17 days ago
If a person was raised like that and then finds out that it is wrong tobe a racist . and he change his way for good should he still be hang out to dry...
jhowardfan5 - 19 days ago
What is Skip wearing around his neck?
Dubblesteel - 19 days ago
Racism is utterly ridiculous
[A-Team] Hellscream
[A-Team] Hellscream - 20 days ago
We need behaviorist to check racism
Gerald Lake
Gerald Lake - 20 days ago
Everybody acting new about this stuff!
COONHUNTER #1 - 20 days ago
Fromm meant what he said & apologized, he's a coward, I don't agree with what he said, I have black friends and we all hunt together alot, if they couldn't buy a gun I would just go buy it myself and give it to them.
Dre Hardin
Dre Hardin - 21 day ago
His statement is what propelled the Arbery killing. 🤬
Amadi Busiris
Amadi Busiris - 22 days ago
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Brant UGA
Brant UGA - 22 days ago
Stop with the Drama Jake Fromm is a good kid and he puts GOD first 🙏
COONHUNTER #1 - 20 days ago
Nobody is perfect but what he said was insane, under his plan he wouldn't be able to own a gun either, the elite are billionaires.
Chaplain No Chill
Chaplain No Chill - 22 days ago
This is what Racism is!!!!!!
ALopez 83
ALopez 83 - 22 days ago
Sad to see how people are when nobody watching.
Ronald Pence
Ronald Pence - 22 days ago
Sports need to come back soon. This show is getting so desparate, talking about late round qbs to fill time.
Chase Wisecarver
Chase Wisecarver - 23 days ago
He was joking chill
Ich Bin Erroten
Ich Bin Erroten - 23 days ago
You could call dirt Brown and be called a racist.
Kevin Lennel
Kevin Lennel - 24 days ago
F his fake apology. We want him banned!
Joshua James
Joshua James - 24 days ago
Wrong! Racism is the study of racism(ie:science/scientist). That's the fundamentals of racism....the study of race, and classification of humanity by the color of their skin(race). But, this study was politically propaganda in which one bogus doctor/scientist decided there are 3 different races, which eventually landed in our text books. And folks like you both(skip & shannon) continue to divide humanity by continuing to divide humanity by color. That in itself is the definition of racism. White not black are a race, and science has since proven there is ONLY ONE RACE...THE HUMAN RACE. That doenst mean we dont have a problem with systematic racism because we definitely do, but we dont end it by continuing to embrace this false study that was used to divide us. It's a social construct, and we cant talk about, much less fix it, if we can identify and cut it out at the root. But everyone keeps trying to address the leaves & branches while ignoring the root. I'm not whitex white isnt a race or ethnicity. And if I allow myself to be labeled, classified or identified by the pigment in my skin, then I too am a racist. Ironically, not one person on this planet has the exact same skin tone, hair color, fingerprint, etc.
Shane229 - 24 days ago
How do you know he wasn’t talking about poor white people not being able to buy them, did he say black
Carlton C. Evans Jr.
Carlton C. Evans Jr. - 24 days ago
They can’t hide their true colors!
David Shuff
David Shuff - 24 days ago
Shannon has done pretty good for a poor black guy that was discriminated against all his life.
Sue Martino
Sue Martino - 24 days ago
He was told to say that lmao
Eleanor Stroud
Eleanor Stroud - 24 days ago
He only apologized cause he got called out on his words..He meant every word he said
Raymond Marks
Raymond Marks - 24 days ago
Honestly she wanted him to go down..
He probably did some bs towards her.
Funny he got caught and glad more whites are getting exposed.
Tee Tee
Tee Tee - 24 days ago
He still feels the same way...apology not accepted
Elisha Ben Israel
Elisha Ben Israel - 25 days ago
We was still in slavery when they wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Stop trying to seek love from ppl who will never accept us
wonder what kind of racist comments you would find in Shannon sharp's phone? Maybe some one will look into the real Shannon Sharp. instead of the fake that's on undisputed.
Donna Freeman
Donna Freeman - 25 days ago
Who is really shocked about this? Not me
Venita Bolden
Venita Bolden - 25 days ago
No need for an apology...for what? You're only saying what you feel. Stand on your truth 🤷‍♀️
FunkStudios: Control the Cool
White folks only apologize when their bottom line is going to be affected.
Shawn Brisk
Shawn Brisk - 25 days ago
I love that the media bringing this out and not being quiet.....I love how everyone getting exposed it shows you how many people really belittle other race
Soul Brother
Soul Brother - 26 days ago
Down south BOY!! sucked hear in Athens ga..bump his record I knew it was something bout him 👎👎👎💔
Tree Shade Concepts
Tree Shade Concepts - 26 days ago
So, the guy got Fired for saying All lives matter????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a phucked up world we live in.
marke harris
marke harris - 26 days ago
First of all, Jake Fromm sucked at Georgia! He won't be in the NFL for long, mark my words.
Vincent Tucker
Vincent Tucker - 26 days ago
Jake Fromm not only discriminated against Black People, he also discriminated against Poor White People. This was Racism and Classism.
sleepbwoy / bwoysleep
sleepbwoy / bwoysleep - 26 days ago
1.2k salty racists lol
OG_08GSR - 26 days ago
I love the fact that we can watch these two men of different racial backgrounds discuss these topics in a civilized matter. Bless you guys!
Myron Shelley
Myron Shelley - 26 days ago
What Brees said was not racist. What Fromm said was.
Jason Griffis
Jason Griffis - 26 days ago
So if I say all lives matter then automatically I'm racist??
Trey Johnson
Trey Johnson - 27 days ago
Somebody tell him that 🔫ship sealed a long time ago. Now he's on a field with no support 😢😥
Jeff Halloway
Jeff Halloway - 27 days ago
This show is trash now
Parker Catagnus
Parker Catagnus - 27 days ago
Shannon had some great points in this. Jake Fromm believes what he texted.
Judah Israel
Judah Israel - 27 days ago
He shouldn’t be allowed to play football anymore. They did it to Kapernick and he protested for a good reason. If he doesn’t get the same treatment Kap got for being racist then you know who side the NFL is on.
Judah Israel
Judah Israel - 27 days ago
Racist people are everywhere. Cops, politicians, teachers, doctors, even the president. They just hide it.
X'Ian Bey
X'Ian Bey - 27 days ago
Why would you want these people to apologize for anything that any of them has said ?!?... I'm not sure about anyone else but , I like to see my enemies coming.
Let people be who they are . Liberal fakers who pretend to be for the " people" i.e. "Democratic party" make policy against their targeted class all while smiling . P.S. how about someone claiming to care about so called " black" lives tell them A.what Color " means in the law and B. Stateless people Do NOT have rights !!! Property doesn't have rights... See Plessy v. Ferguson 💥
Trent Cooper
Trent Cooper - 27 days ago
You wasn't brought over here in the 1600s
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson - 27 days ago
Friday nights lights blindside
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