Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL review: the best Android experience

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happy - 14 hours ago
I'm still using the Pixel 2 XL, which has a forehead, and I don't mind, so the 4 XL looks fine to me.
Mark Kendall
Mark Kendall - 20 hours ago
Disagree I think the Samsung S10 and note10 take better images than both of these phones
Edward Bello
Edward Bello - Day ago
What Pokemon app is that at screen?
Ni Tian
Ni Tian - Day ago
You activated my hey google. Unsubscribing and reporting you. 😔
Nathan Knauss
Nathan Knauss - Day ago
And since you're getting a Google manufactured phone, you also get very minimum bloat wear or non at all
Igor Bujanović
Igor Bujanović - Day ago
A month with Pixel 4 XL, motion sensor works perfect. Do not move your hand hysterically over the phone, calm down, it works great ;-)
JPT - 2 days ago
my only problem with this phone is the battery and the storage since they remove the unlimited google photo storage.
if it had like 4500-5000mah, it would've been the best.
Kenny Phelps
Kenny Phelps - 2 days ago
Then there’s the note10 and 1+ 7t pro as well
capricorndavid - 4 days ago
Best phone review I have seen so far 👍
Adrian G
Adrian G - 4 days ago
What a great review! My first time watching your review and you got everything on point. I had the Pixel 2 XL for almost 2 years now and it was one of the best phones when it came out. I got to say that this phone is worth it if they do drop the price. I got the 4 XL with a pretty good discount and it's worth the price. If Google started the Pixel 4 price lower, it wouldn't be as reviewed negatively by reviewers.
Anachronos Anachronos
Anachronos Anachronos - 5 days ago
To put a phone in the case? Really???? My phone dont have case and is work perfect under water and is shockproof. And most interesting is the price, it cost 105$. And you try to tell me that 1000$ phone need case because when you drop it on the ground and his life gone but 100$ phone dont need because is made it to survive. Why you make 1000$ phone and didnt make it to survite droping and water? Is that normal?
David Martrano
David Martrano - 8 days ago
The reviews are so bad on both pixals I'm buying the 128gb XL anyway. The design is boring but I for one like it. The camera will still be a wonderful experience. The soli-radar is a gimmick but will get better? I will wait for black friday & save a few $$. I don't care what the reviewers say, I'll judge it for myself. Maybe it should have 8gb's & 128gb's of base storage. I don't think the 6gb's of ram will be a problem with performance!
Herofromthe90z - 8 days ago
Personal the looks amazing in person and I love my phone so far 🤷🏾‍♂️
Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris - 9 days ago
Is it smooth when transitioning between screens? I gotta have that smooth buttery experience
Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris - 9 days ago
Pixel 4 had better portrait mode by far...look at 09:19
Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris - 9 days ago
It is true that once you start using face unlock ya get used to it. My stuff works even at night...I never gave it a chance but once I did I've never looked back
Chris Vargas
Chris Vargas - 9 days ago
Where exactly was he shooting @9:48? The place is just beautiful.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - 9 days ago
Is this phone a better buy over the OnePlus 7 Pro? It'll take a lot of convincing for me to consider the Pixel 4 XL.
DanMan! - 10 days ago
I wish project soli was MORE flakey! It switches songs when I don't want it to all the time lol
DanMan! - 10 days ago
If you're worried about face unlock going when you're sleeping, just turn on lockdown before you go to sleep. I dunno why no reviewer has mentioned this
Haari N M
Haari N M - 10 days ago
3 reasons why I ordered it :
1) Fastest Android updates
2) Camera
3) It's kinda clean inside
(My own opinion)
Haari N M
Haari N M - 8 days ago
@Herofromthe90z 👍👍
Herofromthe90z - 8 days ago
It looks way better in person I love mine
David John
David John - 11 days ago
This review made me buy the phone, and then all the other reviews tore it apart savagely. I still enjoy it. Love the face unlock and the telephoto. Best software on any phone.
Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris - 9 days ago
Is it really smooth with no dropped frames? For me it's either this or galaxy
Brad Dunshee
Brad Dunshee - 11 days ago
Thank you for this. Very informative.
Mike L
Mike L - 11 days ago
Here's the part they left out. On the worst hardware for the price.
Shiva Narayan
Shiva Narayan - 11 days ago
So now someone can unlock ur phone while u sleep and also make payments while you sleep
Wow google way to go
TN Gentleman
TN Gentleman - 13 days ago
I think the phone colour was edited to look more pink
Harshal shetty
Harshal shetty - 13 days ago
Google shill
TheFourthWinchester - 13 days ago
Google is the King of phone photography.
roman2011 - 13 days ago
wow...nice vid. great review
Erik Feketefoldi
Erik Feketefoldi - 13 days ago
I was about to NOT buy the Pixel after having every iteration of it... Now I'm having second thoughts.
Dual ADV
Dual ADV - 13 days ago
Tested the astrophotography last night and it's unbelievable
Kevin Bryant Sr.
Kevin Bryant Sr. - 13 days ago
I have trouble taking the Verge seriously..... I still watch though
JV Detmer
JV Detmer - 14 days ago
I don-t care about video, c'mon Google, just do something with the battery and you'll have the perfect phone! at least for me!
Tarek jamil
Tarek jamil - 14 days ago
Again again and say about this phone camera no other side in pone has chepsate parformance in gameing,battery life time,Display quality and other side
Epic Rabid
Epic Rabid - 15 days ago
It is soooo bad!
Chucki McGinn420
Chucki McGinn420 - 15 days ago
uh it's Google NO THANKS
shottingham - 15 days ago
But why did I choose to upgrade from my S8 to a P4XL? Because Android. To say the VERY least.
Edit: Thank you for a frank, balanced and fair comparison.
silver andrew
silver andrew - 15 days ago
If face unlock a problem use a pin when you turn off the phone got to use a pin anyway
Lorenzo Rey
Lorenzo Rey - 15 days ago
Paid review by Google
Moritz Spohn
Moritz Spohn - 16 days ago
This review is just amazing! Great Video with incredible quality :)
Dean Oldfield
Dean Oldfield - 16 days ago
I have loved every pixel I've ever had. I like not having bloatware that I don't want, pixel only comes with Google products. The phone is made to work with these apps and it does it well.
Dan Green
Dan Green - 16 days ago
Great review. First one I've watched that wasn't so negative.
Christian B.
Christian B. - 16 days ago
Uff ill just wait another year

Emmanuel oShaddai
Emmanuel oShaddai - 16 days ago
This video should be titled "Good life advice while reviewing the Pixel 4".
Istochnik Vladimir
Istochnik Vladimir - 16 days ago
Hey everyone! I'm a pixel fun. Have every XL version. Everytime was unlucky with the screen - burns a lot. Software is great and camera blew me away, BUT: 11 PRO has much bigger battery and screen is not so dim...with even a little bit worse camera but with wide lense and better video...I really don't know which one to buy. Thank you for all responses. Price is not a concern
Quentin COSSON
Quentin COSSON - 17 days ago
Didn't see those 17min pass
Project ElectricEye
Project ElectricEye - 17 days ago
I feel sick after listening to this...🤮
P0ONX5IO - 17 days ago
Matte rails = nice; glossy surfaces are fingerprint magnets. Apple owner, but hate Apple Design's philosophy of "lets make great renders" vs "lets make products that can survive wear, or wear down gracefully." Hate it.
Super Slovak
Super Slovak - 17 days ago
Welcome to bezel city
Shiny Greninja
Shiny Greninja - 18 days ago
If it goes on sale for Black Friday, I'll buy it. If not, I'll get the 3a.
Tiger Gray
Tiger Gray - 18 days ago
I like my iPhone 11 128gb for $750..👍😅
Edwin B
Edwin B - 18 days ago
If you are sleeping with people you don't trust... you have bigger problems than phone selection.
Edwin B
Edwin B - 18 days ago
Good review... I didn't detect any - not an iPhone snarkyness - and felt this was a very good review.
brian t
brian t - 19 days ago
my pixel 4 xl sometimes freezes when i take pictures
W Boring
W Boring - 20 days ago
They aint cheap, but WAY cheaper than the iPhone 11 pro
D. Jizzal
D. Jizzal - 20 days ago
Might have to upgrade from my pixel 3xl 🤔
Spencer - 20 days ago
Only question I have..Where to get those pokemon wallpapers
Isaac Torres
Isaac Torres - 20 days ago
Ok what does sweater mode mean guys
213 - 20 days ago
These are my requirements with the phones I want to buy...
- Small
- Flagship SoC
- Close to stock Android that's upgradeable to Pie
- No software version higher than 9 out of the box
That's only 4 requirements but I'm still having a hard time finding a smartphone that fits that mold or I might already own them. Pixel 4 disqualifies itself because it will come with Android 10 which I'm trying to avoid. 
Pixel 3
Essential Phone 
Nokia 8 Sirocco
Pixel 2
Sony Xperia XZ1C & XZ2C don't have the gestures I prefer. So the only one from that list I would get is the Nokia 8 Sirocco. I believe the Snapdragon 835 was the most efficient flagship SoC they released since the 800/801. And the Sirocco also has 260 mAh more than my Essential and slightly smaller display to make the battery life even last longer. 
I could easily get the Pixel 1 or 2 but I already owned the former and feel the 3 is better than either one except for maybe battery life and lacking the headphone jack of the 1. Buying a Pixel 1 or 2 would just feel redundant. There's really no phone out there I want to buy. The Nokia 8 is a little too tall similar to the size of an iPhone XR / 11 / 3a while its Sirocco sibling has similar dimensions to the Essential. Except I hate curved displays. 
If I want to retire my Pixel 3 and Essential in a few years, I will have a difficult time replacing them. I refuse to use any Android version that breaks my Call Blacklist Pro app. I could settle for a Razer Phone 1 or 2 but they're too big. I'm hoping the next Motorola RAZR comes with Pie out of the box. Tough out there to find a phone that can meet my 4 requirements. I know the Pixel 4 won't meet it thanks to Android 10.
b lim
b lim - 20 days ago
I stopped watching after less than a minute when he said the huge top bezel was ok and he got used to it. hello? have you seen phones that cost 1/4 the price of this phone that have no bezel? sorry, but that right there told me this guy is paid off.
Scott G.
Scott G. - 20 days ago
Only 64 and 128GB and no wide angle lens is kind of a deal breaker. Edit: Not to mention the battery size.
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