You Can't Stop Us | Nike

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Alla Zeroual
Alla Zeroual - 5 hours ago
Nike keeps disrespecting muslims everytime.
Marie Sosseh
Marie Sosseh - 5 hours ago
Privilege gives you the power to openly be against something and portray it openly as well ... and still have people supporting and defending you
ARIFA ZAMAN - 5 hours ago
Nike isn't cool for me anymore -_-
Runer 313
Runer 313 - 5 hours ago
I dont by from U anyway so...
Abid Hossain
Abid Hossain - 5 hours ago
Next time I purchase shows or any sports item, I will make sure that is not form Nike.
끈기 - 5 hours ago
Now I know people from Islam culture really don't think the covers on women's face and body is oppression. Good to know.
lolwat - 5 hours ago
Nike just lost 1,8b customers worldwide 🤦‍♂️ lets boykot them
Pavan ganesh
Pavan ganesh - 6 hours ago
Best ad of the decade 😍😍😍
Pavan ganesh
Pavan ganesh - 6 hours ago
Let's make this video highest liked video on YouTube 😍😍😍
Sami - 6 hours ago
Sami - 6 hours ago
Sami - 6 hours ago
S. Dudu
S. Dudu - 6 hours ago
I don't get how is it soo anti Islamic to say if it doesn't fit the sport, then we can change the sport. They are saying that regardless of the way you dress, you can still play the sport, not that they should get rid of the Islamic dress code to play, that's why she is skateboarding with a Niqab. Usually it's not the case 😐
Pavan ganesh
Pavan ganesh - 6 hours ago
Pride wins 🏳️‍🌈🌈😍😍😍♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️
A k
A k - 6 hours ago
If you have no idea what the comments are talking about, people are urging Nike to stop using Chinese Uighur workers.
Uighur workers are not slaves per se, but they are displaced and forced to work there by the government. Taken away from their families. The intent is to suppress their culture and exploit them for cheap labor.
Aside from the forced labor, estimated 1 million religious minorities are systematically locked up in "reeducation" camps. There are reports of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, forced sterilization, and family separation.
If you have the time look Uighurs up. 1 million people, this is no joke. :(
Zaint Breez
Zaint Breez - 6 hours ago
So nike wants u to forget ur identity which has foundation of more than 1000 of years. And wants u to adopt an identity which changes based on bunch of people desires.
Syed Rahil Siddiq
Syed Rahil Siddiq - 6 hours ago
Never buying Nike again ...spread the word of what happened to uighurs in china ..
AISHA TURABI - 7 hours ago
Nike you will regret for making this ad.never going to buy your products in my life.
Moon Girl
Moon Girl - 7 hours ago
Adding another comment here, after reading more of the comment section. I am relieved to see that many people have the same opinion that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS ADVERT. They are including EVERYONE that's it. Like WATCH, JUST WATCH 0:00 where the black woman is transiting to white woman, no one got offended even though #blm is a serious thing and people are fighting for it. But you'll see people getting offended by being included in transition next to LGBTQ. Why? Are you that narrow minded?
Ram Mohmad
Ram Mohmad - 7 hours ago
oh until last ad nike used to market hijabs, now making fub of hijabs. nike plz take a stand first.
Akshata Chonkar
Akshata Chonkar - 8 hours ago
Nike has always been shady, but damn you guys are the worst. Boycott all major fashion corporations that benefit from illegal child and slave labour!!
Mahamad Omar
Mahamad Omar - 8 hours ago
This is disgusting. We should start a trend of burning nike products. #JusticeforUyghers
Truth Shall Prevail
Truth Shall Prevail - 8 hours ago
May Allah remove this commercial from existence that is associating Islam with LGBTQ in an undignified manner
Muneef Mohammed
Muneef Mohammed - 8 hours ago
Nike is canceled!!
William Lewis
William Lewis - 9 hours ago
haha my old nike shoes go down right in the trash
Ismail Hassan
Ismail Hassan - 9 hours ago
Don’t buy nike
marwah hizzy
marwah hizzy - 9 hours ago
This make me not to buy Nike shoes ever again, disgusting 😤 people can do anything for money
Zuha Sandhu
Zuha Sandhu - 9 hours ago
Officially boycotted nike 😌
Zo Bloch
Zo Bloch - 9 hours ago
All my shoes, bags and sportswear are from NIKE. ain’t entering NIKE store no more. That’s the END
Donald James
Donald James - 9 hours ago
I'll put paper bags on my feet before I buy y'all's sweat shop shoes again.. Nike the new slave labor company, KKK....
Samir Ahmad Mir
Samir Ahmad Mir - 9 hours ago
Never to buy from you, u supporters of oppressors
Luca - 9 hours ago
This ad is so political that viewers may miss some points. Coronavirus has been suspected to be produced by ccp China and intentionally spread around the world to hold every country hostage. This ad, I believe was sponsored by ccp to divert the world’s attention away from investigating the true source of the virus. China is the largest manufacturer for Nike!! Conspiracy? You need to check it out.
Muna Dutta
Muna Dutta - 9 hours ago
I don't know why Muslims having problems with this ad.. this is totally fine..
I saw it to my Muslim friends they said there's nothing wrong in it..
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez - 9 hours ago
Si como no con sus fabricas de esclavos en china.
Aslan Ammar
Aslan Ammar - 9 hours ago
How racist is 0:28 alright that's racism
X17H :D
X17H :D - 9 hours ago
It's funny that they want to teach us what's right when all what they are doing is totally wrong. I have never bought a nike product but now, I will never. No thank you.
Sakir Ahmed Laskar
Sakir Ahmed Laskar - 10 hours ago
This is The Best ad! I've watched it so many times!!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI - 11 hours ago
Oh, Hypocrisy on this video is unbelievable
Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks - 11 hours ago
Have a nice day Nike! Never goin to Buy Again
Ne ON - 11 hours ago
May Allah Destroy Nike 🔥🔥 U are trully savage u have no right to Misguide islam
Thrawnio - 12 hours ago
Such a big company and such a descrace. Say “we need to make the world a better place” but then u put the muslim women in there
M. abdulhameed
M. abdulhameed - 12 hours ago
You cant stop us? Yes we can and we will
FIVE MINUTE NEWS - 12 hours ago
This commercial features the voice of Anthony Davis, from Five Minute News.
Eldino Irfan Maulana
Eldino Irfan Maulana - 12 hours ago
This comment section is pada baperan ajg
gottochawin mill
gottochawin mill - 13 hours ago
What do you expect from a company that's built of the backs of children.....absolutely disgusting.
Riyad Hoque
Riyad Hoque - 13 hours ago
Faheem Ahmed
Faheem Ahmed - 13 hours ago
Khojiakbar Sobirov
Khojiakbar Sobirov - 13 hours ago
Dislike video
Sabir Hussain
Sabir Hussain - 14 hours ago
why put religion in the vid
Choking Doberman
Choking Doberman - 14 hours ago
You stopping yourselves.
Between you, ESPN, nascar the NBA and MBA you’ll all be broke by next year.
Sell stocks if you have any in these companies.
c roach
c roach - 14 hours ago
Jairudin Talib
Jairudin Talib - 14 hours ago
Worst commercial ever.
Raisa Rahman
Raisa Rahman - 15 hours ago
Pretty average
A. A.
A. A. - 15 hours ago
We are not livestock
We are not livestock - 15 hours ago
Promoting immmigration is the best way to destroy the diversity you pretend to support.
I won't buy anything from you again, even if I have to wear toilet paper instead.
A. A.
A. A. - 15 hours ago
What are you trying to suggest with this advert NIKE??? That we should reform our religion? that we should change it? So offensive advert, can't even believe it.
A. A.
A. A. - 15 hours ago
NO MORE NIKES FOR ME OR MY FAMILY, HORRIBLE ADVERT. Don't use Islaam or the women of Islaam to push your agenda! ISLAMOPHOBICS!
Yassin Shenawy
Yassin Shenawy - 15 hours ago
Honestly.... I'm only buying Adidas fron now on
Aman Chaudry
Aman Chaudry - 15 hours ago
#JusticeForUyghurs, here’s a petition -
Culm Mannion
Culm Mannion - 15 hours ago
Boycott Nike!!!!
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