My Horibal Speling

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Red plays 789
Red plays 789 - Hour ago
Did he notice he spelt personality wrong
Jaria Gordon
Jaria Gordon - Hour ago
W e n s d a y 💎💎💎💎💎💎
Red plays 789
Red plays 789 - Hour ago
I’m weird. I’m good at science math spelling and reading
Fun With Oliver
Fun With Oliver - Hour ago
This end card sounds like a YouTuber named grian
T RomeMartel
T RomeMartel - Hour ago
Yay my name is tj
Jacob Tobias
Jacob Tobias - Hour ago
Minty Hana Gamez
Minty Hana Gamez - Hour ago
I'm weird
OliverYT/ \AGuardDog
Minty Hana Gamez no your not
Sjur Angeltveit
Sjur Angeltveit - 2 hours ago
Check the title IT says horibal instead Of
OliverYT/ \AGuardDog
Sjur Angeltveit does it, wow. Now my perspective is changed. I can’t believe he added that detail.
I do all
I do all - 2 hours ago
You had 1 spelling TAST a week I had to take 5 in a week soooo
S. M. L Super Matthew Logic
All the 26M people that viewed this don’t tell any one
🇵🇱 Concerned Poland 🇵🇱
ShutUpStefana - 3 hours ago
I am glad you found a work around for your impediments and made it work for you. I could never understand how people could just listen to audiobooks without losing track or focus. I think I have a more visual memory and i need to see things written and its also easier to go back and re-read or I can just stop and visualize things. With audio you just go at someone elses pace.
derpycke cakes
derpycke cakes - 3 hours ago
derpycke cakes
derpycke cakes - Hour ago
+OliverYT/ \AGuardDog now i wownt kwill ywuo
OliverYT/ \AGuardDog
derpycke cakes kill me
Abdul Muhusin Abdulla
Abdul Muhusin Abdulla - 3 hours ago
The title I c wat u did thier
Abdul Muhusin Abdulla
Abdul Muhusin Abdulla - 3 hours ago
C wat I did thier
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith - 3 hours ago
I remember being put into a reading/speech class by the school.... except it was in 8th grade (I had a 11th grade reading level), and I didn't have a speaking problem, but I did have a problem with sitting still.
Lily Richardson
Lily Richardson - 3 hours ago
I have never related to a video so much in my life.
Dogmaster33 - 4 hours ago
Richard Dewhirst
Richard Dewhirst - 4 hours ago
walter dragon
walter dragon - 4 hours ago
I am deslexic
Andrewcomp - 4 hours ago
Nevaeh Faith
Nevaeh Faith - 5 hours ago
Are used to say my L like Y's
It's Me Raiden
It's Me Raiden - 5 hours ago
If i say rain drop i say lain dlop
Crystal Alverez
Crystal Alverez - 6 hours ago
Crystal Alverez
Crystal Alverez - 6 hours ago
Crystal Alverez
Crystal Alverez - 6 hours ago
Battle books BAttle of the BOOks!!!!!!! BATTLE OF THE BOOkS!!!!!
Rye Rye
Rye Rye - 6 hours ago
Taaslin Warsame
Taaslin Warsame - 6 hours ago
i have sixlexy but i live in nederland en she zij jou can doe it on the pc
Sienna's World
Sienna's World - 6 hours ago
I guess I kinda fall into a separate category. I'm good at math, but also reading. I only like math better, my grades in reading are barely lower.
Kadenn LaMere
Kadenn LaMere - 6 hours ago
Same I go to speech I can't say l's good
Felix Mauboules
Felix Mauboules - 6 hours ago
Ok that happ
Felix Mauboules
Felix Mauboules - 6 hours ago
Should've put mi in the title
Gamer_ kat
Gamer_ kat - 7 hours ago
8:00 why do you sound like Grian
ZoraVEVO - 7 hours ago
At 5:23 the clock says 4:20 lol anyone else catch that? 🤣🤣🚬🚬🚬
Gacha Girl Leena ♡
Gacha Girl Leena ♡ - 7 hours ago
My school does Battle Of The Books we have like 20 books and like 5 months and you can have teams and we also have the pizza party im not doing it because I dont like to read and I have pizza constantly so no benefit for me I guess.
ItsAngie - 7 hours ago
5:53 never gonna give you up😂💀
Muk Vlogs
Muk Vlogs - 7 hours ago
battle of the books? battle of the books!? baTTLE oF ThE bOOkS?!?!?!?!?!
Bella the AU A proxy
Bella the AU A proxy - 8 hours ago
WRONG: U r also bad at spelings
RIGHT:You are also bad at spellings
BTW i love your vids
Yoonicoon ヵゔョ Vaporqueen
I also have dyslexia I actually got diagnosed
Jasmine Hill
Jasmine Hill - 8 hours ago
I’m good at math and reading ...... who am I!!!!!!😶
MarkJoshua Gaming25
MarkJoshua Gaming25 - 8 hours ago
Now that's a lot of pizza!!!
Jazmine Smiddy Smith
Jazmine Smiddy Smith - 8 hours ago
I can’t say my Rr’s either...!😂😂😂
rowena dosdos
rowena dosdos - 8 hours ago
Sphinx Plays
Sphinx Plays - 9 hours ago
You know you’re dyslexia if life gives you melons
Oof Boi
Oof Boi - 9 hours ago
taken by the T-Rex
Oh snap it's Jesus!
the relaxed rabbit
Just stop having problems, IDIOT!
Ultimate fidget spinner guide
Good Bye Testicles
Stray shopping carts
Little Bobby's Drunk again
Grandpa voted for trump
I do not like this family!
Juriel Escamillia
Juriel Escamillia - 9 hours ago
I'm also a math boy.
dancing unicorns
dancing unicorns - 9 hours ago
I um well same rs are hard
always a devil
always a devil - 9 hours ago
I'm wierd
WitUpIts Millie
WitUpIts Millie - 9 hours ago
I’m a really bad reader
Greengaming187 - 9 hours ago
eey fel su bud fur yu
I love my life 911
I love my life 911 - 9 hours ago
0:34 well, I did just get my report back with a C in math... and I hate reading... o_o
I’m weird!
sonja s
sonja s - 9 hours ago
4:53 THE YIAY BOOK!!!!
I love my life 911
I love my life 911 - 9 hours ago
I was just making fun of my friend because she spelt history wrong o_o
Dragongamer 67443
Dragongamer 67443 - 9 hours ago
Lol there’s an Easter egg look at the title
Amanda B.
Amanda B. - 9 hours ago
My mom has dyslexia but I can't do math to save my freaking life. I'm real good at English tho. YOU'RE WEIRD!
Bella Delfosse
Bella Delfosse - 9 hours ago
James..........where you get all that pizza
snybertz GKR
snybertz GKR - 10 hours ago
dat is bead werd (that is bad word)
Lil xxx
Lil xxx - 10 hours ago
Horrible spelling
Jealous Jordan
Jealous Jordan - 10 hours ago
Little Bobby’s drunk again....8:43. Well. Bobby SHOULDNT DRINK IF HES LITTLE
Alexa Ramsey
Alexa Ramsey - 10 hours ago
Where did he get all that pizza?
time out boyz
time out boyz - 10 hours ago
I have ADHD mom forgot to bring me to get checked out ☺️☺️
Veronica Reyes
Veronica Reyes - 10 hours ago
It happened to me
Oof Oof
Oof Oof - 10 hours ago
T V Walsh
T V Walsh - 10 hours ago
I also have spelling
Mathew Friesen
Mathew Friesen - 11 hours ago
RigsWorth Gaming
RigsWorth Gaming - 11 hours ago
1:18 The Only Word James Has Right On The Spelling Test Was Wierd LOL
Popular Skydiamon
Popular Skydiamon - 11 hours ago
I hav wa beder gramer then u du! 😆😂😆👍
BTS MaknaeBabo
BTS MaknaeBabo - 11 hours ago
hey spell "first"
i Rushton
i Rushton - 11 hours ago
*mans not hot, mans fucking cold*
LPS pearl
LPS pearl - 11 hours ago
OMG how many pizzas did you bye 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Fish_kid - 11 hours ago
I can read over the 100 pages in one night
Blue Blaze Playz Gaming&Livestreams
all i do is say things wrong for example Mercedes and plus even if i do spell wrong I HAVE GRAMMARLY SO HA GET REKT!!!
Isaura Garcia
Isaura Garcia - 11 hours ago
I love your vids I saw your cat vid that's my favirt im a cat lover
Blue Blaze Playz Gaming&Livestreams
i have an iep too!
InkFred Gaming
InkFred Gaming - 11 hours ago
Danger Close
Danger Close - 11 hours ago
I can’t spell either like brithish but I spell it brittish
lucian Hintay
lucian Hintay - 12 hours ago
Thanks james for teling me free ridding books
Trip's Toons
Trip's Toons - 12 hours ago
Haha, looser! I am a beter spelerr then yu
Cheyenne Barnhart
Cheyenne Barnhart - 12 hours ago
But I’m good at math and spelling so what am I? Does life even matter!?
Andres Vargas 7
Andres Vargas 7 - 12 hours ago
James this is how I sepel raindrop waindrop
Fricking Frick
Fricking Frick - 12 hours ago
Im eating pizza lmao
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia - 12 hours ago
ooooooooooor myon
Spodermun123 - 12 hours ago
Mr. Man
Mr. Man - 12 hours ago
Did you watch Brian Regan’s spelling bee
Those Vibez MSP
Those Vibez MSP - 12 hours ago
"HeY TJ rEmEmbEr BatTlE oF tHe bOokS?" "My name isn't TJ..."
Kaleidoscope 15
Kaleidoscope 15 - 12 hours ago
5:52 I was rick rolled by a book
Skywalker Cameron
Skywalker Cameron - 12 hours ago
You said it like that because the Koolaid man says it like oh yeah
Finn Knight
Finn Knight - 12 hours ago
I'm weird and i'm proud cause I'm good at everything >:)
James Campton
James Campton - 12 hours ago
Spell OVER:
*O V A H*
Inky Nightcore
Inky Nightcore - 12 hours ago
I used to spell wednesday "wedingday"
articlolwolf Aj
articlolwolf Aj - 13 hours ago
i told my dad u use audio books MWAHAHAHa
Kevin savage brother
Kevin savage brother - 13 hours ago
You spell grade wrong
Lave Pairsh
Lave Pairsh - 13 hours ago
Hey I know this is late but your really mean like just don't call me weird=(
SwitchedOff - 12 hours ago
How is he mean? Not calling you wierd, just asking.
Fia H.
Fia H. - 13 hours ago
2:11, “She gave she this sheet with a bunch of wain-drops *bleep*, rain-drops of it”.
Marie Tanon
Marie Tanon - 13 hours ago
OOF I'm wierd
Pun intended
Tati 07
Tati 07 - 13 hours ago
Chris Duggins
Chris Duggins - 13 hours ago
I Love Your Videos
Jordan gatcha
Jordan gatcha - 13 hours ago
mad hatter
mad hatter - 13 hours ago
BaTtLe Of ThE BoOkS
Heidi Reynolds
Heidi Reynolds - 13 hours ago
I wish I could spell wendsday
Midnight Mistress
Midnight Mistress - 13 hours ago
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