Blood Lust 💜 Palette & Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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The beautifull princess
puts some eyebrows
Xenigma creacher3.0X
Oh my i need to get this in my fav colour
Yesenia Pulido Juarez
Yesenia Pulido Juarez - 3 days ago
Ew no thank you. You’re too ugly.
Nusrat Khan
Nusrat Khan - 3 days ago
I love you Jeffree you are soooooo unique and different
Nusrat Khan
Nusrat Khan - 3 days ago
Omg omg omg 😍 Jeffree this palette is outstanding I love it I love it I love it!!!!! especially wet jewel🤭🤭🤭🤭❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩😃
Kim Smith
Kim Smith - 3 days ago
Honey I’m shook! Blood Lust is an absolute beautiful palette!! Love the glosses and the grinders!!❤️
666houses - 4 days ago
Omg beautiful
AJ Quintero
AJ Quintero - 7 days ago
I tweeted you already @ajquinteroo my cashapp is $ajquinteroo my boyfriend just got kicked so we’re now stating I’m my grandmas 1 bed room apt. His birthday is on the 24th of this month and I really don’t have a lot of money to do something cute but I’m trying! My phone is disconnected:/ and it isn’t easy saving money while your phone payment is overdue:/ I’m trying to save money for an apartment for him and I do the phone is just not important rn so please anything :)
Malvika Malhan
Malvika Malhan - 9 days ago
Kristy Briggs
Kristy Briggs - 10 days ago
My favourite pallet
Noo Noo Sizzle Pancake
Noo Noo Sizzle Pancake - 14 days ago
When I was younger I thought she was actually born a women lol
Hailey Payne
Hailey Payne - 15 days ago
Tattoo diaries part 3??????? Please! 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤
Emy - 15 days ago
Okay i know that he is in a lottt of drama but we cant say that his palettes are so cool
YSL Green Tea
YSL Green Tea - 11 days ago
except for orgy.. which was a flop.
Yussra Waseem
Yussra Waseem - 16 days ago
That's cool❤️🙂👍......
animals lover animal lover
She's right
Sara Marie
Sara Marie - 19 days ago
I gotta get one of my daughters one for Xmas
Sara Marie
Sara Marie - 19 days ago
Omg it's georgeous
Sara Marie
Sara Marie - 19 days ago
Hi hun I'm new and from Australia and my daughters love ur pallets and I need to know where I can buy all this stuff
p e a c h y c h a n
p e a c h y c h a n - 22 days ago
2020 is gonna be crazy''
Bitch- how - cOrOnA vIrUs
Jennefer Welch
Jennefer Welch - 24 days ago
I just got this palette today and can't wait to try all the colors. It is so pretty. I'm so excited!
Desirée Hayles
Desirée Hayles - 26 days ago
Daisy Xa
Daisy Xa - 27 days ago
Anybody know what his heels brand is? 😭😭😭
madelin smith
madelin smith - 28 days ago
my 27th time watching this
гений хотьбы
гений хотьбы - 29 days ago
Why does he look so disgusting? ... 🤔
Virginia Bushnell
Virginia Bushnell - 29 days ago
This palette wasn't for me, but I gave the palette to a girl I work with, and the final look was amazing on her!!! So it got use. 💜 She was seriously so happy too.
Shane Tallon
Shane Tallon - Month ago
I want this outfit ! Wig & pallet !! Of course
Gawd I need !!! Please help me🙏🏻🤞🏻
Shane Tallon
Shane Tallon - Month ago
nissien loves makeup
nissien loves makeup - Month ago
Jeffree release a GREEN pallete
lex fontenot
lex fontenot - Month ago
‼️‼️ please help SWLA‼️‼️ Louisiana has been destroyed by a hurricane. i know how much you love to give back! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THE PUBLIC TO SEE‼️‼️‼️
Tomura shigaraki kawaii anime Kitty
OMG I love jeffree star hair❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
my Scene
my Scene - Month ago
Vile serpent, betrayal?
sana naeem
sana naeem - Month ago
Jeffree: 2020 is gonna be insane
Corona has entered the chat
Glam and Fab Queen TV
Glam and Fab Queen TV - Month ago
So elegant and classy packaging😍
I'm impressed.
Other brands need to level up.
Glam and Fab Queen TV
Glam and Fab Queen TV - Month ago
Insane indeed😁
Sarah Maysky
Sarah Maysky - Month ago
Jacky Boy
Jacky Boy - Month ago
Jeffree: *pIeCe Of Er... KiT kAt*
Me: *eats a kit kat while i watch
Jacky Boy
Jacky Boy - Month ago
18:43 *hI hAnD*
Jacky Boy
Jacky Boy - Month ago
7:34 LMAO
Sally storm
Sally storm - Month ago
The Packaging is soooo royal!!😍😍😍
Kelie Alzerkani
Kelie Alzerkani - Month ago
Ok i love the make up but the Best part of the whole video... "Part of a kit kat"....same jeffree same...
Riley Grissom
Riley Grissom - Month ago
Anyone else just watch all his collection reveal videos because why not ?
Manju Sharma
Manju Sharma - Month ago
Nice and good
entropy22 - Month ago
Am I the only one who forgot this palette existed? And its only been 6 months..
Soumya Shree
Soumya Shree - Month ago
This is odly satisfying
Balm Trees
Balm Trees - Month ago
Anyone else see the blob next to the chair
Bernadette Ray
Bernadette Ray - Month ago

සමූහයේ අවසරය ඇතිව වෝර්ප් අවදි වීමේ ඉඟිය නොදැනුවත්ව සොලිටන් අනුනාදය
Jennifer da Fonseca
Jennifer da Fonseca - Month ago
this is just ugh wow😍😍😍
Tamara Mihajlovska
Tamara Mihajlovska - Month ago
The best makeup artist
Jimmy Coxx
Jimmy Coxx - Month ago
Hiii everyone i just uploaded a brand new video and it would really mean a lot, thank you angels mwah !
Alexia Jobe
Alexia Jobe - Month ago
He jiinxed us....😭
Brandon Poler
Brandon Poler - Month ago
Love the palette, super wish there would have been a shade that was the same shade as the velvet case though :/
Chelsey Overy
Chelsey Overy - Month ago
Blood lust is my FAVORITE!! I'm so excited for your new video!! I've missed you so much!
ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ’ꜱ ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ ᴀɴɢᴇʟ
Jeffree is the type of people who puts efforts for thr whole product through the packaging to the palette,not like nikita
Michaela Jurčová
Michaela Jurčová - Month ago
thurgesh gesh
thurgesh gesh - Month ago
Gurl he warned us all it is really insane
Inderjit Kaur
Inderjit Kaur - Month ago
Please launch in india❤️
ramia mercado
ramia mercado - 2 months ago
I want plssss 😍😭
Dustin TheWind
Dustin TheWind - 2 months ago
João Resende
João Resende - 2 months ago
Snake Blood needs to come to the family
iiisxdxness - 2 months ago
idk why jeffree is getting hate for THE FUCKING SHAPE of his pallete
Cricket H
Cricket H - 2 months ago
I mean personally I like blue blood better but that’s because everything in my room is blue and blue is my fav but without that thing I love it (:
justDewit DoIt
justDewit DoIt - 2 months ago
Bro you look weird 😂😂what am i doing here
Brandon Copeland
Brandon Copeland - 2 months ago
Jeffree Star you need your own nail line. I think it would do awesome! 💅🏻👑💋
Amy Faurote
Amy Faurote - 2 months ago
Purty! LOL
courtney hoare
courtney hoare - 2 months ago
its so beautiful i think its my fav pallet yet love u girl its the best
alys 07
alys 07 - 2 months ago
Please do a noods, and natural shade pallet, I know it's not really you, but girl, you make it amazing you make it brilliant please xxx
Jeff Taraschke
Jeff Taraschke - 2 months ago
Jeffery you are the best
selfocracy - 2 months ago
Fredy Martin
Fredy Martin - 2 months ago
Go follow my TikTok @fredyartinez follow me on social media @ fredyartinez
Emily - 2 months ago
love the packaging! its beautiful!! I do think its a little too big for travel and storage purposes. I prefer the size of the other pallets but this one truly is stunning as well :)
FBI official
FBI official - 2 months ago
Wtf is this? Humans are WEIRD and rich people literally are losing their minds. What is he doing with his ridiculous life?? All this video and channel is R I D I C U L O U S
Enzo Valderrama
Enzo Valderrama - 2 months ago
And it is beautiful---
Equinox Gaming ROBLOX
Equinox Gaming ROBLOX - 2 months ago
Onthatile Mashiane
Onthatile Mashiane - 2 months ago
So happy
Onthatile Mashiane
Onthatile Mashiane - 2 months ago
I am sorry that I cant spell
Onthatile Mashiane
Onthatile Mashiane - 2 months ago
Jamse Charlse love,s your podalck,s
Ariel Houston
Ariel Houston - 2 months ago

යළි පිරිමියෙකු වූ කාන්තාව ද ඇයගේ දියුණුව ප්‍රමාද කළේ නම්
uncoolish - 2 months ago
Collette - 2 months ago
My favorite palette of all! Excellent packaging, beautiful colors, and a little bit goes a long way❤️💕❤️💕❤️I have to order one more to get me through a couple of years💯 I just adore you, and you keep doing what you're doing💜
Nicole Condron
Nicole Condron - 2 months ago
The names of those shades are everything. Of course the shades themselves are amazing but the names are what enhances them. I die for it.
Kristina Fulk
Kristina Fulk - 2 months ago
I bought Blood Lust a few days ago and it’s shipped! I’m soooo excited to try it!! I’ve been wanting one of your palettes for years! I finally got my bank up 😉🥳 So excited to play with it! I’m starting college next month to become an Esthetician/makeup artist! Makeup is my passion 💄 Love you girl 💓💓💓
Mooshroomie L
Mooshroomie L - 2 months ago
1) He’s acting like multi-tasking is impossible; instead of using major issues in our society as an excuse to say "My antics aren’t important, so just ignore it". He should have said "I feel bad for taking up valuable time and effort to make it about me, when there’s far better things you guys desserve to rather think about. I shouldn not contribute to the problems we already have"
2). He turned off his fucking comments after saying that he wants to be "corrected if he messes up again"
3). Realising what you did is not enough to please hurt people, you have to say "I know what I did, AND what I did was bad. It matters that I know what I did wrong and why it was so wrong". Not just "I know what I did". It makes him look delusional, as his "self-reflection" he spent was to ONLY realise his actions? Not the meaning behind them?
4) He never adressed what he did in the video, he didn’t even say what he did to James Charles. He just pretended it wasn’t worth bringing up, to manipulate his audience to think his apology was worthy. When they don’t know any context, they won’t form a proper idea of what is going on or if it’s worth looking into. And so is valuating Jeffree Star with limited knowledge is hard and unfair for those affected. He was obviously trying to dodge talking about what he did, so people who does not know would think Jefree’s apology was okay
5) Jeffree has done awfull things to James Charles, and act like this mafia boss that could ruin anyone’s life. It’s a horrible attitude to have against people, and a 5 second "sorry" that look extremly insincere because he said it with such an attitude and blank expression isn’t good enough, especially for James. No context, no why he said sorry, no adressing it like a proper person. Just "And regarding the situation with James, sorry😒"
Linnet Shareny Jimenez Criollo
Alguien mas vino a ver este video solo por la reseña de Rosy y su intento por querer imitar la intro pero moria de risa ? 🤣
craig williams
craig williams - 2 months ago
We love you JS...
Nish N
Nish N - 2 months ago
He should have named the highlighter as "bitch we need to Glow" 😁
Anita Sičenica
Anita Sičenica - 2 months ago
you can go in croatia
Karen Templeton
Karen Templeton - 2 months ago
Jeffre: 2020 is going to be a crazy year Me: you Don’t even know only 5 more months thank god
Jen Mosser
Jen Mosser - 2 months ago
Love this GURRLLLL!!
Dess Wyman
Dess Wyman - 2 months ago
Bloodlust. Wanted it, bought it, LOVE it. YUSSSSS
Enza Luciano
Enza Luciano - 2 months ago
Liam Wragg
Liam Wragg - 2 months ago
Gosh you should know by now that the colour purple is owned by the two yerims of kpop butterfly era choerry (talented queen) and of course British icon Katy kim. Maybe if you stanned loona #jeffreestarapologizetochoerry
Ni Ko Ru
Ni Ko Ru - 2 months ago
How jeffree say I Purple you (kind of like an i love you) to his fans😍😍
cee cee
cee cee - 2 months ago
Your fucking boyfriend is sick and wrong calling 6 yr olds sexy. Shane dawson is digusting
Liv Casale
Liv Casale - 2 months ago
Cynthiana Dewi
Cynthiana Dewi - 2 months ago
For someone doesn't understand makeup or use a lot of it, this palette just so amazingly eye pleasing
Cleetus - 2 months ago
omgggggggg, they're so PRETTYYYYYYY
Zev Pearlman
Zev Pearlman - 2 months ago
He’s literally the Willy Wonka of makeup 😍
Alexandra Hiltunen
Alexandra Hiltunen - 2 months ago
Jeffree is so good sales woman She could make eskimos buy ice..
imperfect life vlog channel
Omg this amazing
Jessica Mokrzycki
Jessica Mokrzycki - 2 months ago
Why does this video seem so cheep like it was filmed like a commercial
Collette - 2 months ago
Beautiful compilation. My favorite of all your pallets. Diverse, and popping with color💜💙❤️💕
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