Highlights | España 6-0 Alemania | UEFA Nations League - J6 | TUDN

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Anno Domini
Anno Domini - Day ago
German coach looks like he sang for the Beatles in 60s...
Jhon Tapia
Jhon Tapia - 2 days ago
They let them win.
Bruno Trelles
Bruno Trelles - 3 days ago
14 years with low since he was the assistant coach in the World Cup 2006 till 2020 I think is time for Germany to see a new coach.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 3 days ago
Being a Barca fan and seeing Spain demolish Germany feels so good.
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome - 3 days ago
6 years later but Brazil finally got their revenge via Spain lol
lowell stacy
lowell stacy - 3 days ago
Brazileiros estan felices 😆😆😆
Mandonava Nava
Mandonava Nava - 3 days ago
Puros goles de chiripadas
Tsubasa Rides
Tsubasa Rides - 4 days ago
Holy shit I thought this was a friendly the whole time.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 3 days ago
something on this video
Mauricio Gomez
Mauricio Gomez - 4 days ago
Gracias España por vengar a Brasil.
El que a goleada mata a goleada muere.
Continuense riendose alemanes.
Wendy Lafortune
Wendy Lafortune - 4 days ago
This isn’t Germany 🇩🇪. Most of the good players not here today.
Elias Castanon
Elias Castanon - 4 days ago
Q aburrido es un partido sin publico
Blue Mob
Blue Mob - 4 days ago
Barcelona 2-8 Bayern Munich
This is the revenge😂
Jonny Vega
Jonny Vega - 4 days ago
El Barcelona se cobro los que le metió el bayer 😂😂
Der Kaiser
Der Kaiser - 4 days ago
Esa defensa Alemana no sirve. Esta peor que en fifa.
Carlos Espino
Carlos Espino - 4 days ago
Payback 🇩🇪 Remember Brazil
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla - 4 days ago
Neuer did all he could to give Ter Steigen his spot.
venegas alfredo
venegas alfredo - 4 days ago
los espanoles aprendieron mucho de aquellos jugadores que estubieron en su liga como ronaldinhio son muchos.......
Dany Padllia
Dany Padllia - 4 days ago
Alemania decime que se siente , te burlabas de Brazil y ahora dime que se siente Alemania ja,ja,ja bien España le enseñaste a Alemania que no se debe burlar de nadie 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Eren Turkyilmaz
Eren Turkyilmaz - 5 days ago
I Enjoy watching every single goal! I wonder which player Racist Germans are going to blame. Mesut?! 😂😂🤣
M Ortiz
M Ortiz - 5 days ago
F..... televisa
joshua miranda
joshua miranda - 5 days ago
Que paso nauer jajajajjajaajajaaj jajah jajaja
Francois Vignon
Francois Vignon - 5 days ago
Neuer is not who he used to be. Reacts 1/10th second too late, moves 1/100th of meter per second too slow. Well it's easy to criticize, he's the only German we see trying to do something on this video
laguitarist18 - 5 days ago
Les dieron una goliada... haha 😆
yasio bolo
yasio bolo - 5 days ago
Los brasileños están felices 🤣🤣
Vahan Ghazaryan
Vahan Ghazaryan - 5 days ago
Happy to see German dawn 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
Jefferson Huang
Jefferson Huang - 5 days ago
Very dark times for Germany since they last won the WC, it's like USA in international basketball from 2002-2006
o j
o j - 5 days ago
Si el virus #COVID19 esta a la alza porque no cancelan los deportes?? #falsapandemia
0svvaldo - 5 days ago
Guess they deserved it for humiliating Barca 😉 Anyways hope we’ll see a rematch against them again and we’ll see Bayern humiliate them again. Mia San Mia
Victor Dimaso
Victor Dimaso - 5 days ago
Brazilian fans most be so happy after watching this game... viva españa 🇪🇸🤴🗡
Luis Chacon
Luis Chacon - 5 days ago
No es goleada. Es culeada!
Carlos De La Cruz
Carlos De La Cruz - 5 days ago
Generalmentes es Alemania la que viola.
Este 2020 esta loco
edgar zavala
edgar zavala - 5 days ago
Barca fans right now
crazy pelon
crazy pelon - 5 days ago
6-0 WTF 😂🤣🤣
El burro ketelamt
El burro ketelamt - 5 days ago
Germany si not playing seriously, is only a practice for them. The real face of Germany is in the World Cup, there’s the best team in the world, 🇩🇪Germany.
El burro ketelamt
El burro ketelamt - 5 days ago
Jajaja ni cosquillas le hace al campeón del mundo esta derrota. Alemania es y siempre será el mejor equipo de mundo. Recuerden que esto solo es amistoso, lo bueno es en el mundial. Ahí es donde saca las garras Alemania y hace pedazos a todos.
Lean & Cut
Lean & Cut - 5 days ago
Germany need their veteran CB, Hummels, Boateng,
Israel Delgado
Israel Delgado - 5 days ago
Esa defenza de alemania no sirve
RIK-A OFFICIAL - 5 days ago
Neuer 💩
Renzo Schlender
Renzo Schlender - 5 days ago
Hay te va esa goretska para q la pases bien y te diviertas
Frank Champion
Frank Champion - 5 days ago
Joachim just stealing money from the German FA at this point. No idea why that bum is still coaching the natl team
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez - 5 days ago
Haja por creidos
Chewbacca Cat
Chewbacca Cat - 5 days ago
Sergi Roberto encantado de ver los 6 goles que le metieron a Neuer después que la goliza que le metió el Bayern Munich en Champions League.
cruzee1021 - 6 days ago
If you want to learn a Spanish word from this match to take home learn the word "violacion"
Eric Vinton
Eric Vinton - 6 days ago
This is sweet sweet revenge on how the Brazilians felt before...
KaiiZserYT - 6 days ago
Bro what happen to germany 🇩🇪 was i watching a game of fifa 21😂
daniel gutierrez
daniel gutierrez - 6 days ago
Pero mas sabroso, mucho mas mejor la goleada a brazil me isieron recordar por aqi. Y a brazil en el mundial y en su casa... Jajaja eso nadie lo borra.. Eso segira siendo peor. Esos comentarios me isieron saboriarlo de nuevo.
daniel gutierrez
daniel gutierrez - 6 days ago
Castor Lugo
Castor Lugo - 6 days ago
Lo que veo es a una Alemania sin alemanes!!
Carlos Mejia
Carlos Mejia - 6 days ago
Ya nos agarre la colección de España ha nuestra colección de México nos meten el Chile doble delo que nos iso chile
Ramon Castillo
Ramon Castillo - 6 days ago
Brazilians 😎😎😎😎😎
Sound Stop
Sound Stop - 6 days ago
Neur se comio 6
Ochoa se comio 7
Todos los porteros Buenos Saben comer
Thomas Juacio
Thomas Juacio - 6 days ago
Ya estás vengado brasil
Omar Rosales
Omar Rosales - 6 days ago
Señoras y señores la furia Roja a vuelto
Julio Pach
Julio Pach - 6 days ago
que es 'checa'?
Munib Farah
Munib Farah - 6 days ago
at least Brazil isn't the only ones
Chino's Corner
Chino's Corner - 6 days ago
Any Colombians here>? haha
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez - 6 days ago
Brazil: esos muchachos me llenan de orgullo.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - 6 days ago
Since last world cup germany has been having problems
Lamanita Tribu Efrain
Lamanita Tribu Efrain - 6 days ago
Trump lost and Germany too... 2020
Ruben Figueroa Montero
Ruben Figueroa Montero - 6 days ago
Que a pasado con Alemania? Antes era una de las mejores selecciones 😱😱😱😱. Algo muy increíble que esta selección este cayendo tan bajo. 🤔
edward p.design
edward p.design - 6 days ago
Que sentidos de neuer el gran portero :’(
Cesar Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez - 4 days ago
Bleyluige - 6 days ago
Un resultado muy raro.
Maung Tayza
Maung Tayza - 6 days ago
German players will not be able to sit for weeks after that kind of an ass whoopin.
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance - 6 days ago
Hello, Humans.
"Our experience is composed rather of illusions lost than of wisdom acquired."-Joseph Roux
Gamer O
Gamer O - 6 days ago
7️⃣ : 0️⃣ MORATA no está OFFSIDE !
QUINPG - 6 days ago
but they dont want the "old players" from bayern lol
Rafael Bernal
Rafael Bernal - 6 days ago
que putiza.
Francisco Gandarilla
Francisco Gandarilla - 6 days ago
Neuer be having 2014 flashbacks, but not in a good way.
aguila 10 america
aguila 10 america - 6 days ago
they are fools to play soccer all
Twerking Teenz
Twerking Teenz - 6 days ago
Denison Bonilla
Denison Bonilla - 6 days ago
Venganza para Barca 8-2=6 y venganza para Brazil 7-1=6
Peter Rios
Peter Rios - 6 days ago
Se comio 6 pepinotes y todabia dicen que es el mejor portero jaja
Nik Ritz
Nik Ritz - 6 days ago
Is this the german B squad of C squad?
ftbblefe - 6 days ago
Al menos ya sabemos a quién atacará Alemania primero, en caso de iniciar otra guerra...
Fredy Mendez
Fredy Mendez - 6 days ago
The amount of time they had to set themselves up for a goal has another indicator.
Ashton Peacock
Ashton Peacock - 7 days ago
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Ignacio Moreno
Ignacio Moreno - 7 days ago
La Liga vs Bundesliga
Ximply - 7 days ago
Check out my new among us video dedicated to King Von
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Nutrient Bath Studios
Nutrient Bath Studios - 7 days ago
Maybe they’ll actually get to the round of 16 next World Cup
Diegito Con Cafecito
Diegito Con Cafecito - 7 days ago
PlayBoiMic - 7 days ago
This is the Spain I knew back in the day
Antonio Gonzalez
Antonio Gonzalez - 7 days ago
Vengo de la violada que le dio usa a panama y llego aqui y esta peor. 😆😆
BLINDGHOST - 7 days ago
Какая боль,какая боль....6:0
SR.teKUshEnY BaNG - 7 days ago
Golearon a la Alemania nazi
mianer Ortiz
mianer Ortiz - 7 days ago
I know someone who is Germany and Colombian, 6-0 and 6-1, poor guy. Haha
Jose Perez
Jose Perez - 7 days ago
Espana debe de ganar la copa mundial
Opuim Cd
Opuim Cd - 7 days ago
Barcelona and Brazil are happy rn
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 7 days ago
Le metieron el sausage
Heavenly Vibes
Heavenly Vibes - 7 days ago
Ultimate Derp
Ultimate Derp - 7 days ago
Brazilians be like: where were you when we needed you the most back in 2014
eduardo caetano
eduardo caetano - 7 days ago
Can't wait for Brazil to meet Germany in the next world cup. We have scores to settle!
Marv Const
Marv Const - 7 days ago
* laughs in brazilian*
I_Dawg123 - 7 days ago
Oh how the tables have turned 😂
Chris Varela Benítez
Chris Varela Benítez - 7 days ago
Wow este España si da miedo!! Puro chaval con excepción a unos jugadores pero tremendo medio campo y delanteros! Luis Enrique es el hombre que llevará España hasta la cimax
American Islander
American Islander - 7 days ago
https://youtu.be/vWXSogJEn7s ..
Brandon Contreras
Brandon Contreras - 7 days ago
Wow a plebeian race...beating the Germans.
That is not a good sign.
Leonardo Perez
Leonardo Perez - 7 days ago
Leon goreztka :perdoname x burlarme de ti leo no contaba con qe España nos iba a humillar con mis sele 😅😅😅
Avocatobigpp - 7 days ago
Bad formation low litterly put gnary as st timo as LW and Sane as RW
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