The Google Pixel 4 XL Shows That YOU SHOULD NEVER BUY A Google Pixel...(right away)

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This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 6 days ago
*BEFORE YOU COMMENT, UNDERSTAND THE POINT OF THE VIDEO: This video is about how Google Pixel Phones have gotten better each generation and the Pixel 4 XL is the best one yet. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it's about WAITING to buy a month to not only have the bugs and issues worked out but to HELP YOU SAVE MONEY by waiting for the Black Friday deals. I LOVE using my Google Pixel 4 XL and use it DAILY as my MAIN PHONE. I defended it HEAVILY in my full review, which you can watch here: *** PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE VIDEO BEFORE MAKING ASSUMPTIONS AND ATTACKING ME.
SSaini - Day ago
Nah I bought the Pixel 4 day one and had no issues, unlike Samsung S10 where any finger even a piece of gum could unlock the phone using the finger print scanner. Everyone needs to stop listening to the USa-video tech community, you guys do not represent the average consumer and y'all dropped the ball on the Pixel 4 and Stadia. Juan Bagnell already expose all of you!
Anthony Sitko
Anthony Sitko - Day ago
Come on now, don't play dumb. Your title is intentionally designed to be inflammatory to get a click. How about what you say at the 0:48s mark? The "wait to buy it" conclusion (which I agree with) is obscured
Nishil Shah
Nishil Shah - 2 days ago
Then put usefull title of the video!!!!
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 3 days ago
You seemed to have miss the end of the title. Please don't blame lazy reading on me.
Paul Cooke
Paul Cooke - 3 days ago
You have called the video never buy a Goole pixel in bold capitals...probably choose a different name based on what you are saying you are trying to achieve.
WALID ALHADDI - 3 hours ago
You didn't include the pixel 3a in your video
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 2 hours ago
Watch until the end.
LaVerite124 - 5 hours ago
This video definitely flipped the script from a few videos ago, BUT I watched it and will still get the 4XL Pixel. 😁
I’m new to the google culture pixel family so the older ones I’ve never experienced.
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 4 hours ago
It's not flipped at all, it's still telling you to get it but don't ever preorder but order it a month after release, lol
Jimi Fayanjuola
Jimi Fayanjuola - 7 hours ago
I own Pixel 1 and Pixel 3 and i haven't had any issues. And looking at the comments, it looks like majority of people haven't had any issues.
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 5 hours ago
I hardly had issues, too. Just reporting the history though.
Trevor Chadwick
Trevor Chadwick - 8 hours ago
Watching on Pixel XL 2. Still a great phone.
Barry - 12 hours ago
I bought my Pixel 2 XL within a couple of weeks of it launching. It's been rock solid! I've even dropped into the bottom of a river (accident) at about 8 feet deep for about 30 minutes - and it's still perfect. That dunk was over 6 months ago too. I love my Pixel 2 XL!
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 12 hours ago
Lol, but did you save as much as you could have? I bought mine at launch, too.
Anthony Bauwens
Anthony Bauwens - 12 hours ago
I haven't had any issues with my Pixel.
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 12 hours ago
Nice! I hardly had any of these.
ImMadHD - 15 hours ago
funny this guy 3 months ago was head over heels about google pixel 4 and now that actually released he cant stop google shaming, omgg make it stoooopp
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 15 hours ago
I actually didn't shame it at all, I said you should buy it in this video, just not at launch to save money. You didn't watch the video, I see ...I have not changed my stance at all
Shady Yam
Shady Yam - 18 hours ago
Guys just get the 3a. Literally the perfect "all you need" type of phone.
Rose Schindler
Rose Schindler - 19 hours ago
I have a google pixel 4. I was having problems hearing audio with the bluetooth through my ear buds. After 3 exchanges and my 3rd google pixel, I realized it was the Voxer app. If my voxer app's bluetooth is turned on, no other audio works on my phone. What a weird glitch!
One punch Meme 1
One punch Meme 1 - 21 hour ago
There is no perfect phone out there. Oneplus 7 pro: What am I a joke to you?
One punch Meme 1
One punch Meme 1 - 14 hours ago
@This is Tech Today I don't quite understand what you mean. I understand the choice part.
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 14 hours ago
@One punch Meme 1 cool. Glad there's choice! Finding any personal value or identity in a phone and if other people validate it is wasted time and energy. Don't fall for something so meaningless. .
One punch Meme 1
One punch Meme 1 - 15 hours ago
@This is Tech Today The cameras are excellent, most people prefer bigger phones and wireless charging is pretty gimmicky. You really can't do multiple things while wireless charging. Curved screens you either love it or hate it me personally I love it. Along with the display, storage and value I think it crushes the pixel brand every year.
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 15 hours ago
Yeah, it has a curved screen and no wireless charging in a package too big and bad cameras.
Sea Star
Sea Star - 22 hours ago
Still on an original Pixel XL. It works fine.
Sen Ci
Sen Ci - 23 hours ago
Pixel hater
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 15 hours ago
I don't hate them at all. I said you should buy it a month later in this video and the pixel 4 is the best one yet. For someone calling someone a hater you're spewing a lot of uninformed hate.
Darren Wood
Darren Wood - Day ago
Hey why is your Pixel 3 button orange when mines a pastel green
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - Day ago
I have the orange Google pixel 4 xl
Damacia Johnson
Damacia Johnson - Day ago
I pre-ordered and I knew I shouldn't have cause it was so close to black Friday but I honestly wanted the orange color and when I saw it was limited edition that sealed it. I make sure I am an active member of the pixel community for issues, but I honestly haven't had many if any with either my 2 and now the 4.
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - Day ago
Yeah, sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons and the limited edition color is definitely one of them!
Christopher Williams
Still rocking the Pixel 1 XL running fine!
Alex V
Alex V - Day ago
I ordered the pixel 4xl during the holiday price drop. Even though I wasn't expecting to be wowed after reading and watching a ton of reviews, it still underwhelmed. Gonna return it this week, and keep rocking my still solid 2xl.
Get To The Point Already
Can't wait till I get my pixel 4 next week!
Jose lima
Jose lima - Day ago
Traded iPhone 11 after many years of apple for pixel 4. Best phone I ever owned for my tasks
CJ 4EVA - Day ago
The pixel 3a sucks smh no phone space. You barely do anything and it says you don't have enough space and force closes a lot.
Meysam Babaie
Meysam Babaie - Day ago
The most awful video I've ever seen, 😔😞
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - Day ago
I didn't know it was awful to say the Pixel 4 is the best pixel yet and to wait a month after release to save hundreds of dollars. Why hate on a video trying to help people? That's so messed up, dude.
Jekabs Karklins
Jekabs Karklins - Day ago
I have Pixel2XL today and have been using it without any problems for past year, since pixel 3 came out. The battery is great, sound quality is great and image quality is better than most iPhones, especially in the dark. Pixel 4 can't be so much better as you are advertising.
Tech Jack
Tech Jack - Day ago
I feel experientially robbed by Google pixel phones. They promise so much but hugley under deliver to the point where I am just whelmed with the offering. I purchase pixel phones used on eBay now and a generation before current year. Can't wait to buy my used pixel 3 xl on eBay for Christmas. The real price of Google phone.
Sane Person
Sane Person - Day ago
The most frustrating part of this video is the lack of the letter "r" used in the word frustrating.
Braillynn Rodriguez
I recently purchased the Pixel 3a XL and I'm convinced I could never use a phone outside of the Pixel line of devices.
Ghaith Alghaith
Ghaith Alghaith - Day ago
I bought two pixel 4 both of them with the same problem, start getting slow and when I restart the phone, it restart forever and ever
hellvillains - Day ago
Just buy if you have 💰.... nobody is perfect
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - Day ago
Yes, but if you wait a month you save money. Why wouldn't you do that?
microman780 - 2 days ago
You talk nonsense sir!
I've had all 3 generations of the Pixel, and now have a 4xl. Never had any issues.
They are by far the best phones I've ever used.
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - Day ago
@microman780 no u
microman780 - Day ago
@This is Tech Today chill bro
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - Day ago
@microman780 Objectivity can be frustrating when you're biased and unwilling to know the facts. This was a video saying how the Pixel is better than ever and to save money by waiting for deals. You should really check why you're so upset over a PHONE. It's a phone. It shouldn't cause you to cease critical and objective thought. My review video, which you seemed to have not watched, has defended this phone like crazy amongst reviews that unfairly bash it. Once again, you make uninformed judgments.
microman780 - Day ago
@This is Tech Today I must admit I was so annoyed with what you were saying, I could not sit throught the entire video, sorry.
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - Day ago
You must have missed the point. If you wait a month, bugs are worked out and you save hundreds of dollars. The they're best I've had, too. Watch before commenting
Daniel D.
Daniel D. - 2 days ago
Bullshit, i love my pixel 4! Never go back to oneplus
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - Day ago
What's BS about saying it's better to wait a month, save a few hundred dollars and get the best phone out there that's more interesting than OP with bugs worked out? Oh, you didn't watch the video? Embarrassing. 😬
Ridiculi - 2 days ago
Watching this on a 3a xl that I paid
adir mugrabi
adir mugrabi - 2 days ago
No, you should never buy a Pixel. EVER!
They are only marginally better than a fucking iPhone.
Get a real Android phone, not a crappy Google one
Julian Mcguigan
Julian Mcguigan - 2 days ago
Rocking my 3a xl. Yes my profile picture was taken on this phone. Amazing $400 phone!
Sizo Simelane
Sizo Simelane - 2 days ago
... and what phone should you buy.... Right away?
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 2 days ago
The only phone that I know of that doesn't drop in value so quickly is the iPhone, but that's not Android. On the Android side, at least OnePlus keeps their price the same for a bit.
Anthony Rezzonico
Anthony Rezzonico - 2 days ago
I had to pause the video midway because I've resonated so hard with how much are regretted pre-ordering the phone and then seeing all those discounts go off. Because originally I had my Pixel 2 XL And I was planning on buying it and trading in my phone to get that extra credit. had I'd known that it would have been sold at a lower price point I would have waited to have done that with my old phone...
This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today - 2 days ago
I know, it's so hard. I wanted to earn people and help them out with this video. So sorry that happened before, hopefully not again!
eduardo crespo
eduardo crespo - 2 days ago
I don't believe people should talked crap about a phone unless it's shit. To be honest Google's the only company that is trying to think out of the box. Yeah no wide angle but not everyone uses it when in need, and battery is good as you are talking about a company who owns all of Android update who can fix with a tweak. Lol. Apple is a good company and Google is to. No one is bad exception on Razors new expensive ass phone. Lol.
Christa Stilz
Christa Stilz - 2 days ago
I loved my pixel 2, so I got the pixel 4 without checking it out first. Boy do I regret that. Why take away the convenient fingerprint scanner?!?!? Why take away the back button and home button?!?! Why take the back button off of the browser??? We have muscle memory and I don't want to do hand gestures or scan my face. Super pissed and disappointed about their design changes. I AM happy with Verizon bc they allowed me to return pixel 4 and still honored the black Friday 200 off towards my new phone with will be the Galaxy S10. Ended up being a 4 dollar difference per month, which is worth not being frustrated with a pixel 4 for 2 years. I say STAY AWAY!!! GOOGLE, the biggest friggin company, needs to listen to consumer feedback. Hope they learn!!
Kevin Danger Powers
Kevin Danger Powers - 2 days ago
I haven't bought the pixel 4 because I was burned when I got my Pixel 3. Almost right after I bought it there was a price drop. I then owed more for the phone than it would have cost to buy a brand new one. So I won't be buying a pixel 4, at least not any time soon as I still owe a fair amount on my 3 XL as it is and still works decently for the most part.
Matthew Shields
Matthew Shields - 2 days ago
The Pixel phones isn't about top tier specs and that makes sense because the Pixel phones are about Android the way Google sees it. In addition you have to remember that Google makes the software for multiple OEMs and it wants to stay in its niche with the Pixel phones and maintain Android dominance. People worry to much about specs for most people what Google is releasing is perfectly fine.
Nick Smith
Nick Smith - 2 days ago
OG pixel XL and running Android 10. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Runs like a boss.
eazibaby eaZI
eazibaby eaZI - 2 days ago
Only issue I had on the pixel 3xl was the slow finger print scanner and slow camera launch which was fixed with a software update. Bugs aren't uncommon in New software once wide spread.. (see iOS 13). Every oem I goes on sale on black friday. You couldn't get the black Friday deals on carriers without adding a line, or jumping to unlimited with a trade in or a new customer. If you were upgrading, you were stuck not unless you had a trade in device. Apple was giving bigger discounts at carriers on black Friday and they released only a month earlier. Apps were closing on 3xl because they weren't optimized for the Android 9 yet plus how adaptive battery works. It got better over time. Same on 4xl I got it 2 days ago. Love it, had 5hrs screen on at 15 hrs and 23 minutes with 19percent left on first charge. The phone was price competitively. I agree wait till black Friday. I always do for sammy, Apple and lately Google. This year didn't work out as well for me being I'm on a carrier already. I did get the trade in discount though
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