Phoebe Bridgers - I Know the End (Official Video)

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Tiny tay
Tiny tay - 45 minutes ago
Ok , can someone explain this music video and song to me?:/
Ben Baxter
Ben Baxter - Hour ago
Phoebe bites into apple.
Me: 😲 The queen eats too??
ben - 3 hours ago
Did she kiss an old lady 😳
Alir, - 4 hours ago
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sappha - 4 hours ago
holy shit
Ryan Garrett
Ryan Garrett - 7 hours ago
This may be a stupid question that's already been answered but is it possible that the skeleton clothes represent a different year in her life? When she changes into dry clothes, is it starting a new chapter of life? That would tie in the older lady at the end being her at the end of her life still embracing her youth while everyone else stands idle.
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm - 7 hours ago
Football stadiums are scary
Creyohla - 7 hours ago
Thought Christian with a wig on was Emily Retsas and really made me double take.
Robert Hale
Robert Hale - 8 hours ago
First time listen to this girl bitching turn it down after we drunk two beers in some covid friendly but respect full bar playing nothing but classic rock... yeah the end is near...and close so close they can kiss each other to the new the song girl... Love you and all the other girls and all the other boys and what's between and what's on the fringes..that feel.. oh the feeling
Hanny Ramadan
Hanny Ramadan - 9 hours ago
I hope you people realize how genius this is..
Bee Elisabeth
Bee Elisabeth - 10 hours ago
funny didn't notice any camera's in my dream.
Libby - 10 hours ago
this is a masterpiece
Chantelle Marie
Chantelle Marie - 16 hours ago
Is that LILY the TikTok grandma?!?!
abraxas - 18 hours ago
4:32 Annnndd the long con. Thanks for the laughs in this scene, as here I was thinking you were taking yourself entirely too seriously. That slightly creepy minute long, unedited cart ride though where you're just vacantly staring into the camera. Seems like a lot of artist are doing this nowadays, not exactly sure why. Am I supposed to take away from this you feel akin to shellshocked? That you're so unreservedly at peace within yourself, without pretension or concern for how you are perceived? Is this supposed to be symbolism? Setting yourself up to be the female Chills here on YT? I'll be awaiting answers from the audience.
5:32 Also, not sure if you were aware, but this is not what kissing sounds like. Not for us basic ass folk, anyway. Maybe this how the furries do, I dunno. Or is this actually just a trailer for Doctor Sleep 2? If so, am super excited to see how it turns out.
Sigurd Campos
Sigurd Campos - 19 hours ago
🎧🎼I Love ❤️
envyghost - 19 hours ago
this gave me goosebumps all over my body
Nick Fletcher
Nick Fletcher - 22 hours ago
Yes, well quite.
CB - Day ago
Anyone else notice Phoebe looks like an adult Greta Thunberg?
stonedhedgehog13 - Day ago
Sarah Beth, Conor Oberst, and Phoebe. What a beautiful chorus
VendettaAllan - Day ago
What a fucking masterpiece.
this Kid
this Kid - Day ago
Megan Maybee
Megan Maybee - Day ago
I made the *grave* mistake of watching Sharon Van Etten's "Seventeen" directly after this and I feel as though my consciousness has jetlag.
Jodi Rose
Jodi Rose - Day ago
wait is that the old lady from tik tok with the strong accent
Jodi Rose
Jodi Rose - Day ago
omg it is jhfkjfhjghgdsfgjh
RexSir - Day ago
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson - Day ago
4:53 Mike Mogis on Guitar Nate Walcott on Trumpet Christian Lee Hutson on Bass. Emily Retsas probably playing violin? My bet is the dark haired fellow facing the stage is Conor Oberst.
Any thoughts?
Jillian Jordan
Jillian Jordan - Day ago
That apple was waaaay beyond the 5 second rule.
Inge E
Inge E - Day ago
This music video and lyrics are giving me major my chemical romance vibes and i love it, will definitely be checking more of your songs
K Fark
K Fark - Day ago
Gen Z doesn't know how good they have it. All we had was Avril Lavigne and you get this lyrical goddess.
Al-Asif Pial
Al-Asif Pial - Day ago
did she mentioned Old Town Road by Lil Nas X or am i tripping ??
María Frederique
María Frederique - 18 hours ago
she did bruhh !!
MrPohnpeiboy - Day ago
Hit me like a truck
Ricky Kilmer
Ricky Kilmer - Day ago
Dafne Benitez
Dafne Benitez - Day ago
This is the anthem of the apocalypse.
Michael Greene
Michael Greene - Day ago
This is my intro to Phoebe. Is all of her music like this?
alan ledesma
alan ledesma - Day ago
no, most of her music is acoustic folk music but if you want something by her similar to this check out georgia, motion sickness, chinese satellite, and her boygenius and better oblivion community center projects
Clovr May
Clovr May - Day ago
Phoebe stepping into her calling despite all her talents...I feel the universe is like, were not gonna stop until you write and sing and do this...and shes like I know I know ok.
Clovr May
Clovr May - Day ago
Listening to this as Im administering my own alchohol detox. Sigh.
Jhonatan Candido
Jhonatan Candido - Day ago
I saw a video by Towa Bird where she was asked what her favorite band is at the moment, and she said "Phoebe Bridgers". Hahh too cool!
Paö Rico
Paö Rico - Day ago
Slowpoke - Day ago
Yes I too drive with the heater on and window down.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - 2 days ago
i am already crying and she didn't even show us anything, the power this woman holds
themadderhatterr - 2 days ago
is that LILI FUCKING HAYES what is HAPPENING ... i believe in phoebe bridgers supremacy
apal4u - 2 days ago
Lili Hayes !! That’s the woman she’s kissing, she’s hilarious on Instagram💗💀
Jake Dibiase
Jake Dibiase - 2 days ago
I like this album. But the sad emotional slow stuff gets old after a while. She's pretty much exhausted this genre on both albums.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - 2 days ago
вау спасибо большое за вашу работу,все так клёво, и музыка и клип , спасибо большое еще раз, восхищаюсь вашим творчеством,оно помогло мне многое пережить
Franken Storm
Franken Storm - 2 days ago
Ohmygod I'm done. Found the perfect song for this moment of existence. Pheobe, this is brilliant! Genius.
Bryan Baumgartner
Bryan Baumgartner - 2 days ago
Fuck comments Enjoy to the fullest
a x
a x - 2 days ago
i got chills the whole thing.
xu chau
xu chau - 2 days ago
Saraya Morales
Saraya Morales - 2 days ago
i’ve never wanted to be an old woman more in my entire life than right now in this moment
Jamzyamz J
Jamzyamz J - 2 days ago
I am utterly confused and I love it.
allegra scappa
allegra scappa - 2 days ago
am i watching a pheobe bridges music video or an A24 production....??
Swift Genes
Swift Genes - 2 days ago
I'm obsessed. Makes me think of my friends at home.
Guy Grasso
Guy Grasso - 2 days ago
iZombie aesthetics
1992pjpc - 2 days ago
hey, give it back to Flea! Soon he will need it :)
JD Cotton
JD Cotton - 2 days ago
4:3 is an interesting choice
Littlestraincloud - 2 days ago
I'm washing me and my bones.
eiwil; closed
eiwil; closed - 2 days ago
was listening to Stranger In The Alps for months on loop and now THIS oh what a gift thank u Phoebe i’ve been waiting ~♡~
Clap Forboobies
Clap Forboobies - 2 days ago
why is the keyboard player crying?
Дарья Карпова
вау спасибо большое за вашу работу,все так клёво, и музыка и клип , спасибо большое еще раз, восхищаюсь вашим творчеством,оно помогло мне многое пережить
AANDWAGN - 2 days ago
This is much more arcade fire than i anticipated
Cynthia Hsu Mon
Cynthia Hsu Mon - 2 days ago
4:46 is me listening to this song for the 2438474385783 times
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